4.4.1910: Sri Aurobindo’s Arrival in Pondy meant a New Education too, for Evolution

I feel prompted this morning to write something in celebration of Sri Aurobindo’s arrival in then French Pondichéry, on April 4th, a hundred and nine years ago.

This date certainly marked the starting-point of the present much more ‘awake ‘Pondy’, from the slumbering French ‘comptoir’ it was then, one of the five coastal places in India which were called so at the time and still are ‘special’ to some extent, somewhat regrouped as they are under a common kind of status, with recently renamed ‘Puducherry’ by far the most important of those five remnants of the French cultural influence in India.

The discrete coming in 1910 and subsequent quiet permanent stay there of a famous political refugee from Calcutta, Aurobindo Ghose – whose rapidly growing spiritual reputation soon established him among the greatest known yogis as ‘Sri Aurobindo’ – indeed marked the beginning of a new era for the small ancient city where some affirmed that the Rishi Agastya himself had lived in Vedic times.

It is true that only after having found there the needed political asylum  did Sri Aurobindo get to read the Rig Veda in its original text – which allowed him to at last recognize, in some of the experiences described there, the special ones among those he himself was having, that he had been surprised not to find described in any later Indian spiritual scripture. The identity of inner experience in those specific cases enabled him to discover the lost, deeply spiritual true meaning of the Rig Veda, which he revealed later, from 1914 on, in the chapters of ‘The Secret of the Veda’, published month after month along with his other early big books soon famous, in the philosophical review ‘Arya’ started on August 15th (his birthday) in collaboration for the French version with the Mother (then Mira Alfassa), even after she had to leave because of WWI.

After the Mother’s return in 1920, what those two Pioneers of Conscious Evolution gradually created together has been this immense new spiritual path that they named the ‘Integral Yoga’, as this Integrality was necessary for an Evolution towards a ‘Life ‘Divine’ here on Earth instead of the usual (and only possible option till then) Escape to the Beyond.This has been already a major gift to Humanity.

But a less known fact is that they created also a corresponding, equally important new process of Education, that could now be extremely useful anywhere, as our entire terrestrial world, thanks to the secret but decisive inner Action of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s themselves,, has since then moved into its next Evolutive Step, in which our present educational systems are becoming more and more blatantly outdated and inadequate, when not plainly harmful, especially as the children being born now are often ready from the start to evolve much faster than their parents and than the stagnant societies around them.

For what Sri Aurobindo and the Mother advised went much further than simply returning to the glorious cultural or even spiritual past of India. It is our Evolutive Future that is now calling us forward, it is towards a new, truer, transformed Human Being that we are evolving, who as time passes will be able at some point to embody this very ‘Life Divine’ announced, made possible and prepared by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother as the Next Step of Evolution for the Earth.

What is still practiced in the Ashram’s International Centre of Education created by the Mother in 1952, as well as in the Aurovilian equivalent, happening since 1984 officially under the vast umbrella known as ‘SAIIER’ (the Sri Aurobindo Internatioal Institute of Educational Research) is still based on the fundamentals pointed out by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother :

It is what they called the Psychic Being, the deep Inner Being formed over many lifetimes around the spark of the Soul, that is the most important element in the child, and must be helped to remain active and strong even as the child grows older and the outer parts of his/her individual nature exert a stronger influence on his/her behavior: the Mental part, the Vital Part and the Physical part will turn more easily towards the Divine if they develop under the influence of the Psychic Being – which is the only part in us still conscious of the Divine and of being a Happy and Loving Child of the Divine – rather than under the usually stronger influence of the ego.

The ego is the outer, superficial sense of an individual self, that is indispensable at the beginning for the process of Individuation that the Divine spark in each of us is to undergo for the Manifestation of the Divine in all the infinite Diversity It contains.

But as just an ego, that superficial self has lost all contact with its own secret Divinity, with Divine Love and with the Oneness behind everything there is. The ego is left only with the sense of separation, which tends to become a sense of division and opposition, hence all the struggles and wars between egoes among human beings, when the Psychic Being in each of them isn’t active and influential enough yet to  bring back and keep alive and strong in them the Love and sense of Oneness, but still together with the  also needed sense of Divine Individuality with a specific Way of Being and Purpose in Life.

Once the Psychic Being has been sufficiently called forth in the young child – above all, by the active presence in the parents and teachers of their own Psychic Being, so this is an obvious requirement for all those who would be parents or teachers – the only thing to do is to provide the child with as rich and diverse an environment as possible: this will make it easier to discover what are his or her true interests and motivations for learning and growing. The actual growth and development of the child will then unfold by itself  most spontaneously and happily, through the constant inner lead and guidance straight from within, from the Psychic Being itself, just as a seed knows exactly what plant or flower it is meant to become – and, given the environment and care it requires, will indeed become in time.

The child will be allowed to choose freely the activities he or she wants to do, and for the length of time that their interest for it will keep them genuinely happy being busy doing them and learning and growing through them. This, the Mother called the Free Progress, and it is the way, or at least some approximation of it, in most of the Auroville schools.

The present systems of so-called Education elsewhere may be perfect for turning children into the passive and docile sheep needed by those who would perpetuate indefinitely for their own profit and continued domination the mere Consumers’ Society that human life has been by now reduced to; but it isn’t at all an ineluctable Fatality that it should go on this way. We have been given the True Education’s simple inner secret by those who opened for Humanity as a whole the Way to our evolutive Future. In the very interest of our present Human Species, at least those children who are inwardly ready to grow towards that Future should be allowed and helped to do so.

I just found again the card commemorating the 10th Anniversary of SAIIER on Feb. 21st, 1994, with this superbly strong quote by the Mother, which I always loved, and was so glad that it had been chosen for the occasion:

‘We are not here to do (only a little better) what others do.

We are here to do what others cannot do because they do not have the idea that it can be done.

We are here to open the way of the Future to the children who belong to the Future.

Anything else is not worth the trouble and is not worthy of Sri Aurobindo’s help.’

    (The Mother, 6.09, 1961)

In the image down below, this text by the Mother  (without its last line) has been joined with a prayer she had written mostly for the children… but which I too learned with great enthusiasm when starting as a teacher after I arrived in Auroville in 1972, although I didn’t know yet that all this had been heralded by Sri Aurobindo’s own arrival in Pondichéry on April 4th, 1910:

Image result for "We are not here to do (only a little better) what the others do" The Mother, Sri Aurobindo Ashram

24.11.18: Mon Jour de Darshan permanent avec Sri Krishna

Message sur la Carte distribuée à l’Ashram pour ce Jour de Darshan (plus traduction) :

‘Where you are? / Où vous êtes?

In the Mother’s presence here and close to me. / Dans la présence de la Mère et près de moi.

Where you are going? / Où vous allez?

Towards union with the Divine through dedication and service. / Vers l’union avec le Divin à travers le don de soi et le service.

What you are doing here?/ Ce que vous faites ici?

Service and self-giving to the Divine. / Le service et le don de soi au Divin.


The rest depends . . . on the simplicity and fullness with which you give yourself and serve.’ / Le reste dépend de la simplicité et de l’entièreté avec laquelle vous vous donnez et vous servez”.

Sri Aurobindo

Je célèbre toujours ce spécifique Jour de Darshan de Sri Aurobindo avec un article ayant à voir avec Sri Krishna, pour des raisons que j’ai expliquées déjà en 2011 (quand je commençais ce Blog de Recherche) dans l’article suivant (que je ne crois pas avoir encore traduit en français, mais je le ferai si quelqu’un me le demande) :


Mais aussi pour moi personnellement – pas juste à cause de sa signification pour Sri Aurobindo – ce jour de Darshan du 24 Novembre a été ressenti depuis longtemps comme en quelque sorte mon propre Jour de Krishna annuel …. qui au fil des années est graduellement devenu une sorte de Darshan permanent , bien que je le célèbre encore spécialement ce jour-là !

