God vs Us

Here is what happens when you try to outsmart God!…

Philosophy through Photography

A man walked to the top of a hill to talk to God

3297562_S.jpg Can you outsmart the smarttest ?

The man asked, “God,

what’s a million years to you?” and God said, “A minute.”

Then the man asked, “Well, what’s a million dollars to you?” and

God said, “A penny.”

Then the man asked, “God…..can I have a penny?” and God said,

“Sure…..in a minute.”

Is man born WILY ??

What are your thoughts ?

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The Dam Is Now Starting to Open…

Dear all,

On this August 4th, 2018, it is some great news that I want to bring to you:

The first one is only minor great news, so to say, but great news nevertheless:

I just finished turning my previous simple Profile and Timeline on Facebook, into an official ‘Page’! In that way, my posts here on this Research Blog of mine will continue being automatically published there, on Facebook, whenever I post any new one here, on this Blog. To me, having now this very official ‘Page’ feels by itself like a bold step forward – and it definitely is indeed!…

But that’s not all: this new post I’m just writing is to announce something else too:

I’m finally writing a book!…

Yes!… And that is truly momentous great news (of course, all being relative…!), for the reasons that follow:

I came to Auroville in 1972. For so many years – several decades actually – the precious water of outer and inner experience has quietly accumulated into my being like behind a big Dam keeping it all ready for use: some of it for immediate use in my own life of Conscious Evolution along the years since then,  but also a lot of it for later and vaster use as a kind of spiritual-cum-practical wisdom that might become useful also for others, if shared widely enough with them.

Of course, the Divine Grace together with my soul have prepared me for this Spiritual Sharing role since ever in this lifetime, and probably even before – just as your own soul and the Divine Grace have prepared you too for your own mission, the special role you wanted to play in this lifetime.

In my case, the Spiritual Sharing started already twenty years ago, right when it was obviously meant to, if I look at it retrospectively.  And it has never stopped since then: in one way or the other (and there have been many ways, this Research Blog being one of them), this Sharing has already reached a number of people, mostly non-Aurovilians, both inside and outside Auroville. But every time that I was asked to give a workshop or even a Regular Course, what could be shared was only a small, almost ridiculous portion of the enormous quantity of water kept behind that inner Dam and accumulating evermore. It always felt as if only a trickle, to the maximum a little stream, was ever able to flow out through what seemed like a hopelessly narrow opening of the Dam.

Yet since several years some friends or people working with me were urging me to write a book, something autobiographical and at the same time documenting the birth and development of that LOE-CHU( Laboratory of Evolution –Centre for Human Unity) I was led to found in 1984 and still head.

I had no idea when the Divine would give me the signal for really opening that Dam… so I simply waited and in the meantime allowed some more little trickles to flow out again when asked for it again…

But four months ago the Signal suddenly came: in the form of the physical, practical and psychological help I needed for mustering the courage to open that Dam more fully than ever before… I got an email from a young girl finishing her University studies in Germany, volunteering to work as an Intern for six months with the Research Team of the LOE-CHU, and particularly with me, for she liked my Blog.

In April she arrived, at a time when the Indian Summer rather takes people temporarily away from Auroville, to cooler places. I was a bit worried for her, but didn’t tell her. Well, she braved all the heat all right, and after these first three months, she is not only still alive (!) but thriving, and more and more in love with this Auroville now beginning to fill up again with those coming back now like migrating birds do!…

We immediately got along very well, so much so that, as time passed and our work together intensified,  to a few other young adults volunteering here and there like herself, and whom she had befriended, she started telling endlessly how great a person and a teacher I was, how totally fascinating were the topics of Conscious Evolution we were talking about, etc, etc… Her enthusiasm proved to be contagious, and by now I have another regular listener and helper in a young French man who has even decided recently to become a Newcomer, that is, to start the official process for being accepted as  an Aurovilian!…

And now he too has started talking about me to others, and a French young lady has begun to join our little group with her equally bright mind and cheerful heart!…

Dear visitors to this Blog, you cannot imagine how all this tremendously youthful, energetic and optimistic energy has boosted my own energy!… It has shown me that my way of living and presenting Conscious Evolution in all its aspects within Auroville was interesting and inspiring even for this present generation of young adults from various parts of Europe. How highly stimulating such a fact is for the ‘old timer’ I am!

What an ideal little testing-team those God-sent few youth are, to help me decide what to include or not in the book that is now taking shape! I am using a number of posts already existing on my Blog, plus additional in-between text that I am writing now whenever there is something missing that needs to be mentioned or fully narrated too. During our talks together, if the image I am inspired to use for presenting some evolutive fact seems to them especially good, amusing or otherwise great to them, they say so; or they may recommend to me to include a certain anecdote they still remember I told them a few weeks before…

I couldn’t have invented a more perfect little team around me and this important work, even if I had tried to!…

So the work is happening just as if by itself, in that light and cheerful mood, and with everyone’s contributions most welcome as we go. They all have a great sense of humor, so my own sense of humor feels free to express itself as well, and our work sessions together are mostly invaluable fun, although in the concentrated atmosphere required for such an important endeavor.

