In Honor of Wayne Dyer, by NDEr Anita Moorjani

I, Bhaga, want to share with you all the article I received yesterday as the Newsletter from this wonderful NDEr called Anita Moorjani – and there is even more than the article, as you will see in the end:

Celebrating Wayne
Dear Bhaga,

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year to the day since our dear friend and teacher Wayne Dyer crossed over into the other side. I have dedicated my upcoming book, “What if This is Heaven?” to Wayne, and today, I’d like to share with you the Afterword from the book:

Just as I was completing the final chapters of this book, I received the shocking news that my dear friend Dr. Wayne Dyer had passed away.

Shortly before this news arrived, a few close friends had come over to have lunch with Danny and me at our new home in California. When my friend Jennifer McLean arrived, she was bearing a huge bouquet of orange roses.

“What’s with the orange?” she asked as she handed me the armful of flowers.

“What do you mean?” I responded with a curious smile as I happily accepted her gift, admiring the striking color and reveling in the sweet scent. They were absolutely stunning.

“While I was in the flower store, I was reaching for the red roses for you,” Jennifer explained, “but I kept hearing this voice in my head saying, ‘Get the orange ones. Get the orange ones!’ You obviously have a friend on the other side who really wanted you to have the orange roses!”

“Well, orange is my favorite color,” I said. “But I can’t think of who from the other realm would have told you that.” For a few moments, I worried that someone close to me might have passed away without me knowing and was trying to send me a message. But I soon got busy with the final preparations for lunch and forgot about my apprehension.

Shortly after, while we were sitting down to eat, my cell phone rang. When I looked at the caller ID, I saw that it was Maya Labos, who had been Wayne’s personal manager and right hand for the last 38 years. Because she travels with him on every trip, Maya and I have gotten extremely close since I’d been sharing the stage with Wayne for the past few years.

“Maya! What’s up?” I asked cheerfully as I answered the call.

“It’s Wayne,” came the tearful voice, and I already knew what was coming next. “He died in his sleep this morning. He’s gone.”

With those words, my heart sank to the pit of my stomach. I just couldn’t believe it was true. Wayne Dyer could not possibly be dead! I had just finished a speaking tour of Australia with him the week before, and he’d seemed positively pulsing with life—as always!

Then I remembered my earlier hunch that someone had crossed over, and I realized my premonition had been true after all. Wayne had known that orange was my favorite color. He often teased me backstage about my penchant for orange (my wallet, my phone case, and my purse are all orange). And he too had a thing for oranges—the fruit, that is. He always carried an orange onstage as a prop when explaining one of his famous analogies. Wayne was rarely, if ever, onstage without an orange, and he’d often toss it into the audience when he finished making his point.

In fact, his teaching about the orange was the last post made on his Facebook page before he died: “When you squeeze an orange, you’ll always get orange juice to come out. What comes out is what’s inside. The same logic applies to you: When someone squeezes you, puts pressure on you, or says something unflattering or critical, and out of you comes anger, hatred, bitterness, tension, depression, or anxiety, that is what’s inside. If love and joy are what you want to give and receive, change your life by changing what’s inside.”

I knew that giving the message to my friend Jennifer to get the orange roses was Wayne’s way of saying that he’s fine. And although I knew, probably better than most, that

Wayne was having a grand time where he was now—laughing and dancing in pure joy, bathed in the overwhelming feelings of unconditional love, free from pain, free from expectations, free to expand and transcend—I was still stunned and saddened.

Wayne had been my teacher, my mentor, and one of my biggest cheerleaders in the journey that he had invited me to begin as an author and a speaker. If he hadn’t discovered my story on the Internet and then told Hay House to track me down and invite me to write a book about my experience, I would not be a published author today, traveling the world, sharing my insights onstage, and seeing my life being made into a Hollywood movie!

While on tour at Hay House events, Wayne and I had often talked about the afterlife and the expansion that takes place once we leave the physical body. Now, I couldn’t help but smile as I imagined him experiencing this for himself firsthand.

Wayne is, and always was, a passionate teacher. That’s what he was put on this earth to do—to teach. And I doubt that shedding his body has stopped him. If anything, he’s even more passionate because now he can reach more people, all at once! He’s probably teaching in a far greater and grander way than he had ever hoped to accomplish while in the physical realm! Instead of being gone for good, he is now more accessible to the millions of people who love him, and he’s probably having a blast showing up in different creative ways for all the people he’s touched in some manner. Now that he is no longer restricted by the physical, Wayne is here, there, and everywhere!

