24.4.1920: Mother’s Return to Pondichéry

This Darshan Day marks Mother’s return from Japan after WWI, to stay for good in then French ‘Pondichéry’ and start her real collaboration with Sri Aurobindo for the New Evolutive Step needed on Earth, through the activation in terrestrial Matter itself of that Supramental Consciousness-Force, or Truth Consciousness, which both of them had independently found to exist beyond the spiritual worlds previously known (only the Vedic Rishis long before still knew about it) and had foreseen as the only one capable of radically changing the situation upon Earth, opening the way towards a future ‘Life Divine’, right here on Earth.

In the context of this future much more evolved, new Humanity, with fully conscious, transformed bodies endowed with all the properties of a true, regenerated, Divine Matter, what the Mother says in the Message selected at the Ashram for this Darshan Day seems to me particularly important:

“In the physical world, of all things it is beauty that expresses best the Divine.

The physical world is the world of form and the perfection of form is beauty.

Beauty interprets, expresses, manifests the Eternal.

Its role is to put all manifested nature in contact with the Eternal through the perfection of form,

through harmony and the sense of the ideal which uplifts and leads towards something higher.”


The Mother

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24.11.2018: The ‘Krishna’ permanent Darshan Day in my life

Card Message distributed at the Ashram for this Darshan Day:

‘Where you are?

In the Mother’s presence here and close to me.

Where you are going?

Towards union with the Divine through dedication and service.

What you are doing here?

Service and self-giving to the Divine.


The rest depends . . . on the simplicity and fullness with which you give yourself and serve.’

Sri Aurobindo

I am always celebrating this specific Darshan Day of Sri Aurobindo with an article  having to do with Sri Krishna, for reasons I explained already in 2011 (when I was starting this Research Blog) in the following article:


But also for myself personally – not just because of its signifcance to Sri Aurobindo, – this November 24 Darshan Day has been felt since long as somehow my own yearly Krishna Day…. which has over the years gradually turned into a kind of permanent Darshan, although I still celebrate it especially on that Day!

In all the diverse forms of Relationship each of us can have with the Divine, Sri Aurobindo explains (in the ‘Synthesis of Yoga’ I remember, probably at the end of what concerns Bhakti Yoga) that the Relationship in itself is always blissful… and yet there are somehow some degrees in that Bliss: from the Bliss of Companionship, Friendship, and such, it seems to culminate with the Bliss of relating to the Divine as the ideal Parent… and there, our Eternal Father’s Love is already very blissful, but our Eternal Mother’s Love is somewhat even sweeter… and yet, even that is surpassed by the Supreme Bliss that is to relate to the Divine as our Divine Lover, the Eternal Lover of our Soul.

There is of course also the Delight of Identity with the Divine (this is more the Goal of the Jnana Yoga, though) – but then in that absolute condition one remains just the One… and that precludes the possibility of Love, as Love is the outpouring of this inherent Divine Delight towards another being… which can happen only when there are at least two beings!!! Hence indeed this Self-Multiplication of the One Being into those numberless other Selves that we are all part of: it is all in order for the One to be able to experience the Delight of Relationship, in all the Nuances of Love it can express of Itself.

The wonderful thing is that all those nuances of Divine Love are like a single Rainbow, where the very same Light of Love divides/multiplies Itself into this whole diversity of nuances of Itself, just for the Delight of tasting its own delightful Self-Diversity. As we, spirits temporarily inhabiting this world of Matter, come at some point to experience each of those wonderful Nuances of Love, our Soul discovers that, all the while, it is in fact the same one and only Divine Being it is experiencing, and that this very Diversity  of Love just adds still more Delight to its own Delight as a Soul, passing more and more constantly from one nuance of this Love Delight to another delightful nuance of It…

Yes, we don’t need to die and go to ‘Paradise’ for experiencing such Delights of Divine Love. It is all available already right here on Earth in our embodied lives, if only we take the trouble to go search deeply enough for it, and make it the Purpose of our life.

In all religions, and outside of them too, there have been human beings who discovered that Possibility and went for it: they are the Mystics, called differently in the various religions, but who all have discovered and enjoyed the very same wonderful Secret of Divine Love, here on Earth. Many of the people declared officially Saints by the Catholic Church, for example, were mystics.