For what remains my own specific part – the actual writing, past or present, of most of that book – there is growing in me the wonderful feeling that yes, yes indeed, the Dam is at last opening really, the Dam is releasing at last all that precious accumulation of Spiritual Experience and corresponding Wisdom that, to whatever extent, may become useful to my sisters and brothers in Conscious Evolution, all over the world as well as hopefully perhaps in Auroville too, where there has been in recent years a definite increase in interest for my work, and for the work of the LOE-CHU as a whole.

That work needs perhaps only, at this point, to be made more visible, more tangible, in the form, precisely, of a book, telling the tale of its birth and development in Auroville, which have happened in ways that only now are starting to reveal their fuller meaning and importance, when for most other activities in Auroville the meaning and importance were revealed just naturally earlier, or even much earlier…

Anyway, whatever the final effect of that book, dear all, be prepared: within a few more months perhaps, a lot of the water behind that Dam will have flowed out into that book, and the book will be ready to come out!…

Truly, the Dam is now opening at last…

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Feminism in our New Evolutive Step

From the Sunday Express Magazine of May 27, 2018, here in India, a comic strip that says it all about how most men are now completely confused:


Yes, dear visitors here who happen to be men in this lifetime, but who are somehow progressists, and so are honestly trying, like the man above, in spite of your naturally male mentality, to nevertheless understand what women mean by “FEMINISM”,  I do agree with his – and your – bewilderment!…

It is true that it can all be quite confusing, if the word “FEMINISM” is taken only as it usually is: a social equality to be reached between the two genders, at last giving women access to the same advantages as men, like for example… well, all the things enumerated by the brave man trying to understand his wife in the comic strip above; all the things that this Meghan Markle, now of Royal Wedding fame, had on her own already conquered for herself in her social life, and that she indeed had to give up in order to marry Prince Harry, a member of the British Royal Family.

THAT, the loss of such social advantages, must be what his wife is tearing up about, the man reasons in earnest, and then expresses to her with real compassion…

But to the utter surprise and dismay of this poor husband of good will, his guess is totally wrong, and his well intended words only make his wife furious: with his stupid comments bringing up such unimportant, materialistic details, he is destroying… what exactly?… Well, the only thing that really matters, deep down in any woman: that wonderful feeling that Love, yes, LOVE, can accomplish anything, even the normally most socially impossible marriage!…

Just like in Fairy-Tales: the one truly magic ingredient in Fairy-Tales is actually LOVE. It is that miraculous feeling of all-conquering LOVE, blissfully shared (thanks to the TV) with the happy newly-weds in London, that his wife was really all tearing up about, a soft little cushion pressed against her heart!

Now all this apparently just mushy stuff would be all right in women magazines, but what place does it have here, in this Research Blog about Conscious Evolution ???

Some of you may wonder if my being myself a woman in this lifetime is perhaps obscuring my judgement, making me indulge in my feminity and include into this Blog mushy topics like this one, that have nothing to do with the real, utterly serious subject that Conscious Evolution is.

Please be reassured that it is not at all the case. It is on the contrary very consciously and deliberately that I am including all this here, as my entire research work of forty-five long years in Sri Aurobindo and Mother’s writings have shown me without the slightest doubt how supremely important True LOVE is, for All That Is:

LOVE is quite simply the eternal and constantly most important single divine Power for achieving, little by little but irresistibly, this huge, immense Process of Reunion that Evolution actually is, between all the numberless fragments of the Divine, within the One Divine Being Who Is – that One whose eternal divine nature is so wonderfully described in India as ‘Satchitananda’: ‘ExistenceConsciousnessBliss’.

In Satchitananda all potentialities are there, manifesting themselves first as all the Pairs, the Dualities, those apparent Opposites that are in fact Complementaries and must re-join each other in the True Reality to be achieved also here. Those Dualities are all aspects of the main Duality, the one called Yin-Yang in Chinese Wisdom, that can be said to be the Masculine and the Feminine, but never fully exclusive of each other, as is shown in th Yin-Yang Symbol.

It so happens that this Power of Love, in its inherent Sweetness, is more part of the  Feminine Aspect of the Divine, while Love’s also inherent Strength is more part of the Masculine Aspect of the Divine. Separated, neither of them is True Love. Only put together again in the right balance do they express again authentic LOVE.

There has been until now a heavy unbalance towards the expression of the Masculine, leading to most of the violence of all kinds we are witnessing in our human world, including the violence and cruelty towards the other beings upon this planet, and against the planet itself.

With the activation here at last of the Supramental Consciousness-Force, brought down by Sri Aurobindo,, those two Polarities are presently re-balancing themselves, allowing the Feminine, with the Sweetness of its Love, to heal the wounds caused for so long by the Strength that became Violence, precisely because of its lacking the Sweetness needed to temper it. Not that the Masculine must be eliminated or reduced to too little: that would only be the Pendulum swinging to the other extreme, with no better results.

