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Posted here with my thanks also to Kanayalal Bakraniya who relayed it all on his Facebook Timeline.

Merry Christmas..

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Try to get it!

To all Christians all over the planet..I say Merry Christmas…I want to wish you a happy holiday and a happy time..I am a moslem..but I visit the church and share the ceremonies with Christians in my Christian neighbours love me and I love them..It’s all about humanity…religion is such a message of love and an invitation to love each other..I want to send a message to Jesus..I am sure you hear me now..peace be upon you when you were born and when you will die and when you come alive are the messanger of are the soul of Allah ..I love you and I love all messengers of Allah..Peace ..light and love for all humanity..Note(1):I love wordpress..she’s my daughter that grows up in front of my eyes day after day..that’s why I cut off my vacation and came back to her…Allah says

يَـٰٓأَيُّهَا ٱلَّذِينَ ءَامَنُواْ كُونُوٓاْ أَنصَارَ…

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The December issue of “The BeZine” will publish later today …


“The BeZine” will be published today as scheduled, but probably rather late in the day. We’ve been running a bit behind, but what a delight in a world gone mad to encounter all the wisdom and compassion in the hearts of our contributors. I get to spend the day with these beautiful souls.

“There is a LIGHT in this world. A healing spirit more powerful than any darkness we may encounter. We sometime lose sight of this force when there is suffering, and too much pain. Then suddenly, the spirit will emerge through the lives of ordinary people who hear a call and answer in extraordinary ways.” Richard Attenborough

Jamie Dedes
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Speaking with One’s Body-Cells

A very important point to start with:
It is not ‘Speaking TO’, but ‘Speaking WITH’ our cells.
This makes a huge difference even in your overall intention, in your subconscious expectation of what can, or cannot be done by your cells.
And what do you want actually? To really communicate with them, or just to give them orders because you think you of course know everything better than them?
Even Mother herself, tells in at least one occasion I am sure of (in her ‘Agenda’), how one fine day she was thinking something which was actually not true, and the cells own very different shy comment made her realize they were right, and she had been quite wrong on that point, actually still thinking in the ordinary human way, and the cells had so gently corrected her…!
And on several occasions it is directly from her cells that Mother gives out the notation of something they said, or proclaimed even, in the growing sense of dignity, of sacredness, of recovered divinity, that has been born in them after 1956 and the activation of the Supramental in Matter,which actually started to free Matter from its previous heavy cloak of obscurity, ignorance, inertia, passivity, incapacity… This burden is being lifted more and more from them and they realize they are free, and they can take their own decisions regarding their own life and whom to obey: the mind or the vitals usual, or rather the Psychic Being who of course truly loves them.
My own very first, totally unexpected contact with my cells happened in Auroville in 1976, when I overheard them shouting to each other in fear and anger against me because of a danger I had quite unwittingly put them into.
All of a sudden, stunned, I realized this must be my cells communicating with each other that I was feeling and hearing!!!
At that time their consciousness was still rather ordinary, not spiritual.
But hardly two years later they started, completely on their own, to feel the Divine Presence of Loving Light, and to turn towards the Divine more and more, inventing their own songs for the Divine… and high-jacking my own as well!!! (they are smiling and giggling with glee as my fingers are typing this…! Yes, they can have also a great sense of humor…) It has all become such an intimate and sweet relationship between us since so many years… Such a wonderful sense of togetherness…
The above Introduction is what I wrote a few days ago to someone who in some specific occasions had been talking to her cells, as she knew that this could be done, but who was quite surprised to hear recently from a common friend that the cells could even respond to us! She was writing to me to find out more about this from me, so the few paragraphs above have been my answer to her.

Down below are the links to a selection of articles of mine I added to that for a start, all from the Category ‘CELLULAR CONSCIOUSNESS’, but especially chosen because they give examples of what the cells may talk about when they respond to us or tell us something by themselves… or also sing!… One of those early articles is also EN FRANÇAIS, at the end, in case that can be helpful already for those not reading English. As the years passed, such articles have been more often written or translated also EN FRANÇAIS, I’ll try to provide some of those other links too, later. But let’s begin now with these ones:

Il faut que ce soit le Choix des Cellules elles-mêmes – juste comme pour nous…

(Traduction française de l’article précédent)

(Tout ici doit apprendre à obéir à une loi plus haute

Les cellules de notre corps doivent contenir la flamme de l’Immortel)

Encore une jolie synchronicité entre le Message d’aujourd’hui montré ci-dessus, sur ce calendrier perpétuel de l’Ashram, et les tout derniers progrès dans la conscience de mes cellules ainsi que décrits dans la seconde partie de mon article d’il y a à peine quelques jours:

