My Work for Auroville since 1972

From my arrival in 1972 as a young certified teacher in ‘the Classics’ (yes, French, Latin and Greek Literature!… a species nearing extinction), I did for a few years much appreciated work teaching French simply as a second language at the various schools beginning to exist in Auroville, and I also soon helped to build the Matrimandir – while already doing a lot of important evolutive research work on my own, unofficially, because I couldn’t help doing it, for my own evolution first of all… which unexpectedly started going at kind of breakneck speed, just by itself, from those early years on.

This is probably why in 1984 I was led inwardly to leave all other outer work and become very officially the Founder and Head Researcher of the ‘Laboratory of Evolution – Centre for Human Unity’ (LOE-CHU), located for the time being at Bharat Nivas, just next to the small official Indian Post-office also temporarily located there.
The ever richer Specialized Library that the LOE-CHU now has, was actually started and developed by me from 1984 on, and run entirely by me for the first several years. But it was so time-consuming that the Research aspect of my work was hindered, so it is with relief that I finally entrusted our Library to another then (and ever) young Aurovilian lady who proposed herself for that work in 1990, and still does it with a small team of other Aurovilians, while a few other persons joined me also, for the Research aspect.
I still attend to the Library work one afternoon a week, although by now all my other LOE-CHU work is Research and Teaching, and is done at ‘Luminosity’ (in my little office downstairs or even my home upstairs) as there is no room left in our small building at Bharat Nivas: the Research and all the work it entails has to happen elsewhere – but at least with the big advantage of having anyway nearby all this ever growing amount of documentation available right in our LOE-CHU Library, which many other Aurovilians and Guests cherish too.

After twenty years of quite unexpectedly but increasingly having experiences of an awakening Cellular Consciousness, which I had kept carefully secret for all that time, in 1996 the secret accidentally was revealed, but through such a series of amazing synchronicities that I saw the Divine Will in my secret being finally known, and I accepted that it wasn’t meant to remain a secret any longer.

The workshops about that ‘cutting edge’ specific topic and about the Integral Yoga in general, that I was asked to give in Auroville from 1998 on (from 2001 to 2007, also invited all over the world) have never stopped: even while I was staying for eighteen years at ‘Repos’, the main beach of Auroville (and doing a lot of other work there for the place), until 2013, and then more inland, as a refugee from coastal erosion, at Djaïma, for two years, still people kept coming to me for my Integral Yoga or Cellular Consciousness workshops – and now all the more of course, as I have been given a beautiful place more in the Centre, at Luminosity. I don’t want to travel any longer, it is too tiring, so I give the workshops (or regular weekly ‘classes’) only within Auroville, by personal appointment.

This blog I have been writing since 2011 is only an addition to those main activities: one more expression, more out-reaching, of the ‘sample Aurovilian’ I am, with all the experiential Evolutive Research that has been going on in me for so many years, literally at every single moment of my life and at all levels of my being – the Integral Yoga says ‘All life is Yoga’, and for evolutive purposes it cannot but be that way…!- but at the same time documenting and studying it all as a Researcher and not just a voluntary Guinea-pig…

And that Research includes of course as well whatever evolutive progress I notice anywhere else, in Auroville itself or in other parts of the world…. for example in the USA: this is how thanks to ‘miraculous’ funding I visited twice (in 1991 and 2001) both the Edgar Cayce Foundation (A.R.E.) and the Monroe Institute (TMI), that I had first discovered the existence and work of much earlier, through my own Research (see some of my blog-posts about that, under the Cayce and Monroe respective Categories listed in the right margin).

So I would never stop that evolutive work and this research I love doing about it: it is just the very meaning and purpose of my life. I am ever so grateful to the Divine that it has become since 1984 my official work for Auroville, providing me with a maintenance for my basic needs, thanks to which I am not forced by necessity to do any other outer work than what is anyway my true passion, my life’s mission to both live and document – as scientifically as will become little by little possible to do, hopefully, in our LOE-CHU’s own future premises.

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