In India, this Love Relationship with the Divine is called ‘Bhakti,’ and those who seek it or are already experiencing it, ‘bhaktas’.

The Integral Yoga of Conscious Evolution devised together by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, in order to help other people interested in Conscious Evolution, includes of course the Jnana Yoga and Karma Yoga (Service of the Divine through one’s dedicated activities) , but also very much the Bhakti Yoga. It gives even a very central place to it, with the origin of Love for the Divine in us, our individual Soul (or rather Psychic Being, literally the Being of our Soul, developing from it along our lifetimes), deep in ourselves), recommended as the very first inner part of ourselves to be reached and made fully active as the Inner Guide of our entire sadhana (process of spiritual progress).

Love for the Divine is actually indispensable for truly serving the Divine and giving oneself to Him-Her: it is not through a sense of duty or obligation that one can really, truly do that – while through Love, it happens automatically and joyfully, as we all know by experience.

This is why all of the above explanations are relevant to the Darshan Message of today, as given at the beginning of this article, and at the same time relevant to the sample of consciously evolving Humanity that I myself am, as a follower of the Integral Yoga:

As in my own case the Psychic Being had been quite active already since childhood, with Jesus and the Virgin Mary then my preferred forms of the Divine (no attraction at all for the stern Father!), its strong influence in me was interrupted only by my mental crisis as a young adult in 1971… which led me to a massive Illumination through the first lines of Sri Aurobindo’s revelatory ‘Life Divine.’ But my Psychic Being was still not authorized by my mind to reign again as before.

To re-establish that needed Influence in me, as soon as I joined Auroville in 1972, the – again massive! – inner experiences gifted to me by the Divine as The Mother in 1973 added to the original stunning experience given to me in I971 by Sri Aurobindo – himself perceived more as the expression of a wonderfully all-knowing and inspiring Divine Father. The combination of those two  mega-experiences shattered at last the mental blockage once and for all, and returned me to my blissful Relationship with the Divine – but now experienced as my Divine Father-Mother, with my cherished Sri Aurobindo and Mother as their embodied forms on Earth.

But another part of my human nature required of course also the Divine Lover’s Love, more and more so as I found out again and again that the human lovers could not possibly fulfill what was actually an intense need for my Divine Lover…

Well, my soul didn’t have to wait for long:

Right in May 1975, I had just passed three days and nights ardently seeking the return in full force of yet another crucial experience a few weeks before with the Divine Mother (but met this time straight in the Psychic Dimension itself, in this deep ‘World-Soul’ described by Sri Aurobindo in ‘Savitri’).

At the end of those three days I had been told inwardly that I could go back to my hut, and had obediently done so. Well, I was in for a mighty surprise: Who is it that appeared in front of my inner eyes the next morning, enveloping me with unbelievable but slightly mischievous tenderness, but the irresistibly charming Eyes and Smile of  the Divne again, yes, but this time as the Eternal Lover of my Soul!… And my Soul, in a happy sigh of inner recognition from another lifetime, softly uttered the only Name it knew then for its Beloved: ‘Krishna!…’

But ‘Krishna’ as my Soul needs Him to be in this lifetime is the even higher form of that Aspect of Delight of the Divine which Krishna embodied under that name: it has to be the Supreme Divine Delight Itself, Ananda as in Satchitananda, the very core of the Divine’s Eternal Nature. It had to be Krishna as Bhagavan Himself, the Blissful One revealed, whose words, told to Arjuna, were like a Song: the Bhagavad-Gîta.

And not even that only: that Absolute Ananda has manifested Itself until now only as a passive, Lunar Power, so to say: something to be experienced inwardly in meditation or contemplation, with eyes closed like the Buddha, and which pulled you inward, had no outward action. But the kind of Ananda I felt the need of, for myself first of all, but also for humanity and the entire world, was an active, Solar Power of Ananda, finally manifesting itself in this suffering world of Matter, as a Power now invading Matter and Life to free them, heal them, fulfill them at last with its irresistible Divine Delight.

That Name I was looking for so ardently for myself since 1975 I was given to discover, in early 1979, through Sri Aurobindo’s ‘Secret of the Veda’:

One of the very ancient, Vedic Hymns translated and commented by Sri Aurobindo was addressed to the Aspect of the Divine that the Rishis called ‘Bhaga’: it was the active Power of Delight that alone can complete the work of the other Aspects, by untying finally all the knots of Pain and other results of the False Reality in which we have been living until now. Bhaga is the one among the Four Sun Kings who comes last; with his irresistible Delight of Being, he is the one who can dispel entirely the Nightmare, and restore this world and every being in it to its true, divine Reality – which is Delight.