Et la synchronicité ne s’arrête pas là: sur le calendrier, l’illustration choisie pour cette citation de Sri Aurobindo est un Lotus,  largement épanoui, avec des pétales ressemblant à des flammes… Eh bien, hier matin, seulement quelques jours après l’expérience par mes cellules d’être ces innombrables Roses et ensuite ces Douces Petites Flammes, je me suis éveillée pour les trouver ayant fait un pas de plus dans leur consciente  identification de plus en plus avec le fait qu’elles sont des expressions et des formes du Divin: cette fois -ci elles se sentaient et semblaient, toutes ensemble, d’innombrables minuscules Lotus, plantés non pas en terre ferme comme les Roses auparavant, mais dans une sorte de vaste étendue d’eau sur laquelle ils flottaient avec délice,..

Tout l’ensemble évoquait irrésistiblement l’un de ces vers merveilleux dont Sri Aurobindo a rempli son ‘Savitri’, ce vers-là dans le Livre II, Canto 12, p.279 ligne 22,:

‘A million lotuses swaying on one stem’…

(Un million de lotus que berce une tige unique…)

Une telle condition intérieure dans les cellules d’un corps physique est d’autant plus admirable et bienvenue que, dans le cas de mes cellules et de celles d’un nombre grandissant d’autres corps aussi, un tel état intérieur est le résultat de leur propre choix dans leur existence  en tant que cellules très ordinaires avant: à un moment donné, et encore et encore, elles ont fait le choix d’évoluer davantage et davantage, se détournant  de leur mode de vie habituel comme simple cellules, et commençant à vivre ce qui est en fait le processus entier de la Transformation – juste comme nous les êtres humains nous le faisons en nombre croissant partout.

Certains grands êtres sont réputés avoir déjà accompli un remarquable degré de  transformation de leur corps physique dans le passé, et cela pourrait très bien être vrai. Mais dans tous ces cas-là, quoi que ce soit qui ait pu être en effet accompli, l’a été par leur propre Volonté Centrale  et le Pouvoir de leur Conscience en tant qu’Âme ou Esprit habitant ce corps, et cela est juste arrivé aux cellules, elles n’y ont été pour rien. C’était déjà un haut fait fantastique, le plus haut qui pouvait être accompli jusqu’à ce point de l’Évolution Terrestre, mais c’est resté un phénomène isolé.

Cependant, l’Évolution a continué depuis.

Quelque chose d’encore mieux et d’encore plus vrai est devenu possible, car maintenant, grâce à l’Activation en 1956 par Sri Aurobindo de la Conscience-Force Supramentale directement dans la Matière, ce sont les cellules elles-mêmes dont la propre conscience a commencé à s’éveiller. Elles ont gagné un sens de Liberté nouveau pour elles: la Liberté de Choix. Elles se rendent compte qu’elles peuvent décider par elles-mêmes ce qu’elles veulent faire de leur vie en tant que corps humain.

Découvrant le Divin, elles peuvent très bien tomber amoureuses de LUI/ELLE, juste comme nous. Et découvrant ensuite leurs propres nature divine et potentiel divin secrets, elles peuvent même opter pour le processus de pleine transformation qu’offre le Yoga Integral… À nouveau, de par leur propre libre choix… juste comme nous.

Il faut que nous nous fassions à l’idée que nos cellules aussi, comme tout ce qui existe d’autre, sont en réalité le Divin, manifesté sous cette forme temporairement diminuée afin de fournir l’une des nécessités requises pour l’Aventure Évolutive à organiser et  jouer sur cette Terre.

Maintenant c’est leur tour enfin, après les autres parties de notre nature extérieure en tant qu’êtres humains, de commencer à retrouver leur véritable Identité, Liberté et  Puissance.

Le début de cet éveil cellulaire est déjà en train de se passer.

Rien ne peut plus l’arrêter, et ce nouveau pas pour la Matière elle-même est une absolue nécessité pour que se constitue après un certain temps une nouvelle sorte de corps physiques, disponibles tout aussi normalement qu’aujourd’hui les corps humains actuels nous semblent tout à fait normaux: ce sont les cellules qui doivent apprendre elles-mêmes comment se transformer, et transmettre ce nouveau savoir aux autres cellules d’un même corps, puis des autres corps également, exactement comme toute autre nouvelle manière de fonctionner est transmise. C’est seulement à travers la conscience cellulaire que cela peut s’accomplir d’une manière qui puisse ensuite se répandre  comme une  nouvelle possibilité pour l’espèce humaine tout entière: la manière que la Mère elle-même, quand elle l’a vue commencer à se produire, depuis son propre corps et ses cellules, vers les cellules d’autres corps, l’appela joyeusement “la Contagion”….