Now men just as women must become balanced within their own being, both genders allowing themselves to express the qualities of both the Masculine and the Feminine aspects of their secret divine nature, which in this way will manifest fully, for the benefit not only of themselves but also of this whole world.

This is why LOVE is so important a topic nowadays, for all of us – and why FEMINISM, understood in that vaster, evolutive way, must become something that not only women, but men too, insist on determinedly for the happy Future of the Earth:

It is in all of us, whatever the external gender, that the Reunion of the Two Aspects must happen, so that the FEMINISM can stop having to be a battle of the women against the men – a self-defeating situation in itself, obviously, for it forces the women to diminish the natural feminity in themselves and use too much of their own masculine strength, in order simply to overcome the resistance of the men, when the latter remain obstinately and blindly bent on preserving the claimed superiority of their supposedly exclusive masculinity.

Well, I hope this distinctly FEMINIST write-up, explained in this clearly evolutive way, will help all men of good will – including the one in the comic strip above!… – to stop being confused, and to resolutely and gladly join their wife and other women in the Re-Balancing Feminism now needed from all of us… and that will result in more True LOVE between all of us!

With my smiling thanks to Arun Ramkumar for his so funny but so true visual rendition of both points of view, the Masculine and the Feminine, when the Masculine doesn’t yet understand what true FEMINISM is all about, nor why he too could join in…

The Royal Wedding… and Me

This morning, I had to write the following email to the other residents in ‘Luminosity’, the beautiful and very ecological building in which I live nowadays, and am responsible for one of the collective jobs each of us takes a share of on a regular basis:

Yes, friends, yesterday, after a few days not feeling well enough to prepare the probiotics, when I felt better and, at 3h30 pm, in my little office, done at last with all other duties, I was thinking of getting done with that one too, suddenly I remembered it was Saturday the 19th of May, the day of the Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in London!… It would be the corresponding time here for it starting there!!!

Those two are really in love with each other, the ceremony they had put together was wonderful, it was really worth watching in its entirety.

So, the probiotics have had to wait until this morning for being prepared, but now it’s done, and available for you to use!…
With my apologies for the delay,
Bhaga 😍

As some of my readers may know, not only do Harry and Meghan truly love each other, and make it all visible and obvious by how they hold hands constantly and can’t refrain from looking at each other smilingly every two or so seconds (also during their entire Wedding Ceremony!…), there is something else really revolutionary in that marriage happening into the British Royal Family: not only is Meghan Markle a ‘commoner’, as they say (= not from a noble family) , and also a divorcee, she is an actress, and not even a British one: she is American, and, to top it all, bi-racial, her father a white American with her mother an African-American!!!

Well, the result is lovely – stunningly beautiful even, and totally charming too. But she is an idealist as well, a feminist first of all, but already well-known too for her international activism against poverty everywhere and in all its forms.

Given by the Queen the green light to plan and organize their whole Wedding Event, she and Harry introduced striking changes to the whole usual ceremonial, by making it, not a political or elitist event, but a statement of their real friendships and loyalties from their very childhood on: no heads of Governments were invited, or anyone made part of the cortege before, during or after the ceremony, unless their was some genuine inner link with him or her, either in the present or in the past.

And given the origins of the beautiful bride, invitees from the US, including co-stars from her films in Hollywood and very well known African-American personalities were in attendance – wearing of course the stylish dress-and-hat expected in such occasions –  together with the more usual members of the Royal Family and generally related British gentry, the entire crowd displaying quite an individualized but remarquable elegance.

The choice of every piece of music from start to finish had the same character of bold and beautiful originality.

Everything went wonderfully well, and the happy couple was truly a moving sight to behold all the time, which would have been enough for me to remember the event with joy ever after, but what almost stole the show from them was the two exceptional contributions straight from African-American religious culture:

One, a ‘Spiritual’, the well-known “Stand By Me”, sung beautifully by a whole choir of black people staying elsewhere in England and come especially for the Day; and the other, even more powerful, the Wedding Address, stirring, passionate and vibrant, but also often deliberately quite funny, delivered by Reverend Michael Curry, of the US Episcopal Church.

I was myself so moved and made also to laugh by what he said, I wasn’t sure at first if the audience before him would react in the same utterly favorable way to such an unusual speech in such a place and for such an occasion. But the images shown of the faces here and there in the Church throughout the duration of the speech left no doubt that everyone, the Royals just as the non-Royals, was stunned, amused, enthused, and wowed – including the bride and groom, obviously touched nearly to tears, with Harry towards the end murmuring to Meghan : ‘WOW…’

Well, I was so proud that this wonderfully inspired and inspiring man pulled it off so magnificently. His speech today is everywhere on the Internet accounts of the Wedding. I have been actually listening to it again and again, so contagious and true was the Fire of Love he himself exuded while describing it from his own passionate heart.

And I am so proud of Meghan herself, and of Harry who chose her for his bride, after he had been for so many years just an outrageous flirt to every other girl.