One day, we will all transcend this physical plane into the infinite realm of the afterlife, and while many fear what lies beyond, crossing over is actually the easy part. Let me assure you that there is nothing to fear beyond the veil. Our true challenge is in trying to live a life of expansion, liberation, love, and joy here on the physical plane.

So my biggest message (inspired by both my NDE and the life and teachings of my dear friend) is to live your life as an exercise in creativity, as if every discovery, every artistic exploration, matters in the cosmic tapestry of life—because it does. Follow your heart as you exuberantly combine the riot of colors the universe lays before you to make your life into your own masterpiece. You may be surprised by your creation. As when we listen to or play beautiful music, our goal is not to get to the end of the piece. The point is to enjoy the melodious, joyous journey the music takes us on, including the very first note and every single one that comes after it. And as Wayne always said, “Don’t die with your music still in you!”

So don’t be afraid of not doing it right or of not being good enough. Such fear is totally unfounded. Life is not about getting it right, figuring out the answers to the really big questions (or even the small questions, for that matter), reading all the right books, taking all the right courses, or studying with the masters. Nor is it about whether you’ve had deep spiritual experiences, achieved altered states of consciousness, or become a spiritual guru to multitudes. It’s not even about whether you’ve been dead and come back to life to share your experiences—trust me!

The only thing that matters is that you allow yourself to be all of who you are! It’s that simple! Just be yourself—your true self! Be the love that you are. Shine your light as brightly as you can. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to enjoy the ride and have fun—lots of fun!

Wayne is now perfectly cognizant of the artistry of his life and of all the millions of people who have been touched with the brush of his mastery. Thank you, my friend, for coming into our lives and for sharing your beauty, wisdom, and humor with us as we make this journey together—and thank you for the orange roses.


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We Love you Wayne.
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Missing our Momma

Let’s not try to hide it. As Sri Aurobindo himself made it quite clear from the start of his text quoted in my previous post, Life on the Earth Plane isn’t an easy task, and to the Truth-Seeker it can turn out to be quite a Battle. Even the best of us may sometimes – or often – get doubtful, discouraged, exhausted. Even Dannion Brinkley in his first book, ‘Saved by the LIght’, towards the end, when he is told he is going to need again one more  operation for again surviving one more time , even Dannion, this towering tough fellow who has already gone victoriously through so much, finally finds it too much, and wants to call it quits. To Dr Raymond Moody, urgently called to the hospital, at that time still a friend he thought he could count on for ever, Dannion replies the truest, most touching simple words I know of to describe what life here actually feels like:

“It’s just like when you are forced to go to summer camp. You hate everybody and you miss your Momma…”

I had to laugh, although simultaneously I teared up briefly at the inner recognition of what he described. What a riot, this Dannion, as one of my friends says of him! He still found a funny way to express those kid-like feelings hidden in the secret depths of the outwardly bravest of us. Granted, Dannion is actually a Crab, a Cancerian by birth, with all the inner tenderness that this Solar Sign means under its outer hard shell, and the special need – even in the adult – to keep close to his or her Momma, the living symbol of Home and Family. Raymond, a few years older but born under the very same Birth Sign, must have understood perfectly what his friend meant, and so do I, having myself my Moon in Cancer as well… While reading this, all my visitors with a strong Cancerian influence in their own Chart know exactly what I am talking about too…

Alas, the boisterous and hilarious aspect also present in Dannion, caused by the super Jupiter ruling everything else from on high in his birth Chart, giving him also those loud characteristics of a Sagittarius, couldn’t go well for long with the rest of the nature in Raymond: the latter not only lacked this Jupiter/Sagittarius fun and vastness, but had instead the Scorpio’s unforgiving intransigence and tendency to see dark motivations in other people’s actions.

This must be what caused Raymond to later on repudiate their friendship and accuse Dannion of having invented or exaggerated portions of his NDE, which then in his eyes was no longer valid. Raymond went so far as publicly dismissing Dannion as a mere “entertainer”, I recently discovered with astonishment. But he was using the same derogative appellation, in the same breath, also about another NDEr I have a lot of respect for, Betty Eady of ‘Embraced by the Light’ fame, even ridiculing her for wearing a Native Indian dress…  when she is of quite authentic Sioux parentage, and only claiming it finally, thanks to her NDE, but obviously Moody had no idea of that!!! This particularly stupid remark of his reveals only the appalling hollowness of his own comments on those two persons he has not really taken the trouble to know in any depth.

