About the Urn photo above

The photo above is of the white marble-mosaic clad urn that stands at the centre of Auroville along with the Banyan Tree and now also the Inner Concentration Hall called ‘Matrimandir’. In that hollow Urn, on the Foundation Day of Auroville (February 28th, 1968), was placed first the silver tube containing the Charter of Auroville, handwritten by the Mother; then some sand from Sri Aurobindo’s ‘samadhi’at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondy; then all the handfuls of earth brought from their respective lands by a young girl and boy representing each country that is part of UNESCO; and finally a handful of red laterite from Auroville’s arid plateau itself. Then the Urn was sealed, keeping its highly charged contents protected and quietly emanating for the years to come their call for Humanity’s Unity in Diversity.

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