Meghan, the bi-racial, beautiful woman, had been the one to truly win his heart, and to have become ‘Harry’s girl’, as the people said, the one girl everyone in London would adopt – at first for the love of him, and then very soon for the love of her too, the gem of a woman they were discovering more and more in her.

Yesterday, watching this so moving Wedding Ceremony, I suddenly realized I was being reminded from within of WHY my body as well as my soul had created, from last September on, a whole series of songs dedicated to Africa and to its people and culture, songs that I had called precisely and deliberately ‘AUROSPIRITUALS’, and had sung and danced for my very Birthday on February 23rd, at the African Pavilion in Auroville, together with a few others there who loved those songs and had learned them from me.

These Africa-inspired songs had marked a new step in my own evolution, including that of the consciousness of my body-cells.

One of the visitors to this blog who likes it especially, has found the exact words to describe what it has meant for me. I quote here his comment to my previous post:

“Dear Bhaga, Belated thanks for such an inspiring series on these sequent and surprising turns of yoga. The Aurospirituals are such a creative way to express oneness, the births in so many regions, the songs of so many people we perhaps have been. It gives a more concrete meaning to the Pavilions the Mother calls for. I love the way you express in the sunlit path of the cells—a wisdom whose time may have come, but with a complete respect for the work of Satprem but an honest expression another way may have been opened that is not so much less painful, but a joy, the sunlit path deep down that Sri Aurobindo would probably like to see. The “five point program” has been an inspiration to me also. What is also notable is that there is a true logic running through your posts through the years, something tying it all together. One could be envious, but that would have no point, would it? —A more integral response is a natural and sympathetic joy that such wonderful things may be ahead. Also, rereading your past posts somehow I had not read through the one where you describe your direct experience of the Mother on November 18, 1973. That she respected the way you felt in those early days about a possible “cult of personality,” perhaps respected such honesty and forthrightness, knew what was in your heart and responded in such a way.

Rick Lipschutz”


That was already more than a month ago. So much is happening, inside as well as outside, that it is not possible to put it down into words on this Research Blog often enough.

But today I found this Royal Wedding Ceremony had been such a remarkable echo to the way I had felt during that whole period of my ‘AUROSPIRITUALS’, I didn’t want to let this day pass without mentioning how meaningful to me this Wedding had been, I hope it is now understandable why.

The first one of such songs on African rhythm, long ago, had been actually the last lines of a poem by Sri Aurobindo, ‘Rose of God’, put to music in such a way that it sounded really just like a ‘Spiritual’, so we had sung it first, clapping our hands joyfully in our little recital. It said:

“Rose of Love, ruby-depth of all being, fire-passion of Grace,

Arise from the heart of the yearning that sobs in Nature’s abyss:

Make earth the home of the Wonderful and life, Beatitude’s kiss!”

I’ll let you now listen to Reverend Michael Curry, from the same African culture, and see how wonderful and powerful an echo of this can be found in his own passionate words about Love, the Divine Love whose rose-buds are waiting inside all of us to be awakened and to change our world:


Why my ‘AUROSPIRITUALS’ after forty years of ‘Yoga of the Cells’

As I explained in my previous article, it is since 1975 and the full coming in front of my Psychic Being (the ‘Being of the Soul’, as Sri Aurobindo  and Mother call It) that devotional songs for the Divine began spontaneously coming to me, again and again.

And it is when the inner contact with my cells, which happened by itself one year later, in 1976, enabled me to notice with astonishment,  as early as 1978, that here and there in my body they were turning altogether spiritual, it is from that time on that those cells, of a body not only creole but also born in Africa, started to influence the devotional songs that kept coming to me: it was now often on the very joyful rhythm of a biguine or a samba that they expressed themselves!…

So, the sudden influx in September and October 2017 of several more such songs, but dedicated specifically to Africa, has only been the most recent form that  those ‘AUROSPIRITUALS’ took, composing themselves inside of me since the early Eighties.

I thought I had given them that name only just before the African Niagara: precisely the night before the powerful arrival of the African Niagara in the early morning, I had made a list of all my very rhythmic songs and had given them that name – for the first time, or so I believed.

A major mistake actually:

It is simple little notebooks for schoolkids that I use for noting down since 1988 (at last…) the spiritual progresses of my cells, as well as my dreams – in case the latter may reveal a secret inner relation with the cellular progresses also recorded.

From the very first notebook in 1988, I named the future whole record of those notes ‘My Cells and Me:  Journal of a Wonderful Adventure Together’.

Quite recently – these last few weeks – , while going back in time leafing through those notebooks, searching for an entirely different cellular event, I stumbled upon the veritable date on which for the first time I had had the inspiration of that name for my songs with a more exotic rhythm: it was in fact, unbelievable but true, in the morning of Feb. 24th 2017, that is, exactly the day after my birthday last year!!!