At least for Dannion, such a blow below the belt must have been quite hard to take, coming from a supposed close friend of many years who had even prefaced his book in 1995, written twenty years after his first NDE; in that preface Raymond had validated already  Dannion’s new ESP gift of mind-reading, and also some of the predictions for the Earth’s future, given to him during his NDE as warnings to humanity at large that it had urgently to change its ways if it wanted to avoid such a future. And still Dannion, in the video interviews when he is challenged to answer Raymond’s accusations, keeps his cool and inner peace, and does re-establish the facts that show his innocence and truthfulness, but without covering Raymond’s in mud nevertheless. As Dannion himself says, the way he has become able to take peacefully all this in his stride, when before his NDE he was one to always give a blow back with a vengeance, is the very proof of his NDE: it is what changed him so completely.

To my eye as an astrologer (not of any Fate Astrology but of our very diverse human personalities), the Jupiter all alone at the top of Dannion’s Chart looks exactly like the Roman god of that name or his Greek origin, Zeus, the one sending thunder and lightning from the top of Mt Olympus… and in the case of poor Dannion, this Jupiter did strike him with lightning, quite literally, and on two different occasions!…: Only,  it was as the saving action from the Divine Grace represented by this Pisces Sign in which Jupiter is in Dannion’s Chart!!! And it is that Divine Compassion from this Pisces Sign that the lightning has activated in him to such an extent that nowadays it is only benevolence and compassion he can feel when in a position of power where he could on the contrary strike those who attack him…

Why am I bringing Astrology into this post directly inspired by Dannion’s candid admission of his Inner Child’s utter distress while going through terrestrial Life?

Because part of the problem here is that each of us gets usually so much trouble from our fellow human beings, especially when they have strong judgemental tendencies given by the Scorpio Sign, the 2nd Water Sign, locked in its own deep and negative emotions, that no sense of the Divine Grace come yet to alleviate and dissolve.

Both Raymond and Dannion have their Sun in the 1st Water Sign, Cancer the Crab, with emotions still very child-like and open to the tenderness of sweetness of Life, at least on the scale of family life.

But where Raymond stops later at the 2nd Water Sign, Scorpio, whose negative feelings are useful only in that they may push a human being to ask questions about the meaning and purpose of Life, Dannion somehow skips that phase and is pulled up by this magnificent and cheerful Jupiter, all the way up straight to the 3rd and last Water Sign, where the hard and painful questions of the Scorpio are answered and healed: the Pisces Sign which is also the last in the whole Zodiac, giving us full access again to the Ocean of Divine Love where we truly belong when we are not at work to change things in this dimension. This is Unconditional Love ever ready to forgive  our errors and heal us with its Saving Grace. It is the vastest of all the Twelve Signs, and the only one which can understand all the others because of its capacity of total Empathy. The Divine Love accessed through this Sign is actually that of our Divine Mother, for God is also that, yes,   the Divine Momma we actually miss the most: it is the Higher Octave of the tenderness and motherly love that our physical mother probably tried her best to give us, in spite of her own hurts and other human limitations which may have made her fail utterly.

But short of that potentially so beneficial influence of the Pisces Sign (although, like all the Signs, it also can be detrimental: if one doesn’t manage to find the Divine inwardly, and then replaces That by alcohol or drugs just to escape from this too hard terrestrial life, experienced as a prison), Astrology can at least help people to understand each other better, instead of each one judging the others through the filter of one’s own personality, spontaneously perceived as the only true way of being…!

It seems to me such a pity that someone as valuable as Raymond Moody has turned his back on Dannion Brinkley and Betty Eady, simply because of misinterpretations of their own different personalities. Also, both Dannion and Betty, like a number of other NDERs, have received during their NDE the specific mission to make it known and spread the information it contains, important for all humankind at this point in its Evolution, so it is only normal that their best to fulfill that mission, each one in their own way, which always, to someone else, may seem inappropriate…

I really wish researchers like Raymond Moody who are by inclination and formation more on the intellectual side of things, and have NOT themselves had an NDE, would try not to limit and judge the stories told by the Experiencers according to their own mental criteria and categories, which do not actually exist in the true Reality. In that Realm just like here, Unity is realized through Diversity, and not uniformity as our mind would make us believe.

The situation in this field of research is only symptomatic of the situation everywhere in all human endeavors.