That was obviously the Name I had been so eager to find, which would give its precise Direction to my entire life and help me grow more and more towards what it meant, like towards a Star… That name made me also immediately something like the future Bride of my Beloved Bhagavan, the Supreme as the Blissful One… whose Name was precisely based on that very name, ‘Bhaga’,  Bhagavan’s own inherent Power of Delight!

Quite a Program!!!  It could easily have overwhelmed me. But with the constant inner Help from my two cherished Parents, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, the aspiring Child-Soul in me has grown and grown, in spite of all inner obstacles and difficulties and setbacks, towards what it wished so much to become.

In the Christian context, there is something called the Mystical Marriage of the Soul with its Beloved, seen in that context as Jesus-Christ. My own Soul fraternizes fully with those other Souls who fell in Love with the Aspect of the Divine that Jesus embodied. Probably my own Soul has been in Love also before, in other lifetime(s), with that same Aspect, Divine Love, that he embodied then.

But in this lifetime, with the activation, from 29.02.56 on, of the Supramental  Consciousness-Force in terrestrial and cellular Matter by Sri Aurobindo and Mother, we are entering a new Evolutive Era: it is not only Divine Love, but also the Divine Delight at its Source, that must be now manifested in all its conquering, transforming Power, so that our physical bodies too can share in this Divine Delight that alone can truly and permanently heal them, towards the transformed bodies they too aspire to become, in order to manifest the Divine better and better right here on Earth.

So my own Mystical Marriage is with that still more complete, all-powerful form of the Divine: Bhagavan, the Blissful One… And today, November 24th, is every year, in my eyes, somehow our Wedding Anniversary!… Which makes this specific Darshan Day even more wonderfully ‘special’ to me than the others!…

This is the utterly Deep and Sweet Secret that I have found myself sharing with you today, to my own astonishment. I suppose this is because it can be a help to other beings everywhere who anxiously are looking also for their own Beloved, the specific Aspect of the Divine that their Soul aspires most to experience and manifest more and more in their own life, as their constant Divine Companion in all circumstances.

"seat Check Lets Individuals Seated At A Restaurant - Mystic Marriage Of Saint Catherine Of Alexandria #1095972

(Image Credit goes to https://www.clipartmax.com/middle/m2H7K9N4m2d3b1K9_seat-check-lets-individuals-seated-at-a-restaurant-mystic-marriage-of-saint/)

Auroville is no monastery and no ashram. Yet, as you can see, Mystical Marriages do happen also here – for I am most probably not the only Aurovilian in whom this kind of deep mystical states are happening, more and more as a way of life, in the midst of daily life and its apparently ordinary activities. And much more is to come…

Hello, New  World! Please keep coming in and settling down! You are most welcome!!!

Healing Another Lifetime, in my Cells Too

The sudden infection of that long standing, slow-healing wound (small , before the infection) on my left calf didn’t come up ‘by chance’ (as we like to say…), of course.

Not so surprisingly, it came right at the end of a whole inner process on the psychological level, for me to get rid of a panic and hiding problem that wasn’t from this lifetime, but from another one – in a country, period and circumstances I had already found out  about, years ago, in a trance deliberately sought for that purpose, like I had done earlier for the other main psychological problem I was suffering from in this lifetime,  that had its origin also in yet another lifetime.

Over the years that followed I had healed successfully already that first main problem, but hadn’t addressed the second one yet… and it came up unexpectedly (I should have known in advance, but it’s actually good that I didn’t expect it to happen…) and quite violently in me, right when I was so happily writing that long overdue book I have announced in one of my most recent posts,  ‘The Dam Is Now  Starting to Open’  (https://labofevolution.wordpress.com/2018/08/04/the-dam-is-now-starting-to-open/ ).

It was at once obvious to me that this old problem was rising up again precisely because it was time to also heal that one, so I inwardly rolled up my sleeves and got to work.