What a surprise! Already on that morning, right after my previous birthday, the Divine had whispered to me this precise name for those songs: ‘AUROSPIRITUALS’!…

Stunned, I realized this specific name was having then a great importance, more so than I had suspected. In effect, that name was enabling me to evoke and honor the name of similar but older songs, indeed, but also to signal the difference: thanks to its greater universality that name could then be used for the joyful devotional expression of any people or culture, beyond all the religions and their human dogmas so limiting and divisive!…

Thanks to the genetic research that has now become so easy to do, many people are discovering they have had ancestors of totally unsuspected origins, and this simple revelation by itself makes them open up to those other cultures they had no idea they were linked to.

But what Genetics don’t know yet, is that we have often been our own ancestors, too…! And in my personal case, it is not just African and Creole roots that I have in me. Be it from one lifetime or the other, I have actually roots masculine or feminine, on all continents, under all latitudes and all skin colors, expressing all the shamanic or religious beliefs known or forgotten. Roots?… I have, it would seem, a multitude of them.

Indeed: the British Aurovilian lady (nowadays gone back to cool England for her health) whom long ago I had finally consulted like many of us did, revealed then to me, to her own surprise, that I was what is called ‘an old soul’, having lived lives upon lives, everywhere, from the most ancient times, and that in this lifetime (a most important one) I was to gather and use all the qualities acquired in all those other lives to create out of them the diversified richness that our human unity requires for truly happening, in this terrestrial evolutive future that is growing more and more.

Well, I had noted down all right everything that this Aurovilian lady with inner sight  had told me, but without having the slightest idea of how such a future of spiritual universalisation would ever become a part of my real life.

And there it was, beginning obviously to happen, and on the intense and accelerated mode that luckily I was getting used to, for it was in that same way that all my previous spiritual progresses had happened every time, and this new one was no exception:

One after the other, first Africa with several of its regions, among them the Atlas, then it has been Tibet that revived its deep roots within me, then Kazakhstan, or rather the whole area around the Altaï, whatever present name those countries may have, that lie there since ever, and in which my being has incarnated for one life or the other. And there is the Peru of Macchu Picchu. And there is Ancient Israël – several lives. And there are of course my roots, multiple too, in France as such, at various time periods. And it is far from all!

These last months, my own evolutive progresses have translated themselves, in the night as in the day, through a sort of universalisation, not any more just psychological like when a young adult, but lived by my body itself, the experience buried into the invisible layers of my cells’ DNA starting to become active again, bringing me in a sequence, irresistibly, to several of those Cultural Pavilions that Mother asked us to build also in Auroville, I understand better and better why.

And this doesn’t concern me only, obviously: Auroville, and beyond Auroville, humanity as a whole will have to follow this same inner movement connecting all our diversities.

Of course the Aurovilians are from everywhere, already on the first degree, speaking simply of each one’s country of origin in this lifetime. But to feel that one belongs only to that one country is not enough, it too easily gives rise to ‘reductionism’ and ‘exclusivism’ towards the other countries.

Beyond this apparently unique country each one belongs to now, so many of us in Auroville, like me have those multiple deep roots connecting them invisibly to so many countries and cultures and times, on top on their country of origin this time around, that having lived under all skin colors, when they begin to remember it, they simply cannot anymore be a racist….

Same thing for the religions: when one has lived at the time of Christ, but also at the time of Krishna, and also at the time of Buddha or Mahomet, and then now of Sri Aurobindo and Mother, it is from within that one feels the wonderful complementarity of the way they followed each other, simply as different and growing expressions of the same Truth  now at last fully revealed. That Truth has needed all the previous ones to become whole again in its expression, and they must remain, in some more supple form devoid of exclusivism, so that the Truth  will still be adapted to the various degrees of evolution and inner needs that cannot but be there, among those unique individual human beings that we all are, all various aspects of the Divine at the same time ONE and ALL.

It is, I see it, this new experience in my cells that has made my individual consciousness achieve the same progress in effective universalization.

For 2018,  for this Fortieth Year of their own ‘Yoga of the Cells’, as Mother was calling it, this is the Gift they have received in several stages, during the End of Year and New year time, and still more later… And they kindly made me benefit from it, they shared it with me, this Gift, and now thanks to these neurons who formulate it for me, and these hands who write it on this keyboard for me, and this whole body who participates one way or the other, I am able to share it with other human beings too, a bit everywhere, through this blog! Isn’t that fantastic?!?

All my congratulations to you, my dear cells, and all my gratitude as a human being who still felt too separated from the others! You have changed all that in a few months!… And our little Celebration of Africa at the African Pavilion through your joyful ‘Aurospirituals’ for the anniversary of this body you constitute, my dear cells, this little afternoon of singing and dancing that way is more ad more taking its full meaning : it was a Celebration of the wonderful Diversity of Human Expression that we are all part of!…


Pourquoi mes “AUROSPIRITUALS”, après quarante années de “Yoga des Cellules”

Ainsi que je l’ai expliqué dans mon précédent article, c’est depuis 1975 et la pleine venue en avant de mon Être Psychique (l’Être de l’Âme, ainsi nommé par Sri Aurobindo et Mère) que des chansons dévotionnelles pour le Divin ont spontanément commencé à me venir, encore et encore.