Instead of criticizing and dividing, let’s all help each other in our growth towards our recovered Divine Nature we all miss not only our Momma, but also some true friends!

If this post can bring about among us all any progress towards this future collective  Victory of Love, with its Joy of Reunion, this blog of mine will not have existed in vain.

Now I am very curious to read the third book by Dannion, after his third NDE. titled ‘Secrets of the Light’ and written this time with his wife Kathryn. I am getting very good reviews of it from a friend who was quite simply transformed by it, and the following interview (done at the time of the publication of their latest book, ‘Ten Things to Know Before You Go’) is indeed wonderfully intriguing:

Thank you so much for all this, dear NostraDannion!…

Mother’s ‘Five Points Program’, & Thought Control in our Life

For those of us who are trying to practice the Integral Yoga, or would like to,  here is the simplest and happiest way to do it that I have found over the years, recommended by the Mother herself… If one follows that specific advice from her, then even the ‘Triple Transformation’ required will somehow magically, if not always quickly, take care of itself… for She will take care of it in ourselves for us!

Lab of Evolution

During my early years in Auroville, my outer work was teaching in the school as it existed then.
But my inner work was going on most earnestly as well, my involvement with the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother having started already in 1971, that is, even before I came to Auroville.
Being the too serious and worrying type, whatever my actual inner efforts might be I always felt it wasn’t enough and I wasn’t progressing fast enough, and it was all my fault, etc, etc.
So I was making my own life a hell of guilt and remorse for every stray thought or action or activity that wasn’t entirely enough focused on practicing the Yoga.
Until one day in school…

It was some years after the end of 1973, the Mother wasn’t there anymore physically to do this usual bit of work, so for those special occasions…

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The First Lines of ‘The Life Divine’

As I know most of my visitors, on this Research Blog as on Facebook, do not know much yet of the actual writings of Sri Aurobindo (or of the Mother, for that matter), as this morning I could see myself that even by Google search these first lines are not that easy to find, and as I didn’t intend my previous post to be in anyway cryptic or tantalizing, I’m putting up now in the present new post this very first paragraph of ‘The Life Divine’ which gave me such a breathtaking experience in 1971, as just related in that previous post:


Chapter I

The Human Aspiration

She follows to the goal of those that are passing on beyond, she is the first in the eternal succession of the dawns that are coming,—Usha widens bringing out that which lives, awakening someone who was dead. . . . What is her scope when she harmonises with the dawns that shone out before and those that now must shine? She desires the ancient mornings and fulfils thei rlight; projecting forwards her illumination she enters into communion with the rest that are to come. Kutsa Angirasa—Rig Veda.1

Threefold are those supreme births of this divine force that is in the world, they are true, they are desirable; he moves there wide-overt within the Infinite and shines pure, luminous and fulfilling. . . .That which is immortal in mortals and possessed of the truth, is a god and established inwardly as an energy working out in our divine powers. . . . Become high-uplifted, O Strength, pierce all veils, manifest in us the things of the Godhead. Vamadeva—Rig Veda.2

THE EARLIEST preoccupation of man in his awakened thoughts and, as it seems, his inevitable and ultimate preoccupation,—for it survives the longest periods of scepticism and returns after every banishment,—is also the highest which his thought can envisage. It manifests itself in the divination of Godhead, the impulse towards perfection, the search after pure Truth and unmixed Bliss, the sense of a secret immortality. The ancient dawns of human knowledge have left us their witness to this constant aspiration; today we see a humanity satiated but not satisfied by victorious analysis of the externalities of Nature preparing to return to its primeval longings. The earliest formula of Wisdom promises to be its last, —God, Light, Freedom, Immortality.

In one immense sweeping movement of awareness, we are at once taken back to the very beginnings of humankind and to its first ‘awakened thoughts’, which happen to be also the highest that human thought can envisage. We are given a brief but powerfully evocative and luminous glimpse of each of these few wondrous preoccupations from long ago, and thus our consciousness is impacted with each of them a first time. Then the same immense sweep takes us, in a kind of fantastic ‘fast forward’ acceleration, through the following eons of Time during which those earliest and highest preoccupations have been doubted and rejected again and again, only to ever reappear again and again… until today, when once again, after the superficial victories of modern Science have led us temporarily away from our depths, humankind is turning again to these deepest eternal goals. This time finally they are spelled out in the four magic Words that say it all and seize us with the full blast of the irresistible power they have on our souls: God, Light, Freedom, Immortality. For what they all together constitute is indeed, as stated earlier, our ‘inevitable and ultimate preoccupation’, and this statement  projects us already still further, toward the greater dawns that our Future is preparing for us, when this Human Aspiration will find at last its Realization here on Earth.

