The Future of Humanity as seen in Reinee Pasarow’s NDE

The Mother, when still known as Mirra Alfassa, met and had a deep friendship with Baha Ullah, the Founder of the Baha’i faith mentioned in the first and last part of the extract given down below from Reinee Pasarow’s remarkable NDE in 1966, when she was sixteen years old.

Mirra agreed fully with the principles of that faith, and Baha Ullah who had her in high respect would have liked her to lead the new organization, but she knew inwardly that her true mission was not to help create any new religion, however truthful, but more importantly to work for an altogether New Step of Evolution upon Earth, the only way to really change the situation. And this, she knew she would have to do together with an unknown great being she had already met in the subtle dimensions (and later found to be Sri Aurobindo, when she at last met him physically for the first time in Pondichéry on March 29th, 1914). So she kindly declined the offer from Baha Ullah, but during the rest of her life at the head of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram she did speak to the disciples several times with praise of the Baha’i faith, as one aiming in the right direction: Human Unity.

Besides the beautiful Baha’i building seen during her NDE by Reinee even before it was built on Mount Carmel in Israel, there is another one, magnificent too, shaped like a huge lotus, in New Delhi, India. After the terrible persecutions that the followers of the Baha’i faith were at first the victims of, such well accepted and honored places give hope that the future will indeed be better for them, as seen during the NDE in the following extract from it:

Extract from

Earth changes. After her life review, Reinee wondered about the destiny of the human race; and with that thought, she was shown the evolution and history of humanity as well as its probable future.

She felt the brutish and self-centered level of existence of the Neanderthals, to the conniving politicality of the Romans who thought they were all powerful, and the great surge of hope surrounding the scientific revolution of the Renaissance. She saw that humanity is now on the precipice of the greatest choice and greatest step of our development and evolution that has ever occurred in human history. Every individual must make the choice to establish unity, peace and harmony.

Reinee was also shown catastrophic Earth changes which were the result of human conflict on this planet suggesting the Earth and everything in it is a single giant organism. She described these Earth changes as follows:

“Simultaneously with this wonderful process there was great chaos and destruction going on in the world. There was a great breakdown in all of our institutions and systems: governmental, educational, religious, intellectual and scientific. The breakdown was such that society was reduced to bands of people acting like wolves who were filled with hatred, selfishness and darkness.”

Reinee also saw there was a small group of people who were identified as “The Just” who were striving to bring about a new civilization and a new creation of peace and bring about the great spiritual development humanity needs at this time. These people were not powerful or wealthy and were not involved in tremendous institutions. They were young and struggling. And in the process of their struggling, they were trying to bring about this spiritual development and a new civilization during the time of these Earth changes:

“There was a great sense of polarization of the people along racial and religious lines. It came to the point where every religion was fighting every other religion except for the religion of ‘The Just.'”

Theodor HerzlReinee was also shown “the seat” of the “Universal House of Justice” which had not yet been built. She saw this building exactly as it was built later and was shown its location. She saw this magnificent building in a land she recognized as “old yet new” on the coast of the Mediterranean sea. Reinee later discovered a distinguished Jewish author named Theodor Herzl who in 1902 wrote a novel about Israel called “The Old New Land.” In the 1980’s, Reinee travelled there and saw the building on the Mediterranean coast built on Mount Carmel, in Israel, on the Mediterranean coast exactly as she saw in her vision. The white marble building in Israel on Mount Carmel. it is called “The Universal House of Justice.” According to Reinee, The Just are receiving teachings and guidance there that is the hope for humanity.

Reinee explains why these Earth changes will take place:

“The vision of the future I received during my near death experience was one of tremendous upheaval in the world as a result of our general ignorance of ‘true’ reality. I was informed that humanity was breaking the laws of the universe, and as a result of this would suffer. This suffering was not due to the vengeance of an indignant God, but rather like the pain one might suffer as a result of arrogantly defying the law of gravity. It was to be an inevitable educational cleansing of the Earth that would creep up upon its inhabitants, who would try to hide blindly in the institutions of law, science, and religion. Humanity, I was told, was being consumed by the cancers of arrogance, materialism, racism, chauvinism, and separatist thinking. I saw sense turning to nonsense, and calamity, in the end, turning to providence.”

Reinee saw that these Earth changes would ultimately lead to the establishment of God’s Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. She states:

“At the end of this general period of transition, humanity was to be ‘born anew,’ with a new sense of his place in the universe. The birth process, however, as in all the kingdoms, was exquisitely painful. Humanity would emerge humbled yet educated, peaceful, and, at last, unified.”

Since her NDE, Reinee has never been the same again. The events she participated in there and the things she saw and sensed have all been reported by other NDErs — something she did not know at the time and would learn only in her adult reading.

“Every particle of my being had been shaken. Every belief, every value and every goal had to be re-evaluated after my luminous journey. The near-death experience was for me a great liberation – a rebirth – and its effects still can be felt in my daily life. Most of all, as a result of the experience, never again could I fear death. Never again could I look upon life as being anything less than a divine gift that transcends the limits of this physical realm.”

The Seat of the Universal House of Justice. After her NDE, Reinee insisted that her mother allow her to become a Bahá’í. Up until this time, her mother (a Christian) forbid her to be a Bahá’í. Reinee’s request to become a Bahá’í met her mother’s approval. Later, Reinee’s mother also became a Bahá’í.

According to Reinee, the identity of “The Just” were those of the Bahá’í faith. “Bahá’í” means “follower of Baha”, “follower of the light,” “follower of the glory of justice.” Bahabula taught frequently of justice.

Reinee says the purpose of the Bahá’í revelation is to establish unity. Every manifestation from God comes for a purpose to fulfill and teach humanity for spiritual development. The essence of all revelations from God to humanity is love. The theme of the Bahá’í revelation is justice. The Just were working towards the unity of mankind instead of focusing on the divisions like many countries and religions do. She described seeing groups of individuals that she “knew as well as her own parents” who were living and working in other non-physical worlds.

The Law is LoveLove is GodThe Bahá’ís’ view of life after death corresponds with NDE testimonies. This world is really a transitory phase – like a period of gestation. The challenge for us is to make spiritual choices in a physical life. Death is really a messenger of joy for human beings to enter into the light. Love is the secret of God’s holy dispensation, the manifestation of the “All Merciful”, the fountain of all spiritual outpourings. Love is heaven’s kindly light. The Holy Spirit’s eternal breath vivifies the human soul. Love is the cause of God’s revelation to man – the vital bond inherent in accordance with the divine creation in the reality of things. Love is the one means that ensures true felicity (i.e., intense happiness) both in this world and in the next. Love is the light that guides in the darkness. Love is the living link that unites God with man to ensure the progress of every illuminated soul. Love is the most great law that rules mighty in heaven – the unique power that binds together the diverse elements of this material world – the supreme magnetic force that directed the movements of the spheres in the celestial realms. Love reveals with unfailing and limitless power the mysteries latent in the universe. Love is the spirit of life unto the adoring spirit of mankind – the establisher of true civilization in the mortal world and the shedder of imperishable glory upon every high aiming race and nation.

In Honor of Wayne Dyer, by NDEr Anita Moorjani

I, Bhaga, want to share with you all the article I received yesterday as the Newsletter from this wonderful NDEr called Anita Moorjani – and there is even more than the article, as you will see in the end:

Celebrating Wayne
Dear Bhaga,

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year to the day since our dear friend and teacher Wayne Dyer crossed over into the other side. I have dedicated my upcoming book, “What if This is Heaven?” to Wayne, and today, I’d like to share with you the Afterword from the book:

Just as I was completing the final chapters of this book, I received the shocking news that my dear friend Dr. Wayne Dyer had passed away.

Shortly before this news arrived, a few close friends had come over to have lunch with Danny and me at our new home in California. When my friend Jennifer McLean arrived, she was bearing a huge bouquet of orange roses.

“What’s with the orange?” she asked as she handed me the armful of flowers.

“What do you mean?” I responded with a curious smile as I happily accepted her gift, admiring the striking color and reveling in the sweet scent. They were absolutely stunning.

“While I was in the flower store, I was reaching for the red roses for you,” Jennifer explained, “but I kept hearing this voice in my head saying, ‘Get the orange ones. Get the orange ones!’ You obviously have a friend on the other side who really wanted you to have the orange roses!”

“Well, orange is my favorite color,” I said. “But I can’t think of who from the other realm would have told you that.” For a few moments, I worried that someone close to me might have passed away without me knowing and was trying to send me a message. But I soon got busy with the final preparations for lunch and forgot about my apprehension.

Shortly after, while we were sitting down to eat, my cell phone rang. When I looked at the caller ID, I saw that it was Maya Labos, who had been Wayne’s personal manager and right hand for the last 38 years. Because she travels with him on every trip, Maya and I have gotten extremely close since I’d been sharing the stage with Wayne for the past few years.