Dans toutes les diverses formes de Relation que chacun d’entre nous peut avoir avec le Divin, Sri Aurobindo explique (dans la ‘Synthèse des Yoga’ je crois, probablement à la fin de ce qui concerne le Bhakti Yoga) que la Relation en elle-même est toujours pleine de Délice… et pourtant il y a d’une certaine manière des degrés dans ce Délice: depuis le Délice de la Camaraderie, de l’Amitié, et autres, il semble culminer dans le Délice de la Relation avec le Divin en tant que le Parent idéal … et là, l’Amour de notre Père Éternel est déjà très délicieux, mais l’Amour de notre Mère Éternelle est tout de même encore plus doux … et malgré tout, même celui-là est surpassé par le Délice Suprême qu’est la Relation avec le Divin en tant que notre Amant Divin : l’Éternel Amant de notre Âme.

Il y a bien sûr aussi le Délice de l’Identité avec le Divin (cela, c’est davantage le but du Jnana Yoga) – mais alors, dans l’absolu de cet état de conscience, on se sent être uniquement l’Un … et cela ne permet pas la possibilité de l’Amour, car l’Amour c’est ce Délice, inhérent à l’Un Divin, se déversant vers quelqu’un d’autre … ce qui ne peut se produire que lorqu’il y a au moins deux êtres !!! D’où justement la Multiplication de Soi de l’Un en ces innombrables autres Sois dont nous faisons tous partie :  tout cela, précisément pour que l’Un en Tout puisse avoir l’expérience du Délice de la Relation, avec toutes les Nuances d’Amour que l’Un peut exprimer.

Ce qui est merveilleux, c’est que toutes ces nuances de l’Amour Divin sont comme un seul arc-en-ciel, où la même Lumière d’Amour se divise/multiplie en toute cette diversité de  nuances d’Elle-même, juste pour le Délice de savourer sa propre délicieuse Diversité. Lorsque nous, esprits habitant temporairement ce monde de Matière, en arrivons au point de faire l’expérience de ces merveilleuses Nuances de l’Amour Dicin, notre Âme découvre que, tout du long, c’est en fait du même Être Unique qu’elle fait l’expérience; et que cette Diversité dans l’Amour ne fait qu’ajouter encore plus de Délice à son propre Délice en tant qu’Âme, passant de plus en plus constamment d’une nuance de cet Amour Délice à une autre délicieuse nuance du même Amour Délice …

Eh oui, nous n’avons pas besoin de mourir ni d’aller en aucun ‘Paradis’ pour faire l’expérience de tels Délices d’Amour Divin. Nous pouvons y goûter ici-même, sur Terre, pendant nos existences incarnées, si seulement nous prenons la peine d’aller chercher assez profond en nous-même pour le trouver, et si nous faisons de cela le But de notre vie.

Dans toutes les religions, et aussi en dehors d’elles, il y a eu des êtres humains qui ont découvert cette Possibilité et ne l’ont pas laissée passer. On les appelle les Mystiques – ou autrement, selon les diverses religions – mais tous ont découvert et goûté ce même merveilleux Secret qu’est l’Amour Divin, ici sur Terre. Beaucoup de ceux qui ont été déclarés officirllement Saints par l’Église Catholique, par exemple, étaient des mystiques.

En Inde, cette Relation d’Amour avec le Divin est appelée ‘Bhakti,’ et ceux qui la recherchent ou la vivent déjà, des ‘bhaktas’.

Le Yoga Intégral mis au point ensemble par Sri Aurobindo et la Mère, pour aider les autres personnes intéressées à une Évolution Consciente, inclut bien sûr le Jnana Yoga et le Karma Yoga (Service du Divin à travers le don de soi et la dédication de toutes les activités) , mais aussi et particulièrement le Bhakti Yoga. Le Yoga Intégral donne même une place tout à fait centrale à ce qui en nous est l’origine de l’Amour pour le Divin : notre Âme individuelle (ou plutôt “Être Psychique”, littéralement l’Être de notre Âme, qui se développe à partir d”elle au long de nos vies successives), au plus profond de nous-même. C’est lui qui est recommandé comme la toute première partie de notre Être à rejoindre et à laisser complètement être notre Guide Intérieur pour toute notre sadhana (processus intérieur de progrès spirituel).

En effet, l’Amour pour le Divin est indispensable aussi pour le Karma Yoga, si l’on veut véritablement servir le Divin et se donner à Lui/Elle : ce n’est pas par un sens de devoir ou d’obligation que l’on peut vraiment faire cela – alors que si on le fait par Amour, cela se fait automatiquement et avec joie, ainsi que nous le savons tous par expérience.

Voilà pourquoi toutes les explications ci-dessus se rapportent au Message pourtant plutôt “Karma-Yoguique” du Darshan d’aujourd’hui (inscrit au début de cet article) et se rapportent aussi en même temps à cet échatillon d’humanité en évolution consciente que je suis, en tant que pratiquante du Yoga Intégral.

Comme dans mon cas personnel l’Être Psychique avait été très actif depuis l’enfance, avec Jésus et la Vierge Marie alors mes formes préférées du Divin (pas d’attraction du tout pour le Père!), sa forte influence en moi n’a été interrompue que par ma crise de questionnement mental en devenant jeune adulte en 1971 … crise qui m’a menée à une Illumination massive à travers la révélation reçue des premières lignes de ‘La Vie Divine’, par Sri Aurobindo. Mais mon Être Psychique n’était toujours pas autorisé par mon Mental à régner à nouveau comme auparavant.

Afin de ré-établir en moi cette Influence si nécessaire, aussitôt que je suis allée vivre à Auroville en 1972, les expériences – à noueau massives – dont la Mère Divine m’a gratifiée fin 1973 se sont ajoutées à l’expérience originelle totalement illuminatrice reçue en 1971 de Sri Aurobindo – lui-même perçu depuis lors comme étant l’expression d’un Père Tout-Connaissant et merveilleusement Inspirant. La puissance combinée de ces deux “méga-expériences” mit enfin et une fois pour toutes en miettes le blocage mental, et me remit dans ma délicieuse Relation avec le Divin – mais maintenant perçu comme mon Divin Parent, Père et Mère à la fois, avec mes bien-aimés Sri Aurobindo et Mère comme sa double incarnation sur Terre afin d’accomplir l’Action Évolutive nécessaire et décisive pour notre époque .

Mais une autre partie de ma nature humaine avait besoin bien sûr aussi de l’Amour de mon Amant Divin, et ce de plus en plus à mesure que les amants humains se révélaient encore et encore bien incapables évidemment d’assouvir ce qui était en fait un intense besoin intérieur de mon Amant Divin …

Mon Âme n’eut pas longtemps à attendre:

À peine en mai 1975, j’ai passé trois jours et trois nuits à chercher ardemment le retour en pleine force d’encore une autre expérience cruciale, quelques semaines auparavant, encore avec la Mère Divine (mais rencontrée cette fois directement dans la Dimension Psychique elle-même, dans ce profond “Monde de l’Âme” décrit par Sri Aurobindo dans “Savitri”).