Throughout these first lines is woven a discrete but constant parallel between the superficial knowledge that our Mind gives us – including the skepticism it gives us too for those higher thoughts-, and the deeper, surer Knowledge from the Soul within, the only part in us which truly Knows, and is the eternal Seeker of those truths it wants to realize here too, in this realm of Physical Matter that the Mind deems too hard a soil for them to grow and live in – if it believes in them at all yet.

Wow. What a stunningly beautiful and meaningful first paragraph! It is simply astonishing how much deep content is packed tightly, yet with supreme elegance and strength of style, in just those first few lines… It is not surprising that reading such a powerful text conferred to me this instantaneous inner experience I related in that previous post of mine… (


My First Contact with Sri Aurobindo (1971)

One can always start simply by trying out whatever teachings one is attracted to, but always while observing what effect(s) it has on one’s being and one’s life. If after some time one notices one lives in fear rather than quiet inner joy and obvious progress, something is wrong.

It can be for example like what happened to me in 1971, when as a young adult and still in France I was desperately looking for some satisfactory meaning to Life, and found a book, ‘Fragments of an Unknown Teaching’ (my translation of the French title: “Fragments d’un Enseignement Inconnu”), by someone named Ouspensky about his Master, Gurdjieff. My mind at once got totally fascinated by the intricate notions presented in that book, it was a mighty and very impressive mental edifice I kind of lost myself into for two months, until suddenly I realized that if indeed our human consciousness could evolve further as was said in that book, this was momentous news, no doubt, but if that further evolution had to happen in the manner and through the means described and practiced by that Gurdjieff, I was not interested at all, thanks: I looked within myself and saw that only my mind had been caught by the prospects, then totally new to me, of a possible Conscious Evolution; the rest of my being in the meantime had been shocked and horrified by the downright dangerous methods used to make it happen, based on the sheer willpower and personal determination of the solitary individual human being, under the watching eye of an indifferent and not helping sort of God in an equally indifferent cosmos.

Nothing in me was actually attracted to such an evolutive possibility, if such was the context and the conditions in which it had to happen. These teachings, I could see, hadn’t sparked in me an interest real enough to translate itself as a will to live, so I simply dropped them then and there.

Once this book was rejected as definitely not what I was looking for, I realized the only two things I had really discovered thanks to it were, the first one, Consciousness, and the other one, Evolution. I could feel somehow that those two discoveries were important: essential keys that were not to be thrown out like the proverbial baby together with the dirty bath-water.

Another important result of my rejecting that book as ‘not making Life worth living for me’,  was that  suddenly for the first time I actually asked myself:

“But then, WHAT exactly would make Life worth living for you?…”

Instantly, something started happening within me, which I can only describe, not explain: something started stirring deep within me, and from everywhere in my being I felt it coalesce towards some center about my heart, shining like a bright gem that had suddenly taken shape there to answer my question. And the answer given by this shining Gem within was:

“If everything there is, is actually based on Joy and Love, then THAT will make Life worth living!…”

And indeed, I must have been somehow ready, for hardly a few weeks later, another book came to me, brought by a young fellow seeker: ‘The Life Divine’, by a certain Sri Aurobindo; the title itself was intriguing, so still standing, I read the very first para of the first chapter… and that did it:


At once the inner power in Sri Aurobindo’s words (although in a mere French translation!) gave me my first illumination, a complete overall understanding of what the whole thing was about, accompanied by a vision: right in the air in front of me, a little above my head, I saw the innumerable pieces of a gigantic Cosmic Puzzle assembling in a flash, and the Picture they made up together was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen: I saw the Future of the Earth, the Future we are going towards, and it was more beautiful than all the fairy-tales of my childhood.

In that one moment my destiny was sealed: I finally sat down, telling inwardly the Divine “If THIS is the Purpose of Life here, then yes, I’m staying…”.

As I kept reading the rest of Chapter One, and leafed through the full book, Consciousness and Evolution again jumped up out of the pages, but this time as part of a totally different Universe, born of Joy and Love as I had intuitively known it really had been, and evolving further and further under the loving eye and caring guidance of a God who, I learned later, was not exclusively masculine as we believed in the West, but was also our Divine Mother.