“Maya! What’s up?” I asked cheerfully as I answered the call.

“It’s Wayne,” came the tearful voice, and I already knew what was coming next. “He died in his sleep this morning. He’s gone.”

With those words, my heart sank to the pit of my stomach. I just couldn’t believe it was true. Wayne Dyer could not possibly be dead! I had just finished a speaking tour of Australia with him the week before, and he’d seemed positively pulsing with life—as always!

Then I remembered my earlier hunch that someone had crossed over, and I realized my premonition had been true after all. Wayne had known that orange was my favorite color. He often teased me backstage about my penchant for orange (my wallet, my phone case, and my purse are all orange). And he too had a thing for oranges—the fruit, that is. He always carried an orange onstage as a prop when explaining one of his famous analogies. Wayne was rarely, if ever, onstage without an orange, and he’d often toss it into the audience when he finished making his point.

In fact, his teaching about the orange was the last post made on his Facebook page before he died: “When you squeeze an orange, you’ll always get orange juice to come out. What comes out is what’s inside. The same logic applies to you: When someone squeezes you, puts pressure on you, or says something unflattering or critical, and out of you comes anger, hatred, bitterness, tension, depression, or anxiety, that is what’s inside. If love and joy are what you want to give and receive, change your life by changing what’s inside.”

I knew that giving the message to my friend Jennifer to get the orange roses was Wayne’s way of saying that he’s fine. And although I knew, probably better than most, that

Wayne was having a grand time where he was now—laughing and dancing in pure joy, bathed in the overwhelming feelings of unconditional love, free from pain, free from expectations, free to expand and transcend—I was still stunned and saddened.

Wayne had been my teacher, my mentor, and one of my biggest cheerleaders in the journey that he had invited me to begin as an author and a speaker. If he hadn’t discovered my story on the Internet and then told Hay House to track me down and invite me to write a book about my experience, I would not be a published author today, traveling the world, sharing my insights onstage, and seeing my life being made into a Hollywood movie!

While on tour at Hay House events, Wayne and I had often talked about the afterlife and the expansion that takes place once we leave the physical body. Now, I couldn’t help but smile as I imagined him experiencing this for himself firsthand.

Wayne is, and always was, a passionate teacher. That’s what he was put on this earth to do—to teach. And I doubt that shedding his body has stopped him. If anything, he’s even more passionate because now he can reach more people, all at once! He’s probably teaching in a far greater and grander way than he had ever hoped to accomplish while in the physical realm! Instead of being gone for good, he is now more accessible to the millions of people who love him, and he’s probably having a blast showing up in different creative ways for all the people he’s touched in some manner. Now that he is no longer restricted by the physical, Wayne is here, there, and everywhere!

One day, we will all transcend this physical plane into the infinite realm of the afterlife, and while many fear what lies beyond, crossing over is actually the easy part. Let me assure you that there is nothing to fear beyond the veil. Our true challenge is in trying to live a life of expansion, liberation, love, and joy here on the physical plane.

So my biggest message (inspired by both my NDE and the life and teachings of my dear friend) is to live your life as an exercise in creativity, as if every discovery, every artistic exploration, matters in the cosmic tapestry of life—because it does. Follow your heart as you exuberantly combine the riot of colors the universe lays before you to make your life into your own masterpiece. You may be surprised by your creation. As when we listen to or play beautiful music, our goal is not to get to the end of the piece. The point is to enjoy the melodious, joyous journey the music takes us on, including the very first note and every single one that comes after it. And as Wayne always said, “Don’t die with your music still in you!”

So don’t be afraid of not doing it right or of not being good enough. Such fear is totally unfounded. Life is not about getting it right, figuring out the answers to the really big questions (or even the small questions, for that matter), reading all the right books, taking all the right courses, or studying with the masters. Nor is it about whether you’ve had deep spiritual experiences, achieved altered states of consciousness, or become a spiritual guru to multitudes. It’s not even about whether you’ve been dead and come back to life to share your experiences—trust me!

The only thing that matters is that you allow yourself to be all of who you are! It’s that simple! Just be yourself—your true self! Be the love that you are. Shine your light as brightly as you can. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to enjoy the ride and have fun—lots of fun!

Wayne is now perfectly cognizant of the artistry of his life and of all the millions of people who have been touched with the brush of his mastery. Thank you, my friend, for coming into our lives and for sharing your beauty, wisdom, and humor with us as we make this journey together—and thank you for the orange roses.


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We Love you Wayne.
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Missing our Momma

Let’s not try to hide it. As Sri Aurobindo himself made it quite clear from the start of his text quoted in my previous post, Life on the Earth Plane isn’t an easy task, and to the Truth-Seeker it can turn out to be quite a Battle. Even the best of us may sometimes – or often – get doubtful, discouraged, exhausted. Even Dannion Brinkley in his first book, ‘Saved by the LIght’, towards the end, when he is told he is going to need again one more  operation for again surviving one more time , even Dannion, this towering tough fellow who has already gone victoriously through so much, finally finds it too much, and wants to call it quits. To Dr Raymond Moody, urgently called to the hospital, at that time still a friend he thought he could count on for ever, Dannion replies the truest, most touching simple words I know of to describe what life here actually feels like:

“It’s just like when you are forced to go to summer camp. You hate everybody and you miss your Momma…”

I had to laugh, although simultaneously I teared up briefly at the inner recognition of what he described. What a riot, this Dannion, as one of my friends says of him! He still found a funny way to express those kid-like feelings hidden in the secret depths of the outwardly bravest of us. Granted, Dannion is actually a Crab, a Cancerian by birth, with all the inner tenderness that this Solar Sign means under its outer hard shell, and the special need – even in the adult – to keep close to his or her Momma, the living symbol of Home and Family. Raymond, a few years older but born under the very same Birth Sign, must have understood perfectly what his friend meant, and so do I, having myself my Moon in Cancer as well… While reading this, all my visitors with a strong Cancerian influence in their own Chart know exactly what I am talking about too…

Alas, the boisterous and hilarious aspect also present in Dannion, caused by the super Jupiter ruling everything else from on high in his birth Chart, giving him also those loud characteristics of a Sagittarius, couldn’t go well for long with the rest of the nature in Raymond: the latter not only lacked this Jupiter/Sagittarius fun and vastness, but had instead the Scorpio’s unforgiving intransigence and tendency to see dark motivations in other people’s actions.

This must be what caused Raymond to later on repudiate their friendship and accuse Dannion of having invented or exaggerated portions of his NDE, which then in his eyes was no longer valid. Raymond went so far as publicly dismissing Dannion as a mere “entertainer”, I recently discovered with astonishment. But he was using the same derogative appellation, in the same breath, also about another NDEr I have a lot of respect for, Betty Eady of ‘Embraced by the Light’ fame, even ridiculing her for wearing a Native Indian dress…  when she is of quite authentic Sioux parentage, and only claiming it finally, thanks to her NDE, but obviously Moody had no idea of that!!! This particularly stupid remark of his reveals only the appalling hollowness of his own comments on those two persons he has not really taken the trouble to know in any depth.

At least for Dannion, such a blow below the belt must have been quite hard to take, coming from a supposed close friend of many years who had even prefaced his book in 1995, written twenty years after his first NDE; in that preface Raymond had validated already  Dannion’s new ESP gift of mind-reading, and also some of the predictions for the Earth’s future, given to him during his NDE as warnings to humanity at large that it had urgently to change its ways if it wanted to avoid such a future. And still Dannion, in the video interviews when he is challenged to answer Raymond’s accusations, keeps his cool and inner peace, and does re-establish the facts that show his innocence and truthfulness, but without covering Raymond’s in mud nevertheless. As Dannion himself says, the way he has become able to take peacefully all this in his stride, when before his NDE he was one to always give a blow back with a vengeance, is the very proof of his NDE: it is what changed him so completely.

To my eye as an astrologer (not of any Fate Astrology but of our very diverse human personalities), the Jupiter all alone at the top of Dannion’s Chart looks exactly like the Roman god of that name or his Greek origin, Zeus, the one sending thunder and lightning from the top of Mt Olympus… and in the case of poor Dannion, this Jupiter did strike him with lightning, quite literally, and on two different occasions!…: Only,  it was as the saving action from the Divine Grace represented by this Pisces Sign in which Jupiter is in Dannion’s Chart!!! And it is that Divine Compassion from this Pisces Sign that the lightning has activated in him to such an extent that nowadays it is only benevolence and compassion he can feel when in a position of power where he could on the contrary strike those who attack him…

Why am I bringing Astrology into this post directly inspired by Dannion’s candid admission of his Inner Child’s utter distress while going through terrestrial Life?