À  la fin de ces trois jours de solitude délibérée et intense, il m’a été dit intérieurement que je pouvais retourner dans ma chambre au sein de la grande hutte collective, et j’ai obéi. Eh bien, quelle surprise m’attendait!… Qui apparut devant mon regard intérieur le matin suivant, m’enveloppant d’une incroyable mais légèrement malicieuse tendresse?… Les Yeux et le Sourire irrésistiblement charmeurs du Divin à nouveau, certes, mais cette fois en tant que l’Amant Éternel de mon Âme !… Et mon Âme, en un heureux soupir de reconnaissance venue d’une autre vie, murmura doucement le seul Nom qu’elle connaissait alors pour son Bien-Aimé : “Krishna !…”

Mais “Krishna” tel que mon Âme l’a découvert et en a besoin dans cette vie-ci est la forme encore supérieure de cet Aspect de Délice du Divin que Krishna a incarné autrefois sous ce nom-là: c’est le Suprême Délice Divin lui-même, l’Ananda de “Satchitananda”, le coeur même de la Nature Éternelle du Divin. Il faut que ce soit Krishna en tant que Bhagavan en personne, le Tout-Délice révélé, dont les mots, dits à Arjuna, étaient comme un Chant : la Bhagavad-Gîta.

Et pas même seulement cela : cet Ananda Absolu s’est manifesté jusqu’à présent surtout comme un Pouvoir Lunaire, passif en quelque sorte, quelque chose à ressentir intérieurement en méditation ou contemplation, les yeux clos comme le Buddha, et qui vous tirait au-dedans, sans action vers l’extérieur. Mais la sorte d’Ananda dont je sentais le besoin, pour moi-même d’abord, mais aussi pour l’humanité et le monde entier, était un Ananda actif, le Pouvoir Solaire de l’Ananda, finalement se manifestant dans ee monde de Matière souffrante, comme un Pouvoir maintenant envahissant la Matière et la Vie pour les libérer, les guérir, leur donner enfin leur Plénitude par son irrésistible Délice Divin.

Ce Nom que je cherchais si ardemment depuis 1975, il m’a été donné de le découvrir, début 1979, à travers “Le Secret du Véda”, de Sri Aurobindo:

L’un des (très anciens) Hymnes Védiques traduits et commentés par Sri Aurobindo était  addressé à l’Aspect du Divin que les Rishis inspirés qui les ont écrits appelaient “Bhaga”: c’était la forme active du Pouvoir de Délice, qui seule peut compléter le travail des autres Aspects, en défaisant enfin tous les noeuds de la Douleur et des autres résultats de la Fausse Réalité dans laquelle nous avons vécu jusqu’à présent. Bhaga est celui des Quatre Rois Solaires qui vient en dernier: avec son irrésistible Pouvoir de Délice, il est celui qui peut dissiper entièrement le Cauchemar, et rendre à ce monde et à tous les êtres qui y vivent leur vraie, divine Realité – qui est Délice.

C’était de manière évidente le Nom que j’avais tant senti le besoin de trouver, qui donnerait sa Direction précise à ma vie entière et m’aiderait à grandir toujours plus vers ce qu’il signifiait, comme vers une Étoile … Ce Nom a aussi fait de moi aussitôt quelque chose comme la Fiancée de mon bien-aimé Bhagavan, le Suprême en tant que le Tout-Délice … dont le Nom était précisément basé sur ce Nom lui-même, “Bhaga”, le Pouvoir de Délice inhérent à Bhagavan !

Quel Programme!!! Il aurait pu facilement m’écraser sous son énormité. Mais avec l’Aide intérieure constante de mes Parents spirituels chéris, Sri Aurobindo et Mère, l’ Âme-Enfant qui en moi y aspirait a grandi et grandi, en dépit de tous les obstacles intérieurs, difficultés et retours en arrière, vers ce que cette Âme voulait tellement devenir .

Dans le contexte chrétien, il y a ce que l’on appelle le Mariage Mystique de l’Âme avec son Bien-Aimé – dans ce contexte-là Jésus-Christ. Ma propre Âme fraternise totalement  avec ces autres Âmes qui se sont éprises de cet Aspect du Divin que Jésus a incarné. Je sais que mon Âme aussi s’est prise d’Amour autrefois, en d’autre(s) vie(s), pour ce même Aspect, l’Amour Divin, que Jésus a incarné si merveilleusement alors .

Mais dans cette vie-ci, avec l’activation, à partir du 29.02.56 , de la Conscience-Force Supramentale dans la Matière terrestre et corporelle, nous entrons dans une Ère Évolutive nouvelle : ce n’est plus seulement l’Amour Divin mais aussi le Délice Divin à sa Source, qui doit être maintenant manifesté avec tout son conquérant Pouvoir de Transformation, afin que même nos corps physiques puissent avoir leur part de ce Délice Divin qui seul peut vraiment et pour toujours les guérir, en direction des corps transformés que eux aussi, et leurs cellules, aspirent à devenir, afin de manifester toujours mieux le Divin, ici même, sur Terre.

Alors mon Mariage Mystique à moi est cette fois-ci avec cette forme encore plus complète, toute-puissante, du Divin : Bhagavan, le Tout-Délice …  Et ce jour, ce 24 Novembre, chaque année est à mes yeux en quelque sorte notre Anniversaire de Mariage !… Ce qui rend ce Jour de Darshan spécifique encore plus merveilleusement “spécial” pour moi que les autres !…

Voilà le Secret si extrêmement Profond et Doux que je me trouve avoir partagé avec vous en ce jour, à ma totale surprise . Je suppose que c’est parce que cela peut aider d’autres êtres partout, qui eux aussi cherchent anxieusement leur propre Bien-Aimé, l’Aspect  précis du Divin que leur Âme aspire le plus à connaître et à manifester de plus en plus dans leur vie , comme leur Companion Divin en toutes circonstances.

"seat Check Lets Individuals Seated At A Restaurant - Mystic Marriage Of Saint Catherine Of Alexandria #1095972

(Image Credit goes to https://www.clipartmax.com/middle/m2H7K9N4m2d3b1K9_seat-check-lets-individuals-seated-at-a-restaurant-mystic-marriage-of-saint/)

Auroville n’est ni un monastère ni un ashram. Pourtant, comme vous le voyez, les Mariages Mystiques se produisent également ici – car je ne suis très probablement pas le ou la seul(e) Aurovilien(ne) en qui cette sorte  d’états mystiques profonds se produisent,   de plus en plus comme une nouvelle façon de vivre, au milieu de la vie quotidienne avec ses activités apparemment “ordinaires”. Et ce n’est pas fini, beaucoup plus reste à venir ….

Bonjour, Bhagavan et son Monde Nouveau! Je t’en prie, continue d’entrer et de t’installer! Tu es on ne peut plus bienvenu !!!

24.11.2018: The ‘Krishna’ permanent Darshan Day in my life

Card Message distributed at the Ashram for this Darshan Day:

‘Where you are?

In the Mother’s presence here and close to me.

Where you are going?

Towards union with the Divine through dedication and service.

What you are doing here?

Service and self-giving to the Divine.


The rest depends . . . on the simplicity and fullness with which you give yourself and serve.’

Sri Aurobindo

I am always celebrating this specific Darshan Day of Sri Aurobindo with an article  having to do with Sri Krishna, for reasons I explained already in 2011 (when I was starting this Research Blog) in the following article:


But also for myself personally – not just because of its signifcance to Sri Aurobindo, – this November 24 Darshan Day has been felt since long as somehow my own yearly Krishna Day…. which has over the years gradually turned into a kind of permanent Darshan, although I still celebrate it especially on that Day!

