On Other Earths Too, in the Past or in the Future!

If you have watched the amazing video of Dannion Brinkley which is the centerpiece of my previous post, you have heard him reveal a particularly important thing for us all to know – or remember: that in the truth of our being, we all are “great, mighty spiritual beings having dignity, direction and purpose”, deliberately come into the challenge of this world of oblivion and limitation, to see if even in the midst of such conditions we can still make each of our every moment decisions out of Compassion and Caring instead of our temporary ego’s wish to dominate and impress. This is what has been told to Dannion repeatedly, in various ways, by the beings of Light he encountered during his NDEs, and they added it took  a lot of courage to come in this world and go through such difficult adventures here.

All this was astonishing news for Dannion… and possibly also for those of you reading this, who are new to my blog and have not seen the older posts I already dedicated to spreading exactly these kind of momentous news about us human beings, which I had myself been so astonished about when reading them first long ago from Sri Aurobindo.

I had hardly familiarized my mind with such an unusual viewpoint, and accepted it for all my own numerous lifetimes on earth, when I found yet another piece by Sri Aurobindo, that one not only echoing this view but actually going even further: in ‘Essays Divine and Human’, the essay titled ‘Beginning and End’ sees Sri Aurobindo  drawing once again, as so often, such a huge vista of the really Big Picture as to be just staggering for our present feeble mentality and cowardly heart. Here is but a short passage of that essay, that so many years after reading it for the first time, only now I am able to dare read again in spite of what had been for me the horrendous new revelation it contained:

‘The experiment of human life on an earth is not now for the first time enacted. It has been conducted a million times before and the long drama will again a million times be repeated. In all that we do now, our dreams, our discoveries, our swift or difficult attainments we profit subconsciously by the experience of innumerable precursors and our labour will be fecund in planets unknown to us and in worlds yet uncreated. The plan, the peripeties, the denouement differ continually, yet are always governed by the conventions of an eternal Art. God, Man, Nature are the three perpetual symbols.

The idea of eternal recurrence affects with a shudder of alarm the mind entrenched in the minute, the hour, the years, the centuries, all the finite’s unreal defences. But the strong soul conscious of its own immortal stuff and the inexhaustible ocean of its ever-flowing energies is seized by it with the thrill of an inconceivable rapture. It hears behind the thought the childlike laughter and ecstasy of the Infinite.’

Well, friends, as you can see it would seem we aren’t necessarily into this for just a few aeons of lifetimes here on this Earth: some of us still don’t find it to be enough!…

Also in some  recently channeled books (from Lee Carroll’s Kryon, for example) – and I seem to remember Jane Robert’s Seth was saying somehow the same thing – one can read indeed that most of us here are spirits cheerful and adventurous enough to have found all these crazy challenges interesting and even amusing, to the point of our having been actually at it since further eons elsewhere, and of our rejoicing gleefully already at the perspective of yet another round and endless other rounds of similarly huge challenges still elsewhere in other corners of the Universe!!! We spirits bold and courageous enough to incarnate again and again on difficult worlds like this Earth, are like the Elite Battalion among spirits, and looked at with awe by others!…

That should give us a measure – if that is at all possible – of what our divine Nature is about: secretly but solidly based on our core Being consisting in eternal and indestructible Satchidananda (another post about that soon), we can truly try out again and again, if we wish, the boldest of adventures, as no real death or damage can effectively destroy us, but only affect us temporarily…! It is just sheer FUN!…

To some of us at least…

I for one don’t seem to be quite like that. I am only starting to glimpse timidly and from the corner of my eye at this truly gigantic perspective on things which Sri Aurobindo brings in with this stunning passage, and which only decades of conscious inner development have finally enabled me to read again calmly, and even pause to consider, without my poor mind going nuts. But I must admit I  for one seem to be a particularly unadventurous spirit: some sort of ‘Hobbity’ kind of spirit, as Tolkien would put it… Or is it perhaps only my outer personality in this lifetime which is that way, as one more challenge for my spirit to deal with?… I can’t even stand roller coasters, or merely imagine myself riding one, so you see what I mean!!!

