Integral Yoga & Human Defects (IV) : What About Psychoanalysis Today ?

I recommend to all those who can read English the great cascade of comments posted yesterday by my psychologist friend Don Salmon who lives in the USA. All in response to my previous post quoting two texts by Sri Aurobindo on Psychoanalysis, Don’s comments provide additional richness of information to the topic at hand. Interestingly enough,  Don’s comments even constitute a kind of preparation for the present post of mine -all the more because I have posted right away some short answers to them.

But as this new post I am now writing was already intended before, and meant to continue what I myself wanted to convey through this current sequence of posts on the same overall topic, rather than making this post now a direct reply to Don, I’ll just keep  on my own track, and say what I wanted to say anyway… knowing that by doing so I’ll be at the same time answering further Don’s concerns.

So I’d like to go back to the two texts from Sri Aurobindo quoted in my previous post:

Why did I quote them, first of all?

Well, together with Mother’s later re-formulation of her own corresponding Message, these two texts from Sri Aurobindo had been also mentioned by her to Satprem in relation to the same subject, so I felt it was only fair to quote this whole addition asked for by the Mother, just as it had been added indeed by Satprem in the final text of this passage of the Agenda on ‘Don’t try to be virtuous’.

But fairness wasn’t the only reason:

I felt also that both texts (which I knew and loved since long) truly shed on the whole topic of Psychological Healing such a powerful and clear and illuminating light, that they would be of great help for everybody, be it patient or medical doctor, and for still a very long time, as Sri Aurobindo indicated there the very central root of all psychological problems: the absence in most of us human beings of sufficient influence from our secret Divine Self, deep within as well as high above our superficial self with all its presently warring parts.

This indicates also then the obvious real solution: the necessity for each individual to reconnect and gradually re-identify with his/her true, Divine Self, so as to transform as well gradually those external parts into their potential divine reality, as perfected instruments of self-expression of the Divine in this world of Manifestation.

Such an immense overall understanding  and goal go way beyond what ordinary Psychology and Psychiatry perceive of Human Nature, but unless one gets that fuller picture of what we truly are, there is no way this needed inner balance and harmony can establish themselves in our being. Such a supremely important point makes these quotes an invaluable gift, just by itself already.

Given this fuller picture that is the all-pervasive basis for all that Sri Aurobindo and Mother taught from their own huge spiritual experience, Psychoanalysis in those early times was obviously rather inadequate, as Sri Aurobindo starts with saying, quite unequivocally. And yet Sri Aurobindo, in his vast wisdom, doesn’t put any blanket condemnation upon it. All that he says is carefully and clearly qualified: it is Freud he is talking about, and he explains exactly what is fundamentally wrong in Freud’s approach and all similar approaches. He wants us to understand why he doesn’t approve of it.

Not only does Sri Aurobindo point out why this approach is so wrong and actually dangerous, but he also describes what would be the correct way: finding the true Light first, then only – and cautiously –  using it to go into the intermediary strata of our inner, psychological being, with all their warring obscurities obscuring constantly our consciousness. and making us think, feel and act according to their whims instead of our real, spiritual inclination and will.

But Sri Aurobindo’s warning is qualified also time-wise: he himself underlies that these new discoveries Psychoanalysis prides itself of, are fragmentary and distorted because this aspiring new science is only in its infancy. Far from condemning it forever, at the end of what he writes, he expresses full confidence on the contrary that a day will come when the real knowledge in that field will gradually emerge and be used successfully for the benefit of all.

So, seeing this wonderful clarity and precision in Sri Aurobindo’s two texts, I felt no one could possibly misinterpret them if not by their own inattentive and mistaken reading of them. I knew that risk still could be there in my readers, but I gave them at least the benefit of the doubt, so to say, trusting their own better judgement and sheer thinking capacity!…

After seeing yesterday the immediate and somewhat indignant reaction from Don against my publishing those texts, I wondered what may have caused the difference in his perception and my own perception of whether those two texts were still useful reading, or by now totally outdated, given the huge strides forward in the right direction that have happened since then in that field of medical research and practice (see Don’s second comment, about Dan Sieger, about that).

The major difference, obviously to me, stems quite simply from the place in the world  and the social context in which each of us lives:

Don was born and lives in the USA, and in a city there where all such subjects are part to a large extent of normal life, thanks to the relatively high level of education and intellectuality in most of the population. A psychologist himself, together with his equally qualified wife he has written a book and is putting together a website about what I would call the New Psychology. From what he has himself written in his comments yesterday, one can see he is part just naturally of those circles of researchers in this field who meet or communicate often, nationally and internationally, All know of the latest advances, and are  able to have access, themselves and their family, to the most advanced psychological care that they already know is available, if ever they find themselves in psychological or psychiatric trouble. They somehow take all that for granted, it’s just ‘normal life’ for them.