Because part of the problem here is that each of us gets usually so much trouble from our fellow human beings, especially when they have strong judgemental tendencies given by the Scorpio Sign, the 2nd Water Sign, locked in its own deep and negative emotions, that no sense of the Divine Grace come yet to alleviate and dissolve.

Both Raymond and Dannion have their Sun in the 1st Water Sign, Cancer the Crab, with emotions still very child-like and open to the tenderness of sweetness of Life, at least on the scale of family life.

But where Raymond stops later at the 2nd Water Sign, Scorpio, whose negative feelings are useful only in that they may push a human being to ask questions about the meaning and purpose of Life, Dannion somehow skips that phase and is pulled up by this magnificent and cheerful Jupiter, all the way up straight to the 3rd and last Water Sign, where the hard and painful questions of the Scorpio are answered and healed: the Pisces Sign which is also the last in the whole Zodiac, giving us full access again to the Ocean of Divine Love where we truly belong when we are not at work to change things in this dimension. This is Unconditional Love ever ready to forgive  our errors and heal us with its Saving Grace. It is the vastest of all the Twelve Signs, and the only one which can understand all the others because of its capacity of total Empathy. The Divine Love accessed through this Sign is actually that of our Divine Mother, for God is also that, yes,   the Divine Momma we actually miss the most: it is the Higher Octave of the tenderness and motherly love that our physical mother probably tried her best to give us, in spite of her own hurts and other human limitations which may have made her fail utterly.

But short of that potentially so beneficial influence of the Pisces Sign (although, like all the Signs, it also can be detrimental: if one doesn’t manage to find the Divine inwardly, and then replaces That by alcohol or drugs just to escape from this too hard terrestrial life, experienced as a prison), Astrology can at least help people to understand each other better, instead of each one judging the others through the filter of one’s own personality, spontaneously perceived as the only true way of being…!

It seems to me such a pity that someone as valuable as Raymond Moody has turned his back on Dannion Brinkley and Betty Eady, simply because of misinterpretations of their own different personalities. Also, both Dannion and Betty, like a number of other NDERs, have received during their NDE the specific mission to make it known and spread the information it contains, important for all humankind at this point in its Evolution, so it is only normal that their best to fulfill that mission, each one in their own way, which always, to someone else, may seem inappropriate…

I really wish researchers like Raymond Moody who are by inclination and formation more on the intellectual side of things, and have NOT themselves had an NDE, would try not to limit and judge the stories told by the Experiencers according to their own mental criteria and categories, which do not actually exist in the true Reality. In that Realm just like here, Unity is realized through Diversity, and not uniformity as our mind would make us believe.

The situation in this field of research is only symptomatic of the situation everywhere in all human endeavors.

Instead of criticizing and dividing, let’s all help each other in our growth towards our recovered Divine Nature we all miss not only our Momma, but also some true friends!

If this post can bring about among us all any progress towards this future collective  Victory of Love, with its Joy of Reunion, this blog of mine will not have existed in vain.

Now I am very curious to read the third book by Dannion, after his third NDE. titled ‘Secrets of the Light’ and written this time with his wife Kathryn. I am getting very good reviews of it from a friend who was quite simply transformed by it, and the following interview (done at the time of the publication of their latest book, ‘Ten Things to Know Before You Go’) is indeed wonderfully intriguing:

Thank you so much for all this, dear NostraDannion!…

Scary Predictions Are Only Warnings: Edgar Cayce and Dannion Brinkley

Among many others, Edgar Cayce and Dannion Brinkley, for example, are people who have made or received predictions, some of them rather scary, about the near future of the Earth. Now they are criticized and called unreliable prophets just because some of the really dire events never came to pass. Are they truly to be blamed for that, or on the contrary, profusely thanked?…

I’ll start with a few Nostradamus-like (!) verses of my own to summarize the very important point I am trying to make through this post, for this point really needs to be more widely understood:

After all, what are Predictions?

They are merely Impressions

– Among all Probabilities

That could become Realities –

Of the one to be our Future

IF the course of our Adventure,

Otherwise due infallibly,

Is not changed rather rapidly

By our own choice. They are warnings

For us to make new beginnings

In quite another direction

So that, by this simple action,

We void the future predicted

For the better one selected!


What to make then of those many negative predictions that might scare the hell out of us, individually or collectively, but which nevertheless most of us seem to dutifully expect?

Well, such predictions not only are not infallible, but they are actually meant not to come true!… :

As the Future, contrary to what most of us believe, is not carved in stone, in reality such dire predictions are mere warnings of what our Future will be if we don’t change the course of our life, by modifying for example our inner attitude towards it, or the beliefs we presently hold, or the plans we have made, or the decisions we intend to make.

The predictions I am speaking of aren’t those calculated statistically through computers, but those made by someone’s consciousness going up high enough to see, of the Vast Eternal Present visible from up there, more than just one moment at a time like we do usually from down here. From that higher perspective, seeing the trajectory you are on since some time, one can see easily, beyond the present moment, where you will land later on, if nothing happens that changes your trajectory or modifies your speed.

If for example you yourself are in a plane flying above a road crossing, you will be able to see in advance that two cars, coming from different directions but not visible to each other, will collide soon at that crossroad if neither of the drivers slows down or changes his/her current direction.

Alarmed, for the sake of their safety you may quickly contact the drivers if you can, and tell them of the impending danger

If then at least one of them takes heed of the warning and makes in time the needed change, that car will slow down or stop, or take a different route, and the two cars will actually never meet: the accident will be avoided, and so the prediction will not come true. But then be ready for the drivers to tell you later on that your warning was pure nonsense and imagination, as they never saw any other car at that crossing, and now think you invented the whole thing just for a bad joke!…

This is, again, what has happened to many who predicted events, like the world-famous American trance-seer from last century, Edgar Cayce, or simply reported events that others predicted to them would happen, like well-known NDEr Dannion Brinkley.

Edgar Cayce did explain, and so did the thirteen Beings of Light who showed visions to Dannion, that the Future depends also on our own choices in the meantime, and dire predictions can very much be changed – actually, are meant to be voided:

“Through telepathy, I could hear a Being say, “If you follow what you have been taught & keep living the same way you have lived the last 30 years, all of this will surely be upon you. If you change, you can avoid the coming war.” Scenes from a horrible world war accompanied this message. As the visions appeared on the screen, the Being told me that the years 1994 through 1996 were critical ones in determining whether this war would break out. “If you follow this dogma, the world by the year 2004 will not be the same one you now know,” said the Being. “But it (this future) can still be changed & you can help change it.”

What, in the vast realm of Probabilities, is highly probable today, still isn’t bound at all to really happen in the Future, which just changes all the time according to the decisions taken by all at each moment. As Yoda would say in his own so particular way of speaking:


Still, caught in everyone else’s usual expectation that a prediction must come true otherwise the author of the prediction is discredited, both the followers of Edgar Cayce and Dannion Brinkley himself have been separately keeping a record of the predictions that have already come true, from the overall list they made; and they seem to be almost eager that the predictions not yet realized, even if they are terrible disasters, do come true some day, so that it adds to the credibility of the whole list they have been given!…

Surprising as it seems, I haven’t seen or heard yet any instance when the Edgar Cayce Foundation people, or Dannion, simply explained clearly to others that, luckily for all of us, the Future isn’t cast in stone. In the case of the previously foreseen disasters, not only we should all be rather happy that such events didn’t come to pass yet, but we should also hope/pray that they never come to pass at all… which would simply indicate the excellent news that, by our intervening better choices and decisions, we have voided those dire predictions and they aren’t hanging over our heads like ‘swords of Damocles’ any longer!

Even the 2012 so-called ‘End of the World’ predictions, although that date is now long past, are still troubling a lot of people, who in their fixation on such a dire prospect, simply postpone and postpone again endlessly the date of the supposed End of the World, keeping themselves in the constant anxiety of that so dreaded supposed Future.

But why don’t they see at last that its not coming to pass on the predicted date(s) might well mean that instead, this dreaded Future has been in the meantime averted because we human beings – or at least, as Dannion does say, a sufficient proportion of us – have managed to take a new, better direction, and so Humanity as a whole is now on that new road as well… Perhaps this fantastic change was all the result that the predictions themselves were meant to have!…

Gregg Braden in one of his great books, ‘The Isaie Effect’, explains exactly the same thing, taking his title from the ancient Biblical prophet Isaie, to whom it all happened already long ago: after Isaie finally obeyed the Lord and reluctantly did warn the people in Niniveh that the Lord was going to punish them for their terrible sins, the Niniveh people repented, and changed their ways, and so were saved: the Lord withdrew his punishment. But then, when nothing actually happened, the people turned against Isaie and ridiculed him for being a false prophet!!! Poor Isaie and other messengers of the Future, caught in this ‘Catch 22’ kind of situation!…

Gregg Braden underlines also the absolutely fascinating fact that, in this ‘Bible Code’ discovered only some years ago, which has revealed incredibly precise predictions hidden in the Bible, often for the main disastrous events foretold one can read also, along with them, the question “Will you change that?…”, as if we were actually invited to void those very predictions by our wiser actions…

How much solicitude in such an invitation, how much hope on the part of those who try to warn us… How much hope that we will indeed change, mend our ways, and so reach a completely different, happier Future! What is happening on Earth is being watched in its gradual unfolding with so much hopeful expectation from all those other beings, in this dimension and many others, who are lovingly playing their roles as Helpers at our every step…

Even many NDEs turn out to have been very precious warnings for the individuals to whom they happened, who often, like in the case of Dannion Brinkley himself, truly needed urgently to take stock of their life till then, and thanks to their NDE decided to make the real inner changes necessary, and put their life on an altogether better course.