Et c’est lorsque le contact intérieur avec mes cellules, qui s’est produit par lui-même un an plus tard, fin 1976, m’a permis de constater avec stupeur, dès 1978, qu’elles étaient carrément, ici et là dans mon corps, en train de s’éveiller spirituellement, c’est à partir de ce moment-là que ces cellules, d’un corps non seulement créole mais aussi né en Afrique, ont commencé à influencer les chansons dévotionnelles qui continuaient de plus belle à me venir: maintenant c’était souvent sur des rythmes de biguine ou de samba fort joyeux et entraînants qu’elles s’exprimaient!….

L’afflux soudain en Septembre et Octobre 2017 de telles chansons, mais cette fois dédiées spécifiquement à l’Afrique, n’a donc été que la plus récente forme qu’ont prise ces “AUROSPIRITUALS” qui se sont composés en moi depuis le début des années 80.

Je croyais ne les avoir nommées “AUROSPIRITUALS” que juste avant l’arrivée récente du Niagara africain: justement pile la nuit d’avant que le Niagara africain ne se déclenche en pleine force au petit matin, j’avais fait la liste de toutes mes chansons bien rythmées, et les avais appelées ainsi – pour la première fois, ou du moins je le croyais.

Erreur majeure en fait:

Ce sont de simples petits cahiers d’écolière qui me servent depuis 1988 à noter (enfin…) les progrès spirituels de mes cellules, ainsi que mes rêves – au cas où ceux-ci révèleraient une relation intérieure secrète avec les progrès cellulaires notés aussi.

Dès le premier cahier en 1988,  j’ai intitulé tout l’ensemble de mes notes futures “Mes Cellules et moi: Journal d’une Merveilleuse Aventure ensemble”.

Tout récemment – ces dernières semaines – en remontant le temps dans ces petits cahiers, alors que j’étais à la recherche d’un tout autre évènement cellulaire, je suis tombée sur la véritable date à laquelle j’avais pour la première fois eu l’inspiration de ce nom pour ces chansons au rythme plus exotique : c’était en fait, incroyable mais vrai, au matin du 24 février 2017, soit exactement le lendemain de mon anniversaire d’il y a un an!!!

Ô surprise, dès ce matin-là, juste à la suite de mon anniversaire précédent, le Divin m’avait déjà soufflé ce nom précis pour ces chansons-là: les “AUROSPIRITUALS”!…

Je me suis rendu compte avec effarement que ce nom spécifique avait donc une grande importance, plus d’importance que je ne le soupçonnais. De fait, ce nom me permettait d’évoquer et d’honorer le nom des chants similaires plus anciens, certes, mais tout en m’en démarquant grâce à ce nom plus universel qui pourrait du coup être utilisé pour la joyeuse expression dévotionnelle de tout peuple et toute culture, au-delà de toutes les religions et de leurs dogmes humains si limitants et séparateurs!…

Grâce aux recherches génétiques maintenant faciles à faire, de nombreuses personnes se découvrent des ancêtres d’origines totalement insoupçonnées, et déjà cette simple révélarion les fait s’ouvrir à ces autres peuples auxquels ils étaient donc reliés sans le savoir

Mais ce que la génétique ne sait pas encore, c’est que nous avons  souvent été aussi nos propres ancêtres…! Or dans mon cas, ce ne sont pas seulement des racines africaines et créoles que j’ai en moi. Que ce soit d’une vie ou d’une autre, j’en ai en fait au masculin ou au féminin, dans tous les continents, sous toutes les latitudes et couleurs de peaux, exprimant toutes les croyances chamaniques ou religieuses connues ou oubliées. Des racines, j’en ai, semble-t-il, une multitude.

En effet: l’Aurovilienne britannique et médium (aujourd’hui retournée pour sa santé à la fraîcheur de l’Angleterre) qu’autrefois j’avais finalement consultée moi aussi, m’avait révélé avec étonnement que j’étais ce qu’on appelle une “vieille âme”, ayant vécu des vies et des vies, partout, depuis les temps les plus anciens, et que dans cette vie-ci (très importante), j’aurais à rassembler et utiliser les acquis de toutes ces autres vies pour en faire la richesse très diversifiée que notre unité humaine exige pour se réaliser vraiment, dans ce futur évolutif terrestre qui grandit de plus en plus.

J’avais bien pris bonne note de ce que disait cette Aurovilienne douée de voyance, mais sans avoir la moindre idée de comment ce devenir spirituel d’universalisation future deviendrait une partie de mon vécu effectif.

Et voilà que maintenant cela commençait nettement à se produire, et sur le mode intense et accéléré dont je commençais à avoir l’habitude, heureusement, car c’était ainsi que tous mes précédents progrès spirituels, en quelque partie que ce soit de mon être, s’étaient chaque fois produits, et ce progrès nouveau ne faisait pas exception:

Coup sur coup, après l’Afrique et plusieurs de ses régions, dont celle de l’Atlas, c’est le Tibet qui a fait revivre ses racines en moi, puis le Kazakhstan, ou plutôt la région entière située autour de l’AltaÏ, quels que soient les noms présents des pays qui s’y trouvent depuis toujours, et dans lesquels mon être s’est incarné pour une vie ou une autre. Et i il y a le Péroude MacchuPicchu. Et il y a l’Israël d’autrefois – plusieurs vies. Et il y a bien sûr mes racines, multiples elles aussi, en France-même, à différentes époques. Et c’est loin d’être tout!