In all the diverse forms of Relationship each of us can have with the Divine, Sri Aurobindo explains (in the ‘Synthesis of Yoga’ I remember, probably at the end of what concerns Bhakti Yoga) that the Relationship in itself is always blissful… and yet there are somehow some degrees in that Bliss: from the Bliss of Companionship, Friendship, and such, it seems to culminate with the Bliss of relating to the Divine as the ideal Parent… and there, our Eternal Father’s Love is already very blissful, but our Eternal Mother’s Love is somewhat even sweeter… and yet, even that is surpassed by the Supreme Bliss that is to relate to the Divine as our Divine Lover, the Eternal Lover of our Soul.

There is of course also the Delight of Identity with the Divine (this is more the Goal of the Jnana Yoga, though) – but then in that absolute condition one remains just the One… and that precludes the possibility of Love, as Love is the outpouring of this inherent Divine Delight towards another being… which can happen only when there are at least two beings!!! Hence indeed this Self-Multiplication of the One Being into those numberless other Selves that we are all part of: it is all in order for the One to be able to experience the Delight of Relationship, in all the Nuances of Love it can express of Itself.

The wonderful thing is that all those nuances of Divine Love are like a single Rainbow, where the very same Light of Love divides/multiplies Itself into this whole diversity of nuances of Itself, just for the Delight of tasting its own delightful Self-Diversity. As we, spirits temporarily inhabiting this world of Matter, come at some point to experience each of those wonderful Nuances of Love, our Soul discovers that, all the while, it is in fact the same one and only Divine Being it is experiencing, and that this very Diversity  of Love just adds still more Delight to its own Delight as a Soul, passing more and more constantly from one nuance of this Love Delight to another delightful nuance of It…

Yes, we don’t need to die and go to ‘Paradise’ for experiencing such Delights of Divine Love. It is all available already right here on Earth in our embodied lives, if only we take the trouble to go search deeply enough for it, and make it the Purpose of our life.

In all religions, and outside of them too, there have been human beings who discovered that Possibility and went for it: they are the Mystics, called differently in the various religions, but who all have discovered and enjoyed the very same wonderful Secret of Divine Love, here on Earth. Many of the people declared officially Saints by the Catholic Church, for example, were mystics.

In India, this Love Relationship with the Divine is called ‘Bhakti,’ and those who seek it or are already experiencing it, ‘bhaktas’.

The Integral Yoga of Conscious Evolution devised together by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, in order to help other people interested in Conscious Evolution, includes of course the Jnana Yoga and Karma Yoga (Service of the Divine through one’s dedicated activities) , but also very much the Bhakti Yoga. It gives even a very central place to it, with the origin of Love for the Divine in us, our individual Soul (or rather Psychic Being, literally the Being of our Soul, developing from it along our lifetimes), deep in ourselves), recommended as the very first inner part of ourselves to be reached and made fully active as the Inner Guide of our entire sadhana (process of spiritual progress).

Love for the Divine is actually indispensable for truly serving the Divine and giving oneself to Him-Her: it is not through a sense of duty or obligation that one can really, truly do that – while through Love, it happens automatically and joyfully, as we all know by experience.

This is why all of the above explanations are relevant to the Darshan Message of today, as given at the beginning of this article, and at the same time relevant to the sample of consciously evolving Humanity that I myself am, as a follower of the Integral Yoga:

As in my own case the Psychic Being had been quite active already since childhood, with Jesus and the Virgin Mary then my preferred forms of the Divine (no attraction at all for the stern Father!), its strong influence in me was interrupted only by my mental crisis as a young adult in 1971… which led me to a massive Illumination through the first lines of Sri Aurobindo’s revelatory ‘Life Divine.’ But my Psychic Being was still not authorized by my mind to reign again as before.

To re-establish that needed Influence in me, as soon as I joined Auroville in 1972, the – again massive! – inner experiences gifted to me by the Divine as The Mother in 1973 added to the original stunning experience given to me in I971 by Sri Aurobindo – himself perceived more as the expression of a wonderfully all-knowing and inspiring Divine Father. The combination of those two  mega-experiences shattered at last the mental blockage once and for all, and returned me to my blissful Relationship with the Divine – but now experienced as my Divine Father-Mother, with my cherished Sri Aurobindo and Mother as their embodied forms on Earth.

But another part of my human nature required of course also the Divine Lover’s Love, more and more so as I found out again and again that the human lovers could not possibly fulfill what was actually an intense need for my Divine Lover…

Well, my soul didn’t have to wait for long:

Right in May 1975, I had just passed three days and nights ardently seeking the return in full force of yet another crucial experience a few weeks before with the Divine Mother (but met this time straight in the Psychic Dimension itself, in this deep ‘World-Soul’ described by Sri Aurobindo in ‘Savitri’).

At the end of those three days I had been told inwardly that I could go back to my hut, and had obediently done so. Well, I was in for a mighty surprise: Who is it that appeared in front of my inner eyes the next morning, enveloping me with unbelievable but slightly mischievous tenderness, but the irresistibly charming Eyes and Smile of  the Divne again, yes, but this time as the Eternal Lover of my Soul!… And my Soul, in a happy sigh of inner recognition from another lifetime, softly uttered the only Name it knew then for its Beloved: ‘Krishna!…’

But ‘Krishna’ as my Soul needs Him to be in this lifetime is the even higher form of that Aspect of Delight of the Divine which Krishna embodied under that name: it has to be the Supreme Divine Delight Itself, Ananda as in Satchitananda, the very core of the Divine’s Eternal Nature. It had to be Krishna as Bhagavan Himself, the Blissful One revealed, whose words, told to Arjuna, were like a Song: the Bhagavad-Gîta.

And not even that only: that Absolute Ananda has manifested Itself until now only as a passive, Lunar Power, so to say: something to be experienced inwardly in meditation or contemplation, with eyes closed like the Buddha, and which pulled you inward, had no outward action. But the kind of Ananda I felt the need of, for myself first of all, but also for humanity and the entire world, was an active, Solar Power of Ananda, finally manifesting itself in this suffering world of Matter, as a Power now invading Matter and Life to free them, heal them, fulfill them at last with its irresistible Divine Delight.

That Name I was looking for so ardently for myself since 1975 I was given to discover, in early 1979, through Sri Aurobindo’s ‘Secret of the Veda’:

One of the very ancient, Vedic Hymns translated and commented by Sri Aurobindo was addressed to the Aspect of the Divine that the Rishis called ‘Bhaga’: it was the active Power of Delight that alone can complete the work of the other Aspects, by untying finally all the knots of Pain and other results of the False Reality in which we have been living until now. Bhaga is the one among the Four Sun Kings who comes last; with his irresistible Delight of Being, he is the one who can dispel entirely the Nightmare, and restore this world and every being in it to its true, divine Reality – which is Delight.

That was obviously the Name I had been so eager to find, which would give its precise Direction to my entire life and help me grow more and more towards what it meant, like towards a Star… That name made me also immediately something like the future Bride of my Beloved Bhagavan, the Supreme as the Blissful One… whose Name was precisely based on that very name, ‘Bhaga’,  Bhagavan’s own inherent Power of Delight!

Quite a Program!!!  It could easily have overwhelmed me. But with the constant inner Help from my two cherished Parents, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, the aspiring Child-Soul in me has grown and grown, in spite of all inner obstacles and difficulties and setbacks, towards what it wished so much to become.

In the Christian context, there is something called the Mystical Marriage of the Soul with its Beloved, seen in that context as Jesus-Christ. My own Soul fraternizes fully with those other Souls who fell in Love with the Aspect of the Divine that Jesus embodied. Probably my own Soul has been in Love also before, in other lifetime(s), with that same Aspect, Divine Love, that he embodied then.