So whatever mistakes we may have already done in our past, it is possible for all of us, at any moment of our existence here, to wake up and start changing our ways. Each of us has free will, and inner guidance from the Divine Presence within each of us.

Indeed, we are dearly loved…

On Other Earths Too, in the Past or in the Future!

If you have watched the amazing video of Dannion Brinkley which is the centerpiece of my previous post, you have heard him reveal a particularly important thing for us all to know – or remember: that in the truth of our being, we all are “great, mighty spiritual beings having dignity, direction and purpose”, deliberately come into the challenge of this world of oblivion and limitation, to see if even in the midst of such conditions we can still make each of our every moment decisions out of Compassion and Caring instead of our temporary ego’s wish to dominate and impress. This is what has been told to Dannion repeatedly, in various ways, by the beings of Light he encountered during his NDEs, and they added it took  a lot of courage to come in this world and go through such difficult adventures here.

All this was astonishing news for Dannion… and possibly also for those of you reading this, who are new to my blog and have not seen the older posts I already dedicated to spreading exactly these kind of momentous news about us human beings, which I had myself been so astonished about when reading them first long ago from Sri Aurobindo.

I had hardly familiarized my mind with such an unusual viewpoint, and accepted it for all my own numerous lifetimes on earth, when I found yet another piece by Sri Aurobindo, that one not only echoing this view but actually going even further: in ‘Essays Divine and Human’, the essay titled ‘Beginning and End’ sees Sri Aurobindo  drawing once again, as so often, such a huge vista of the really Big Picture as to be just staggering for our present feeble mentality and cowardly heart. Here is but a short passage of that essay, that so many years after reading it for the first time, only now I am able to dare read again in spite of what had been for me the horrendous new revelation it contained:

‘The experiment of human life on an earth is not now for the first time enacted. It has been conducted a million times before and the long drama will again a million times be repeated. In all that we do now, our dreams, our discoveries, our swift or difficult attainments we profit subconsciously by the experience of innumerable precursors and our labour will be fecund in planets unknown to us and in worlds yet uncreated. The plan, the peripeties, the denouement differ continually, yet are always governed by the conventions of an eternal Art. God, Man, Nature are the three perpetual symbols.

The idea of eternal recurrence affects with a shudder of alarm the mind entrenched in the minute, the hour, the years, the centuries, all the finite’s unreal defences. But the strong soul conscious of its own immortal stuff and the inexhaustible ocean of its ever-flowing energies is seized by it with the thrill of an inconceivable rapture. It hears behind the thought the childlike laughter and ecstasy of the Infinite.’

Well, friends, as you can see it would seem we aren’t necessarily into this for just a few aeons of lifetimes here on this Earth: some of us still don’t find it to be enough!…

Also in some  recently channeled books (from Lee Carroll’s Kryon, for example) – and I seem to remember Jane Robert’s Seth was saying somehow the same thing – one can read indeed that most of us here are spirits cheerful and adventurous enough to have found all these crazy challenges interesting and even amusing, to the point of our having been actually at it since further eons elsewhere, and of our rejoicing gleefully already at the perspective of yet another round and endless other rounds of similarly huge challenges still elsewhere in other corners of the Universe!!! We spirits bold and courageous enough to incarnate again and again on difficult worlds like this Earth, are like the Elite Battalion among spirits, and looked at with awe by others!…

That should give us a measure – if that is at all possible – of what our divine Nature is about: secretly but solidly based on our core Being consisting in eternal and indestructible Satchidananda (another post about that soon), we can truly try out again and again, if we wish, the boldest of adventures, as no real death or damage can effectively destroy us, but only affect us temporarily…! It is just sheer FUN!…

To some of us at least…

I for one don’t seem to be quite like that. I am only starting to glimpse timidly and from the corner of my eye at this truly gigantic perspective on things which Sri Aurobindo brings in with this stunning passage, and which only decades of conscious inner development have finally enabled me to read again calmly, and even pause to consider, without my poor mind going nuts. But I must admit I  for one seem to be a particularly unadventurous spirit: some sort of ‘Hobbity’ kind of spirit, as Tolkien would put it… Or is it perhaps only my outer personality in this lifetime which is that way, as one more challenge for my spirit to deal with?… I can’t even stand roller coasters, or merely imagine myself riding one, so you see what I mean!!!

I hope many of my visitors here are spontaneously bolder spirits and will appreciate to its full magnificence the prospect of willingly and joyfully taking on yet any number of other earths after this one is won to the foreseen and promised Life Divine!…

As for myself, I am likely to rather luxuriate first of all for a very long time here on this Earth, enjoying the said Life Divine, precisely once we have at last won that Victory already for this Earth; and then I may chose to just tiptoe out of it all, my laurels well won… But after such a nice and long and enjoyable rest in Divine Living here, who knows after all?. I may find myself crazy enough a spirit to be tempted yet again – along with some eternal dear buddies of mine like some of you, my readers, might well be – by some new challenge to take on,  on some other Earth somewhere, far, far away in some other solar system…


A Multi-NDEr, Hugely Funny and Moving: Dannion Brinkley

Dannion Brinkley is a supersized human being, inwardly as well as outwardly.

I read with amazement Dannion’s first book, ‘Saved by the Light’, at the time when it came out and instantly was added to our ever growing collection of NDE books in our Research Library at the Laboratory of Evolution, Auroville.

In spite of the extreme severity of the physical ordeals he had to endure, before and after  his several NDEs,  Dannion’s terrific sense of humor shined through the whole book even during the description of the most difficult physical moments. And the rather radical inner transformation that resulted from it all, manifesting through a complete change of behavior in life, is the very best proof that his remarkable story is totally genuine, and all the more precious.

I had watched already a few years ago this wonderful interview with Lisa Harrison, but for some forgotten reason failed to put it up immediately on this blog of mine at the time.

Well, having luckily found it again and watched it all over again with bated breath – or great laughter – just yesterday, this time I am not going to make the same mistake as before: I’m posting it right away, simply so happy that such a gem of an interview is still around on YouTube. Now I finally present it here as well, and I really hope many others too will enjoy it and grow inwardly by it just as I did:

Natalie Sudman’s NDE,Robert Monroe’s OBEs & Seth’s Teachings through Jane Roberts

I have recently studied with a lot of interest Dr. Eben Alexander’s first book, ‘Proof of Heaven’, about his extraordinary 2006 NDE during the seven days he remained in coma, his neo-cortex completely destroyed by a sudden attack of a very rare and usually fatal bacterial meningitis; his survival had been quite an unexpected miracle, surpassed only by the full and fast recovery that followed, and the complete change in his understanding of life as well of death.

Just as for the equally important book by Anita Moorjani, ‘Dying to be me’, it had been on a Tuesday afternoon that I had found this great book, while on duty at our excellent specialized Research Library, in the present main space of the ‘Laboratory of Evolution’, the Research and Documentation Center in Auroville that I founded in 1984 and am still heading, but now busy mostly with the research aspect of the work. .

Well, two days ago, it was again Tuesday afternoon, and so the day of my weekly duty  participating in the Library work. At the end of it, just upon leaving, I was thrilled to stumble upon a second book by Eben Alexander, titled this time ‘The Map of Heaven’, and I took it of course at once. Back home, I eagerly went through it within the next few.hours before sleeping.

The next morning, which was yesterday, I read it all over again, to ascertain some of the  important facts mentioned that had particularly struck me already the first time.

One of those facts was a specific quote by a Natalie Sudman, the NDE of whom Eben was saying had been especially extraordinary and deep. Armed with the intriguing title of Natalie’s own book, ‘Application of Impossible Things’ (!),  I went to my office downstairs,.googled it along with the name of the author, and spent the whole afternoon watching YouTube videos of her being interviewed by various  show hosts. Then I had to stop for it was getting late, but today I resumed watching, and ended up applauding full heartedly with the audience for a talk I had just watched her giving, after a short introduction by the elderly lady host:

As I am myself an ‘experiencer too, and on top of it a researcher on this NDE topic since decades, besides practicing a spiritual path of conscious evolution, the ‘Integral Yoga’, since even longer, I would say I know quite a lot, so I didn’t really learn anything I hadn’t at least read about before.