Tous ces mois derniers, mes propres progrès évolutifs se sont traduits, de nuit comme de jour, par une sorte d’universalisation, non plus seulement psychologique comme dès mon adolescence, mais bien corporelle, le vécu enfoui dans les couches invisibles de l’ADN de mes cellules commençant à s’activer de nouveau, me portant successivement et irrésistiblement vers plusieurs de ces Pavillons Culturels que Mère nous a demandé d’aussi construire à Auroville, je comprends de mieux en mieux pourquoi.

Et cela ne me concerne pas seulement moi, bien sûr: Auroville, et au-delà d’Auroville toute l’Humanité, doivent suivre ce même mouvement intérieur reliant toutes nos diversités.

Il est bien entendu que les Auroviliens viennent de partout, déjà au premier degré, parlant simplement de nos pays d’origine dans cette vie-ci. Mais cette appartenance-là est trop unique, trop aisément “réductioniste” et “exclusiviste” dans son attitude envers les autres pays.

Au delà de cette appartenance apparemment unique de chacun, tant d’entre nous vivant à Auroville ont comme moi de ces racines profondes multiples qui les connectent invisiblement à tant d’autres pays et cultures et époques, en plus de leur pays d’origine de cette fois-ci, que, ayant vécu sous toutes les couleurs de peau, quand ils commencent à s’en souvenir, ils ne peuvent tout simplement plus être racistes…

Même chose pour les religions: quand on a vécu au temps du Christ, mais aussi au temps de Krishna, et aussi au temps de Bouddha ou de Mahomet, et puis maintenant de Sri Aurobindo et Mère, c’est du dedans que l’on ressent la merveilleuse complémentarité de leur succession: simplement des expressions différentes, et croissantes, de la même Vérité maintenant enfin entièrement dévoilée, Celle-ci a eu besoin de toutes les précédentes pour redevenir totale dans son expression, et doit les conserver, sous une forme plus souple, dénuée d’exclusivisme: ainsi seulement pourra-t-elle continuer à s’adapter aux degrés d’évolution et aux besoins intérieurs différents qu’ont forcément ces êtres individuels uniques que nous sommes tous, tous aspects différents du même Divin à la fois UN et TOUT.

C’est donc, je le constate, ce vécu nouveau de mes cellules qui m’a fait accomplir dans ma conscience individuelle le même progrès d’universalisation effective.

Pour 2018, pour cette Quarantième Année de leur propre “Yoga des Cellules”, ainsi que l’appelait Mère, c’est le Cadeau qu’elles ont reçu peu à peu, pendant les fêtes de Fin d’Année et de Nouvelle Année, et encore depuis… Et elles m’en ont fait gentiment profiter, elles l’ont partagé avec moi, ce Cadeau, et maintenant grâce à ces neurones qui le formulent pour moi, et ces mains qui l’écrivent sur ce clavier pour moi, sans compter toutes les autres cellules de ce corps qui participent d’une manière ou d’une autre, je peux en faire profiter d’autres êtres humains aussi, un peu partout, à travers ce blog! N’est-ce pas fabuleux?!?

Toutes mes félicitations à vous, mes chères cellules, et toute ma gratitude d’être humain qui se sentait encore trop séparé des autres! Vous avez changé tout cela en quelques mois!… Et notre petite Célébration de l’Afrique au Pavillon Africain à travers vos gais “AUROSPIRITUALS”, pour l’anniversaire de ce corps que vous constituez, mes chères cellules, cette petite fête prend de plus en plus tout son sens de Célébration de la merveilleuse Diversité d’Expression Humaine dont nous faisons tous partie!…


My Birthday on Feb. 23rd at the African Pavilion, with my ‘AUROSPIRITUALS’

I just celebrated – as every year – my Birthday: on Feb. 23rd.

Yes, right in the middle of the famous ‘Birthday Week’ that we celebrate regularly in Auroville from Feb. 21st, Mother’s Birthday, to 28th, Auroville’s own Birthday!…

Like many others here whose Anniversary is also during this period (or that of August 15th, Sri Aurobindo’s Birthday….!), I feel honored by this sort of date-wise connection, but whatever the date, we all give its due importance to our Anniversary, because of the fact that on that day, every human being is particularly open inwardly, open to the beneficial influence of his or her soul, and so also of this ONE divine reality that he or she is a part of, and the partial expression of, within that divine Oneness in which everything, whether consciously or not, is actually bathed as in a limitless, invisible Ocean.

This year 2018, this Special Week has been all the more special because it was Auroville’s Fiftieth Birthday, its Golden Jubilee, as they say (please see my previous post,  https://labofevolution.wordpress.com/2018/03/04/le-golden-jubilee-dauroville-comme-vecu-par-une-aurovilienne/ ).