I hope many of my visitors here are spontaneously bolder spirits and will appreciate to its full magnificence the prospect of willingly and joyfully taking on yet any number of other earths after this one is won to the foreseen and promised Life Divine!…

As for myself, I am likely to rather luxuriate first of all for a very long time here on this Earth, enjoying the said Life Divine, precisely once we have at last won that Victory already for this Earth; and then I may chose to just tiptoe out of it all, my laurels well won… But after such a nice and long and enjoyable rest in Divine Living here, who knows after all?. I may find myself crazy enough a spirit to be tempted yet again – along with some eternal dear buddies of mine like some of you, my readers, might well be – by some new challenge to take on,  on some other Earth somewhere, far, far away in some other solar system…


A Multi-NDEr, Hugely Funny and Moving: Dannion Brinkley

Dannion Brinkley is a supersized human being, inwardly as well as outwardly.

I read with amazement Dannion’s first book, ‘Saved by the Light’, at the time when it came out and instantly was added to our ever growing collection of NDE books in our Research Library at the Laboratory of Evolution, Auroville.

In spite of the extreme severity of the physical ordeals he had to endure, before and after  his several NDEs,  Dannion’s terrific sense of humor shined through the whole book even during the description of the most difficult physical moments. And the rather radical inner transformation that resulted from it all, manifesting through a complete change of behavior in life, is the very best proof that his remarkable story is totally genuine, and all the more precious.

I had watched already a few years ago this wonderful interview with Lisa Harrison, but for some forgotten reason failed to put it up immediately on this blog of mine at the time.

Well, having luckily found it again and watched it all over again with bated breath – or great laughter – just yesterday, this time I am not going to make the same mistake as before: I’m posting it right away, simply so happy that such a gem of an interview is still around on YouTube. Now I finally present it here as well, and I really hope many others too will enjoy it and grow inwardly by it just as I did:

Feeling our Heart Self

After writing and then also translating this post advising to start a relationship with the Divine, I felt the urge to write more about that, and especially about what Sri Aurobindo calls so wonderfully the Rainbow of Divine Love… How could it be that I had never posted anything about THAT?!… And I just found out that indeed of course I already did!…

Here is that much older post, now joyfully re-blogged to complement the one written recently…

Lab of Evolution

I’ll keep this focus on the most important realities Olga Kharitidi was given access to – her own Heart Self, and humanity’s – to describe in this new post more precisely how this Heart Self feels within us, not especially in the Ancient Altai cultural context, but taken out of all cultural contexts, as It manifests in its Essence, recognizable by any human being anywhere, for it is the very Core of us.

Anytime you feel love in you – not passion or sexual desire, which in themselves are altogether different things than true love – know that you are feeling what comes from your Heart Self, the central You. Every time you feel tenderness, compassion, gratitude, it is your Heart Self in you that emanates those feelings you experience and that you then in turn radiate too; every time you admire somebody or something you are genuinely awed and…

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Commencez donc une Relation d’Amour avec le Divin

(Traduction de l’article precedent, “Why don’t You Start a Relationship with the Divine?”)

Le Divin n’est pas une abstraction, ni une theorie intellectuelle nee du Mental. Le Divin  existe vraiment – c’est meme en fait la seule vraie REALITE –  et tout ce qui existe fait partie du Divin, y compris nous, les etres humains, meme si habituellement nous ne nous rendons pas compte de ce fait si important…

Une experience interieure comme celle que m’ont donnee les premieres lignes de “La Vie Divine” est seulement un debut: la comprehension par notre mental qu’il y a quelque chose de plus a decouvrir, a faire, a vivre, a ETRE, consciemment. Un immense, enorme, fantastique Quelque Chose de plus. Et seulement en devenant a nouveau consciemment CELA, pouvons-nous devenir reellement nous-memes, vraiment et pleinement. C’est comme etre un enfant et se rendre compte soudain que l’on peut devenir – mieux encore, que l’on est suppose devenir – un adulte aussi grand et savant et puissant et plein d’amour que les adultes autour de nous, en particulier nos parents… ou meme  davantage qu’ils ne  le sont, s’il se trouve qu’ils ne sont guere quoi que ce soit de tout cela.

