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Posted here with my thanks also to Kanayalal Bakraniya who relayed it all on his Facebook Timeline.

Merry Christmas..

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Try to get it!

To all Christians all over the planet..I say Merry Christmas…I want to wish you a happy holiday and a happy time..I am a moslem..but I visit the church and share the ceremonies with Christians in my Christian neighbours love me and I love them..It’s all about humanity…religion is such a message of love and an invitation to love each other..I want to send a message to Jesus..I am sure you hear me now..peace be upon you when you were born and when you will die and when you come alive are the messanger of are the soul of Allah ..I love you and I love all messengers of Allah..Peace ..light and love for all humanity..Note(1):I love wordpress..she’s my daughter that grows up in front of my eyes day after day..that’s why I cut off my vacation and came back to her…Allah says

يَـٰٓأَيُّهَا ٱلَّذِينَ ءَامَنُواْ كُونُوٓاْ أَنصَارَ…

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The December issue of “The BeZine” will publish later today …


“The BeZine” will be published today as scheduled, but probably rather late in the day. We’ve been running a bit behind, but what a delight in a world gone mad to encounter all the wisdom and compassion in the hearts of our contributors. I get to spend the day with these beautiful souls.

“There is a LIGHT in this world. A healing spirit more powerful than any darkness we may encounter. We sometime lose sight of this force when there is suffering, and too much pain. Then suddenly, the spirit will emerge through the lives of ordinary people who hear a call and answer in extraordinary ways.” Richard Attenborough

Jamie Dedes
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5.12.19: A Body’s grateful Homage to Sri Aurobindo’s sacrificed Body

This morning, to commemorate the Day when Sri Aurobindo, for the sake of all our present physical bodies and those to come later, chose to die – that is, to leave behind his physical body although it had already undergone a remarkable amount of visible transformation – this morning my own body wants to dedicate this new post on this Research Blog, to that body Sri Aurobindo sacrificed for our sake.

My body felt the best way to honor that Body, would be to bring here to the forefront again one of those earliest posts now difficult to access, yet containing often very important information most readers would otherwise not know about or have perhaps forgotten. Here is that older post (  ), from 12th May 2011:

‘Towards a Conscious Body’

“Here are a few extracts my body and I like particularly from Sri Aurobindo’s last book, ‘The Supramental Manifestation’, written in 1948-49, in which he presented the remarkable changes likely to happen regarding the body, after the Consciousness-Force he called ‘Supramental’ (sometimes ‘Supermind’) would be activated directly in terrestrial matter, awakening the evolutive potential at that level itself:

‘In this transformation the body itself can become an agent and a partner. It might indeed be possible for the spirit to achieve a considerable manifestation with only a passive and imperfectly conscious body as its last or bottommost means of material functioning, but this could not be anything perfect or complete. A fully conscious body might even discover  and work out the right material method and process of a material transformation. For this, no doubt, the spirit’s supreme  light and power and creative joy must have manifested on the summit of the individual consciousness and sent down their fiat into the body, but still the body may take in the working out its spontaneous part of self-discovery and achievement. It would be thus  a participator and agent in its own transformation and the integral transformation of the whole being.’

‘Even the body, if it can bear the touch of the Supermind, will become aware of its own truth – for there is a body-consciousness that has its own instinctive truth and power of right condition and action, even a kind of unexpressed occult knowledge in the constitution of its cells and tissues which may one day become conscious and contribute to the transformation of the physical being.’

‘There is (…) an obscure mind of the body, of the very cells, molecules, corpuscles. Haeckel, the German materialist, spoke somewhere of the will in the atom, and recent science, dealing with the incalculable individual variation in the activity of the electrons, comes near to perceiving that this is not a figure but the shadow thrown by a secret reality. This body-mind is a very tangible truth; owing to its obscurity and mechanical clinging to past movements and facile oblivion and rejection of the new, we find in it one of the chief obstacles to permeation by the Supermind Force and the transformation of the functioning of the body. On the other hand, once effectively converted, it will be one of the most precious instruments for the stabilisation of the Supramental Light and Force in material Nature.’

