My Birthday… and Today, Auroville’s Birthday

On the 23rd was my Birthday, in Auroville an important day even when you are already an adult, for inwardly it is a day of great spiritual opportunity, as explained by the Mother, Founder of Auroville, with a particular emphasis in the following text:

“BIRTHDAYS: It is an occult phenomenon that occurs invariably, without our knowledge, on this particular day of the year. The soul leaves behind the body and journeys up and up till it merges into the Source in order to replenish itself and absorb from the Supreme Its Power, Light and Ananda and comes down charged for a whole year to pass. Then again and again… it continues like this year after year. Yes, It is truly a special day in one’s life. It is one of those days in the year when the Supreme descends into us – or when we are face to face with the Eternal – one of those days when our soul comes in contact with the Eternal and, if we remain a little conscious, we can feel His Presence within us. If we make a little effort on this day, we accomplish the work of many lives as in a lightning flash. That is why I give so much importance to the birthday -because what one gains in one day is truly something incomparable. And it is for this that I also work to open the consciousness a little towards what is above so that one may come before the Eternal. My child, it is a very very special day, for it is the day of decision, the day one can unite with the Supreme Consciousness. For the Lord lifts us on this day to the highest region possible so that our soul which is a portion of that Eternal Flame, may be united and identified with its Origin. This day is truly an opportunity in life. One is so open and so receptive that one can assimilate all that is given. I can do many things, that is why it is important. It is one of those days when the Lord Himself opens the doors wide for us. It is as though He were inviting us to rekindle more powerfully the flame of aspiration. It is one of those days which He gives us. We too, by our personal effort, could attain to this, but it would be long, hard and not so easy. And this -this is a real chance in life -the day of the Grace.”
~The Mother~
Living now again in the City area of Auroville, and near its Centre, where stand the  Banyan Tree that marks its actual geographical centre, plus the Amphitheatre with the Urn containing Mother’s handwritten ‘Charter of Auroville’ and the handfuls of earth from all countries, I can now go there more easily, and especially to another extremely meaningful place that stands also nearby those two others: the magnificent spherical building that Mother called the ‘Matrimandir’, the Soul of Auroville.
Already on the 21st I had gone there for celebrating Mother’s Birthday, but on the 23rd it was different: it was my own Birthday…
What happened  within me while I sat inside the Inner Chamber in the upper half of Matrimandir, I’ll keep for myself, for it is fresh experience, and the energy received at that time for the inner progress that was started then, shouldn’t be dissipated by speaking too early about it, but kept preciously for its true purpose: the full accomplishment and fruition of the specific new step.that began on that day.
And today, the 28th, was the Birthday of Auroville itself!
Gathered as usual before dawn at the Amphitheatre around the Dawnfire prepared for the occasion, a huge crowd of Aurovilians, Newcomers, friends of Auroville and plenty of visitors from all over the world as well as nearby Pondicherry, were sitting silently, watching the fire and listening to the recorded voice of the Mother reading some particularly inspiring passage of her or Sri Aurobindo’s writings…
I had myself woken up at 5 am, too late for going there physically (which I wasn’t sure I wanted to do anyway), but just in time for joining inwardly, if not with that collective listening, at least with the meditation that always follows.
I had gone up on the high roof of our long ‘Luminosity’ building, dominating the whole landscape of Auroville all around in its luxurious green sea of trees – long gone is the terribly barren land of when I first came – and could see the high but from a distance little light of the fire, illuminating that spot towards the North-East which must have been the Amphitheatre… It felt almost surrealistic to be up there watching all that silent beauty all around, and soon also a superb sun, managing to be seen rising under the clouds… that even started to get less heavy, and here and there in the sky, to become instead happy wisps extending higher and higher up in charming volutes!!!

May it be a well auguring symbol for Auroville, of a new year of quiet, happy growth, in spite of all the difficulties looming presently on the horizon: may they get lighter and lighter too, like these clouds, and end up too making the result even more beautiful than if the sky had been all blue, like on this photo down below, of another dawnfire on another year!…





Thanks to fellow blogger Pat Cegan for making me realize something I didn’t know before about those Middle East deserts… What a warning to us all…

Source of Inspiration

Not a blade of grass
nor drop of water
not trees, or birds
to fill the air with morning song
the desert lies
filled only with memories
of giant cedar forests
life abundant
until man was born

Can we not learn
from the massive graveyards
bleached bones of greed?
Plant a tree
guard all we have
that never a one shall fall
victim of he
who sees not that
we, too, shall cease to be
as our forests become deserts
marching from sea to sea.


*Photos: Cedar trees typical of the ones that once covered the Middle East deserts

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