But again not alone, though: with the kind help again of my friend Danayah*, who happened to be again around for some time. And someone else also, now right among us Aurovilians here: a man, with similar talents and skills as she had, and enough inner integrity too. I didn’t intend at all to combine their help, but it so happened that I ended up meeting the two of them one after the other, with beneficial results from both, in just the right sequence for the first result to lead into the next as if both therapists had been working as a team to help me!… And I have no doubt they in fact did, although unknowingly, with the Divine orchestrating the whole thing…

As usual with me for such help, it was mostly facilitation that I needed, and once in the light trance required, I was able to inwardly deal with the situation that arose (between my present consciousness and that of that specific previous personality of mine) in just the right spontaneous way to indeed heal in the end the previous personality from the problem that had kept it (and my present me!…) in such dire straits for so long before.

I know very well that this kind of powerful inner event, for someone who has never yet lived through any direct experience of something like that, will seem rather incredible and far fetched. Yet it feels so natural, simple and normal while it is happening within one’s consciousness, and when, on top of it, it is followed by undeniable deep changes in one’s behavior like the ones that appeared within myself in both cases, the first problem and now also the second one, it becomes just a fact of life….

In which way was all this related to the sudden infection in my left calf?…

Well, the vibrational memory of the ancient trauma suffered by this earlier personality  (plus the other similar traumas experienced also by several more personalities later …) was still stored in the cells of my body, particularly the legs, symbolically representing on the physical level the difficulty those traumas caused in me for going forward boldly in my outer projects. When these traumatic memories in the cells were at last released, it was a big progress for my whole being, but on the short term it caused all those old toxins to be released in the lymphatic system, with that originally small wound there becoming the perfect way out for them.

Once infected, the small wound became bigger simply because I normally never have any such problem; I didn’t even know what to put as a dressing, so what I improvised in order to still be able to go around wasn’t adequate at all,  and after a few days, it fostered and amplified the infection rather than stopping it!… Still I attended one more meeting, as I knew it was important for the Newcomer concerned… but when the meeting was over some of the other Aurovilians present ended up telling me the odor from my leg was alarming,…!

At that point I realized at last the seriousness of the matter and called in for help my precious friend Dr Bérengère and her deep Ayurvedic knowledge – she had already before  been able to diagnose and describe the psychological problem just from taking my pulse(s)  – and again this time she immediately knew which Ayurvedic medicinal oil would heal my wound. Another friend informed us of a special, international brand of ready–to-apply, non-sticky dressings, available right at our own Auroville Health Centre (on the outskirts of Auroville, an older sibling to our present centrally located clinic, called ”Santé’, the French word for ‘Health’).

Under the name ‘Bactigras’, those large dressings, of gauze prepared with paraffin and Chlorhexidine Acetate – which I found on Internet is not an antibiotic but a more inocuous although effective disinfectant – have been a pure blessing for me, this is why I mention them here by name (for no financial or other personal profit whatsoever!) so that some of my visitors on this Research Blog may in case of need benefit from this potentially very useful information (see http://www.smith-nephew.com/canada/products/advanced-wound-management/bactigras/ ).

But those dressings were still a bit too sticky and painful to take out for my wound, quite large and deep by that time; so I added to each dressing, before putting it on, several drops of the Ayurvedic oil, spread on its entire surface, and with that addition it became not only the perfect, fully non-sticky dressing, but at the same time the best one for healing too!…

This at last appropriate and effective outer care was enhanced all along by the dietary changes that my cells were, as usual, also indicating to me as the best for the situation, considering always not only the local problem, but also the needs of my whole organism to deal with it properly,

What an immense pride and gratitude I have for those cells of mine who, with my active outer help and inner encouragement, have managed to get rid relatively so fast of what was actually a limb-threatening infection – and any local infection somewhere may very well become a life-threatening one, and finally cause the death of the person – as in the case, alas, of my Aurovilian friend Sharanam*, only a few years ago, from what started out as a mere tooth infection. The hospitals, with all their heavy machinery and drugs, haven’t been able to save her then, so I consider myself quite lucky not to have had to end up there too, as she had to.

I really thank the Divine Grace above all, for I know the risk has been there for me too, but I have been somehow made to escape it, at home with only my own chosen means: the doctor of my and my cells’ liking, with the Ayurvedic and other natural medicines that my body as well as the doctor said were the right ones for its cure.