There it was, the secret Knowledge I longed for, that finally made Life worth living!… It gave me at last the desire to live, as to go on living in this physical dimension would be to use this lifetime for a Conscious Evolution process in which I would have the constant help of that divine Presence while growing towards a joyful and loving existence, right here on Earth, and in a better body… ‘The Life Divine’ indeed!…

That book propelled me towards the Future my whole being instantly recognized as the one it wanted, when I read the very first lines of its first page, containing already the full splendor of the whole thing, like the Overture contains and announces the full splendor of the entire Symphony.

Not only the Goal, but the Way towards it have to be your own, the ones your whole being rejoices in… even if you know it is also going to be hard work, and it indeed is!…

It turned out that simply reading Sri Aurobindo’s writings was for me a big part of the Way, as this tremendous first contact with Him was followed by many other similar occurrences: his words kept having a powerful evocative effect either on my mind, my heart or even my body sometimes. Several of his ‘Thoughts & Glimpses’ particularly, followed by ‘Thoughts & Aphorisms’, less known usually than his ‘big books’, soon became my first spontaneous mantras, making me feel in myself already some presence of what they were describing; the more I repeated those wonderful words, the more this effect grew… And I don’t even mention ‘Savitri’, his mantric book par excellence! It did take me some time for becoming able to read it in the original English, but what a reward!…

So for a long while Sri Aurobindo was leading my sadhana, more than Mother did, although She gave me my first and most momentous experiences once in Auroville: actual dimensional breakthroughs into the Higher Realms, and into the Psychic Realm within. Only from 1978 on, when her ‘Agenda’ was finally, one volume a year, year after year, for thirteen years, published in full by Satprem, did I really discover Her at last for the incredible Being She too was in all She had done, like Savitri, ‘for Earth and Men’… Well, I could say both have been and still are very much my spiritual parents, with all the deep reciprocal tenderness and love that this implies, and utmost gratitude on my part…

Natalie Sudman’s NDE,Robert Monroe’s OBEs & Seth’s Teachings through Jane Roberts

I have recently studied with a lot of interest Dr. Eben Alexander’s first book, ‘Proof of Heaven’, about his extraordinary 2006 NDE during the seven days he remained in coma, his neo-cortex completely destroyed by a sudden attack of a very rare and usually fatal bacterial meningitis; his survival had been quite an unexpected miracle, surpassed only by the full and fast recovery that followed, and the complete change in his understanding of life as well of death.

Just as for the equally important book by Anita Moorjani, ‘Dying to be me’, it had been on a Tuesday afternoon that I had found this great book, while on duty at our excellent specialized Research Library, in the present main space of the ‘Laboratory of Evolution’, the Research and Documentation Center in Auroville that I founded in 1984 and am still heading, but now busy mostly with the research aspect of the work. .

Well, two days ago, it was again Tuesday afternoon, and so the day of my weekly duty  participating in the Library work. At the end of it, just upon leaving, I was thrilled to stumble upon a second book by Eben Alexander, titled this time ‘The Map of Heaven’, and I took it of course at once. Back home, I eagerly went through it within the next few.hours before sleeping.

The next morning, which was yesterday, I read it all over again, to ascertain some of the  important facts mentioned that had particularly struck me already the first time.

One of those facts was a specific quote by a Natalie Sudman, the NDE of whom Eben was saying had been especially extraordinary and deep. Armed with the intriguing title of Natalie’s own book, ‘Application of Impossible Things’ (!),  I went to my office downstairs,.googled it along with the name of the author, and spent the whole afternoon watching YouTube videos of her being interviewed by various  show hosts. Then I had to stop for it was getting late, but today I resumed watching, and ended up applauding full heartedly with the audience for a talk I had just watched her giving, after a short introduction by the elderly lady host:

As I am myself an ‘experiencer too, and on top of it a researcher on this NDE topic since decades, besides practicing a spiritual path of conscious evolution, the ‘Integral Yoga’, since even longer, I would say I know quite a lot, so I didn’t really learn anything I hadn’t at least read about before.

But what won my total enthusiasm was that this young lady proved to be a living example of experiences I have read about only in the explanations or descriptions given by Sri Aurobindo and his feminine counterpart, the Mother; and later on, from the mid-sixties to the mid-eighties, by the discarnate entity calling himself Seth, in the brilliant books he dictated through an entranced young lady, at first rather bewildered: Jane Roberts.