Well, the situation is utterly different in the part of the world where, although French, I live by choice since 1972: Auroville, near Puducherry (ex-Pondicherry), South India. This is rural Tamil Nadu, with only a few big cities far and between. The new discoveries and new ways of New Psychology have a hard time here reaching and infiltrating mentalities still steeped in antiquated educative systems where the Freudian concepts remain hugely the predominant, if often subconscious (!) basis of understanding for those in the masses sufficiently educated to have at least heard of such notions at all. Even in the top level of really educated people, changing the old beliefs one has received isn’t easy: the ego is there too, which prevented Sigmund Freud himself from ever accepting that some of his theories may be wrong, even when his faithful student Carl Jung had the courage to point out to him what didn’t seem to be correct… Patients in areas of the world where Dan Siegel isn’t even heard of can at least use the clues given by Sri Aurobindo, as clear criteria for selecting the doctor whose approach will not harm them…

So my quiet conclusion is that Don and myself are actually both right in our different perceptions of the need still, or not, of those two texts by Sri Aurobindo. It all depends on the context in which we live and on the audience we are thinking of and trying to reach and help when we write. We are complementary, I would say. In this way,  our long mutual appreciation makes us a good bridge between the two worlds we each live in and identify ourselves with to some extent, however subconsciously… Oops! Here comes Freud again, surreptitiously, in our generalized acceptation of at least that basic discovery he did make, that was true, and confirmed by Sri Aurobindo then: the existence of the Subconscious!

I’ll end with celebrating with Don and inviting everyone to read that most wonderful other text by Sri Aurobindo that Don took the trouble to find again in order to quote it in his next comment… It summarizes indeed what we both agree deeply about, which fills up our life, and that we both found only in Sri Aurobindo.

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PS: Yes, this morning, after a good night of rest, my cells have been happy to peacefully participate in the creation of this article… But now, enough is enough!… 😊














Lettre à un ami plus jeune, pour sa Fête

Cher toi,

bien que nos choix respectifs de vie nous aient séparés physiquement depuis longtemps, nous avons plaisir à communiquer parfois sur Facebook et son Messenger, surtout au moment de nos anniversaires à l’un et à l’autre.

Aujourd’hui c’est le tien. Mais comme ce que je vais te dire sera valable et, qui sait, intéressant, aussi pour d’autres, aujourd’hui je te l’écris à travers ce nouvel article à mettre sur mon Blog de Recherche, que tu connais un peu, sans pour autant le lire régulièrement.

Grâce à nos petits échanges sur Messenger, j’ai appris il y a déjà un an que tu te posais en fait des questions sur la Vie, du point de vue métaphysique mais avec aussi une exigence scientifique. Tu m’as même envoyé le lien vers le séminaire audio conçu et présenté par Stephen XXX, qui semble t’avoir plu.

Il se trouve que j’ai moi aussi depuis toujours la même approche à la fois spirituelle et scientifique. Ne vivant pas ici à Auroville, tu ne peux pas te rendre compte de ce en quoi mon travail ici – très officiel depuis 1984, mais déjà aussi ma passion et ma raison de vivre depuis 1971 – ,consiste véritablement. En vérité, le “Laboratoire de l’Évolution” en question existe principalement “in vivo”, et cela, tout d’abord en moi-même, plus quelques autres personnes, d’Auroville et d’ailleurs, qui font un travail similaire et ont choisi de le faire en collaboration avec moi, car elles me considèrent comme à la pointe de la recherche dans ce domaine de l’Évolution Consciente non seulement à Auroville mais dans le reste du monde aussi. Je sais bien, on a toujours l’air de se vanter, mais enfin il faut tout de même que tu le saches, sinon tu continueras toujours à me voir comme la personne “ordinaire” que tu as connue autrefois, au lieu de la “spécialiste” que de manière bien inattendue je suis devenue dans ce domaine, y compris la Conscience Cellulaire, avec sa partie la plus avancée: le Yoga des Cellules.

Je t’explique tout cela parce que ce sont justement mes cellules, en pleine évolution spirituelle depuis 1978, qui ce matin au réveil ont écrit pour toi le petit poème suivant:

Nous les cellules, nous apprenons

Comment rester jeunes à jamais

Et devenir, d’un corps-prison,

Corps de Délice, vivant Palais

Pour l’Esprit, pleinement conscient

En Soi, et aussi en ce corps

Explorant l’Éternel Présent,

Mais devenu Délice d’Or…

Tout EST, dans ce Spacieux Présent,

Tout EST d’avance – en Potentiel,

Pour que nous, en le choisissant,

À chaque instant rendions RÉEL

Le chemin, tracé par nos choix,

D’une aventure (ou promenade!)

Vécue à la manière d’un Roi,

D’un esclave, ou d’une Ménade,

Selon ce qu’il nous plaît de vivre

En notre exploration joyeuse

De tout l’Infini des Possibles:

Tout attire nos Âmes rieuses!

Jusqu’à ce qu’elles aient eu leur content

De vies de Malheur et Douleur,

Pour, ayant goûté ce Piment,

Mieux savourer la Vie Bonheur…

Ce corps en tous cas a sa dose

De tout ce Piment trop brûlant

Trop présent en bien trop de choses.

Mais ce n’est pas en s’en allant

Qu’il veut résoudre ce problème:

Délice d’Or il deviendra!

Alors l’Abbaye de Thélème

Sera vraie: “Fais ce que voudras”…

Car la Matière sera Reine

Autant que l’Esprit sera Roi,

La Vie ici sera sereine

Et la Terre, un autre “Chez moi”

Pour nos esprits explorateurs

Aux corps enfin invulnérables

Et donc eux aussi amateurs

De la Vie Vraie, impérissable…

Évoluer rend cela possible:

La Vraie Victoire, bien matérielle!

Qui de vous la prendra pour Cible

Et ainsi la rendra RÉELLE?

Voilà donc ce qu’elles m’ont dicté à ton intention ce matin, pour t’aider (je suppose) à comprendre un peu mieux la Vie, et nous-mêmes, y compris nos corps et leurs cellules. en ce grand tournant évolutif terrestre que nos vivons en ce moment.