As per this writing, only a small hole is still there, nicely filled up to the correct level already, but not yet covered with new skin like the rest of what had become a seven by seven centimeters wound, now blending all right with the surrounding skin. There is good hope that this small hole too will close in the weeks to come, it’s just a question of persevering care and love on my part for this spot on my body that still needs special attention. But since three weeks my body and I are able again to go up and down stairs, and jump, and run, and dance too, so all the fun of Life is back, hopefully to stay for a long while ahead yet, with a fully repaired calf skin to boot!

(Dancer and photo credit: https://www.phoenixdancetheatre.co.uk/work/phoenix-at-home/ )

Once again, as in all the other times when, while living in Auroville, I have been faced with a serious physical condition, what a deep and profitable learning experience it has been, both at the psychological and the cellular level of my being – for of course all of it is interconnected… and ultimately one !…

So at least a summary of it all had to be told on this Blog of Conscious Evolution, so that its visitors too become aware of how much all the dimensions of our being intermingle in this overall process of Life… and all the more if, in someone’s consciousness and intent, Life itself has become a constant spiritual process of Evolution, through Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s Integral Yoga.














Lettre à un ami plus jeune, pour sa Fête

Cher toi,

bien que nos choix respectifs de vie nous aient séparés physiquement depuis longtemps, nous avons plaisir à communiquer parfois sur Facebook et son Messenger, surtout au moment de nos anniversaires à l’un et à l’autre.

Aujourd’hui c’est le tien. Mais comme ce que je vais te dire sera valable et, qui sait, intéressant, aussi pour d’autres, aujourd’hui je te l’écris à travers ce nouvel article à mettre sur mon Blog de Recherche, que tu connais un peu, sans pour autant le lire régulièrement.

Grâce à nos petits échanges sur Messenger, j’ai appris il y a déjà un an que tu te posais en fait des questions sur la Vie, du point de vue métaphysique mais avec aussi une exigence scientifique. Tu m’as même envoyé le lien vers le séminaire audio conçu et présenté par Stephen XXX, qui semble t’avoir plu.

Il se trouve que j’ai moi aussi depuis toujours la même approche à la fois spirituelle et scientifique. Ne vivant pas ici à Auroville, tu ne peux pas te rendre compte de ce en quoi mon travail ici – très officiel depuis 1984, mais déjà aussi ma passion et ma raison de vivre depuis 1971 – ,consiste véritablement. En vérité, le “Laboratoire de l’Évolution” en question existe principalement “in vivo”, et cela, tout d’abord en moi-même, plus quelques autres personnes, d’Auroville et d’ailleurs, qui font un travail similaire et ont choisi de le faire en collaboration avec moi, car elles me considèrent comme à la pointe de la recherche dans ce domaine de l’Évolution Consciente non seulement à Auroville mais dans le reste du monde aussi. Je sais bien, on a toujours l’air de se vanter, mais enfin il faut tout de même que tu le saches, sinon tu continueras toujours à me voir comme la personne “ordinaire” que tu as connue autrefois, au lieu de la “spécialiste” que de manière bien inattendue je suis devenue dans ce domaine, y compris la Conscience Cellulaire, avec sa partie la plus avancée: le Yoga des Cellules.

Je t’explique tout cela parce que ce sont justement mes cellules, en pleine évolution spirituelle depuis 1978, qui ce matin au réveil ont écrit pour toi le petit poème suivant:

Nous les cellules, nous apprenons

Comment rester jeunes à jamais

Et devenir, d’un corps-prison,

Corps de Délice, vivant Palais

Pour l’Esprit, pleinement conscient

En Soi, et aussi en ce corps

Explorant l’Éternel Présent,

Mais devenu Délice d’Or…

Tout EST, dans ce Spacieux Présent,

Tout EST d’avance – en Potentiel,

Pour que nous, en le choisissant,

À chaque instant rendions RÉEL

Le chemin, tracé par nos choix,

D’une aventure (ou promenade!)

Vécue à la manière d’un Roi,

D’un esclave, ou d’une Ménade,

Selon ce qu’il nous plaît de vivre

En notre exploration joyeuse

De tout l’Infini des Possibles:

Tout attire nos Âmes rieuses!

Jusqu’à ce qu’elles aient eu leur content

De vies de Malheur et Douleur,

Pour, ayant goûté ce Piment,

Mieux savourer la Vie Bonheur…

Ce corps en tous cas a sa dose

De tout ce Piment trop brûlant

Trop présent en bien trop de choses.