The third source I know some specific facts described by Natalie were reported also by, is Robert Monroe, founder of The Monroe Institute (TMI), and I noticed some specific expressions that he used in his OBE books were used as well by Natalie during her talks.

All those sources I have just listed out are by far the deepest and most encompassing teachings I know of, so this gives an idea of the truly incredible level of understanding that Natalie demonstrates, of all those “impossible things” she speaks about, for not only she experienced them during her NDE and remembered them after it, but she is able to articulate her descriptions and explanations of them in terms simple enough to be grasped, to some extent at least, by her audiences, starting with her hosts. Her own remarkable simplicity and tremendous sense of fun, whether in or out of her body, are also irresistibly contagious, which is wonderful, for it helps to immediately diffuse and lighten up the apparent gravity of some of her statements, sometimes so stunning as to be altogether shocking if it were not for the total matter-of-fact way she presents it all and then explains it too…

Well, a big thank you to Dr. Eben Alexander, not only for this new book of his, very interesting and moving in its own right (it even evokes a new step in our terrestrial evolution), but also for introducing me to this quite remarkable indeed other NDExperiencer! I hope you, my visitors, have enjoyed, or will enjoy the video above as much as I did… to the point perhaps of writing down below your own comments about it (the button for doing that is actually above, at the beginning of each post, in the left margin…!).

And now I am going back to my room upstairs, for some dinner and later some sleep as well, but with a deep feeling of happiness, for having been treated the whole day with such a nicely filling diet of the “impossible things” I too relish living and hearing about…



“La nuit comme le jour…”

(Traduction francaise de mon article recent “In the night as in the day…”)

“La nuit comme le jour, sois toujours avec moi.

Dans le sommeil comme dans l’eveil, que je sente en moi toujours la realite de ta presence.

Qu’elle soutienne et fasse grandir en moi Verite, conscience et delice, constamment et en toutes circonstances.”

Le texte ci-dessus, de Sri Aurobindo, fut donne par lui comme un mantra possible, parmi d’autres qu’il donna egalement en d’autres occasions.

Je l’ai decouvert il y a peut-etre trente ans dans une boutique de l’Ashram a Pondy, magnifiquement imprime en lettres d’or sur un fond brun sombre eclaire d’un soleil levant, sous forme de carte postale dont le pourtour lui aussi etait dore, tel un cadre.

La beaute meme de l’ensemble m’attira sans aucun doute, mais plus encore les mots en eux-memes, m’atteignant droit au coeur, ce Centre du coeur profond ou reside notre Etre Psychique, ainsi que Sri Aurobindo et Mere preferent appeler notre ame (ou plus exactement l’Etre Interieur qui progressivement grandit autout de l’etincelle originelle de l’Ame, durant nos diverses vies terrestres). Ces simples mots m’ont incroyablement emue, faisant perler d’immediates larmes d’intense aspiration et adoration pour le Divin, ici invoque de maniere si poignante par Sri Aurobindo que mon propre etre interieur lui aussi avait jailli a l’unisson de ses mots.

J’avais cependant oublie ce texte specifique depuis longtemps, car a un moment cette carte devait avoir disparu, et vu la mine d’or que sont les ecrits de Sri Aurobindo ou Mere, on pouvait y trouver tant d’autres pepites que je n’avais pas remarque la disparition de celle-la parmi mon ample collection.

Mais ce matin, comme deja hier matin, apres plusieurs jours de trop d’activite exterieure forcee dans ma vie, je me suis reveillee dans un etat interieur anormalement vide et confus; j’ai bien sur essaye de retablir mon sentiment habituel du Divin au-dedans et autour de moi, mais en vain.

Stupefaite et alarmee, je trouvai bientot la raison derriere une si triste condition: a cause de l’Atelier de Conscience Cellulaire que je me trouvais etre en train de donner ces jours-la a deux amies francaises, toutes deux tres gentilles mais du milieu medical, depuis deux jours je m’etais plongee, meme tard la nuit, dans la lecture ininterrompue de plusieurs livres dus a des auteurs scientifiques sincerement interesses a la spiritualite, mais pas encore vraiment engages dans sa pratique, et attentifs a garder leur bouquin du bon cote, de facon a eviter qu’il soit d’emblee rejete par leurs collegues de plus stricte obedience materialiste.