But in this lifetime, with the activation, from 29.02.56 on, of the Supramental  Consciousness-Force in terrestrial and cellular Matter by Sri Aurobindo and Mother, we are entering a new Evolutive Era: it is not only Divine Love, but also the Divine Delight at its Source, that must be now manifested in all its conquering, transforming Power, so that our physical bodies too can share in this Divine Delight that alone can truly and permanently heal them, towards the transformed bodies they too aspire to become, in order to manifest the Divine better and better right here on Earth.

So my own Mystical Marriage is with that still more complete, all-powerful form of the Divine: Bhagavan, the Blissful One… And today, November 24th, is every year, in my eyes, somehow our Wedding Anniversary!… Which makes this specific Darshan Day even more wonderfully ‘special’ to me than the others!…

This is the utterly Deep and Sweet Secret that I have found myself sharing with you today, to my own astonishment. I suppose this is because it can be a help to other beings everywhere who anxiously are looking also for their own Beloved, the specific Aspect of the Divine that their Soul aspires most to experience and manifest more and more in their own life, as their constant Divine Companion in all circumstances.

"seat Check Lets Individuals Seated At A Restaurant - Mystic Marriage Of Saint Catherine Of Alexandria #1095972

(Image Credit goes to https://www.clipartmax.com/middle/m2H7K9N4m2d3b1K9_seat-check-lets-individuals-seated-at-a-restaurant-mystic-marriage-of-saint/)

Auroville is no monastery and no ashram. Yet, as you can see, Mystical Marriages do happen also here – for I am most probably not the only Aurovilian in whom this kind of deep mystical states are happening, more and more as a way of life, in the midst of daily life and its apparently ordinary activities. And much more is to come…

Hello, New  World! Please keep coming in and settling down! You are most welcome!!!

Balancing in Ourselves the Masculine and the Feminine that are One

Almost everybody on Earth has by now come to know of the YIN-YANG symbol from the ancient Chinese Wisdom:


It is the symbolic representation of all the polarities our mind is perceiving everywhere – including in our own life, where it is powerfully exemplified to start with by the polarity between the two opposite genders our physical body has to belong to: the Masculine or the Feminine – and in our human experience the Masculine has been having the upper hand over the Feminine for such a long time that it seems pretty much like for ever.

This present situation of course strongly encourages our mind to envisage everything as constituted in the same way of pairs of contraries that, extremely contrasted as they are by the Mind’s tendency to do so, seem bound to oppose each other in an endless struggle to win over the other, hence our impression that this Duality is an absolute and eternal Fact of Life.

But the very symbol of the YIN-YANG polarity shows without any doubt something quite different, if only we really look at it carefully.

Far from an actual Duality, what is shown is a Oneness: the Mystery of Mysteries that is called the Tao – another word for the Divine Reality. In this symbol, even those two universal Principles called the Yin and the Yang never stand each one on their own, in isolation: it is always the YIN and the YANG together, for each of them always contains the other one, even if only in the most minimal proportion. They cannot exist without each other, for it is only in relation to each other that they exist at all. And that relation between the two is never static, it constantly balances itself out in an instability and constant newness that is Life itself: constant change.

What a far cry from this sense of wholeness and balance is our present mental perception of the Polarities as two principles trying to win over each other for absolute supremacy and eternal dominance of the other!… Our society, and within it the education that, from birth on, our families give to all of us, deeply inculcates in each of us the sense of a gender-based identity that will pervade our entire life in all its aspects, if we want to conform to the expectations, first from our parents and then from the other humans beings around us, of a gender-based ‘proper’ behavior. Boys become afraid to show any trait attributed usually to girls, and of course girls, afraid to show any trait supposedly boyish. We all end up living in a gender-based prison, which we accept all the more easily because we have come to believe this all reflects the true reality of our being, and of Reality in general.

We are totally missing the point that the ancient symbol, in its deep Wisdom, was meant to awaken us to.

But things are changing.

The current spiritual awakening that touches more and more people all over the planet in this new evolutive step brings up with it an increasing awareness in many that our present lifetime is not the only one we have experienced. In some of those other lifetimes some of us start even remembering to some extent, we were of the opposite gender, This is only  to be expected, for the spirit in each of us carries in itself both the Masculine and the Feminine principles together, and needs to feel free to express the qualities of both as required by the circumstances, or just its own inner choice.

This is why there is since about fifty years such an increase in the number of human beings who find in themselves a tendency to be gay or lesbian, or to change the sex they were born with, because their inner sense of identity doesn’t accept any more to be restricted to the gender-based rules of behavior and dress imposed on them by their society – often with the heaviness of human laws and cruel punishments added to the original scriptures of their religion.

But Evolution is a divine Law of Growth that no human power can stop, and even the most cruel repression cannot compel for ever people to act against what they truly feel. Part of that irresistible growth is the re-unification in each of us of the Masculine and the Feminine, and the free expression of both kinds of qualities in any proportion each of us may feel appropriate at any given moment. It is already begun, and soon no one but the most archaic consciousnesses will be shocked, for it is a new ‘normality’ that is being created in our midst by the Evolutive Force, which will transform our societies into the places of inner freedom that they must become if they want to survive in Humanity’s truer Future.

Well, I am glad that in my own individual being the very same process of re-unification of the Masculine and the Feminine, already there of course at the soul level, Image 1 symbolized by the Unicorn,

and started since long at the mental level, Image 2

has now taken a major step forward at the emotional and vital level too:

Quite obviously, as represented especially through those two last notebook covers I presented in recent posts, the Feminine Image as well as the Masculine Image 3 were both much too extreme, and so, both inappropriate if allowed to act separately; but through the joining of the two that has spontaneously just happened, the qualities of both together have suddenly begun manifesting themselves in a most satisfactory way since the melding of the two, giving me the needed balance between the two, a living, variable balance that I can modify constantly as the situation requires… or as my own inner sense of divinely inspired Freedom happens to prefer at that moment!…

What a divinely simple Transformative Process that lets no quality ever acquired in our other lifetimes go wasted in this one: if our longing for a certain quality is strong and persistent enough, and if we remain open, trusting that we can change, the transfer and the melding do happen, and changed we are indeed!…





Notre Maman Divine et nous, Ses enfants

Avec mes remerciements à l’ami américain qui l’a cité récemment dans un message à moi adressé, ce passage du poème épique de Sri Aurobindo «Savitri», livre 3, chant 2:

«De l’Inconnu, c’est Elle le cœur lumineux ,
Une puissance de silence dans les profondeurs de Dieu;
Elle est la Force, la Parole inévitable,
L’aimant de notre difficile ascension,
Le Soleil d’où nous allumons tous nos soleils,
La Lumière qui se penche depuis les Vastitudes non encore réalisées,
La joie qui nous fait signe depuis l’impossible,
Le pouvoir de tout ce qui jamais
encore n’est descendu.
Toute la Nature l’appelle à sa manière muette
Pour guérir de Ses pieds la lancinante douleur de la vie
Et briser les sceaux obscurs sur l’âme de l’homme
Et allumer Son feu dans le cœur fermé des choses.

Après une si merveilleuse description d’Elle, qui est notre Mère Divine , comment puis-je oser l’appeler simplement et affectueusement «notre Maman divine»?

Parce qu’Elle est aussi cela, pour ces petits enfants d’Elle ici, que nous sommes tous encore, même si certaines de nos expériences ou aussi réalisations spirituelles peuvent nous donner parfois l’illusion que nous sommes déjà hautement évolués !

Tant que, malgré ces grandes expériences intérieures, nous avons toujours un ego presque «normal» (assez chanceux si ce n’est pas tout à fait un ego spirituel, le pire de tous …! 😀) nous ne sommes que de petits enfants dans Son grand Jardin d’Enfants qu’est la Terre, elle-même devant rester encore à la fois une aire de jeux et un champ de bataille tant que ce sens de la séparation que l’Ego donne, continue toujours dans notre moi extérieur.