J’espère que tu apprécieras leur petit cadeau. Elles m’étonnent constamment par leur simplicité, leur sagesse, et aussi leur courage. Leur vie en ce corps a tout à fait changé depuis qu’elles ont découvert avec émerveillement le Divin et sa Lumière d’Amour. Elles me font tout à fait penser aux Hobbits!!!


Et on s’aime tant réciproquement… C’est une pure grâce de se connaître!

Alors BONNE FÊTE, donc, avec tous mes meilleurs voeux à moi aussi, pour toi et tes propres cellules!…

De tout coeur,






Our LOE-CHU 2O17-18 Report to SAIIER

Our LOE-CHU functions within Auroville under the umbrella of a special Trust regrouping Auroville’s educational and cultural activities: the Sri Aurobindo International Institute of Educational Research (SAIIER).

Here is the report we have recently submitted for this school-year:


SAIIER Annual Report – Sub-unit ‘Laboratory of Evolution – Centre for Human Unity’ (LOE- CHU), for 2017-18

2/ Executives:

– for the Research: Bhaga

– for the Specialized Library: Kalyani

3/ Report writer for both teams: Bhaga (from the write-ups kindly sent by all members).

4/ Introduction: (A few sentences.  Why does the sub-unit exist, what are its aims?)

The LOE-CHU, founded like SAIIER itself in 1984 on the suggestion of Sri Kireet Joshi, is dedicated to the study of and research about all that can help humanity towards the new step of Evolution as described by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother – that is, including Human Unity, the very goal of Auroville.

– One main aspect of our work is our Specialized Library: a center of Documentation (in all media) for Research in all fields related to Evolution and Human Unity. The Head-Librarian and coordinator of that team is Kalyani, with the help of Olivier, the second pillar of our Library.

– The other main aspect of the LOE-CHU’’s work is of course Research, not only academic, but also through documented direct experience, which in turn enables us to give particularly rich and interesting workshops and seminars to people interested in learning about what Conscious Evolution through the Integral Yoga means in practice. Bhaga, the original Founder of the LOE-CHU as a whole, is the Head-Researcher and coordinator of that other team, the second pillar of which is Namah.

5/ Activities of this year: (In general and/or highlights.  Who, what, when…)

For our Library, the theme of this year was renovation. A new member joined the Library of LOE-CHU (a retired engineer) who dedicates his time to all over maintenance and repairs in the place. Also the official celebration, in February, of Auroville’s 50th birthday, brought about the renovation of our external walls and the landscaping of our immediate surroundings – a most welcome embellishment.

As for the Research team, it has included this year not only Namah besides Bhaga, but also a beloved previous member from many years ago, Egle, now back in Auroville, this time with her husband and three small kids, but keen on joining again our LOE-CHU Research work. Yet another Newcomer, Irena (also with a small family), has chosen the LOE-CHU as the framework in which to do her own Research work in Dance Therapy, mostly through a special Dance technique known as ‘Dance of the 5 Rhythms’. Because of these two new members and also other factors explained below, our report will show an unexpected but wide diversification of our usual activities.

In the case of Egle’s contribution, it has been so specific and interesting in both the two successive forms it took, that the two little reports she wrote about those two experiments have been kept as such, separately, at the end of this overall LOE-CHU Report.

Irena’s write-up will be only for next year, as this year she still had to travel two times in order to complete her qualification as a Teacher for the Dance of the 5 Rhythms; but Bhaga and her have met often and followed up on each other’s work in ways that have already established mutual respect and warm reciprocal appreciation.

Now for Namah’s and Bhaga’s work:

Over the year, several French groups attended Namah’s workshops about Auroville, discovering with her help different subjects of study available in our community. Programs were offered by her on the Integral Yoga, in French, for guests as well as Aurovilians. Namah’s main interest and focus here is to make understandable an Unending Education (as in Auroville’s own Charter by Mother) according to Sri Aurobindo’s integral psychology. Besides these personal activities, every week Namah participated in the regular meetings of the group Lîlâ-CIRHU, this year studying particularly ‘’La Genèse du Surhomme” (by Satprem) and coming up collectively with the conception of a whole Exhibition on the subject, realized from 15th February to 15th of March for Auroville’s 50th birthday, a big event celebrated by that group in that way.

All along this year, Namah was also part of Bhaga’s regular meetings with a small group composed of other Aurovilians (mostly from the Lîlâ-CIRHU Group), sharing among themselves observations about body and cells’ consciousness based on Sri Aurobindo and Mother’s experiences, and Bhaga’s own ongoing researches.

The continued, weekly activity of this small Cellular Consciousness Research Group has constituted for Bhaga one main new aspect of her regular Research work this year, made possible now that she has, right at her home in Luminosity, but downstairs


the little office for Research which our official LOE-CHU space within the Bharat Nivas compound cannot anymore include, as that space is becoming too small even for our Library alone.

In this additional office place she could also receive, during the Winter months, the two regular visitors from France, two ladies both from the medical field, who come since three years to learn and practice ever more about their own cellular consciousness, and the Integral Yoga as a whole. A young French man, a doctor too, has also been coming on his own for the same purpose.

Another very interesting new area of Research in that new little office has been for Bhaga the fact that two young Newcomers, both from the local Tamil villages around Auroville, have asked her to teach them (separately) about the deeper meanings of Auroville, and, in the case of one of them, even about the Integral Yoga and the Conscious Evolution it implies, including at the cellular level of one’s being. Educational principles too were asked about, as both those two young men had small children. This was a very interesting opportunity for Bhaga to find the different approach needed for explaining such things to them, given their cultural background, instead of the approach she uses for Westerners. The new approach she found turned out to be very appreciated and fruitful.

