No, what I am holding and showing is not the big compilation of mine that I am talking about in this video!

Instead, it is the French version of the much slimmer one done ten years before by another lady Aurovilian, Barbara, as I will explain… But this is a way to honor her work visually too.




Watch it DIRECTLY on YOUTUBE to get the Links (see the Description) or find them below this video:



1/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hp880…

2/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5SeM…

3/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXT3w…

4/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYJF1…

5/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmREr…

6/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkimi…

The / Le 5 Décembre 1950: Why did Sri Aurobindo /Pourquoi Sri Aurobindo / leave his body? / a-t-il quitté son corps?

My two new YouTube videos for this week, as usual one in English et une en français, give the answer to that so important question / donnent la réponse à cette si importante question.

Some documents in English are added as Links in the Descriptions of those two videos.

Des documents (pour le moment en anglais seulement) sont ajoutés en Liens dans les Descriptions de ces deux vidéos :



The/La Surprise of/des Surprises!

Here are the two versions of what I had to say for last week’s Darshan Day, the 24th November.

First, as usually (at least for the time being), for my English-speaking audience:

Et maintenant, ci-dessous, pour mon audience de langue française, ce que j’ai exprimé ensuite sur le même sujet, mais en français :

17.11.73 in Auroville: the wonderful Synchronicity later revealed / une merveilleuse Synchronicité

On this just passed 17.11.21, I woke up with the happy memory, long forgotten but somehow suddenly brought back in my consciousness, of what we had been doing, most of us who were already living then in Auroville, on that specific day, the 17th November, in 1973: on that day there happened to be a very important collective work to be done, that always felt for us all as a Collective Celebration: a concreting !… But not an ordinary concreting, one at the construction site of our growing collective Soul, our dear Matrimandir!!!

And that specific Matrimandir Concreting had happened to be a huge one…

But now that I have the possibility of telling you all these so meaningful stories in a more direct and living way, I will continue rather in that way: through the video that I recorded a few days ago, on the very day when that memory came up, right on this 17.11.21 itself:

Et je peux déjà ajouter aussi la VF du même récit, car à cause d’un problème technique résolu seulement hier, c’est seulement hier que j’ai pu publier la version anglaise: pour une fois, en même temps que la VF, elle-même aussi un peu en retard!

La voici:

N’oubliez pas, à votre passage sur ma Chaine YouTube, de Like/Love chaque vidéo que vous avez appréciée, de laisser éventuellement un commentaire (maintenant ils sont autorisés là aussi), que ce soit ici ou directement sur la Chaine… Si vous vous y abonnez, faites-le moi savoir! Merci d’avance…

Description ‘live’ of the Double Darshan… and now also explanations, all through new videos

I didn’t have time last week (very busy week) to post also here the videos, in English first, and later on ‘en francais’, du Double Darshan recu de Mere le 18 novembre 1973 au matin.

But here is the next one, just published, in English only for now, which gives the necessary explanations about some aspects of that all important Double Darshan… which you can watch first (as I recommend) when you click on this one and get on YouTube!…

My discovery of ‘The Mother’/Ma découverte de “La Mere”

I am adding here together my two most recent videos,  both on the same topic, but the one in English first, done last Monday…

(don’t hesitate to post here, down below, the comments you would like to express)


Et son equivalent en francais, le  nouvel enregistrement fait et public juste maintenant.

Il est probable qu’a partir d’aujourd’hui je vais de cette manière faire de mon mieux pour donner, régulièrement en fin de semaine, a mon audience de langue française, sa version a elle (sur le meme sujet) de la video en anglais publiée en debut de semaine.

(N’hesitez pas a laisser ici, en bas , les commentaires que vous voudriez exprimer)

What about our inner defects?…

A more difficult topic today, for my new YouTube video. So it is a longer one too, as many not so helpful  beliefs abound, particularly in most religions, regarding this important question.

Please, don’t hesitate to put your own interrogations as a ‘comment’ down below.

On YouTube itself, I prefer not to have comments at all, but here is a better context for having if needed a little conversation… 

Even just some  kind feedback from you will be welcome! 

A New Video: ‘The Life Divine’, its Sweeping Start & the Huge Experience it Gave me

If I have been silent here for a little while, it has been because I had to be so active elsewhere: in my YouTube Studio, busy correcting the subtitles on my previous videos, and preparing this one… without knowing it, as usual!

The Divine keeps putting on my way, moment after moment every day, the people, the events and the films, old or new, that will contribute to my deeper or more complete understanding of something having to do with the Integral Yoga. Even at night, dreams too add insights… Indeed, ‘All Life is Yoga’, as Sri Aurobindo has kindly let us know long ago…!

I won’t go into any details today, as it is already the beginning of Tomorrow as the new Today, and that’s way too late for my body’s preferences. It’s high time to go to bed!…

It might be better for you to check also directly on my YouTube Channel, as one at least of my previous videos didn’t make it to here, for lack of time. All my sincere apologies for that!

“Quatre aveugles et un elephant – Le Buffet Divin”

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