Et la chose la plus fabuleuse a decouvrir par experience au sujet de cet Etre Divin Unique que nous sommes tous en realite,  c’est que son Essence meme est l’AMOUR.

Ou plutot, le DELICE  d’ETRE, car  qu’y a-t-il a aimer quand vous etes L’Un et l’Unique, c’est a dire tout seul?… C’est le Delice d’Etre qui est l’essence meme de cet Etre, et qui devient AMOUR lorsque cet Un joue a etre en meme temps Multiplicite, les innombrables formes de Lui-mem/Elle-meme contenues potentiellement dans cet Un Unique.

Alors, si quelque chose en vous a soif d’AMOUR vrai, de cet Amour vrai qui est DELICE, n’attendez pas des autres etres humains qu’ils vous le donnent: comment le pourraient-ils, aussi longtemps qu’eux-memes ne l’ont pas encore trouve et en sont assoiffes tout comme vous l’etes?

Allez droit au Divin, la, profondement en vous, dans votre propre Coeur, ou bien trouvez-le tout autour de vous comme un poisson decouvrirait soudain qu’il y a un Ocean tout autour de lui, et qu’il baigne dedans tout le temps sans meme en general se rendre compte qu’il en est ainsi…’

Tant que nous sommes encore petits enfants et n’avons pas encore eu l’experience  d’aucun coup vraiment violent de la part de la Vie ici, beaucoup d’entre nous sommes encore pleins spontanement de tout cet Amour et cette Confiance si visibles encore dans nos yeux et notre sourire et nos petits bras tendus.



Mais tot ou tard cela disparait et se retire profondement au-dedans pour survivre, et une croute se forme au-dessus pour le proteger d’un monde exterieur qui ne l’apprecie et ne le cherit pas. Ainsi endurcis et ne vivant plus qu’a la surface de nous-memes, nous ne sentons meme plus sa Presence, et bientot nous en oublions jusqu’a l’existence.

Pourtant Il est toujours la, attendant que nous redecouvrions son intense, delicieuse Douceur. Quand le besoin que nous en avons devient suffisamment aigu, alors la croute se fend et nous nous retrouvons inondes de cet Amour que nous desirions tant – mais que nous cherchions dans tous les endroits les plus trompeurs, et sous les apparences les plus fausses, illusoires, deformees, douloureuses de cet Amour.

Tout cela m’est arrive a moi aussi, toutes ces erreurs je les ai faites moi aussi, alors  pour ma part le conseil le plus important que je puisse vous donner, a vous tous qui visitez ce Blog,  le conseil le plus important, c’est:


C’est si simple. Faites-le juste a votre maniere a vous, quelle qu’elle soit, et avec la Forme ou l’Aspect du Divin pour lequel vous sentez spontanement une reelle attirance, qu’elle soit associee a une Religion ou a aucune Religion du tout. Tournez-vous simplement vers vos propres Profondeurs, et parlez-leur; ou bien tournez-vous vers ces Immensites exterieures sans limites tout autour de vous, et parlez-leur. Comme vous parleriez au Coeur meme de Tout, a la Source dont vous et tout le reste etes venus et faites partie depuis toujours. Oui, depuis l’Eternite, pour l’Eternite. N’est-ce pas la un Fait merveilleux  a savourer?…


Mots adresses dans la solitude a la nuit, larmes de gratitude apres une joie soudaine, larmes de desespoir apres une tragedie soudaine, il importe peu. Prenez un simple cahier d’ecolier, mince ou epais, et un stylo, et commencez a ecrire au Divin, et notez les reponses aussi, ou bien continuez a ecrire, encore et encore, chaque fois que vous en sentirez le besoin, et restez en eveil pour percevoir les reponses, car elles VIENDRONT, mais pas forcement en mots entendus interieurement, car souvent elles viendront a n’importe quel autre moment exterieur de votre vie, a travers Radio ou Television,  ou cet enfant que vous croisez dans la rue.