But what won my total enthusiasm was that this young lady proved to be a living example of experiences I have read about only in the explanations or descriptions given by Sri Aurobindo and his feminine counterpart, the Mother; and later on, from the mid-sixties to the mid-eighties, by the discarnate entity calling himself Seth, in the brilliant books he dictated through an entranced young lady, at first rather bewildered: Jane Roberts.

The third source I know some specific facts described by Natalie were reported also by, is Robert Monroe, founder of The Monroe Institute (TMI), and I noticed some specific expressions that he used in his OBE books were used as well by Natalie during her talks.

All those sources I have just listed out are by far the deepest and most encompassing teachings I know of, so this gives an idea of the truly incredible level of understanding that Natalie demonstrates, of all those “impossible things” she speaks about, for not only she experienced them during her NDE and remembered them after it, but she is able to articulate her descriptions and explanations of them in terms simple enough to be grasped, to some extent at least, by her audiences, starting with her hosts. Her own remarkable simplicity and tremendous sense of fun, whether in or out of her body, are also irresistibly contagious, which is wonderful, for it helps to immediately diffuse and lighten up the apparent gravity of some of her statements, sometimes so stunning as to be altogether shocking if it were not for the total matter-of-fact way she presents it all and then explains it too…

Well, a big thank you to Dr. Eben Alexander, not only for this new book of his, very interesting and moving in its own right (it even evokes a new step in our terrestrial evolution), but also for introducing me to this quite remarkable indeed other NDExperiencer! I hope you, my visitors, have enjoyed, or will enjoy the video above as much as I did… to the point perhaps of writing down below your own comments about it (the button for doing that is actually above, at the beginning of each post, in the left margin…!).

And now I am going back to my room upstairs, for some dinner and later some sleep as well, but with a deep feeling of happiness, for having been treated the whole day with such a nicely filling diet of the “impossible things” I too relish living and hearing about…



“MUOB”, ou ma NDE/EMI a Auroville, Avril 1975

Traduction de l’article originel en anglais: “MUOB”, or my NDE in Auroville, April 1975


A peine quelques annees apres mon arrivee a Auroville, je devins impatiente de la lenteur de notre progres collectif. Parmi les communautes auroviliennes existantes, je ne pouvais en trouver aucune ou l’intensite, le feu interieur pour l’evolution consciente et le Yoga Integral me semblaient etre encore vraiment vivants.

Seule une nouvelle communaute, demarree recemment sur les hauteurs entre deux canyons par un austere et rayonnant jeune homme venu de l’Ashram, avait encore de l’attrait pour moi, car en lui et dans ce nouvel endroit la flamme interieure me semblait etre encore bien allumee.

Il m’autorisa a me joindre aux quelques personnes elues qui vivaient deja autour de lui.

J’etais tres heureuse, et pendant environ six mois tout alla bien.

Mais a un certain point il me prit a l’ecart et me dit en prive, de maniere completement inattendue, que certaines tendances en moi n’etaient pas bonnes pour l’endroit et il allait falloir que je m’en aille .

Frappee de surprise et d’horreur, je le suppliai de me donner au moins quelque temps, ne serait-ce qu’un mois; dans l’espace de ce mois j’etais sure de pouvoir deraciner en moi quoi que ce soit de problematique qu’il ait a l’esprit comme rendant ma presence indesirable.

Il accepta de me donner ce mois de plus, apres lequel nous nous rencontrerions a nouveau, dans sa hutte, pour qu’il m’informe de sa decision finale.

Vous pouvez imaginer comment j’ai passe cet unique mois que j’avais pour me changer de maniere suffisamment convaincante pour gagner son approbation et etre autorisee a rester, ce qui etait expremement important pour moi: jour et nuit je faisais l’offrande fervente de mon etre et de quelque defaut que je puisse avoir au Divin , le Divin tel que j’etais deja entree en contact avec Lui/Elle dans cette gigantesque experience du 18 Novembre 1973: la Mere Divine. (Voir l’article precedent:

Mais dans cet enorme Darshan d’Elle-meme que j’avais recu ce jour-la, le contact interieur avec Elle, l’intimite de sa Presence guidante avaient manque. En l’absence de cette direction interieure en direct d’Elle en moi-meme, j’avais fait une sorte de pacte secret avec Elle: je considererais ce jeune homme comme Sa voix pour moi, et quoi que ce soit qu’il me dirait je considererais que c’etait Elle-meme qui me le disait – certainement pas une solution ideale, mais a l’epoque je n’en voyais pas d’autre, alors c’etait la meilleure facon que je pouvais inventer pour recevoir, au moins indirectement, la Direction de Mere.

Lorsque le mois finalement toucha a sa fin, chcune de ses minutes ayant ete passees en ardente priere que je puisse rester, j’allai a la hutte de ce jeune homme et m’assis en face de lui en silence, attendant son verdict. Tous les deux nous etions dans cette position en lotus (en tailleur…) qui est si pratique dans ces huttes  pour s’asseoir sur un fin coussin directement sur le plancher, dans ce cas-la le plancher superieur de la hutte, a l’etage. Mon coeur battait violemment dans ma poitrine pendant qu j’attendais qu’il parle.

Apres une courte concentration muette, il me regarda droit dans les yeux et me dit, avec grande gentillesse mais aussi la fermete d’une decision finale:

“Je suis desole, il faut vraiment que vous partiez.”

Aucune reponse ne sortit de moi, car ses mots m’avaient frappee comme un couteau se fichant dans mon coeur. La douleur saisit mon coeur dans son feroce etau, douleur si aigue que je ne pouvais meme pas crier.

Je m’evanouis – tout devint soudain noir -, mes yeux se fermant par eux-memes pendant que mon corps assis devenait rigide  dans un spasme comme s’il etait gele.

Dans le noir interieur m’environnant maintenant de partout, la douleur etait la seule chose me rappelant que j’avais encore un corps; mais interieurement je pouvais sentir l’energie de vie refluer de tous mes membres, de mon organisme tout entier, refluant de plus en plus vite, vers mon coeur, le flot de l’energie de vie etant attire la irresistiblement, exactement comme vers un trou noir qui l’aspirait completement en dedans de lui: un trou noir de douleur atroce.

Ma seule pensee, emergeant de l’intense sentiment de desespoir qui me submergeait, etait ceci:

” Alors la Mere Divine m’a rejetee. Elle m’a dit “Non”. Ce lieu etait le dernier, le seul ou je sentais que je recevrais de l’aide pour progresser et m’ameliorer. Maintenant je n’ai plus nulle part d’autre ou aller. Je suis perdue. Ma vie n’a plus aucun sens. Je peux aussi bien mourir.”

Et dans l’etrange vacuite mentale de ce moment, un souvenir encore plus etrange soudain me traversa l’esprit…

De longues annees auparavant, encore enfant, j’avais lu une devinette, une blague amusante dans  “Selection du Reader’s Digest”:

”Le son que fait une explosion est BOUM. Quel est le son que fait une implosion?”

La reponse etait: “MUOB”.

J’avais aime ce son amusant, il m’avait fait rire, car il exprimait si bien ce qu’une implosion est en effet…

Et maintenant, dans ce moment que je ressentais tout a fait comme celui de ma mort imminente par implosion, voila que c’etait la seule pensee qui brievement me revenait a l’esprit, apres avoir ete totalement oubliee pendant des decennies:

“Eh bien voila, maintenant je suis en train de faire MUOB…”

Mon desespoir etait si total que ca m’etait egal d’etre en train de mourir. Je regardais simplement tout cela se passer, avec une indifference muette oppressante de douleur.

Ce qui subsistait de mon etre, je l’eprouvais de plus en plus comme une intensite de douleur et de desespoir comprimee a l’infini. Je devenais de plus en plus une sorte de pierre, une pierre noire, de plus en plus dure, de plus en plus minuscule, la douleur devenant de plus en plus intolerable a mesure que j’approchais du point ou je serais entierement avalee par le trou noir et disparaitrais dans le neant.

Au bord meme de l’annihilation, quelque chose en moi surgit soudain, aussi tenu que cela ait ete, quelque chose qui ne pouvait accepter. Accepter un tel sort, accepter que la Mere Divine m’avait rejetee, c’etait trop injuste, trop cruel:

“Mais Elle est ma Mere Eternelle! Elle sait tout de moi. Elle sait ma sincerite, Elle sait combien, de toutes mes forces, j’ai essaye!… Comment pourrait-Elle me rejeter? Ce n’est pas possible, Elle ne peut pas m’abandonner !”