Alors, n’étant encore qu’une grande masse d’enfants faisant plein de bêtises ici, dans ces corps humains tels qu’ils sont actuellement, nous avons souvent besoin de Son aide, car tous les enfants ont besoin de l’aide de leur chère Maman, toujours prête à les aider! C’est-à-dire, lorsque leur Maman humaine est une aussi bonne Maman qu’elle doit l’être pour que’dans la gaieté du jeu et en toute sécurité, sans entrave et sans torsion, ils se développent en de bons et heureux adultes humains …

Il y a quelques jours, en visitant la page Facebook d’une amie chère de France pour son anniversaire, j’ai trouvé cette jolie petite vidéo, dont je souhaite partager le lien avec vous ici aujourd’hui, car il décrit très bien comment une bonne, vraiment aimante mère humaine (et aussi, pourquoi pas, un père) se comporte avec ses enfants:



‘9 choses que vous devriez dire chaque jour à vos enfants’:

 Ci-dessous,  voici le texte des 9 légendes correspondantes pour chacun des dessins qui les illustrent:

1 / ‘Je t’aime’ – Dites-le plus souvent possible.

2 / ‘J’adore quand tu …’ – Exprimez votre l’appréciation pour les aspects positifs de leur comportement.

3 / ‘Tu me rends heureux’ – Ils se sentiront appréciés à leur véritable valeur.

4 / ‘Je suis fier de toi’ – Ils doivent savoir qu’ils font un bon travail, même s’il est difficile.

5 / ‘Tu es spécial’ – Aidez-les à comprendre que leur personnalité unique est une force.

6 / ‘Je te fais confiance’ – Cela fera d’eux des adultes honnêtes.

7 / ‘Je crois en toi’ – Cela les aidera à croire en eux-mêmes.

8 / ‘Je sais que tu peux le faire’ – Encouragez-les à ne pas abandonner trop facilement.

9 / ‘Je suis reconnaissante de t’avoir’ – cela ensoleillera leur journée! …

Je pense que nous devrions tous être reconnaissants envers mon amie pour cette vidéo, car ces légendes sont tout à fait importantes à retenir: elles expriment à leur manière non seulement ce qu’un bon parent humain dirait, mais en même temps ce que notre Maman Divine aussi nous dit à nous tous, silencieusement, tout le temps … que nous entendrions bien, si seulement nous apprenions à l’écouter dans cet espace intérieur d’Amour en nous, où elle peut être entendue lorsque nous sommes silencieux, tout comme la caresse calme et douce d’une brise peut se sentir quand tout se tait …

Même si vous ne parvenez pas au début à entendre Sa voix ou à comprendre Ses paroles, vous sentirez toujours le calme, la douceur, et vous ressentirez le bonheur profond que seule la caresse aimante de notre Maman Divine peut donner à l’enfant que chacun de nous est toujours, tout au fond …

Et ne vous inquiétez pas si vous n’êtes peut-être pas un aussi bon enfant d’Elle que vous voudriez l’être: Elle, si personne d’autre, vous connait et vous comprend parfaitement … même mieux que vous ne le faites vous-même, car vous êtes depuis toujours et pour toujours une partie de son Être infini, et cela apporte une intimité, une proximité totale que vous ne croiriez jamais être même possible …,

Donc, faites-Lui confiance entièrement, car vous le pouvez: dans Ses bras de Lumière et de Tendresse, vous êtes toujours en sécurité, même pendant votre Aventure sur Terre dans ce corps humain; car même ici, c’est en réalité dans Ses bras que vous restez secrètement tout le temps …! Vous êtes libre, bien sûr, libre même de L’oublier – mais à vos risques et périls, car c’est votre Aventure, alors vous devez être libre de la vivre selon vos propres termes, tout dépend de vous, même les dangers que dans votre script avant  de naître vous avez prévu que vous vouliez afronter. Et pourtant, juste se rappeler d’Elle, L’appeler, intérieurement ou extérieurement, vous sauvera quand rien d’autre ne le pourrait … si c’est ce que Sa Sagesse aimante considère comme le meilleur moyen de vous aider dans votre effort de croissance … Si jamais votre corps n’est pas sauvé, au moins vous saurez que ce fut de toutes façons le mieux qui pouvait vous arriver, car la mort du corps n’est jamais la fin de notre Être éternel: une autre aventure, une croissance accrue nous attendent encore et encore , chaque fois que nous le voudrons, et ceci, un jour, dans des corps physiques rendus immortels, au cours de notre exploration éternelle de nos possibilités illimitées dans Ses univers sans fin: car Elle est un Être Infini de Sagesse, Pouvoir, Harmonie et Perfection, et nous sommes les enfants de cet Infini.

Our Divine Mamma, and Us, Her Kids

With my thanks to the American friend who quoted it recently in a message to me, this passage from Sri Aurobindo’s epic poem ‘Savitri’, book 3, canto 2 :

‘The luminous heart of the Unknown is she,
A power of silence in the depths of God;
She is the Force, the inevitable Word,
The magnet of our difficult ascent,
The Sun from which we kindle all our suns,
The Light that leans from the unrealised Vasts,
The joy that beckons from the impossible,
The Might of all that never yet came down.
All Nature dumbly calls to her alone
To heal with her feet the aching throb of life
And break the seals on the dim soul of man
And kindle her fire in the closed heart of things.’

After such a wonderful description of She who is our Divine Mother, how dare I call Her simply and affectionately ‘our Divine Mamma’?!?

Because She is that, too, for those little children of Hers here, that we all still are, however greatly evolved some of our spiritual experiences or even realizations may give us sometimes the illusion that we already are…!

As long as, in spite of those great inner experiences, we are still having also an almost ‘normal’ ego (lucky enough if it is not altogether a spiritual ego, the worst kind of them all…!  😀  ) we are but small kids in her great Earth Kindergarten, itself  bound to be still both a Playground and a Battlefield as long as this Sense of Separateness that the Ego gives, still lingers in our outer selves.

So, being as yet just a big bunch of kids fooling around down here in these human bodies as they are at present, we often badly need Her help – as any kids do need the help of their dear, always helpful Mamma! That is, when their human Mamma is as good as they need her to be for them to grow playfully and safely, unhindered and untwisted, into good and happy human ‘adults’…

Just a few days ago, visiting the Facebook Page of a dear friend from France for her birthday, I came across this great little video, the link to which I want to share with you here today, because it describes beautifully how a good, truly loving human mother (and also, why not, a father) behaves with her/his kids:



‘9 Things You Should Say Every Day to Your Kids’:

A little challenge (ha!…) for those among my English-speaking visitors who may enjoy it:

If you like, watch first the short video on YouTube, thanks to the link above, and then only you can if necessary look down below at the translation of the 9 corresponding captions for each of the drawings that illustrate them!  🙂

SPOILER ALERT… Here are the translations:

1/ ‘I love you’ – Say it as often as possible.

2/ ‘I love it when you…’ – Express appreciation for the positive aspects of their behavior.

3/ ‘You make me happy’ –  They will feel appreciated to their true worth.

4/ ‘I am proud of you’ – They need to know that they are doing a good job, even when it is a difficult one.

5/ ‘You are special’ – Help them understand that their unique personality is a strength.

6/ ‘I trust you’ – That will make of them honest adults.

7/ ‘I believe in you’ – That will help them to believe in themselves.

8/ ‘I know you can do it’ – Encourage them not to abandon too easily.