Et alors cette Relation va grandir jusqu’a occuper de sa Douceur graduellement tous les moments de votre vie. Quoi que ce soit qui vous fasse commencer cette Relation, sera le Debut de votre existence veritable sur la Terre dans ce corps-ci, une existence dans laquelle vous vous pensiez peut-etre si terriblement seul et perdu. Meme les moments d’apparente solitude vont graduellement devenir pour vous vos moments les plus delicieux, ceux ou vous pourrez ressentir le plus puissamment cet inexprimable Delice secret d’etre avec le Divin. Bientot meme dans la foule vous vous sentirez malgre tout delicieusement seul avec le Divin. Et plus tard encore, entoure innombrablement du Divin en tout ce qui vous entourera et tous ceux qui vous entoureront.

Oui, nous SOMMES le Divin egalement, et Cela egalement est Delice Eternel, pour commencer pour ainsi dire. Mais au dela de meme ce Delice=la,  il y a ce que j’appellerais “le Delice d’Etre le Divin, avec le Divin, dans le Divin”!

C’est ce vers quoi nous allons, meme ici sur la Terre.

Il y a tant de vers de “Savitri” que je voudrais pouvoir citer sans fin ici, mais je crois bien que celui qui peut-etre exprime pour moi le mieux cet inexprimable Delice Total que Sri Aurobindo a reussi a exprimer, est ce vers-ci, qui m’a toujours saisie d’extase instantanee et qui chante toujours dans mon ame:

“The bliss of the myriad myriads who are One” – Le delice des myriades de myriades qui sont l’Un.


Why Don’t You Just Start a Relationship with the Divine?

The Divine is not an abstraction, not an intellectual theory born of the mind. The Divine is REAL – actually the only true Reality, and everything there is, including us human beings, is part of the Divine even though they  usually aren’t conscious of that so important fact..

An inner experience like the one I got from the first lines of ‘The Life Divine’ is only a beginning: an understanding by our mind that there is something more to discover, to do, to live, to BE, consciously. An immense, huge, fantastic Something More. And only by becoming again consciously THAT, can we become really ourselves, truly and fully. It’s like being a child and suddenly realizing that one can grow – better still, is meant to grow – into an as big and knowledgeable and powerful and loving adult as the adults around us, and first of all our parents… or even more than them, if they happened not to be much of the above.

And the most interesting thing to discover and experience about that One Divine Being that we all are in reality, is that His/Her very essence is LOVE.

Or rather, BLISS, for what is there to love when you are One and Unique, that is, alone?… It is the Delight of Being that is there as the very essence of that One Being, which becomes LOVE when this One Being plays at being Many, the innumerable forms of Himself/Herself that are contained potentially within that One Being.

So, if anything within you yearns for true LOVE, for that real Love which is BLISS, don’t look up anymore to other human beings for giving it to you: how could they, as long as they themselves haven’t found it yet and are starving for it just like you do?…

Go straight for the Divine, right there, deep within your very own Centre, or find it all around you like a fish would suddenly become aware that it is surrounded by the Ocean, and that it is bathing in It all the time without usually ever noticing that it is so!…

Many of us, while we are still small kids and haven’t yet experienced any real hard blow from Life here, are still full of that spontaneous Love and Trust so visible yet in our eyes and smile and outstretched little arms.


But sooner or later that fades away and withdraws deep within to survive, and a crust grows over it to protect it in an outer world that doesn’t value or cherish it. So hardened and living only at the surface of ourselves, we don’t even feel its Presence any longer, and soon we altogether forget about it.

But It is still there, waiting for us to rediscover Its intense, delightful Sweetness. When we need it bad enough, then the crust breaks open and out It comes, flooding us suddenly in that Love we were longing so much for – but looking for It in all the wrong places and the wrong, illusory, distorted, painful appearances of It.