A fourth major new field of experimental research came up for Bhaga when, from September on, new devotional songs came to her, as is the case since 1975, but those ones were on African rhythms, and in celebration of this Africa where Bhaga was born and grew up until teen-age. Together with those songs came a revival of her inner link with Africa, not only in this lifetime but in some ancient previous ones as well. Other inner links that had already revealed themselves through memories of the Psychic Being (the Being of the Soul) were reactivated too in her body-consciousness: France of course, but also ancient Siberia, for example, among many other areas of the world. A sort of widening of the body-consciousness was taking place through the awakening of the very diverse cultural identities buried in it over many lifetimes. This brought about in Bhaga a whole direct understanding from within, of how the various Cultural Pavilions of Auroville’s International Zone can be used by each person towards his or her own Human Unity through Diversity: they can do it even within their individual consciousness, if it integrates present but also ancient cultural memories coming from their body-cells and their Psychic Being.

6/ Outcomes: (What was created; who benefited and how?)

This year our Librarians went through the classification of our books and tried to be sharper in defining each one’s main subject and connection with the work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

In the Research field, a compilation on the aspects of the different planes of the being was done by Namah. The research was to classify elements of our life, our psychological aspects and our behavior belonging to each plane, and to find effective practices which could help towards transformation of the whole being. In that way, as many as 40 different inner exercises were prepared and put together by Namah for concentration and relaxation, at the physical, mental and vital levels.

Like Namah’s workshops, the exercises she creates are in French, and so are a real boon especially for the many French speaking people who visit Auroville, often regularly, or live here.

Bhaga can use either French or English for her courses and workshops, and also her songs can be in either or both languages, as the Songs to Africa were. Those songs led to a whole little event during Auroville’s Golden Jubilee Week, in which these songs were sung and danced at the African Pavilion by herself and a few others from that Pavilion, as its special contribution to the general celebrations, and a symbolic inner call for the awakening of Africa itself to the evolutive spirituality of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

This direct contact and collaboration between the LOE-CHU Research and the African Pavilion has been enriching for both sides, and has been beneficial inwardly for many of the guests from everywhere who were at the time staying there, and expressed their gratitude.

Bhaga’s lived insight about the possible use of several Cultural Pavilions by single individuals with multiple cultural identities will help realize in the persons themselves the needed harmony between all the Pavilions in the International Zone.

Not only more Aurovilians are now valuing and practicing Cellular Consciousness, but through the three medical persons also coming regularly to Bhaga for the same purpose, it is the entire medical and scientific world that starts being touched by word of mouth. In the same way, the kind of persons who come for Namah’s workshops spread the word about it among others of the same generally high social milieu, not yet reached often enough by the deeper levels of Yoga beyond the usual (Hatha) Yoga as practiced in the West.

7/ Reflexions: (What was most meaningful this year?  What was challenging and what was learned?)

Regarding our Specialized Library, the feedback of the guests was overwhelmingly positive this year. We have over the years constituted quite a large  collection of rare, very interesting books, which attracts the researchers and often they remark that a lot of those books are not anymore available in their countries.

Our Research work too has been especially appreciated this year, by a growing number of Aurovilians of increasingly diverse origins, as well as by the outsiders, very diverse too, that came in particularly great numbers in this Golden Jubilee Year. That in itself was also a challenge at times, but thanks to the Divine Grace our little team has managed to do nevertheless all that was needed!… In several occasions we were even able to be together for a specific activity or event organized by one of us, and this was especially pleasant for ourselves, as usually we are too busy with our separate lines of work to meet, except at times kept for that purpose, at least among the Research team.

Bhaga’s continued participation once a week in the Library work does indeed help bridge the gap that had existed some years ago between the Library and the Research teams, due to lack of communication and the misunderstandings that are the usual result. More interactions, along with mutual goodwill, have this year created a shared feeling of more cohesion among us, which is a very encouraging sign for our own internal ongoing experiment as the ‘Centre for Human Unity’.

8/ Conclusion: (Any final remarks, and/or intentions for next year).

We will continue to maintain with great care our books, as they are precious and some of them unique. Quite a number of them have been donated by our regular customers, as well as guests.

And we will continue to also maintain with great care our internal relations within the LOE-CHU, including those Aurovilians who at some point have been members of our overall team, and also the new ones who might like to help. In this year of Auroville’s Golden Jubilee, a need is felt, not only to reprint books published long ago, as still very useful and beautiful, but also to take up again and finally bring to fruition some previous projects that had met with a very positive response, and then for various reasons have not been completed. A book about the main aspects and results of the LOE-CHU Research is also long overdue. With the help of Paulina, young student just arrived (April 18th) from Germany as an Intern at the LOE-CHU RESEARCH for the next six months, it will hopefully become possible to materialize such a book, mostly from Bhaga’s ongoing Research Blog started in 2011, ‘Lab of Evolution’ ( and from other relevant documents.

With so much great work to be realized as soon as possible, it is not yet time for much interaction with other groups in Auroville: a strict focus will have first to be kept on our own LOE-CHU work, if it is to be made more visible and more useful for Auroville and humanity as a whole.



  1. Name of sub-unit:  LOE-CHU Research “Children Activity Garden” – Family Garden in a friendly home environment
  2. 2. Sub-unit executive for this specific activity: Egle
  3. 3. Report writer: Egle
  4. 4. Introduction: (A few sentences. Why does the sub-unit exist, what are its aims?)