Mais ce n’est pas en s’en allant

Qu’il veut résoudre ce problème:

Délice d’Or il deviendra!

Alors l’Abbaye de Thélème

Sera vraie: “Fais ce que voudras”…

Car la Matière sera Reine

Autant que l’Esprit sera Roi,

La Vie ici sera sereine

Et la Terre, un autre “Chez moi”

Pour nos esprits explorateurs

Aux corps enfin invulnérables

Et donc eux aussi amateurs

De la Vie Vraie, impérissable…

Évoluer rend cela possible:

La Vraie Victoire, bien matérielle!

Qui de vous la prendra pour Cible

Et ainsi la rendra RÉELLE?

Voilà donc ce qu’elles m’ont dicté à ton intention ce matin, pour t’aider (je suppose) à comprendre un peu mieux la Vie, et nous-mêmes, y compris nos corps et leurs cellules. en ce grand tournant évolutif terrestre que nos vivons en ce moment.

J’espère que tu apprécieras leur petit cadeau. Elles m’étonnent constamment par leur simplicité, leur sagesse, et aussi leur courage. Leur vie en ce corps a tout à fait changé depuis qu’elles ont découvert avec émerveillement le Divin et sa Lumière d’Amour. Elles me font tout à fait penser aux Hobbits!!!


Et on s’aime tant réciproquement… C’est une pure grâce de se connaître!

Alors BONNE FÊTE, donc, avec tous mes meilleurs voeux à moi aussi, pour toi et tes propres cellules!…

De tout coeur,






17.11.17: Gratitude de mes Cellules pour les Cellules du Corps de Mère

(Traduction de l’article en anglais précédent)

Depuis l’Anniversaire d’Auroville cette année (le 28 février 2017) la conscience de mes cellules  a franchi un important pas de plus, affirmant sa propre indépendance à l’égard des parties mentale et vitale en moi, qui avaient pour habitude d’utiliser constamment le corps pour ce qui les intéressait elles – une habitude existant depuis toujours en chacun de nous êtres humains, et que l’on ne remarque même pas tellement elle semble “normale”.

Mais maintenant que le Pas Nouveau dans l’évolution terrestre s’est produit, les choses sont en train de changer: dans le corps de Mère, pour commencer, un moment est venu où les cellules n’ont plus accepté cette ancienne manière de s’y prendre, qui n’est en réalité qu’un esclavage du corps à ces deux autres parties extérieures de notre être, le Mental et le Vital.

Lorsque le corps dans son ensemble en vient au point où la seule chose qu’il veut vraiment est de servir uniquement le Divin, ressenti et obéi directement grâce à l’influence aimante de notre Ëtre Psychique individuel, dans notre Centre du Coeur, alors cette révolte contre ses précédents maîtres indignes devient inéluctable. Je ne m’attendais pas cependant à ce qu’elle se produise aussi tôt dans mon propre corps, si bien que je ne pensais même pas du tout à cette possibilité, mais une fois de plus, comme pour les précédents grands pas accomplis par ma conscience cellulaire, celui-ci m’a totalement prise par surprise.

Depuis lors, ce changement radical a transformé à nouveau toute ma vie, ce jour-ci lui-même apportant dès le matin tôt une intention nouvelle dans mon corps, de vouloir célébrer ce Jour de Darshan spécial d’une manière bien à lui: honorer spécifiquement ces cellules héroïques du corps de Mère qui avaient remporté toutes les victoires nécessaires, rendant ainsi possible maintenant pour ces cellules du mien d’avoir l’expérience de cette incroyable évolution dont jour après jour elles ont eu l’expérience de manière toujours grandissante depuis que la “contagion” de l’éveil a été semée en elles lorsqu’enfin elles ont vu le corps de Mère, debout en total émerveillement devant lui qui était supposé être mort.

Alors mes cellules ce matin, pendant ma méditation habituelle (à laquelle de toutes façons elles se joignent d’une manière ou d’une autre), m’ont déclaré intérieurement qu’elles avaient quelque chose à dire par écrit, parce que c’était important; cela se révéla être un “Manifeste des Corps”, que je cite ici dans l’original français qu’elles écrivirent ensuite dans mon cahier-journal:


“Il est venu, le Temps des Corps

Qui ne veulent plus souffrir encore,

Et qui refusent leur accord

À des scripts de douleur et mort.