All this has happened to me too, all these mistakes I have done too, so for me at least, the most important advice I can give to all of you my visitors on this Blog, the single most important advice is:


It’s so simple. Just do it in your own way, whatever it is, and start that Relationship with whatever Form/Aspect of the Divine that you spontaneously, genuinely feel some attraction for, from any Religion or no Religion whatsoever. Just turn inward to your deepest Depths, and speak to them. Ot turn outward to the limitless Immensities around you, and speak to them. As you would to the very Core of Everything, to the Source you and everything else arose from, and are part of forever. Yes, since Eternity, for Eternity. Isn’t that a most wondrous Fact to revel in?…


Words spoken alone to the night, tears of gratitude for a sudden Joy, tears of despair after sudden tragedy, it doesn’t matter. Take a little or fat notebook and a pen, and just start writing to the Divine, and note down the answers too; or keep writing, again and again, just whenever you feel like it, and look out for the answers that WILL come, but not always in words heard within, for often they will come at any other, outer moment of your life, through the radio or TV, or a child passing you by in the street.  Then this relationship will grow to occupy gradually  with its Sweetness every moment in your life. Whatever makes you start that Relationship will be the Beginning of your true life on Earth in that human body, a life where you thought perhaps that you were so terribly alone and lost. Even  moments of apparent solitude will gradually become for you your most blissful moments, when you will be able to feel most powerfully the unutterable secret Bliss of being with the Divine. Soon even in crowds you will still feel blissfully alone with the Divine. And then, surrounded innumerably by the Divine in everyone and everything around you.

Yes, we ARE the Divine, too; and that too is eternally blissful, to start with so to say. But beyond even THAT Bliss, is what I would call “the Bliss of Being the Divine, with the Divine, in the Divine.”

That’s what we are headed towards, on Earth too.

Many lines from ‘Savitri’ I would like to be able to quote endlessly here, but I guess the one that perhaps is capturing best for me the inexpressible Total Delight that Sri Aurobindo managed to express there is this one single line that always filled me with instant ecstasy and is always singing deep in my soul:

“The bliss of the myriad myriads who are One”…





The larger, and larger, and larger LOE… and my new Page as a small, individual LOE

In my Research work for the ‘Laboratory of Evolution’ in Auroville,  and so also on this Research Blog, I have always tried to include not only a significant sampling of my own experiences in my life of conscious evolution, but also a sampling of the experiences other Aurovilians too are living, in this Auroville as a whole that Mother called a ‘living laboratory’; and even further,  I have tried to bring to the forefront of our collective attention whatever of evolutive significance is happening elsewhere as well, that shows to which constantly increasing extent this planet Earth in its entirety is now becoming a still larger Laboratory of Evolution.

Experiences from other individual Aurovilians I hope to be able to start posting soon, that my visitors will understand and appreciate better if they gained themselves a better overall picture of the Integral Yoga by now, after having read here already a very diverse sampling of my own main experiences. One can find them haphazardly here and there in many various posts, but they have been also recently presented more conveniently in chronological order inside a special post, converted now into a Page to this effect placed from now on among my other Pages at the top of my Blog: its title is

‘Chronology of my Spiritual Experiences’, and it is placed under the overall  heading ‘Me & Auroville’.

Mother’s ‘Five Points Program’, & Thought Control in our Life

For those of us who are trying to practice the Integral Yoga, or would like to,  here is the simplest and happiest way to do it that I have found over the years, recommended by the Mother herself… If one follows that specific advice from her, then even the ‘Triple Transformation’ required will somehow magically, if not always quickly, take care of itself… for She will take care of it in ourselves for us!

Lab of Evolution

During my early years in Auroville, my outer work was teaching in the school as it existed then.
But my inner work was going on most earnestly as well, my involvement with the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother having started already in 1971, that is, even before I came to Auroville.
Being the too serious and worrying type, whatever my actual inner efforts might be I always felt it wasn’t enough and I wasn’t progressing fast enough, and it was all my fault, etc, etc.
So I was making my own life a hell of guilt and remorse for every stray thought or action or activity that wasn’t entirely enough focused on practicing the Yoga.
Until one day in school…

It was some years after the end of 1973, the Mother wasn’t there anymore physically to do this usual bit of work, so for those special occasions…

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