This project has been conducted from December 2016 till August 2017. First, it was created out of a necessity, since (at this moment) there were not enough spaces for all kids in existing Auroville Kindergartens. Secondly the project holder together with a few other parents were interested in creating a space, where parents and children can spend time together in a friendly home-environment. Which means that parents could participate in the activities of children or just observe the life of the children or even bring their own work and just be there. But this was not an obligation. Parents had a choice to stay there or to leave the children. Also “Children Activity Garden” was open till 3 pm and not just till lunch (like the other Auroville) KGs, for those families who would have this need.of an extended caring time for their children.

The Educational Guidelines were based on the free-choice harmonious education, taken from Russian educator and yogi, Bokatov. We didn’t strive to create a complete so-called “free-choice” or “just play” environment. The aim was, as also stressed out by Bokatov, to allow children to make their own choices. But choices within a structure, not to choose out of “infinity”, which is overwhelming for a child and many educators have seen that also just free-play doesn’t work. At “Children Activity Garden” we created a schedule offering various subjects and activities for children, leaving them the choice to participate or not.

  1. Activities of the year: (In general and/or highlights.  Who, what, when…)

Activities offered have been: arts & crafts, music and singing, dance, yoga, theatre, swimming, circus, gardening, visiting animals, etc

  1. 6. Outcomes: (What was created; who benefited and how?)

From this experience, mostly this place was beneficial for pre-newcomers, newcomers and guests of Auroville with children. Most of them do not get place for their children in Auroville kindergartens, and some not straight away. Also we had many families from India, not just foreigners. One mother from Pune said that she is coming to Auroville since 6 years and never had a possibility to do any activities which interested her, as she always ended up having to do children activities with her kids. So it was the first year when she could have time for herself.

Newcomer families, who do not get place straight away at AV kindergartens, benefited as well, since the requirements from the Entry Group are very strict concerning the working hours of newcomers – without taking into account the fact that some families have small children and cannot possibly work full time anywhere, as they have to look after their kids also during the day.

Also benefited, those families who have not been happy with existing kindergartens in Auroville and were looking for an alternative.

  1. Reflections: (What was most meaningful this year?  What was challenging and what was learned?)

It was a beautiful year of meeting very interesting and friendly families, where we all became like one big family and got new friends. It was this beautiful home atmosphere and freedom, with the possibility of choices for the parents as well, which made this project so remarkable.

But it has been challenging to organise everything by ourselves, while not being a part of SAIIER (the project was not accepted). For example, it was not possible to get “Play of Painting” classes or transport for outings (we had to pay taxi each time), swimming pool and circus was quite expensive.

So in general, it became clear that it is not so efficient nor pleasant to do something “outside” of the system.

One of the reasons for stopping of the project was, that it was quite tiresome to have these many kids and parents daily at home. A second reason had a financial character: we had quite some expenses, like food, materials, helper for cleaning, and we have been paying maintenance for 2 educators. Those costs we shared among families involved. But sometimes there were periods, when not so many kids were there and we had to pay from our personal money. It was not always the case, but when the main families were guests and newcomers, we didn’t have this feeling of stability that would have been better.

  1. Conclusion: (Any final remarks, and/or intentions for next year.)

Even if we had to close our place for those few reasons, during this year it became very clear that there is really a need for families of Guests, pre-Newcomers and Newcomers of such a place for their children in Auroville. There was so much joy, sharing and thankfulness coming from them all.

So, if someone in Auroville would organise this again, permanently, it would be for sure appreciated. Just, it should a part of some bigger organisation and get some funds and support – hopefully from SAIIER itself.

  1. Links and attachments: Photos (please attach as separate files), links to videos and websites, any other supplementary material that you would like to share).

Website of “Children Activity Garden”, created as a gift to us by one the participating family:


  1. Name of sub-unit: LOE-CHU Research, Brain training and assessment project 
  2. 2. Sub-unit executive: Bhaga
  3. 3. Report writer: Egle
  4. 4. Introduction: (A few sentences. Why does the sub-unit exist, what are its aims?)

Since the very beginning of the LOE-CHU in 1984, it was a dream of Bhaga to work and do some research with Biofeedback devices in general, and particularly the method called Neuro-feedback. This is a modern technological development, which allows a person to receive an immediate feedback of one’s brain activities. Until now these technologies have been very expensive and available only in the hospitals.

We have got the equipment from one interesting and progressive Dutch company, which helps people to understand their brain activities, how these influence their life and how their reality and life can change, if they manage to change the brain patterns.

Mainly neuro-feedback is used very effectively as a therapeutic tool in cases of many psychological problems, such as ADHS, depression, trauma, dementia, etc.

Our aim at LOE-CHU was to see the patterns of the brain, but not only to concentrate on the problems and to heal them. The aim of all these training sessions is in the final stage to learn to reach meditational states of mind (Alpha-Theta brain waves balance) fast and at will.  Since the brain receives an immediate feedback, it sees what happens and learns to reach or change the brain wave patters quite fast. It can be compared with learning to ride a bicycle.

  1. Activities of the year: (In general and/or highlights.  Who, what, when…)

The project has been created for Aurovilians with the aim of training and research. We have made 30 brain waves assessments and quite some brain training sessions with 5 Aurovilians.

Some people after getting the test results said that they could observe some changes in their lives and behaviour, even without undergoing the training. Alone the awareness and knowledge of one’s brain activities already gave to those people a tool to work upon their difficulties and to strengthen the positive ways of their brain.