9/ ‘I am grateful for having you’ – that will make their day!…

I think we should all be thankful to my friend for this video, as those captions are all-important to remember: they express in their own way not only what a good human parent would say, but at the same time what our Divine Mamma too is saying to us all, silently, all the time… which we would start hearing all right if only we would learn to listen to Her in that Inner Space of Love inside us, where She can be heard when we are quiet, just like the calm and sweet caress of a breeze can be felt when all falls silent…

Even if you don’t manage at first to hear Her voice or understand Her words to you, still you will feel the calmness, the sweetness, and you will feel the deep happiness that only our Divine Mamma’s loving caress can give to the kid each of us still is, deep within…

And don’t worry if you are perhaps not yet as good a child of Hers as you would like to be: She, if no one else, knows and understands you perfectly… even better than you yourself do, for you have ever been and still are for ever a part of Her own infinite Being, and that brings an intimacy, a total closeness you would never believe is even possible…,

So, trust Her entirely, for you can: in Her arms of Light and Tenderness you are for ever safe, even during your Adventure on Earth in that human body; for even here, it is really in Her arms that you secretly remain all the time…! You are free of course, free even to forget about Her – but at your own risk, for this is your Adventure, so you must be free to live it on your own terms, everything is up to you, even the dangers that in your script before you wanted to face. And yet, just to remember Her, to call Her, inwardly or outwardly, will save you when nothing else could… if this is what Her loving Wisdom sees as the best way for helping you in your endeavor to grow… If ever your body is not saved, at least you will know that it was still the very best that could happen to you, for the death of the body is never the end for our eternal Being: further adventure and further growth await us for ever and ever more, whenever we like, and some day in physical bodies made also immortal, in our eternal exploration of our limitless possibilities in Her endless Universes: for She is an Infinite Being of Wisdom, Power, Harmony and Perfection, and we are the Children of that Infinite.




A True Story, a Difficult but Beautiful One…



Being since childhood the intimate friend of the second daughter in a family close to mine, I have been able to follow through her the inner vicissitudes of her father’s life, with the important repercussions they have had on other members of that family, especially the son, her younger brother. The case of this father and son, and their inner itineraries, seems to me so interesting – and indeed so moving – that I wish to present it here today:

As my friend and her elder sister – at that time the only two children of the radiant young couple their parents formed – had originally known him,  their father was very kind, indulgent and tender with them, even enjoying making them laugh as often as possible. He was happy then, at the dawn of a promising career he truly loved, in this French West Africa (the old A.O.F.) that no one suspected was living its last decades. He was gloriously graduating from “Colo”, as it was familiarly called, one of the renowned French ‘Grandes Ecoles’: the famous “Colonial School” where the future “Administrators of Overseas France” were receiving the more than encyclopedic knowledge that they would need for all those most varied and unexpected situations they could possibly have to face once in the heart of Africa.
Throughout her childhood in Africa then, the only occasion when my friend had seen her father really angry was when she inadvertently put him in an embarrassing situation while he was in the exercise of his duties, having presided over the Distribution of the Prizes at the end of the school year, and preparing to be taken back to their home:
The official car was waiting (with him in it …) for his two little girls (including my friend…) to have joined him as soon as they finished singing the last song with the rest of the Choir. Her elder sister, as she was older, had recalled the instructions to rally the car without delay, but she, being too young still, had forgotten … As she, smiling, suspecting nothing, finally came to the car, her father had already at long last sent away the brass band gathered as usual to salute his official comings and goings, and had ordered that the soldiers also quit standing to attention. What a public humiliation for him that he had made everyone wait for him by the fault of such an unconscious and irresponsible
little girl! …  My friend, making herself very small in one of the corners of the car, had seen him mute with fury in the other corner, and he had remained that way throughout the journey. Even when back home, he had not quieted down and not loosened his teeth for the rest of the day, not even talking to his wife – and my friend, despite her young age, realizing for the first time the important role of her father, had also realized with amazement and a certain fear that this silence was the only way he had found to prevent his intense anger from exploding in a way he would later regret .

Years later, my friend remembered this incident, she said to me, when this obstinate silence became her father’s permanent and desperate attitude to keep as much as possible under control the helpless rage which had been in him since the so sad results of Decolonization in ex-French Africa:

He had somehow accepted the interruption of his own career in full swing, plus the grief of separation from all those peoples he loved and who loved him so much that they had implored the officials, but in vain, that he would be allowed to stay; he had done his best also to shrink to the size of “the Métropole”, this France which now could only offer him work within its own borders, and of a bureaucratic kind, honorific certainly, and well paid, but that he had ended up rejecting, because his heart was not in that kind of work, and he preferred to be content with an early retirement – half a retirement pension only, therefore, for the life of the entire family – rather than continue this bureaucratic farce, for him unbearable after the free and vast life he had known, and had originally chosen.

What had completely annihilated him, however, was not so much his personal misfortune as the much bigger one he could see unfolding abroad: all those countries he had cherished and helped as well as he could before, falling one after the other into chaos after their Independence, the small tribal chiefs resuming their reciprocal wars and ruining everything in their way. As this disaster became more widespread, my friend saw her unfortunate father helplessly watch the destruction of all that his life had contributed with so much love to build, his poor life now having itself become useless and meaningless, in a world that also seemed more and more meaningless.
After several years like that, he had taken refuge like a recluse in his own apartment, the apartment he had at least been able to buy, providentially, on his return from Africa, for himself and his family, in a beautiful part of the Parisian far suburbs. Instead of looking for the company of the other ex-administrators who had also come there, he came out only for the groceries needed by his wife, and for the Sunday Mass, which was always dear to his heart, for he had always been very pious and found some comfort in his faith, still intact despite all these trials.

But the misfortunes that had befallen him were not yet over: another element in his life which had hitherto been another source of comfort and even hope – that long-awaited son, born at last just a few years before the final departure from Africa – suddenly became for him, as that son was growing up, the very opposite of comfort and hope ….
As long as he was little, this beloved son had of course corresponded to the gift of heaven that his father saw in him; but becoming more and more himself with his own qualities and defects, he corresponded less and less to the expectations that his father had of him as of the son who was going to “continue the lineage” (Khalil Gibran and his famous “Your children are not your children, etc…” were not yet known !…) and to make his parents proud in the same way that he himself, his father, had made his own parents proud…
The son became, little by little, without realizing it, the living negation of all that his father had expected – and the father, very disappointed, suffering terribly from this very unpleasant but increasingly obvious fact, about which again he could do nothing, felt his love for his son being put to a severe test.
Though gifted for a lot of things, the son, when becoming a teenager, did not make the choices his father would have made in his place, and his father, in spite of himself, was increasingly angry with him for being so different from himself psychologically, and on the contrary, in some respects, so similar to some other adults whom he had never appreciated much.