Et dans un ultime elan d’amour pour Elle, et de confiance en son Amour, un appel au secours angoisse, un hurlement interieur jaillit vers Elle a travers le Noir Neant de Mort en train de m’engouffrer:


Instantanement je me retrouvai dans un immense, et pourtant intime royaume de merveilleuse Lumiere doree constituant tout, le paysage si beau, les etres memes qui etaient la – mais parmi eux moi, sous la forme d’une mignonne petite fille d’environ six ans, dans une jolie petite robe courte a volants, je n’avais d’yeux que pour Elle, ma Divine Maman, qui etait assise la a quelque distance, sur une sorte de trone fait de la meme merveilleuse Lumiere, et son Etre lui aussi rayonnait doucement de cette Lumiere, tandis qu’Elle ouvrait les bras vers moi, souriant d’un sourire si doux que je m’elancai en courant vers Elle, les bras avidement tendus, et je me jetai sur ses genoux en confiance totale et joyeux abandon. J’etais chez moi enfin, avec Elle.

Du moment eternel qui suivit, je me rappelle seulement l’Unite beatifique entre nous, et comment Elle me reconforta, riant doucement, me disant que bien sur Elle ne m’avait jamais rejetee du tout, et ne le ferait jamais, c’etait une impossibilite, mais a ce stade-la de mon existence humaine toute cette douleur avait ete necessaire pour que ma conscience atteigne finalement l’intensite de besoin voulue pour me faire passer dans cette autre Dimension et venir dans ce Royaume de Douceur d’Amour lumineuse, qui penetrait tout, ce Royaume en lequel nos ames ont leur Origine, et qui est notre chez nous veritable entre nos temps de vie sur Terre ou ailleurs, lorsque nous faisons l’experience d’etre un Humain dans un corps physique humain.

Je me laissai fondre en Elle, en son Amour, j’etais sienne pour une heureuse eternite dans laquelle aucun sens de temps qui passe n’existait du tout.

Et soudain ma conscience se retrouva de nouveau dans cette hutte, a l’interieur de mon corps toujours assis la, rigidement immobile en face du jeune homme egalement toujours assis la. J’etais dans un etat de parfait bonheur et tranquillite.

Il me regardait avec stupeur et une sorte d’effroi, completement abasourdi, apres avoir probablement vu les extremes changements qui avaient du se produire sur mon visage, exprimant  les extremes changements d’etat interieur dont j’avais eu l’experience. Je ressentis de la compassion pour lui, qui avait ete le temoin de tout cela sans savoir ce qui se passait en moi. Je ressentis de la gratitude aussi, pour le role qu’il avait joue sans s’en douter dans ce merveilleux changement de dimension dont j’avais eu l’experience: en me poussant jusqu’aux extremes limites du desespoir et de la mort, il avait ete l’instrument utilise par la Mere Divine pour obtenir ce resultat. Je lui souris avec douceur et dis:

“Donc, il faut que je m’en aille?… Bon. Pas de probleme. Je peux aller n’inporte ou, cela n’a pas d’importance. Y a-t-il un autre endroit d’Auroville que vous suggereriez?”

En effet, l’endroit n’etait plus important, ni meme lui, le jeune homme, maintenant que j’avais mon contact interieur avec ma chere Mere etabli en toute securite a l’interieur de moi, accessible directement pour m’y referer.

Pendant un moment il ne put en croire ses oreilles. C’etait une personne transformee qu’il regardait et ecoutait. Le changement avait ete si abrupt qu’il en etait tout deconcerte. Finalement il parvint a me dire effectivement le nom d’une autre communaute ou l’on avait besoin de quelqu’un pour prendre soin de l’endroit, la personne precedente etant recemment partie.

Et je suis donc allee la, avec mon beau et doux secret cache en moi… le secret de cette presque mort par crise cardiaque, et de ma visite au bienheureux chez nous dans la Realite derriere celle-ci…


Science & the ‘Paranormal’ Today

8 ‘Paranormal’ Scientific Studies

That Will Make You Question

The True Nature Of Reality


If you google “parapsychology,” the first thing that will probably pop up is a Wikipedia entry loosely (and, in my opinion, rather offensively) defining it as a “pseudoscience.” This is unfortunate, because it distracts the reader from realizing that psychical research, also known as ‘psi’ (or parapsychology), is practiced by various scientists and reputable institutions all over the world. This includes the study of paranormal activity and extended human human capacities like precognition and telepathy, among other things. As the University of Calgary points out, parapsychology is an interdisciplinary field which has attracted physicists, engineers, biologists, psychologists, and researchers in other sciences as well.

The Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) project is a great example of this comprehensive approach to the subject — a project that ran from 1979 until 2007, it aimed to examine if there was factual basis for theories in mind/matter interaction, or extrasensory perception (ESP). Highly significant statistical deviation, far beyond what one could expect from chance, was seen there. Another example would be the University of Virginia’s Division of Perceptual Studies, in which they explore such phenomena as reincarnation, near death experiences (NDEs), and out of body experiences (OBEs).

“Studies of the so-called ‘psi phenomena’ indicate that we can sometimes receive meaningful information without the use of ordinary senses, and in ways that transcend the habitual space and time constraints. Furthermore, psi research demonstrates that we can mentally influence—at a distance—physical devices and living organisms (including other human beings). Psi research also shows that distant minds may behave in ways that are nonlocally correlated, i.e. the correlations between distant minds are hypothesized to be unmediated (they are not linked to any known energetic signal), unmitigated (they do not degrade with increasing distance), and immediate (they appear to be simultaneous). These events are so common that they cannot be viewed as anomalous nor as exceptions to natural laws, but as indications of the need for a broader explanatory framework that cannot be predicated exclusively on materialism.” (source) – Manifesto for a Post-Materialist Science

Why are we presenting this information? Because the examination of these types of phenomena is vital to increasing our understanding about the nature of our reality. A lot of new science is revealing how many, and how diverse, are the factors are which influence the so-called ‘physical material world that we see around us. So what can we learn from this information? To keep an open mind, to know that not everything we believe to be true, is, and that maybe there are components of our reality that we have yet to understand. We can learn that it’s okay to take topics like this seriously, because there is a wealth of very compelling statistical data and observation that has many scientists interested in it… and perplexed.

1. Reincarnation

“There are claims in the parapsychology field which, in my opinion, deserve serious study, [with one being] that young children sometimes report details of a previous life, which upon checking turn out to be accurate and which they could not have known about in any other way than reincarnation.” – Carl Sagan

This topic has been studied by numerous scientists who belong to various academic institutions from all over the world.

One great example comes from University of Virginia psychiatrist Jim Tucker, who in 2008 published a review of cases suggestive of reincarnation in the journal Explore. (source)

In the article, he describes a typical reincarnation case, where subjects start reporting a past life experience. One common denominator of these cases is that they all involve children, with the average age being 35 months when subjects begin to report their experiences. The experiences described are often detailed and extensive, and Tucker points out that many of these children show strong emotional involvement when speaking about their claims; some cry and beg to be taken to what they say is their previous family. Others show intense anger.

The subjects usually stop making their past-life statements by the age of six to seven, and most seem to lose the purported memories. That is the age when children start school and begin having more experiences in the current life, as well as when they tend to lose their early childhood memories. (source)

One example Tucker describes, an American case, is of a child named Sam Taylor, who was a year and a half old when he started revealing some remarkable information:

He looked up as his father was changing his diaper and said, “When I was your age, I used to change your diapers.” He began talking more about having been his grandfather. He eventually told details of his grandfather’s life that his parents felt certain he could not have learned through normal means, such as the fact that his grandfather’s sister had been murdered and that his grandmother had used a food processor to make milkshakes for his grandfather every day at the end of his life. (source

Again, this is one of hundreds of cases. Children have also been taken to their previous families, describing the qualities and characteristics of the families, and their own past lives, about which there is no possible way the child could know. Here is another specific case that was examined by Dr. Tucker, which we wrote about a couple of months ago. And there are plenty more to choose from.

These are cases involving very young children and they offer little reason to suspect a hoax. From a scientific standpoint, however, even though these cases are intriguing, they still leave us with a problem that plagues most parapsychological research today. As Tucker points out, “the processes that would be involved in such a transfer of consciousness are completely unknown, and they await further elucidation.” (source)

2. Precognition

For a selected list of downloadable peer-reviewed journal articles reporting studies of psychic phenomena, mostly published in the 21st century, you can click HERE. At this link, you will find a select group of articles under the “precognition & presentiment” tab and more than enough scientific analyses to see why this topic is taken very seriously by some scientists.

A recently published study (meta analysis) in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience titled “Predicting the unpredictable: critical analysis and practical implications of predictive anticipatory activity” examined a number of experiments, conducted by several different laboratories, regarding this phenomenon.