Such wonderfully foreseen, described and explained results have greatly helped me and my body since a long time to understand how the present changes in our body-cells’ consciousness could be indeed anticipated, especially when the extremely evolved person writing those texts above was having not only the vision of that evolutive future, but also already quite some personal bodily experience of what he was talking about…!”

As I finish copying the above earlier post, today’s Darshan Message from the Ashram has just been communicated to me:

My body and I, stunned, are silently staring together at this Message, marveling at the wonderful confirmation it means for my body’s own instinctive way of doing its Yoga of Transformation:

What Sri Aurobindo describes as to be done by ‘the mind of spiritual knowledge’ in a human being, is exactly and precisely the way now spontaneously used, since a few weeks already, by the little mind of my body itself, the very Body-Mind Sri Aurobindo was writing about in the three texts quoted above, from my older post!…

This wonderful synchronicity between the aspiration expressed today by my body through the old post above, and now the Message that came for today’s Darshan, feels like an invaluable Sanction given by Sri Aurobindo himself (and on this Day!), to the specific way, after over forty years of Yoga of its Cells which was mostly characterized by Bhakti under the influence of my Psychic Being (the ‘Psychicisation’ part of the whole Transformation Process), my body has come recently to go on with it, so as to also grow into its full Divine Nature: by repeating as its new self-formulated ‘mantra’ a few words of conscious, affirmed Identity with its Eternal Reality, it is keeping a now almost permanent focus on its own Divine Immortality and Transcendance, and the results are already amazing… The exact words used do not need to be revealed here, as they are its own only, but as for the essentially correct Way to proceed for its full Spiritualisation and later also Supramentalisation, what my body has now started doing seems to be ‘right on’!…

A flow of utter gratitude goes from my body to that Body of Sri Aurobindo, which had to forgo that wonderful further evolutive Future for itself, so that later bodies like my own could benefit from the Supramental Manifestation of 1956 and become now living examples of what Sri Aurobindo foresaw and said would come true… What a Joy to be among the bodies in which it is now becoming true indeed… and this, thanks, let’s remember it for ever, to the sacrifice in 1950 of Sri Aurobindo’s Body…



The Power of Collective Aspiration


For people like me who have been living in Auroville since very long, and in spite of everybody’s best individual efforts have witnessed already so many of our distressing mistakes, it is so empowering and comforting to read once again this wonderful Message from the Mother.

This Message says in effect that whatever the mistakes we all, individually or as small groups, inevitably still make in our personal or collective life here, which may otherwise attract onto us and Auroville as a whole one disaster or another, whatever the mistakes and the ensuing problems apparently looming already menacingly like huge dark clouds piled up on the horizon and coming rapidly closer, whatever the dangers to Auroville that we may fear we are responsible for, if we all gather – even just inwardly – not to criticize and blame each other, but with a sincere, harmonious aspiration to do better and to better ourselves, each one where it is needed, then such a ‘harmonious collective aspiration’ may very well dissipate even the darkest and biggest clouds… and the Divine Grace will have helped us, once again, turn some more stumbling blocks into stepping stones for new Progress, both inwardly and outwardly….

May we never forget that Message of Infinite Divine Grace, for after all we  who live here are yet but kids in comparison to what we must become for being able to build Mother’s Auroville, the true one, both within ourselves first of all, as the New Humanity She was hoping for, and outside too, for realizing what She called ‘The City the Earth needs’ : a City which is also respecting and including Nature everywhere, for when She founded it, She said:

At last a place where nothing will have the right to impose itself as the exclusive truth.

We have to learn how to truly agree, and to see how, in this manner, the Truth we become able to manifest together is greater and truer than all the separate smaller truths (however valid each of them may be) that we still tend to fight for, the divisive Mental Power we still unconsciously obey making our human minds still fight for those smaller truths. It is really time we all took the step, the New Evolutive Step, of allowing our individual consciousnesses to widen, so as to include the points of view of the others as well as our own.  Then only our decision-making and our decision implementation will become harmonious and successful, and Auroville the Universal Township will grow harmoniously as it should.

It all becomes possible, simply but necessarily, with the “harmonious collective aspiration ” that Mother calls for… and Her Grace will do even that for us, if we all together truly aspire for it!