Also it was interesting to observe, that when people concentrated on special chakras or meditated, the test results changed immediately. So, the participants knew, that if they concentrated or just closed their eyes, that could change the brain activity, which in turn changes the mental and psychological condition.

  1. 6. Outcomes: (What was created; who benefited and how?)

We have started a long-term project, because to change some brain patterns, which one can have after traumatic experience or even since childhood, takes a long time. It could take a 6 month weekly training. And, as the creators of the equipment suggest, only then it is possible to work on meditational states and reaching them at will. As they say, in meditational state “we can do more, while doing less”. Because in meditational state brain works most efficiently and without loosing too much energy. This goes of course in alignment with the practice of yoga.

  1. Reflections: (What was most meaningful this year? What was challenging and what was learned?)

It was very interesting to see in retrospective, once knowing the brain patterns of a person, how is one’s personality, character, attitudes, etc. It is an interesting psychological research subject. Everything is connected and the influence goes both ways. Change the mood and the brain patterns change. Change the brain patterns, and the mood will change.

It was also evident, that each brain is very individual, though some similarities have been observed among very long term Aurovilians.

Although all this is very interesting and there were lots of requests from Aurovilians to have at least the test, even if not continuing with the training, the experiment was challenging. The biggest challenge was related to the equipment itself: the equipment always stresses out the “difficulties” of the brain and not the beauty, the authenticity, etc. This is the limitation of this technology and, of course, it was mainly created as a therapeutic tool.

So, to continue with the research in meditational states of mind, we probably would be able todo it once people underwent the training.

For example, one test person had great mental capacity, fast working brain and at the same time was able to go into meditational trance state (theta-delta) within minutes. But the equipment was not able “to see” the advantages of this brain, and stressed out the unbalances here and there, etc.

  1. Conclusion: (Any final remarks, and/or intentions for next year).

It was quite a challenge practically too, since only one person knew how to work with this equipment, while there were plenty of interested people to have the test and to proceed with the training. It is a very personal work, so time wise it is simply not possible to work with all wiling people. We would need a few more machines and more people to conduct the test and the training.

  1. Links and attachments: Photos (please attach as separate files), links to videos and websites, any other supplementary material that you would like to share).

This is the website of the scientists and researchers who have created this equipment for an affordable price, and there is a lot of information about neuro-feedback and its benefits:


‘The Most Benevolent Outcome’


Ending of a Live Channeling of KRYON by Lee Carroll on December 4th, 2016, titled ‘WHEN THE BUTTERFLY FLAPS ITS WINGS’, just now transcribed and added to the long list of the existing Transcriptions on the KRYON site… right on time for the ‘Big Prediction’ Kryon mentions in the Channeling, that was supposed to happen around the present date: lee2011brown

We told you that your recent election brought you a wild card. The definition of a wild card is something totally and completely unexpected and out of time. It then changes things from then on. You have a wild card as your president-elect [channelled December 2016]. Now I beg you, wipe away the bias. It’s hard for some! Wipe it away and listen to this for just a moment, because this is the first time and perhaps the last that I’ll ever tell you this: There are those on this planet right now who can sense the fractals in the time circle. They are called pre-cogs. They have precognition from sensing what is coming on the circle of time repeating itself.

Your government knows about them and actually employs them! They are the few who can sense what is already there, because time is in a circle. Remember? Fractal time presents elements of energy that come at you in this circle; therefore, they can be sensed and made into predictions.

The Big Prediction

There is one prediction that stands out and it started to be seen last year or slightly before. The prediction, based on fractals, is that you’re going to have a major, potentially total, complete financial collapse in about February or March 2017.

Many of you have heard this and it’s frightening. The pre-cogs started talking about it, and then there were others who started talking about it. The closer it got, the more it was talked about. Now this also follows some logic, because the ones who study patterns of finance, stocks, investments and national debt see the pattern also. They started yelling, too, “It’s coming! Can’t you see it?” Some analysts are telling you to capture all your assets in another form, right away. Many are saying that banks will fail soon. What I want to tell you is that they were correct. The fractal does, indeed, have that energy!

The Butterfly Effect

Do you know what I’m going to tell you next? A man named Edward Lorenz gave a philosophy: When a butterfly flaps its wings, something major could happen in the future. It’s because little things change bigger things and bigger things change even bigger things. He is right, and a wild card is a huge butterfly.

Here is what I want to tell you today. A majority was expecting a certain outcome to your election. Instead, you got a wild card. Let me tell you why: If the expected had happened, the financial systems would have stayed in place exactly the way they were. The one you expected would have taken over from the other and the systems that were bound to fail would have gone right into that very place and exploded into economic dysfunction. There would have been no reason to change anything for the one you expected, because the sense was that it was all working well.

Pretend you’re a visitor from space and you have no invested interest or bias at all in what has happened. You’re looking down in a metaphysical way and you’re saying, “Isn’t it interesting how this wild card is going to change what would have happened in February or March?” Are you understanding what I’m telling you?

Perhaps putting a stick in everything and turning it quickly is what was needed right now? This would be in order to change that specter of complete and total financial failure. I want you to see what’s going to happen, and not to fear it when some seeds of it may still occur – like a hiccup in the system when it gets too elevated. But I’ll tell you that without this wild card, it would have been “same old, same old”, right to where the fruition of the problem would be. Then the pre-cogs would have been right. The fractal time potentials would have then proved themselves accurate. But instead, the main energy of the financial horror has been potentially voided because of the wild card. Remember, it was Humans with free choice and a free system that you designed who put the wild card in place.