Ils veulent la Loi du Non-Effort

(Qui est la Vraie Loi), et leur essor

Loin de tous ces si mauvais sorts,

Retrouvant le Délice d’Or

De la Vérité Vraie des Corps.”


Wouah. Quelle remarquable Déclaration en effet, et exprimée de surcroît avec quelle force ! Ce que j’ai cité ci-dessus n’en est que la première partie, qui fut écrite séparément comme formant un tout, mais fut suivie à peine quelques instants plus tard par une seconde partie, adressée celle-là directement au Suprême, à travers la magnifique image (de grande taille) de Lui/Elle que nous toutes aimons tant, mes cellules et moi, et gardons près du lit où nous dormons, de façon à nous endormir la nuit et nous éveiller au matin sur cette si inspirante Vision.

Comme cette seconde partie était plus intimiste et moins valable pour tous les corps,  je m’arrêterai là dans ce témoignage dont j’espère qu’il illustrera suffisamment les étonnants progrès devenant maintenant possibles pour la conscience de nos cellules … grâce à celles de Mère, ne l’oublions jamais!…



17.11.17: Gratitude to Mother’s body-cells from my body-cells

Since Auoville’s Birthday this year (Feb, 28th, 2017) the consciousness of my cells has undergone a very important new step,  asserting its own independence from the mental and the vital parts of me that were in the habit of constantly using the body for their own purposes – a habit which has been going on since ever within us human beings, and that is not even noticed any more in our consciousness, so ‘normal’ it seems to be.

But now that the present New Step in terrestrial evolution has begun, things are rapidly changing: in Mother’s body to start with, a time came indeed in the cells when they didn’t accept anymore this old way that is actually a slavery of the body to those two other outer parts of the being, the Mental and the Vital,

When the body as a whole has come to the point where all it really wants is to serve the Divine only, felt and obeyed directly thanks to the loving influence from our individual Psychic Being right in our Heart Centre, then this rebellion against its previous unworthy masters is bound to happen. I didn’t expect it to happen so soon though, with my own body, so I wasn’t even thinking of such a possibility at all, but once again like the previous big steps taken by my cellular consciousness, this new one too took me completely by surprise.

Since then this drastic change has transformed my life all over again, today itself bringing from its early morning a new attitude in my body, of wanting to celebrate this special Darshan Day in its own way: honoring specifically those heroic cells in Mother’s body that won all the needed victories, making it possible now for these cells of mine to experience the incredible evolution they have been experiencing day after day in ever increasing ways since  the “contagion” of the awakening was sown in them when they saw at last Mother’s body, while standing in total awe in front of it when it was said to have died.

So my cells  this morning, during my usual meditation (to which they since long associate themselves anyway to one extent or the other) declared inwardly to me that they had to say something in writing, as it was important: it turned out to be a ‘Manifesto of the Bodies.” I’ll quote it first in the French original they proceeded to write on my Diary Notebook:


“Il est venu, le Temps des Corps

Qui ne veulent plus souffrir encore,

Et qui refusent leur accord

À des scripts de douleur et mort.

Ils veulent la Loi du Non-Effort

(Qui est la Vraie Loi), et leur essor

Loin de tous ces si mauvais sorts,

Retrouvant le Délice d’Or

De la Vérité Vraie des Corps.”


There. Quite a Declaration indeed, and a strongly worded one at that. The above is only the first part of it, which was written separately as a whole, but was followed only moments later by more, addressed this time directly to the Supreme, through the big size magnificent representation of Him/Her that we all love, my cells and myself, and have next to the bed where we sleep, so that we fall asleep at night and awaken in the morning with that so inspiring Vision.

I’ll leave out that part that came next, and translate only the main text they wrote first:


It has come, the Time of Bodies

That just wont suffer anymore

And just refuse their agreement

To scripts of suffering and death.

They want the Law of Non-Effort

(Which is the True Law), their soaring

Far above all so-called bad lucks,

Finding back the Golden Delight

That is the True Truth of Bodies.”