Let’s just be as simple and sincere as all those little cells feeling and looking like a whole flower bed of pink roses, or like sweet little flames of Love for the Divine, as they are described in the other post I hardly finished writing before this one unexpectedly wrote itself as well: still about the same Collective Aspiration, but this time as it is needed in Human Beings themselves too…



Collective Love for the Divine… as It Can Be Lived also by our Body-Cells

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(Photo by Marc de Kinsat)

The wonderful inner condition described by Marc de Kinsat with this great photo of his, commenting it with equally beautiful words of his own too, summarized here by me, is what develops in us centrally when the mind quietens down and something deeper can take over. I would add that it is the ‘Love for the Divine condition’ caused by our inmost being, the Being of our Soul or ‘Psychic Being’ as Sri Aurobindo and Mother call it, when it becomes strong enough to quieten the mind indeed, that is, our Mental Being… and also the Life-Energy in us, our Vital Being: it is not mentioned by Marc in the lines accompanying the photo,  but in effect very often this Vital Being is, inside of us, the other great noise-maker that needs to quieten down too.

The picture of just one beautiful pink Rose in full bloom would have been already perfect to illustrate that lovely inner condition when it is felt centrally as so vividly described in Marc’s accompanying text.

The above picture though, that Marc has instead chosen and posted, of so many such Roses together, pressing each other joyfully in their common élan towards the Sun, is actually a perfect again representation of the same wonderful inner condition,  happening in our being in the same way, for the same reason and with the same results, yet not just centrally but in our body-cells as well… I can say this from direct experience because some time ago, this is precisely how my own body-cells felt themselves and saw themselves to be, from within. They have had a great amount of ‘Bhakti’ for the Divine since decades, but it was the first time this ever growing Bhakti was translating itself in precisely that beautiful way of a tightly pressed flower bed of Roses.

Since then I had been looking for a picture showing exactly how my cells felt and looked to themselves and also to my inner eye, but I couldn’t find a fully satisfactory picture, Today I found this one from Marc… and this is it! With all my thanks to Marc for his permission to use it, I am glad to post it here in this article of mine…

That specific way of feeling in my body, like being a big flower bed of tightly pressed together pink roses in full bloom, lasted for days. It was there again each early morning after the night’s usually less conscious sleep interspersed with dreams. What a sweet way of living the day… and I hope it will soon invade the sleep time too!

But this is still not the most recent expression of this Bhakti that our very body-cells are now capable of having.for the Divine:

A week or so later, as it happened to be a good friend’s birthday, on her Facebook Timeline I used one of the many options that are provided automatically, of tender or amusing colored drawings as a background illustration for the Birthday Wishes one is writing to the person. I chose one illustration I had chosen already many times for other persons too before, then to mean the Sweet Flame of Love for the Divine burning centrally in the person.

But that time, because it so happened that this friend too experiences Bhakti in her own cells, I noticed, for the first time really, that there were actually several, not just one, nice little roundish flames in the picture… So for the first time what I felt prompted to write was this:

May the Sweet Little Flames
of Love for the Divine
keep burning
in the cells!

And after also visiting briefly that person in the evening, I had my usual light dinner and went to bed.
Lo and behold!… The next morning, I woke up on the wonderful feeling and inner image of innumerable tiny flames, all roundish and happy looking just like those Sweet Little Flames on the illustration, but shining softly everywhere inside my body!!!
My own cells had taken their inspiration from the Message intended for the cells in another person’s body, and had made it spontaneously their own, with such a moving intensity of Love and Happiness…
What an extraordinary New Step in Evolution we are all invited to consciously live…

18.11.19: La “mort” victorieuse de Mère, prédite dans “Savitri”

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“Savitri”: La suprême révélation de la Vision de Sri Aurobindo”  (signé: La Mère)

Il est bien connu que Sri Aurobindo, en écrivant son vaste poème épique sur l’Évolution, intitulé “Savitri”, raconte l’histoire d’une Incarnation sur Terre de la Mère Divine en des temps beaucoup plus anciens, en Inde, mais ouvrant déjà pour la Terre entière la Possibilité de l’Ère Nouvelle qui commence maintenant: l’ÈRE SUPRAMENTALE,

Savitri, à la fin du poème, a gagné ce qui était son propre Défi – son époux Satyavan, lui qui est à travers les Àges l’Incarnation de l’Aspiration Humaine, doit  pour cela être sauvé de la Mort prématurée qui était son Destin supposé. Alors, quand Savitri réussit, le Divin, dans sa jubilation divine de cette magnifique Victoire de la part de Celle qui était en quelque sorte son champion sur la Terre à cet important moment-là, annonce la Victoire encore plus grande à venir, lorsqu’il s’agira d’activer enfin sur Terre la Conscience de Vérité, Supramentale, qui remplacera la Conscience Mentale à la tête de l’Évolution.