Moving Forward

“Kryon, what’s going to happen next?” Dear ones, it’s up to you. What’s the most benevolent outcome? What you say and do is like placing an order to the Universe and the field. What is the order you’re going to place in the next months? Think of it as writing your take on all this and giving it to the “universal waitress”. What’s going to come to your table? Aren’t you tired of ordering that which is the lowest expectation? Aren’t you tired of expecting horrible things from other people, then getting them? What are you going to do with this? Physics is on your side, dear ones, and has your back. However, you are in control of what happens next, by what you expect.

Like other wild cards that you received before, the design is that you can continue on and this planet can grow faster because of it. It won’t have to be dragged down for years and years and years through a major collapse of the world economy. That’s the message of the day.

Can you feel the entourage yet? Can you feel the smiles and the joy of those who know the potentials of the future you have? You are in control, yet some of you feel so out of control. I want you to consider this message. I want you to watch what happens on the planet and I want you to adjust into a way where you can get up in the morning and place your order. Remember, think “most benevolent outcome” from everything you see. Order things that are joyful and that reflect the passing of the days of the ignorance of the six-year-old. Let that instead be replaced by maturity, wisdom and compassion.

I hope this helps to shed light on how things work in this new energy. There are more wild cards coming and some of them will be inventions. They will be mostly for the health and well-being and peacefulness of humanity on the planet.

I’m closing now. There will be those listening to this that will walk out and say, “That’s ridiculous. I know Human nature.” Dear ones, they have just placed their order!

Be peaceful. Relax into yourself and be your own parent. Take the hand of your Higher-Self this day, and when you do, you’ll live longer.

I am Kryon, in love with humanity and for good reason.

And so it is.










Bruce Lipton’s Revelations through three Videos from Hay House

Slightly modified, a communication I received recently from Hay House  (all my thanks to them) about one of my most beloved scientists: Bruce Lipton!… With a link added here to at least one of the three videos, which can also be found on Youtube. I hope you will enjoy everything as much as I did!…


Dear Bhaga,

Your body is a biological wonder and houses trillions of living things to keep you healthy. But we can compromise this system through lack of understanding of our basic biology.

In his next free video, Bruce Lipton, stem cell biologist howbeliefscontrolbiology-brucelipton and best-selling author of The Biology of Belief debunks some of the commonly held beliefs surrounding:
Vaccines: He uncovers the difficulties of vaccinating children under the age of 3 with under-the-skin injections.

Tonsils: He explains the confusion around what tonsils are for and, demystifies how they address toxins in your body and unveil their true purpose. (Hint: It’s about building your immune system.)

Antibiotics: He lays out how antibiotics threaten your body’s balance of good and bad bacteria in what is known as your “microbiome” and how to rebalance yourself once you’ve taken them.
3 Truths About Your Biology

Click Here to Play Video 3 »
Through this video you’ll discover that the fundamental belief that the immune system kills everything that comes into the body is not true. In addition, you’ll learn that bacteria are critical to our health and we need to replenish them after a round of antibiotics.

In his first two videos, Bruce lays the foundation of how exactly your beliefs play into your genetic expression. He calls into question currently held beliefs surrounding ideas like “If I have the gene for cancer, I will get it,” and divulges the freedom you’ll experience when you take back the power of your life and health.
Your Genes Don’t Cause Disease; Your Beliefs Do

Click Here to Play Video 1 »
Why Cancer Genes Are Changed Based on Beliefs

Click Here to Play Video 2 »
I hope these videos have been eye-opening and helped you better understand the connection between your thoughts and your body. Don’t forget to leave Bruce your comments on the video pages; He wants to hear the insights you’re getting from all these videos.

Please watch for Bruce’s final video in this series to learn how you can better understand the revolutionary science behind belief. This video is a great way for curious, skeptical or fact-oriented people to see how spirituality can be explained through scientific facts.

Wishing You the Best,
Reid Tracy
CEO, Hay House

The Wonderful Effects of Being Grateful

My being given a beautiful flat at ‘Luminositty’ has been, at the deepest level, a result of my being grateful to the Divine even for things that could have seemed unjust, and of my expecting everything to always turn out to be a blessing, even if in disguise (see my recent post:

The amusing little drawing down below (courtesy depicts quite exactly the present general situation between the two inner attitudes in us, human beings:


Interestingly, I just happened upon an article in ‘Collective Evolution’ mentioning a whole scientific study about just those attitudes of mind (and heart), so I am glad to share that article with you too immediately, as it could bring about a crucial turning-point in your own life too:

How Counting Your Blessings Vs. Burdens Can Actually Make You Happier, According To Science
Posted: 21 Jan 2017 11:02 AM PST

Well, look at the bright side… We’ve all heard this advice before, and if we haven’t, there’s a good chance we’ve said it to a friend who is in need of some cheering up.

But, what good does it do to look at the bright side? Does it actually make us feel better or does it just temporarily distract us from the less desirable emotions we are feeling at the time? This is not to say that we should only focus on the positive – that is to deny a part of ourselves and this world we live in; without the dark we would not be aware of the light.

When we count our blessings versus our burdens, however, it can actually increase our mood  – by up to 25%, according to the following study. When we are constantly thinking about what is going wrong, we aren’t leaving much room for thinking what is going right. By switching up your thought process, you will eventually start noticing your blessings more regularly and less of the burdens. If you are someone who believes in the law of attraction, this means you will be attracting more positivity into your life.