Balancing in Ourselves the Masculine and the Feminine that are One

Almost everybody on Earth has by now come to know of the YIN-YANG symbol from the ancient Chinese Wisdom:


It is the symbolic representation of all the polarities our mind is perceiving everywhere – including in our own life, where it is powerfully exemplified to start with by the polarity between the two opposite genders our physical body has to belong to: the Masculine or the Feminine – and in our human experience the Masculine has been having the upper hand over the Feminine for such a long time that it seems pretty much like for ever.

This present situation of course strongly encourages our mind to envisage everything as constituted in the same way of pairs of contraries that, extremely contrasted as they are by the Mind’s tendency to do so, seem bound to oppose each other in an endless struggle to win over the other, hence our impression that this Duality is an absolute and eternal Fact of Life.

But the very symbol of the YIN-YANG polarity shows without any doubt something quite different, if only we really look at it carefully.

Far from an actual Duality, what is shown is a Oneness: the Mystery of Mysteries that is called the Tao – another word for the Divine Reality. In this symbol, even those two universal Principles called the Yin and the Yang never stand each one on their own, in isolation: it is always the YIN and the YANG together, for each of them always contains the other one, even if only in the most minimal proportion. They cannot exist without each other, for it is only in relation to each other that they exist at all. And that relation between the two is never static, it constantly balances itself out in an instability and constant newness that is Life itself: constant change.

What a far cry from this sense of wholeness and balance is our present mental perception of the Polarities as two principles trying to win over each other for absolute supremacy and eternal dominance of the other!… Our society, and within it the education that, from birth on, our families give to all of us, deeply inculcates in each of us the sense of a gender-based identity that will pervade our entire life in all its aspects, if we want to conform to the expectations, first from our parents and then from the other humans beings around us, of a gender-based ‘proper’ behavior. Boys become afraid to show any trait attributed usually to girls, and of course girls, afraid to show any trait supposedly boyish. We all end up living in a gender-based prison, which we accept all the more easily because we have come to believe this all reflects the true reality of our being, and of Reality in general.

We are totally missing the point that the ancient symbol, in its deep Wisdom, was meant to awaken us to.

But things are changing.

The current spiritual awakening that touches more and more people all over the planet in this new evolutive step brings up with it an increasing awareness in many that our present lifetime is not the only one we have experienced. In some of those other lifetimes some of us start even remembering to some extent, we were of the opposite gender, This is only  to be expected, for the spirit in each of us carries in itself both the Masculine and the Feminine principles together, and needs to feel free to express the qualities of both as required by the circumstances, or just its own inner choice.

This is why there is since about fifty years such an increase in the number of human beings who find in themselves a tendency to be gay or lesbian, or to change the sex they were born with, because their inner sense of identity doesn’t accept any more to be restricted to the gender-based rules of behavior and dress imposed on them by their society – often with the heaviness of human laws and cruel punishments added to the original scriptures of their religion.

But Evolution is a divine Law of Growth that no human power can stop, and even the most cruel repression cannot compel for ever people to act against what they truly feel. Part of that irresistible growth is the re-unification in each of us of the Masculine and the Feminine, and the free expression of both kinds of qualities in any proportion each of us may feel appropriate at any given moment. It is already begun, and soon no one but the most archaic consciousnesses will be shocked, for it is a new ‘normality’ that is being created in our midst by the Evolutive Force, which will transform our societies into the places of inner freedom that they must become if they want to survive in Humanity’s truer Future.

Well, I am glad that in my own individual being the very same process of re-unification of the Masculine and the Feminine, already there of course at the soul level, Image 1 symbolized by the Unicorn,

and started since long at the mental level, Image 2

has now taken a major step forward at the emotional and vital level too:

Quite obviously, as represented especially through those two last notebook covers I presented in recent posts, the Feminine Image as well as the Masculine Image 3 were both much too extreme, and so, both inappropriate if allowed to act separately; but through the joining of the two that has spontaneously just happened, the qualities of both together have suddenly begun manifesting themselves in a most satisfactory way since the melding of the two, giving me the needed balance between the two, a living, variable balance that I can modify constantly as the situation requires… or as my own inner sense of divinely inspired Freedom happens to prefer at that moment!…

What a divinely simple Transformative Process that lets no quality ever acquired in our other lifetimes go wasted in this one: if our longing for a certain quality is strong and persistent enough, and if we remain open, trusting that we can change, the transfer and the melding do happen, and changed we are indeed!…





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