Non seulement cela permettra de sortir des impasses créées par le Mental mais, annonce le Divin, tout ce dont les êtres humains ont rêvé depuis toujours va enfin commencer à se réaliser peu à peu, jusqu’à une véritable Vie Divine, ici sur la Terre, et dans des corps transformés mais toujours matériels… quoique d’une Matière elle-même transformée aussi.

Auparavant, deux Pionniers de l’Évolution Consciente devront s’incarner pour faire le nécessaire afin d’activer la Fréquence Vibratoire Supramentale dans la Matière Terrestre, rendant possibles tous les énormes changements voulus. Cette prédiction divine concerne l’Incarnation de Sri Aurobindo et de la Mère eux-mêmes, venus à notre époque faire l’Action décisive indispensable pour ajouter cet échelon crucial à l’Évolution Terrestre.  Sri Aurobindo, écrivant cette Prédiction, ne cache pas les difficultés et dangers – il en sait quelque chose par expérience – auxquels auront à faire face ces deux Pionniers pour remporter eux aussi la Victoire qu’ils sont venus remporter.

Mère de son côté, après, ne cachera pas à son confident Satprem que nombre des expériences spirituelles extraordinaires, y compris les plus dangereuses, que Sri Aurobindo a attribuées à son héroïne Savitri, sont en fait ses expériences à elle… de même que celles d’Ashvapaty, le père de Savitri, un Roi secrètement grand Yogi, étaient en réalité celles accomplies par Sri Aurobindo lui-même…