Since May 1975 and the full coming in front of my Psychic Being (in hardly a few steps after my arrival in Auroville in 1972), it so happened that as a direct consequence I got the inspiration for many songs of Love for the Divine, at first rather solemn or intimistic in style, then more and more on that creole kind of rhythm that my body, born of parents both from Martinique (in the French West Indies), spontaneously loves with all its cells.

Reminded of the old ‘negro-spirituals’ that I had discovered as a young adult, which were created particularly in the South of the USA, while in slavery, by those African people totally uprooted but still full of faith in God, I decided to honor them by calling ‘AUROSPIRITUALS’ those songs of mine, although my ones hadn’t been inspired by any religion, but by the universal spirituality that is growing everywhere nowadays, because of the present collective evolution of Humanity…

Well, since a few months – starting in September 2017 – I have received in a very unexpected and very powerful way, one after the other, several of those swinging AUROSPIRITUALS’, but this time all dedicated specifically to Africa!

This immediately connected me again to that vast land of Africa where indeed I had chosen, in this lifetime, to be born, in Algiers, in a then French North Africa, and after that to go on growing, but in that Western Africa also French at that time, where my parents had gone back for their normal work in the then French Administration: in Sénégal, initially the countryside, then the capital Dakar, later on the Soudan (now Mali), again first the countryside, then the capital Bamako with its hill, Koulouba, above the vast plain of the Niger river.

These African birth and childhood have left in me a great love for Africa, which the decades spent later on in France and in Auroville have not managed to dry up. Since my coming here I had been impatiently waiting for the creation of at least an embryo of African Pavilion, among those other Cultural Pavilions of various countries that were being born along the years in the area of Auroville that the Mother, its Founder, had designated for this purpose.

At long last a few Africans had started to come (after two solitary ones) and finally,  hardly a few years ago, an African Pavilion had been born… but at the time I was living on the main beach of Auroville, too far and too burdened with responsibilities to take part in this birth so eagerly longed for by me.

My fortunate return, end of 2014, to the Centre of Auroville, and now this Niagara of songs for Africa that was suddenly pouring down on me, gave me the perfect opportunity to finally get involved in the development of that Pavilion so cherished in advance.

In the premises still basic but already arranged and decorated with talent using these highly colored geometrical paintings, so recognizable, from the African Culture, I felt immediately at home, as in this familiar atmosphere of cordial simplicity which welcomed me, from the handful of Africans who managed the place as well as from the many Volunteers (some of them long term) or visitors  who people the Camping Site ‘Safari’ where one lives right in Nature under the little tents available there or that one has brought. Kitchen and toilets are built and decorated, as is a big common space shaped like a traditional hut, on one side of the Camping area; on the other side, the open air large space where, around a big bonfire,  the famous Drumming Session happens every week…

This is how I myself  have been able to spend a night on the spot, under a tent, after having at last watched – and joined with delight! – the contagious dance that enters all the present bodies every Thursday evening, while the Africans cheerfully drumming are joined by any other Auroville musician also inspired by those happy and free rhythms which do so much good to a body…

A few weeks later, a little band was forming spontaneously around me for those specifically African AUROSPIRITUALS… But for which purpose, I came to know with clarity only then: the Special Week was approaching, and with it my own Birthday, it was obviously on the date of my birth that I would have to sing for this beloved Africa where long ago I had chosen to be born!…

But, last minute surprise,  what was intended to be just a small intimate celebration with the few musicians and the friends especially invited, later became , on the request of the Africans running the Pavilion, an official event to be publicly announced as the Event presented by the African Pavilion as its contribution to the Golden Jubilee of Auroville!!!

Fortunately, the Divine Grace arranged things in Its own way, with the announcement in the Auroville internal news coming out only on the 24th, that is, the day after our little Celebration of Africa for my Anniversary, and the result was that there was an audience sufficiently big and enthusiastic to clap their hands and sing the choruses with us, but none of the huge crowd that we were totally unprepared for and so were secretly very scared to face!…

Now, after this memorable performance, and also all the other events we all attended elsewhere before and after that one during that incredible Golden Jubilee Week, everybody is resting, exhausted… But, oh happiness, everything went fine, so we are savoring this well-earned rest, all the while smiling with gratitude to the Divine Grace that everywhere gave the invisible helping hand needed at the critical moments, and made everything finally possible… ad even a success!

This personal Anniversary so special this year, at the African Pavilion, will remain engraved in my memory… and will mark also in its own way a grand Première in Auroville: the public beginning of a new aspect of the new Culture that is growing here: the AUROSPIRITUALS!

The event has been recorded and filmed by our Auroville RadioTV, here is the link to a short video, an of course much abridged version where fragments of the little historical talk I gave beforehand to a group of friends have been inserted here and there between extracts of the songs:


The place of all this in the Integral Yoga, this Yoga of individual and collective Evolution my entire life is dedicated to since 1971?,… If you are interested in the answer, you will get to know it in my next post! Isn’t this one long enough already?…

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