Eh bien, ce qui dans mon cas equivalait a une overdose de cette sorte de lecture avait de maniere evidente resulte dans cette sorte de maladie interieure que j’avais eu le choc de decouvrir en moi-meme – a temps, il fallait l’esperer, pour y remedier par un retour a ma diete normale, plus saine, de livres plus ouvertement spirituels!… Je me souvins m’etre moi-meme comportee de facon probablement trop precautionneuse avec mes deux nouvelles “etudiantes”, me retenant d’exprimer d’aucune facon mon propre amour pour le Divin, d’ordinaire plutot debordant…

“Comment ai-je pu etre aussi stupide!”, pense-je ce matin, a cet instant precis ou je m’apercevais soudain que j’avais ainsi tres efficacement bloque encore et encore le flot de profonds sentiments devotionnels qui tend a venir spontanement de mon Etre Psychique, deja merveilleusement actif des l’enfance, et plus encore depuis 1975, lorsqu’a Auroville ce puissant “moteur interieur” s’etait mis en route a plein regime en moi… Et voila que, par ma propre faute, ce si precieux flot se trouvait maintenant incapable de s’exprimer librement !…Je me concentrai interieurement pendant un bref moment, souhaitant ardemment retrouver ce sentiment de relation d’amour avec le Divin, si central a mon  existence tout entiere…

Quand j’ouvris les yeux a nouveau, juste a ce moment-la leur regard tomba sur une carte postale abimee que j’avais extraite deux jours avant d’une pile de vieux papiers, deteriores par le mauvais temps pendant la mousson de Novembre-Decembre 2015, quand mes affaires etaient encore a Djaima. Voyant que cette carte avait ete endommagee, je ne l’avais pas vraiment regardee, mais simplement sortie du tas, et placee sur un coussin pour y secher au grand air. La remarquant a nouveau, j’allai et la pris dans mes mains, la decollai avec precaution de l’enveloppe la couvrant encore … et voila que se revelaient a mes yeux, encore lisibles en depit des degats, ces premiers mots::

“La nuit comme le jour, sois toujours avec moi..”

Oh, le choc interieur de soudain voir a nouveau ces mots bien-aimes! Instantanement mon coeur s’emplit de tant de joie et de soulagement, et aussi de gratitude que ce si beau texte me soit a nouveau donne, des larmes jaillirent de mes yeux, et mon coeur lui-meme sembla fondre dans la pure, infinie douceur de l’Amour Divin.

Apres ce premier instant, comme eternel, d’ardente reconnaissance interieure, alors seulement, lentement, tres lentement, je commencai a relire, tout l’ensemble cette fois, savourant chaque mot comme un exquis morceau d’une nourriture divine degustee a nouveau apres de longues annees d’oubli de ce plat si special au gout si delicieux:

“La nuit comme le jour, sois toujours avec moi.

Dans le sommeil comme dans l’eveil, que je sente en moi toujours la realite de ta presence.

Qu’elle soutienne et fasse grandir en moi Verite, conscience et delice, constamment et en toutes circonstances.”

Et maintenant, ecrivant ceci, si fort se gonfle en moi le delice de l’Amour Divin, que je dois faire une pause et mes yeux se ferment d’eux-memes, mon etre entier irresistiblement absorbe dans cette secrete mais si puissante Presence d’Amour dont nous et tout le reste faisons partie, mais Qui en meme temps remplit chacun de nous si intimement et passionnement que Lui-Elle semble etre uniquement avec chacun dans un Absolu de Delice…

Oui, amis qui etes a votre tour en train de lire ces mots que j’ecris, oui, voila tout ce qu’il nous faut pour devenir complets. Pour etre completement nous-memes, en tout Delice d’Etre, voila tout ce dont nous avons vraiment besoin, et meme notre corps physique sera un jour capable de vivre sur Terre, transforme par ce Delice d’Amour dont il est de plus en plus a meme de faire l’experience, dans un nombre de plus en plus grand de ses cellules… C’est cela la Vraie Vie, cette “Vie Divine” que Sri Aurobindo commenca a evoquer publiquement par ecrit deja en 1914, mais dont maintenant nos corps aussi, et meme nos cellules, peuvent gouter le Delice et etre gueries par lui, de la meme facon que les cellules dans mon propre corps en font l’experience juste en ce moment, grace a l’incroyable Pouvoir contenu dans ce Mantra. Merci, merci, cher Sri Aurobindo, pour ces simples mots si charges par vous, qu’ils peuvent nous communiquer votre propre experience, et nous emporter toujours plus pres de ce Futur Divin dont vous avez ensemence la Terre pour tous ceux de nous qui en ont soif:


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