Eh bien, nous avons tout intérêt à reconnaître ce fait si important qui est déjà en train de faire toute la différence, et autant que nous le pouvons, chacun de nous, âmes habitant ces corps en train de s’éveiller ici ou là, à les aider avec tout notre amour et support intérieur, car ils sont le Futur de l’Évolution sur cette Terre… Et en attendant, nous sommes déjà complètement ensemble dans ce qui se passe, et à en juger par ma propre expérience nos corps peuvent être de si merveilleux compagnons de route pour cette  Aventure commune d’Évolution Consciente, je suis devenue très heureuse qu’eux aussi en fassent partie, et je serais fort triste si ce n’était pas le cas!

It Has to Be the Choice of the Cells Themselves – Just like for Us…

Another nice synchronicity between today’s Message  shown above as per this perpetual calendar from the Ashram, and the latest progresses in the consciousness of my cells as described in the second part of my post just a few days ago:

And the synchronicity doesn’t stop there: on the calendar, the illustration chosen for that quote from Sri Aurobindo is a wide open Lotus, with petals somehow flame-like… Well, yesterday morning, only days after the experience by my cells of being those innumerable Roses and then Sweet Little Flames, I awoke to find them having made one more step in their progressive conscious identification more and more with being expressions and forms of the Divine Itself: that time they felt and looked together like innumerable tiny Lotuses, planted not on solid ground like the Roses before, but in some kind of vast pond upon which they floated with delight,..

It all evoked irresistibly one of the numberless wonderful lines by Sri Aurobindo in ‘Savitri’, this one in Bk II Canto 12, p.279:22, which reads thus:

‘A million lotuses swaying on one stem’…

Such an inner condition in one’s body-cells is all the more amazing and welcome because in the case of my cells and a growing number of cells in other bodies as well, such an inner state is the result of their own choice in their life of previously very ordinary body-cells: at some point, and again and again, they have made the choice of evolving further and further, turning away from their habitual way of being as simple body-cells, and starting to go through what is actually the entire process of Transformation – just as we human beings are doing in increasing numbers everywhere.

Some great beings are said to have already achieved some remarkable degree of transformation of their physical body in the past, and it might very well be true. But in all such instances, whatever may have been achieved indeed, it had been done by their own central Will and Power of Consciousness as the Soul/Spirit inhabiting that body, and it just happened to the cells, they had nothing to do with it. It was already a tremendous feat, the highest that could be achieved until this time in Terrestrial Evolution, but it remained an isolated phenomenon.

Yet, Evolution has continued since then.

Something even better and truer has become possible, as now, thanks to the 1956 Activation by Sri Aurobindo of the Supramental Consciousness-Force directly inside Matter, it is the cells themselves whose own consciousness has started to awaken. They have gained a newfound sense of Freedom: the Freedom of Choice.  They realize they can decide by themselves what they want to do with their life as a human body.

Discovering the Divine, they may very well fall in Love with HIM/HER/ just like we do. And discovering then their own divine secret nature and potential, they may even go for the process of full transformation which the Integral Yoga offers… Again, out of their own free will… just as we do.

We have to get used to the idea that our cells too, like everything else there is, are in reality the Divine, manifested in that temporarily diminished form so as to provide one of the necessities required for the Adventure of Evolution that was to be organized and played out on this Earth.

Now is their turn at last, like the other parts of our outer nature as human beings, to start to recover their true Identity, Freedom and Power.

It has begun.

Nothing anymore can stop it, and it is an absolutely necessary new step in Matter itself  for constituting over time a new kind of body, available just as normally as today the present human bodies seem normal to us: the cells themselves have to learn how to get transformed, and transmit that new knowledge to other cells in the same body, then to other bodies too, just as any new way of functioning gets transmitted. It is only through the cellular consciousness that this can be done in a way which can then spread as a new possibility for the entire human species: the way that the Mother herself, when she saw it beginning to happen from her own body and its cells, to the cells of other bodies, happily called ‘the Contagion’….

Well, we’d better acknowledge that so important fact which is already making all the difference, and do whatever we can, each of us, souls inhabiting those bodies that are awakening here and there, to help them with all our love and inner support, for they are the Future of Evolution on this Earth… And in the meantime, we are already completely together in this, and in my own experience they can be such wonderful companions on our common Journey of Conscious Evolution that I have become really happy that they too are part of it, and would be quite sad if they were not!