Practicing Gratitude Can Increase Your Overall Happiness

A study conducted by Emmons and McCollough in 2003 outlined the positive impact that practicing gratitude can have on our well-being. Research was carried out with three experimental groups over a 10-week period, Dr. Robert A. Emmons described the study in his new book ‘thanks!’

The first group was asked to write down five things they were grateful for that had happened in the last week for each of the 10 weeks of the study. This was called the gratitude condition.
The second group was asked to write down five daily annoyances or hassles from the previous week. This was the hassles condition.
The third group was asked to simply listed five events that had occurred in the last week, but not told to focus on either positive or negative aspects. This was the events or control condition.
The types of things people listed in the grateful condition included:

Sunset through the clouds.
The chance to be alive
The generosity of friends
The right to vote
And in the hassles condition:

Hard to find parking
Burned my macaroni and cheese
No money for gas
Before the experiment began, participants had kept daily journals to keep track of their moods, physical health, and general attitudes. These observations were then used to provide a comparison for after the 10 week experiment was finished.

The results of the study concluded that happiness levels were up by 25%. Those who were in the gratitude condition were more optimistic about the future, they felt better about their lives, and they even did on average about 1.5 more hours of exercise per week than those who where in the hassles or events condition. It’s amazing to think that all of this can be achieved just from focusing on your blessings rather than your burdens.

How Can You Implement More Gratitude Into Your Daily Life?

Depending on your current state, sometimes it can feel difficult to find things that you are grateful for. You may be going through a challenging experience, a break-up, the loss of a loved one, financial insecurity, but despite these challenges, there are always things to be grateful for. The more you make the effort to take note of these things, the easier this will become. It becomes a habit; much like the contrary, only focusing on the burdens in your life becomes a habit as well.

Gratitude Challenge

Who’s up for a challenge?! I challenge anyone reading this to start keeping a gratitude journal. Everyday, for one month, write down one thing that you are grateful for. It can be so simple! If you’ve had a particularly bad day, but your dog came and licked your nose you could write that down. You can literally put anything at all that you are grateful to have in your life.

If you have trouble sticking to these types of tasks, you can try something that has worked well for me in the past –enlist a friend. Find a friend who might be interested in trying this challenge out as well. Everyday send a text to your friend telling them at least one thing that you are grateful for, and in turn, they will send you one thing they are grateful for as well. This way you will hold yourself accountable. And if one forgets, hopefully the other will remember.

At the end of the month, reflect back on the month and see if your mood has changed or if you have felt more inspired to treat yourself well, and if overall your happiness has increased.

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life

You see, life is all about perception. As Oprah Winfrey has said:

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”

If all you are focusing on is what is going wrong, then you will never see what is going right. Change your focus, see what happens!

Much Love


(Well, I do like this sweet greeting in the end also, don’t you?…)

The 17-18th November Darshan Has Again Come and Gone…

… And again it has been a most powerful event for me, as the Day that in 1973, when the Mother left her body, saw me get a Darshan indeed, first, early morning, of Her  Divine Infinite Being behind all there is, and later the same morning, also of Her new Form as it was seen with awe and wonder by my bewildered eyes, still open  for some reason to that subtle-physical dimension in which that new Form seemed to be taking shape.

From that new Form – an orange colored, slowly becoming more dense mist vibrant with incredible power – Something emanated into my whole being including the physical body, Something that only the third time around I was able to be calm and peaceful enough to let in, or rather drink in deeply.

Only about a year ago has it occurred to me that such an unbelievable infusion of this Something into my being at that very special time might have been actually the secret cause responsible for my becoming aware of my cells for the first time in 1976, three years later, and for the remarkably fast turning of some of those cells towards the Divine hardly a year later after that, in 1977 already – a rather speedy evolution of that cellular consciousness which I had never been able to explain to myself until I finally connected it to that tremendous 18th November Darshan in 1973… which has since then taken on for me all the more significance and importance, of course.

This year, the anniversary was on last Friday; I had already decided to go to Pondy (a very rare event for me nowadays) for another important reason, even before I noticed what date it would be… So again I have gone to sit for a long while in this Hall where now only Mother’s empty bed is kept, on which in 1973 her supposedly “dead” body had been visible to others, but strangely enough replaced for my vision by this more real, and utterly living other Form of it… It must have been somewhat ‘contagious’ as well, as Mother used to put it.

Probably some other bodies too must have benefited at that time from that very unusual ‘contagion’ in some way or another, with results we may hear about some day… or not. In my own case I am mentioning all this only because I am trying to put all these things in as scientific a light as Sri Aurobindo and the Mother wanted them to be studied so that the very process of Conscious Evolution may be better understood and consequently more efficiently practiced, particularly at that cellular level whose consciousness is so little known as yet.


Interestingly enough, on that 18th November 1973 I was still quite new to the Integral Yoga and to Auroville. It was hardly known yet to most disciples that Mother’s body had been undergoing some evolutive changes, let alone that any of that had become possibly ‘contagious’, so it was in all innocence that I happened to benefit from this ultimate Darshan in such an unforeseen manner and with such unexpected ongoing consequences. It is entirely due to the Divine Grace that I happened to have it seems the required cellular receptivity at that special moment. This must be one of the ways this divine Process of Evolution actually works… My most intense gratitude goes to the Mother and her body-cells for all the hard evolutive work that people like me, and all of us to some extent, are now benefiting from…

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