Nous sommes pour la plupart encore ignorants du potentiel bien supérieur – en fait divin – maintenant activé jusque dans la Matière Physique elle-même, et donc aussi les cellules de nos corps.
Ces incroyables nouvelles Possibilités, il faut le répétér en effet, ne nous ont été acquises que grâce à la longue Action évolutive, invisible mais fort efficace, de Sri Aurobindo et la Mère, qui ont finalement sacrifié chacun la transformation complète de son propre corps, afin de rendre terrestres plutôt que seulement individuelles les victoires remportées au fil de longues décades – et au prix finalement de leur vie physique.
Mais quel gain inouï « pour la Terre et les hommes », comme le voulait justement Savitri, cette Incarnation plus ancienne de la Mère Divine dans l’incroyable chef-d’oeuvre que nous a laissé Sri Aurobindo en cet immense poème épique mais aussi initiatique!…
C’est le seul de ses écrits qu’il ait continué de dicter et réviser jusqu’au dernier moment, avant sa mort secrètement volontaire sous le couvert d’une maladie dont il aurait pu aisément se guérir.
Vers la fin du poème, à chaque offre par le Suprême d’un merveilleux Don Divin, si tentant certes, mais offert pour elle seule et son époux Satyavan qu’elle venait d’arracher victorieusement à la Mort, Savitri chaque fois, dans son infinie Compassion de Mère Divine, répondait obstinément « Oh oui, donne-moi Ta Paix (ou Ta Félicité, ou Ta Force, ou……), mais pour la terre et les hommes!… «  De même toute une merveilleuse Vie Divine future sur la Terre a été obtenue par ces deux Volontés indomptables au service du Plan Divin bel et bien à réaliser ici,..  Avec Amour et Joie – et, oui en effet, « pour la Terre et les hommes… «: pour tous ceux d’entre nous qui voudront aller enfin au-delà des limitations humaines considérées comme « normales » , et plus tard aider les autres à les dépasser eux aussi quand ils s’y sentiront prêts. Puissions-nous tous garder à jamais au coeur une profonde Gratitude pour les Deux Êtres qui ont rendu tout cela possible…
En 1950, avant sa propre disparition délibérée pour achever en coulisses sa propre Mission, Sri Aurobindo savait déjà, supposément à propos de Savitri, mais combien davantage encore à propos de Mère elle-même, qu’elle aurait une tâche encore plus  impossible: une fois que le Pouvoir Supramental, tellement plus intense que les précédents, serait activé sur la Terre, ils’agirait de le recevoir dans son propre corps et d’aider ses cellules à apprendre comment vivre avec et par ce Pouvoir au lieu d’en mourir – et de faire cela non seulement pour son corps, mais d’une façon qui aide potentiellement tous les autres corps aussi à acquérir cette nouvelle Possibilité de Vie Nouvelle. Sri Aurobindo savait déjà que seul ce corps de Mère avait l’extraordinaire, l’exceptionnelle endurance pour réussir – peut-être – pareil exploit.
Sri Aurobindo savait et écrivait déjà ceci:
“Un jour peut venir où elle devra se tenir sans aide
Sur l’arête dangereuse de l’avenir du monde et du sien,
Portant le futur du monde contre sa seule poitrine,
Portant l’espoir humain dans un coeur laissé seul
Pour qu’il conquière ou échoue sur d’ultimes confins désespérés,
En tête à tête avec la mort, à la frontière de l’anéantissement.
Sa grandeur, dans cette dernière scène implacable,
Doit passer seule un pont périlleux dans le Temps
Et atteindre un point culminant de la destinée cosmique
Où pour l’homme tout est gagné ou tout perdu.
Au milieu de ce silence désert, perdu, démesuré,
D’une heure décisive dans le destin du monde,
Dans l’ascension de son âme par-delà le temps humain
Quand elle se tiendra seule avec la Mort ou avec Dieu,
À part sur un rebord muet et sans espoir,
Face à face avec son Moi, la mort et la destinée
Comme sur quelque limite extrême entre le Temps et l’Éternité,
Quand l’être devra prendre fin ou la vie recréer sa base,
Seule elle devra conquérir ou seule elle devra tomber.”
(“Savitri”, Livre Six, Chant 2, page 461, vers 856 sqq)
De ceux qui ont connu l’existence de Mère telle qu’elle était dans le corps humain qu’ils ont connu, la plupart croient que le 17 novembre 1973, elle est morte. Que ce corps est tout simplement mort. Qu’elle a échoué.
Il se trouve que moi qui n’étais arrivée à Auroville que depuis un an et demi, à une époque où même à l’Ashram presque personne ne savait ou ne se rendait vraiment compte de ce que tentait Mère dans son corps depuis 1956 et la venue du Supramental, moi qui n’étais même pas intéressée au début à rencontrer Mère pour mon anniversaire, ne me rendant pas encore compte de la chance que cela serait pour mon progrès intérieur, il se trouve que le 18 novembre 1973, quand à Auroville on a reçu la nouvelle que Mère “avait quitté son corps”, il se trouve qu’il m’a été donné coup sur coup, d’abord à Auroville puis à l’Ashram devant le corps théoriquement “mort” deMère, deux énormes expériences qui m’ont fait voir d’Elle et de son corps une Réalité bien autre, et magnifiquement, cosmiquement victorieuse*. D’une Victoire dont je ne savais même pas comment elle avait été gagnée, mais dont j’ai reçu sans le savoir dans mon corps même la preuve concrète. Indéniable, car elle s’est manifestée à peine quelques années plus tard par un éveil tout à fait inattendu de ma propre conscience cellulaire, qui a commencé à se tourner vers le Divin, en un véritable Yoga des cellules elles-mêmes qui n’a fait que s’amplifier depuis. sous mon regard ébahi mais émerveillé – et plein de gratitude pour la Grâce Divine qui me fait vivre une chose aussi nouvelle sur la Terre, et me permet ainsi d’affirmer que non, Mère n’a pas perdu sa Bataille finale avec la Mort: elle l’a gagnée, et potentiellement aussi pour tous les autres corps humains qui voudront bien un jour, à leur tour, changer leur conscience et leur vie, et se tourner vers le Divin…
* Sur ce point, voir aussi mon autre article:


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