These experiments indicate that the human body can actually detect randomly delivered stimuli that occur 1-10 seconds in advance. In other words, the human body seems able to know of an event and react to it before it actually occurs. This reaction takes the form of physiological changes in the skin and in the cardiopulmonary and nervous systems. (source)

Quite fascinating, isn’t it?

3. Telepathy

Again, HERE you will find some more research on telepathy.

HERE is an article outlining 5 classic experiments that showed extremely significant results for human telepathy.

Some of the most interesting results come from something called “dream telepathy,” where human beings have the ability to communicate telepathically with another person while they are dreaming.

According to Stanley Krippner, Ph.D. and professor of psychology at Saybrook University in California:

A wealth of anecdotal and clinical material exist which supports the possibility of telepathic effects occurring in dreams (Krippner, 1974). However, an experimental approach to the topic did not become possible until psycho physiological laboratory technology became available. It was discovered that sleeping research participants awakened from periods of rapid eye movement (REM) activity were frequently able to recall dream episodes. As a result, it was possible to request a “telepathic receiver” to attempt dreaming about a target stimulus that was being focused on in a distant location from a “telepathic sender.” (source)

You can view a discussion and examination of these experiments in an article we published earlier on this subject here.

4. The “Star Gate” Project

The “Star Gate” project was a Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) program that examined parapsychological phenomena for more than twenty years before it was unexpectedly shut down.

One of the most interesting revelations (imo) when it comes to science and the paranormal comes from its remote viewing program.

Remote viewing is the ability of a person to describe a remote geographical location up to several hundred thousand kilometers from their actual physical location. It’s not just one person who can do this — many people have been shown to have this ability, and this is a verified fact. The CIA and NSA, in conjunction with Stanford University, were involved in the scientific study of parapsychological phenomena that lasted more than two decades; they delved into remote viewing as part of this project.

In these experiments, multiple individuals were able to describe distinct objects that were located in a separate room and at other remote physical locations.(source)(source)(source)

As reported by a publication in the journal Scientific Exploration, one of the study’s participants, Ingo Swann, was able to successfully describe and view a ring around Jupiter that scientists had no idea existed at the time. (source 1)

5. Quantum Double Slit Experiment

In this experiment, a double-slit optical system was used to test the possible role of consciousness in the collapse of the quantum wave-function. The ratio of the interference pattern’s double slit spectral power to its single slit spectral power was predicted to decrease when attention was focused toward the double slit as compared to away from it. The study found that factors associated with consciousness “significantly” correlated in predicted ways with perturbations in the double slit interference pattern. (source)

“Observations not only disturb what has to be measured, they produce it…. We compel [the electron] to assume a definite position…. We ourselves produce the results of measurement.” (source)

“It was not possible to formulate the laws of quantum mechanics in a fully consistent way without reference to consciousness.” – Eugene Wigner, theoretical physicist and mathematician who received a share of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1963

“A fundamental conclusion of the new physics also acknowledges that the observer creates the reality. As observers, we are personally involved with the creation of our own reality. Physicists are being forced to admit that the universe is a ‘mental’ construction. Pioneering physicist Sir James Jeans wrote: ‘The stream of knowledge is heading toward a non-mechanical reality; the universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter, we ought rather hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter. Get over it, and accept the inarguable conclusion. The universe is immaterial-mental and spiritual.’ ”  – R.C. Henry, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Johns Hopkins University , “The Mental Universe”; Nature 436:29,2005) (source) This is a great experiment to show the connection between consciousness and our physical material world.

You can read a more detailed description of this experiment and see a video demonstration of it in these articles:

“Consciousness Creates Reality” – Physicists Admit The Universe Is Immaterial, Mental & Spiritual

“How Is This Possible?” Scientists Observe One Particle Exist In Multiple States

6. Delayed Choice/Quantum Eraser

Like the quantum double slit experiment, the delayed choice/quantum eraser has been demonstrated and repeated time and time again. For example, physicists at The Australian National University (ANU) have conducted John Wheeler’s delayed-choice thought experiment. The findings were recently published in the journal Nature Physics. (source)

The delayed choice experiment illustrates how what happens in the present can change what happens(ed) in the past. It also shows how time can go backwards, how cause and effect can be reversed, and how the future caused the past.

“If we attempt to attribute an objective meaning to the quantum state of a single system, curious paradoxes appear: quantum effects mimic not only instantaneous action-at-a-distance, but also, as seen here, influence of future actions on past events, even after these events have been irrevocably recorded.” – Asher Peres, pioneer in quantum information theory (source)(source)(source)

You can read more about this experiment on this article:

Quantum Experiment Shows How “Time” Doesn’t Exist As We Think It Does (Mind-Altering)

7. Out Of Body Experiences & Near Death Experiences

Below is a video of Dr. Bruce Greyson speaking at a conference that was held by the United Nations. He is considered to be one of the fathers of near death studies. He is Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Science at the University of Virginia.

In the video he describes documented cases of individuals who were clinically dead (showing no brain activity) but observing everything that was happening to them on the medical table below at the same time. He describes how there have been many instances of this – where individuals are able to describe things that should have been impossible for them to have knowledge of. Another significant statement by Dr. Greyson posits that this type of study has been discouraged due to our tendency to view science as completely materialistic. Seeing is believing, so to speak, in the scientific community. It’s unfortunate that just because we cannot explain something through materialistic means, it must be instantly discredited. The simple fact that “consciousness” itself is a non-physical “thing” is troubling for some scientists; as a result of it being non material, they believe it cannot be studied by science.

In 2001, international medical journal The Lancet published a 13 year study on Near Death Experiences (NDEs).(source)(source) Their findings were remarkable, to say the least:

Our results show that medical factors cannot account for the occurrence of NDE. All patients had a cardiac arrest, and were clinically dead with unconsciousness resulting from insufficient blood supply to the brain. In those circumstances, the EEG (a measure of brain electrical activity) becomes flat, and if CPR is not started within 5-10 minutes, irreparable damage is done to the brain and the patient will die. (source)

Another study comes out of the University of Southampton, where scientists found evidence that awareness can continue for at least several minutes after death. In the scientific world this was thought to be impossible. The study, published in the journal Resuscitation, is the world’s largest of its kind. (source)

Out of body experiences, a similar phenomenon, have also been examined in depth by science.

8. Healing At A Distance

“Over the past thirty years, significant scientific research has been conducted on the potential effectiveness and value of distant healing practices. The practice of distant healing is drawing increased attention as an important component of integral medicine models that blend a range of approaches to health and healing. Many leading health professionals and spiritual leaders believe distant healing practices may significantly expand the capacity to facilitate healing.” (source) Marilyn Schlitz, PhD, President of the Institute for Noetic Sciences (IONS)

You can view some of this research HERE.

Another great example of this is the placebo effect, which you can read more about here.

Another study (which I have written about previously), published in the journal Explore in 2008, examined the effects of human intention on the autonomic nervous system of a human “sender” and the distant “receiver” of those intentions.

The design of the study went as follows:

Skin conductance level was measured in each member of a couple, both of whom were asked to feel the presence of the other. While the receiving person relaxed in a distant shielded room for 30 minutes, the sending person directed intention toward the receiver during repeated 10-second epochs separated by random interepoch periods. Thirty-six couples participated in 38 test sessions. In 22 couples, one of the pair was a cancer patient. In 12 of those couples, the healthy person was trained to direct intention toward the patient and asked to practice that intention daily for three months prior to the experiment (trained group). In the other 10 couples, the pair was tested before the partner was trained (wait group). Fourteen healthy couples re- ceived no training (control group). (source)

The study concluded that a strong motivation to heal another, and for one to be healed themselves, may enhance this phenomenon. It concluded that directing intention toward a distant person is associated with the activation of that person’s autonomic nervous system — in this case, using measurements of skin conductance.

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About the author

The Variety of Spiritual Experiences Lived by the Eternal Me in this Lifetime (put in chronological order)

Why such a fun use of William James’ so well-known (and deservedly so) title for his major book?

Well, I am actually being inspired by him through that title of his, and by the example from some other individuals for presenting my experiences in chronological order:

During the full first week of October I have found myself immersed in a sea of small children’s or adults’ verified accounts of past lives, followed at once by an ocean of great OBEs from various contemporary persons (this time, other than my beloved Bob Monroe of TMI fame), all discovered just one after the other in an amazing uninterrupted flow that wonderfully fed my inner being all day long, day after day, for that whole week.