5.12.19: A Body’s grateful Homage to Sri Aurobindo’s sacrificed Body

This morning, to commemorate the Day when Sri Aurobindo, for the sake of all our present physical bodies and those to come later, chose to die – that is, to leave behind his physical body although it had already undergone a remarkable amount of visible transformation – this morning my own body wants to dedicate this new post on this Research Blog, to that body Sri Aurobindo sacrificed for our sake.

My body felt the best way to honor that Body, would be to bring here to the forefront again one of those earliest posts now difficult to access, yet containing often very important information most readers would otherwise not know about or have perhaps forgotten. Here is that older post (  ), from 12th May 2011:

‘Towards a Conscious Body’

“Here are a few extracts my body and I like particularly from Sri Aurobindo’s last book, ‘The Supramental Manifestation’, written in 1948-49, in which he presented the remarkable changes likely to happen regarding the body, after the Consciousness-Force he called ‘Supramental’ (sometimes ‘Supermind’) would be activated directly in terrestrial matter, awakening the evolutive potential at that level itself:

‘In this transformation the body itself can become an agent and a partner. It might indeed be possible for the spirit to achieve a considerable manifestation with only a passive and imperfectly conscious body as its last or bottommost means of material functioning, but this could not be anything perfect or complete. A fully conscious body might even discover  and work out the right material method and process of a material transformation. For this, no doubt, the spirit’s supreme  light and power and creative joy must have manifested on the summit of the individual consciousness and sent down their fiat into the body, but still the body may take in the working out its spontaneous part of self-discovery and achievement. It would be thus  a participator and agent in its own transformation and the integral transformation of the whole being.’

‘Even the body, if it can bear the touch of the Supermind, will become aware of its own truth – for there is a body-consciousness that has its own instinctive truth and power of right condition and action, even a kind of unexpressed occult knowledge in the constitution of its cells and tissues which may one day become conscious and contribute to the transformation of the physical being.’

‘There is (…) an obscure mind of the body, of the very cells, molecules, corpuscles. Haeckel, the German materialist, spoke somewhere of the will in the atom, and recent science, dealing with the incalculable individual variation in the activity of the electrons, comes near to perceiving that this is not a figure but the shadow thrown by a secret reality. This body-mind is a very tangible truth; owing to its obscurity and mechanical clinging to past movements and facile oblivion and rejection of the new, we find in it one of the chief obstacles to permeation by the Supermind Force and the transformation of the functioning of the body. On the other hand, once effectively converted, it will be one of the most precious instruments for the stabilisation of the Supramental Light and Force in material Nature.’

Such wonderfully foreseen, described and explained results have greatly helped me and my body since a long time to understand how the present changes in our body-cells’ consciousness could be indeed anticipated, especially when the extremely evolved person writing those texts above was having not only the vision of that evolutive future, but also already quite some personal bodily experience of what he was talking about…!”

As I finish copying the above earlier post, today’s Darshan Message from the Ashram has just been communicated to me:

My body and I, stunned, are silently staring together at this Message, marveling at the wonderful confirmation it means for my body’s own instinctive way of doing its Yoga of Transformation:

What Sri Aurobindo describes as to be done by ‘the mind of spiritual knowledge’ in a human being, is exactly and precisely the way now spontaneously used, since a few weeks already, by the little mind of my body itself, the very Body-Mind Sri Aurobindo was writing about in the three texts quoted above, from my older post!…

This wonderful synchronicity between the aspiration expressed today by my body through the old post above, and now the Message that came for today’s Darshan, feels like an invaluable Sanction given by Sri Aurobindo himself (and on this Day!), to the specific way, after over forty years of Yoga of its Cells which was mostly characterized by Bhakti under the influence of my Psychic Being (the ‘Psychicisation’ part of the whole Transformation Process), my body has come recently to go on with it, so as to also grow into its full Divine Nature: by repeating as its new self-formulated ‘mantra’ a few words of conscious, affirmed Identity with its Eternal Reality, it is keeping a now almost permanent focus on its own Divine Immortality and Transcendance, and the results are already amazing… The exact words used do not need to be revealed here, as they are its own only, but as for the essentially correct Way to proceed for its full Spiritualisation and later also Supramentalisation, what my body has now started doing seems to be ‘right on’!…

A flow of utter gratitude goes from my body to that Body of Sri Aurobindo, which had to forgo that wonderful further evolutive Future for itself, so that later bodies like my own could benefit from the Supramental Manifestation of 1956 and become now living examples of what Sri Aurobindo foresaw and said would come true… What a Joy to be among the bodies in which it is now becoming true indeed… and this, thanks, let’s remember it for ever, to the sacrifice in 1950 of Sri Aurobindo’s Body…



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