The relationship between the father and the son inexorably deteriorated, despite all the efforts of the father to remain a father worthy of the name, that is to say, full of love, just as he had been before for his daughters .
 And, added my friend, she and her elder sister, now grown-up, were no longer there to  act as buffers and try to remedy the situation. Her father had always had great respect and appreciation especially for her, to the point of keeping quiet when more than once she had reprimanded him indignantly after he had occasionally poured out his murderous mood upon his wife or some other person present: harsh and hurtful words had become his specialty as soon as some visit forced him to leave this solitude in his closed room and this silence… that he was imposing to himself, precisely, to try to prevent those overflows! …
But the first daughter had married; as for my friend herself, the younger daughter, she had had to go to another region of France for her first post as a young High School Teacher, and that, before this antagonism from the father towards the son (still small then) had become manifest; so that she knew nothing of what had followed her departure. it was only during a visit by her whole family in the town where she taught that, during the meal at the restaurant offered by her father with all his best intentions, he lost control over his words to his son, and my friend was a direct witness to the odious manner in which her father ridiculed and humiliated the poor adolescent as if by pleasure, even in that public place and in front of her. Outraged, she jumped up and threatened to leave the table and the restaurant if her father did not immediately stop this detestable behavior.
The father, ashamed, returning to himself thanks to his daughter’s indignant outburst,  behaved normally throughout the rest of the meal, but when they finally left her to return to Paris, her heart was heavy and she did not know any more what to do:
She could exactly understand, alas, how her father, in his own endless suffering, always  repressed for so many years, and then redoubled by his son, so disappointing for him, whose mere presence was a constant and
ill-restrained irritation (Elizabeth Kübler-Ross was not yet famous, it was not known that banging hard on old directories or thick pillows is a great way to void all the accumulated suffering that might otherwise spill out as violence in one form or the other). And yet my friend could neither excuse the conduct of her father nor leave her unfortunate young brother in such a deplorable situation.
But in fact what could she do, when she herself had no right to legally claim the child’s custody, and she felt barely able to truly educate herself, she who was so intensely  searching for the meaning and purpose of life, beyond the spontaneous and sincere but still too limited faith of her own youth?
She had rejected the golden cage of an “ideal” marriage already planned, that would have prevented her from remaining herself; she had no home, no real family to offer to her brother in this young age where he still needed that …
It had been a very painful heartbreak for her, my friend
confided to me, thus having to choose, so young still herself, between trying to rescue her younger brother, or continuing to explore alone her own life, able as she was to start discerning in it a course and a direction totally off the beaten track –  a direction deeply fascinating and appropriate for herself, certainly, but very likely not right at all for her brother, who already had become for her, in just those few years of separation, almost a stranger…
Finally, she decided not to intervene in her family, even temporarily during her holidays, for all the reasons already expressed, but also because of her various idealistic political commitments in the region of her High School: because they demanded she constantly be physically present on many fronts where peaceful but crucial demonstrations also needed her, so that human societies became, precisely, less absurd and less painful…

Meanwhile her brother ended up being able to lead his own life as he saw fit, living from his majority on away from his family and his father’s opposition, partly thanks to the discreet  (or even secret?) financial help of his mother. My friend, his second big sister, never came to know exactly how all these difficult years went for him, but afterwards she had the opportunity through her work to visit her parents, now elderly, and alone. She was able to see that their father, himself freed at last from his own internal conflicts, no doubt at the price of intense and humble prayers, had succeeded in becoming once again the smiling father of the past, now full even of remarkable compassion for others, where previously sarcastic words would have escaped him, during the time of his descent into hell; and my friend had greatly rejoiced at this inner cure which she had  not dared to hope for. But no one ever mentioned her brother, so she did not do it either, not wanting to risk reawakening painful memories for her parents too.
Later still, the Divine Grace caused her one evening to be there, arriving at their home unexpectedly, just at the moment when their father, already ill for a year, was taken to the hospital.
The next day, while he was preparing to die in his hospital room, my friend noticed that
despite the presence of several other relatives who had come in haste, he was paying particular attention rather to what he seemed to already perceive of what we call the Beyond: his eyes looking up, towards the ceiling, he was smiling with such happiness that he radiated inner beauty. The simple vision of his face in this beatific state filled my friend with the same ineffable happiness, emanating from these spiritual dimensions of total Reality which she had herself discovered by learning to direct her consciousness inward, into the calm and silence of the depths of her being. Visibly, she said to herself with tears of joy in her eyes, her father, if he died, would die at peace with himself, whether or not he had succeeded in making peace with his son too; and that would be right, because he had truly done the best he could, despite the difficult challenges he had put on his program for this lifetime now close to its end…
As the next day her father seemed to be getting better, my friend took the time to visit, in another town, a place she had seen in a trance as the place where, in another of her human incarnations, she had taken a very bad decision, whose influence beyond time weighed like a heavy ball and chain on her life this time around. Arriving on the spot, she recognized the place in its smallest physical details, although she had never gone there before in this life. Throughout the visit she also felt her father’s presence with her – which suddenly made her understand the unconscious karmic bond that had brought them together in this life, and that, she felt, was now finally resolved.
When she returned to her mother, her mother told her that her father had finally died that very afternoon… “Exactly at the time when his presence came to accompany my visit there!”, m
y friend said to herself with gratitude, and the emotion of seeing her previous inner perception confirmed by the facts.

For the funeral, the whole family was there – except her brother. Although informed of course, he had decided not to come. Still too much suffering in him, and resentment…? Some were shocked, but my friend openly took the side of her brother, because having even a faint idea of ​​what their father had made him suffer before, she was not at all sure that, had she been in the place of her brother, she herself would have been able to forgive, and to come. Moreover, he had practically never known his father except in this terrible state, for his earlier, happier memories were too far away for him to remember them so that they could counterbalance the harsh reality that had followed. And he had no way either of knowing the “mitigating circumstances” that would have enabled him to understand how, through too much suffering piled up inside himself, his unfortunate father could have come to such a terrible behavior…
A few years later the brother’s and sister’s paths finally crossed again, she was pleased to see that her brother had succeeded in preserving his own integrity and had not totally hardened since the long ordeal in his young years.
However, their rare encounters were never alone with each other; so much so that they were never able to speak with each other about what each of them had experienced in the years after their separation, which had counted for him or her.

But here are some latest news of importance:
My friend, last year, a few days before her brother’s birthday (which is this time of the year), had the great surprise of suddenly feeling their father’s presence again, she said, where she lives.

Without words spoken, just by telepathy, he made her understand that he was asking her to help for his reconciliation with his son. The suffering of this painful past had lasted long enough, it was time to finally let it dissolve in forgiveness.
For that anniversary of her brother, my friend has not had the courage, she confessed to me, to speak to her brother, neither of this visit nor of the prayer expressed by the consciousness of their father. And over the following year, taken by her usual responsibilities, she more or less forgot about both visit and request.
But this year, just a few days ago, the consciousness of their father had contacted her again – earlier, so that she would have enough time to explain everything to her brother before his birthday (the day on which the soul of each individual is more open to true Love and its Light). He said that forgiveness would be beneficial not only for his own being as the ex-father but also for the inner being of his son: he had to free himself, cleanse himself, alleviate himself from all that past. Bitterness was one of the causes contributing to his aging earlier and faster than he would have without this weight of the past – and my friend had the very clear impression that there again, just as between this same father and herself, between these two beings too there had been in fact an agreement before their births, that in this lifetime they would come together in order to try and learn to forgive – including to forgive oneself one’s own mistakes and failures, often programmed actually on purpose: their future father had agreed to be for a time the apparent “villain” whose ill-treatment of his future son would be in truth meant to try and help his future son achieve inwardly what the son himself wanted for this life: to develop as much as he could the capacity of true Love, and thus of true Forgiveness – without which no one can really regain one”s original divine nature…

I think my friend has finally found an indirect way of telling all this to her brother, whose birthday is fast approaching … Will she succeed in touching him, convincing him? Perhaps he has already forgiven to a certain extent, and he needs only to perfect the inner peace which this almost complete forgiveness has already begun to bring to him? He is the only one to know, and to be able to decide what remains for him to do for this posthumous reconciliation with the consciousness of his father.
Like my friend, however, I have also come to wish with all my heart, and even to pray, that indeed the time may have come, that (even with the help of the Divine Grace if he feels he needs it and he calls for it) this so beneficial
progress may finally be fully realized in him … and that his birthday may all the more be profoundly happy!


This is the true story that I wanted to tell you, because we will all be able to find in it something of our own unconscious and secret inner goals, that explain so much of our external history as Voluntary Players in this Great Game of Evolution, on this Earth or some other one …

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