Lovely, lively Joan Grant!

Joan Grant in her youth

Dear Helena,

On October 27th, 2010 , as part of an email you had written to me, you asked me:

“i am curious what finally do you think about Joan Grant and her vision (in her novels) of death and after?
Lots of love
helena “

I realize that, although it is a subject very dear to me, I never actually answered your question!…
Now is the time to do so at last, as I happen to have recently been given several more very good books on that topic, particularly the two published by Michael Newton, ‘Journey of the Souls’ and ‘Destiny of the Souls’ (you could check his website on the Internet if you like) after many years of documented research directly recorded from thousands of his patients who over the years volunteered to describe under hypnosis what they would find and experience during the between-lifetimes period.

I have enjoyed very much reading the great ‘novels’ you so kindly sent me, all written by Joan Grant, including her own autobiography, ‘Far Memory’, so funny, although it is also actually so dramatic and eventful. I am reading it again at the moment, it is such a pleasure, and there are so many extremely interesting details she slips here and there, testimonies of her uncanny abilities and perceptions, even as a small child or a mere teenager and later as a young woman. I have last year been able to print her astrological Birth Chart, it is so amusing to recognize in her reactions throughout her life (as she herself describes them in the telling of her story) the kind of fiery, brave, adventurous, but also very generous temper that is very apparent in her remarkably contrasted Chart. A tomboy in many ways, but at the same time so utterly feminine and attractive! Totally fascinating actually, as is to be expected from someone with a splendid Pluto sitting right on her Gemini Ascendant!!!
Well, she writes not only of her other lifetimes, but even of the period our soul spends in the vaster Reality before it incarnates, and again after each lifetime before it incarnates again. Together with the insights she sometimes gets of the meaning of it all while in a physical body on Earth, those glimpses she also gives us of life away from Earth are the most precious elements for me in her ‘novels’, for those shorter passages are where the essential message for all of us is: what is actually the divine Purpose behind those incarnations, and how we may progress in consciousness and capacity to love, through all or at least some of those many lifetimes.

From what I myself know out of personal experience, plus all that I have read since 30 years about this topic, what Joan Grant says is perfectly valid and reliable. Only, her own knowledge and understanding wasn’t complete yet at the time she was writing all this, so one would have to add to it what she wrote in later books or said in various occasions later in her life as Joan Grant. There the picture is more total, so, more accurate too.

If you have specific questions, we could talk further about this, whenever you like: as you know, this is all part of the Research about Evolution which is my real, official work anyway, so you wouldn’t make me waste my time at all if we would communicate more on these topics!…

Lots of love for you too,

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