Always the same stupendous conclusion reached by those who had described their experiences in the various books and/or videos presented on internet, all of which I kept stumbling upon and enjoying like the many dishes of a great buffet. That so important conclusion, summarized here in my own words, was:

We aren’t really just human beings; we are actually eternal spirits, spiritual beings only temporarily using a human physical body to experience a new lifetime on Earth and as soon as we possibly can, become aware again of this central Fact: the One Spirit that we all really are…

Basking in those big waves of Truth being realized and revealed by so many of us in our present otherwise so difficult times of Change, I sat back and began remembering some of my own inner experiences, starting with the one when I was just a newborn… It suddenly dawned on me that my visitors here might like to have it all in chronological order too, like the experiences told by those other people: that might make more sense than having them only the way they are now, that is, simply dispersed here or there with no order at all, just as I happened to post them among the many other evolution-related topics I have been posting about since I began this blog in 2011.

So here is a special post where one will be able to find, finally in the correct chronological order, the links to all the relevant dispersed posts describing one spiritual experience or the other lived in my current lifetime… and sometimes linked with another lifetime! In this increasingly collective awakening that we human beings are presently experiencing, it feels more and more normal and useful to share the growing inner knowledge we are acquiring through our direct individual experiences. It seems to be a good way to help build our Human Unity, through our very diversity…

Once put up first with at least a few of the links to whatever relevant posts are already there, this special post will probably, later, be turned into a permanent Page so that I can update it whenever there is need to add to it more of those links to old posts – or also links to new ones, every time relevant new posts may come up as my blog continues to unfold.

I’m quite glad about this idea, so I’m realizing it right now…  To read all that follows, including every post listed, is obviously going to take quite some time, so allow me to suggest that you take it in not in just one, but perhaps rather in several sittings… but of course it’s up to you. Here we go !…


  • Eternal Souls | FaithbookNZ

I’ll begin with of course first of all the link to that very first memory,  quite revealing, of when I was a mere newborn baby, or something like that:

I grew up to be a very God-attracted child, perceiving spontaneously and joyfully God’s presence in my soul and that of others, and in all the lovely little or big things of nature too: tiny bugs, butterflies, the Sun even, to which at seven I wrote an Hymn…  I loved also to go to Mass on Sundays with my parents and elder sister, loving especially the songs, when they were sung with real fervor; we lived normally in West Africa, the parts that were then French colonies, but whenever my father got some long vacation from his work there in the high levels of the French Administration, we would go back to France for several months, going of course to Mass also there, wherever we would happen to be:

Next came, in my early teen years, a few very special moments which only much later I realized had been actually spontaneous but massive spiritual experiences:

One I related towards the end of the following post, you will see why:

And another one again, during the same period, still a young teenager in Africa:

Soon after that period, the colonial era started to reach its end all over the world; my parents stayed in Africa, now a bit unsafe, for a while more with their still very young son, but we, the two elder sisters, remained in Paris under the care of our paternal grandmother for two years, until our parents and little brother came back too. I am not sure if I have narrated yet in any post the intense, deep inner joys I secretly kept having everyday during those two years lived at my grandmother’s place, visiting on my own the nearby parish church at a time it was always empty. If I see that this is missing, I’ll definitely write about it and add the link here some time soon…

When my parents and little brother came, except for my grandmother we all moved out to a very charming area outside of Paris, the modern buildings part of which (where we lived, in a beautiful park) surrounded the medieval village still existing on top of the central hill; the small church there, very ancient, had an extraordinary atmosphere to it, I loved to be there, among the Sunday Mass crowd or on my own any other time. Soon a baby sister completed our family; within a few years I could share with the two kids the joy and emotion of standing in front of the church’s beautifully made creches during every Christmas time…

Paris was only a half hour away by train, to attend secondary school still, or to accompany sometimes my father in his visits to various holy places there, for example sites of apparitions of the Virgin Mary. We didn’t communicate much otherwise, but at least in those visits we could share our silent inner feelings towards the Divine!

Becoming a young adult, I wanted to be a nun in a contemplative Order like the Carmelites; but after a while the perspective of having a Mother Superior rule my inner relationship to God made me think twice… and in the meantime, as a La Sorbonne University student, and then finally a young teacher, I was out of the protected family nest. I did discover the deep beauty of the American Negro-Spirituals and Gospels from a La Sorbonne fellow student (oh, how much I loved, and still love, ‘In the Upper Room’, by Mahalia Jackson…) but that was about all I found comforting at that time: confronted suddenly with all the harsh realities of the world we humans had built for ourselves, I was basically horrified. I couldn’t figure out how to reconcile such a monstrous, insane world situation with the God I knew from direct personal experience to be everywhere and in everybody just as in myself. Although I had no problems in my personal life, my intensifying perplexity and revolt about the total nonsense Life seemed to be, led me as a young teacher to the point of demanding answers from God to a few pointed questions I had – or I would end my life. To that ultimatum God responded beautifully, and within a mere few months ‘The Life Divine’, by Sri Aurobindo, was brought to me, giving me in a flash of instantaneous illumination the full meaning and explanation that at once made Life worthwhile again. All posts relevant to that period will be added here if I find any… or I’ll have to write some!

After that huge, decisive turning-point, I found out about Auroville and although I was extremely fearful and reluctant to go live, of all places, in mysterious India (no one was going there at that time), my inner being won and dragged all the other parts of me, kicking and screaming, all the way here in August 1972… just in time, without knowing it, to have on the 15th, which happened to be Sri Aurobindo’s Birth Centenary, my very first ‘Darshan’, as I explain in the last part of this post:

So, as you will see again in the following two super-important posts, the Mother was still alive then. In fact, one could even have a silent meeting with her on one’s birthday; but at the time I couldn’t care less…! The Divine had to arrange it all in a different, totally unexpected way for me to finally meet her, at the very last possible moment, on November 18th, 1973:

After such an incredible breakthrough, what remained to happen was the full opening of my Heart Center deep within me, where I would find the Mother again, but this time in the much more intimate way also required for constant contact and guidance. This too happened, not even two years later, in a rather dramatic but very effective manner:

A short while after this new breakthrough, as the tremendous strength of that experience started to fade away, I went for a complete stop of all my outer activities to urgently try and regain the so precious result of that dramatic NDE lived only a few weeks before… and once again a flabbergasting result did come:

(the needed post will be added here later on…).

In 1976, to my complete stupefaction, I came for the first time in contact with the consciousness of my body-cells, who in 1977 – hardly a year later – stupefied me again by starting to turn towards the Divine just on their own!… Over the years, this became secretly but ever increasingly a whole new aspect of my/our inner life, adding itself to all the rest already going on…

As my blog has a special Category for these ‘Cellular Consciousness’ experiences, please click on that category if you want to read actual posts about that. In the same way, there is a Category called ‘My Far Memories’, to which you may refer if you want to know more, so I’ll mention here only the main posts about other lifetimes I have had hints or vivid memories to have lived:

In 1984 it so happened that I had to start in Auroville the proposed ‘Laboratory of Evolution’ for it to begin to exist. Among the first few Research Newsletters I have been able to put together in the following years, one was about the Being that grows in all of us from the original spark of the Soul or Psyche, and that Sri Aurobindo and the Mother for that very reason call the ‘Psychic Being’ (the Being of the Soul). Already in my childhood some other lifetimes had vaguely surfaced in various ways, but  when in Auroville, while putting together that specific LOE Research Newsletter, one precise moment of a specific other life was re-lived ‘big time’, as you will see:

A few years later, in completely different circumstances, it was a lifetime where I met yet another great embodiment here of the Divine, that wonderfully surfaced, explaining why the name of that Being had come spontaneously to my lips in my first inner encounter with Him in my current lifetime; the other lifetime concerned seemed quite ancient:

Some historical research later on from my part confirmed that Sri Krishna may have indeed lived in that area in the remote past considered:

The inner relationship with both these great Beings, Jesus and Krishna, as well of course as with Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, continues to this day, as several more posts on my blog abundantly show, which I may list here later on. I will add now only the one I wrote after reading the NDE of another blogger, with whom I felt like sharing personally my own observations and conclusions:

But in spite of my inner relationship with my physical cells as well, one thing seemed to be missing in my present personality: the inner contact with the Earth itself; it is only in a much more recent time that such kinds of experiences began to happen, like in the three cases described in the following two posts (sorry, the first one seems to be only in French as yet…):

My inner link with the other members of my family has revealed itself in various occasions, some of which I told of only covertly, for obvious reasons, but one of which I openly mentioned in a post regarding my elder sister, written after she went back to the vaster Reality a few years ago:

Our relationship with the Supreme Divine Itself feels actually like ‘family’ too: it can have the very same character of sweet, simple tenderness, as we have seen with the peacock feather as a token of Krishna’s love and genuine appreciation, a reassuring and encouraging concrete sign given to me when I needed it most…

Yet another very small but so significant occurrence, that happened quite recently, will serve to exemplify again how one’s own life, in its tiniest details, keeps being a constant sweet reminder of the Divine’s smiling care for our every need, a care shown in the most amazing ways:

I’ll stop at that for the time being… Thank you for following me that far! 🙂

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