Material Reductionism vs Spiritual Reductionism… and the Solution

Religions and spiritual paths often complain, and rightly so, that the present materialistic stand of our Science and the whole contemporary culture built around it (not only in the West but more and more in the East too) is nothing but a Reductionist interpretation  of the true reality, for it systematically and deliberately chooses to ignore all the facts that bear witness of the existence and importance of the Spiritual Dimension.

Yes, this complaint about a heavy Materialistic Reductionism is nowadays quite justified indeed.

But what has been quickly forgotten (if ever acknowledged) by those who now complain, is that for the last two or three centuries before that, another Reductionism was in place, ruling everything just as heavily, only from the opposite side: a spritual/religious stand that was at the other extreme, and could have been equally labelled as a Spiritualistic Reductionism, systematically and deliberately choosing to minimize or ignore altogether every fact pointing to the importance of Matter only, in this Physical Universe.

So the present  Materialistic Reductionism is only taking its revenge, so to say, upon the Spiritualistic Reductionism that it had suffered from previously.

The result in both cases is the same, alas, and as disastrous for our human understanding of who we are and what is that world we are living in: when previously half the pieces of the Puzzle had been taken out – all the material ones, and only the spiritual ones remained – nothing really made much sense; now that all the material pieces have been put back in, but all the spiritual ones have been removed, nothing really makes sense either!…

This swinging back and forth from one extreme point of view to the other, opposite point of view, just as extreme, is the characteristic way the Mental Power functions, and the problem is that humanity is still much influenced by it, for in terrestrial evolution it is this very Mental Power that has been, until only a few decades ago, the dominant Power influencing our consciousness as human beings.

But this is changing, and rapidly so: since 1956, a new Energy, the Consciousness-Force from a higher and more luminous level, the Supramental Realm as Sri Aurobindo and the Mother called it, is thanks to them at work directly on Earth. Where the Mental Power was bringing extreme dualistic views on everything, each one of them convinced of being the Absolute Truth,  and trying to win over all the other views, the Supramental Power, coming from beyond the Mind level, quietly brings a balanced view harmonizing at last all those various pairs of opposites that the Mind had always seen (and so, presented) as totally irreconcilable and contradicting each other.

To sum it all up, one could say that for the Mind it was constantly ‘This, OR That’, while for the Supramental (which is not anymore Mind at all, but an altogether different and truer consciousness), it is constantly ‘This, AND That’….

So let’s not despair: there is hope! Thanks to this new way of perceiving things, now as parts of a whole instead of as separate or even opposite truths, all the people who are sincerely trying to find the Truth are being gradually led to this new, vaster way of perceiving and understanding everything, whereby one can see the validity without contradiction of two opposite points of view, and so one becomes able to recognize both of them as true… just as our contemporary scientists themselves had to finally do at the end of the definitive experiment about whether a photon was a particle or a wave, when they found themselves faced with the bewildering fact that a photon is BOTH a particle and a wave!

Then perhaps the time is not too far when even scientists will have to admit that the characteristics of the Quantum World, of the sub-atomic reality, are suspiciously similar to those of the Reality that has been since ever called the Spiritual Reality… And the spiritual people too, on the other hand, might realize that at the Quantum level, Matter starts behaving pretty much like Spirit!…

And then the Big Puzzle will finally be reconstituted in full, this time not reduced by any human prejudice, but with BOTH its material and spiritual pieces of reality, and we will see at last… the Real Big Picture.


This Illusion Has a Divine Purpose

I just looked at a very inviting website I didn’t know of before, the site of a beautiful lady my age, from Europe just like me, and having grown up in Africa towards the end of the colonial era, just like me. And just like me as a young adult she has become a spiritual person, dedicating her life to the Divine. How interesting, all those similarities!

The Master she met, though, and continues the teachings of, was of the lineage of the very well-known Yogi from South India, Ramana Maharshi, who selected the Sacred Hill of Arunachala in Tamil Nadu as his place of residence, for some time in the cave found there at some height on the side of the Hill, and also down at the foot of the Hill, in the Ashram that grew around him.

That Ashram still exists, and I stayed for a few days there, years ago, two or three times, for I too have always been attracted to places of silent and solitary contemplation like that one, as I reported in the following much earlier post on my blog:

I was even attracted to some extent also to Ramana Maharshi himself, to the life-sized picture of him kept centrally at the Ashram, that showed him reclining on his couch, resting on his right elbow, his whitening head on his hand, smiling that almost ironical smile that seemed to silently say:

“Well, all of this here is but an Illusion. I prefer to withdraw back into the Eternal Self that is all there really Is, and that we all really Are…!”

Sri Aurobindo spent the second part of his life in nearby Pondicherry. He was the other very well-known Yogi that 200 years before, Swami Ramalingam, a previous other remarkable Yogi in Pondicherry’s area, had prophecised would come in that later time from the North, to accomplish much more than he himself (Ramalingam) had been able to, thanks to what he called ‘The Grace-Light’ bestowed on him by the Divine.

Although Ramana Maharshi lived around the same time as Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, and not very far away from Pondy, he never quite understood the new, evolutive spiritual goal that the two great Pioneers of the Integral Yoga had set for themselves: bringing down the Supramental Consciousness-Force from its own much higher realm, in order to initiate the new step in terrestrial Evolution, that would lead towards the ‘Life Divine’ right here that they foresaw and announced.

The point I want to make I already expressed in a much earlier post of this blog;

As that older post was quite long and addressed several other issues too, I’ll quote here the few paras from it directly related to that central point:

The crucial thing to be understood, then, is that not all spiritual paths will lead you to the same result, and certainly not to the full result that is needed if your aim as a soul is to participate in the Divine Plan going on here on this terrestrial plane, through the immense Process of Evolution.
If my personal goal had been only to achieve what the central aim of all spiritual paths is, that is, to realize (= live the Reality of) my Divine, immortal and eternal Essence, with the intention then to withdraw entirely and for ever from this Physical Dimension, that spiritual goal would have been reached already since many years and I would only need to wait until this physical body I have been wearing in this lifetime finally dies and my spirit is free to return to its true realm of existence, away from physicality.
But as such is not my full goal at all, the central Fact described above, experienced only briefly at first and then becoming a permanent Realization, wass indeed the indispensable beginning, the necessary central starting-point for achieving all the further conquests I want to achieve too; but I cannot stop at that traditional only goal, a lot more inner work remains to be done, that can be addressed only through the new spiritual path that has been figured out and traced more recently for this newly discovered purpose of Spirituality: Conscious Evolution. It is only through Conscious Evolution that we can reconquer here, for the Divine in ourselves and in everything else, this realm of Matter.

So for example you may discover the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi, the great yogi of Arunachala Hill in Tiruvanamalai, Tamil Nadu, and be attracted to those teachings; but you better know in advance that they talk only of the central awakening needed, and that even after this awakening had happened in Ramana himself years before, his mind didn’t get really transformed, and he remained unable to perceive the divine Meaning and Purpose also of this physical dimension; when in his later years his body was affected by a painful illness, some disciples were telling him,

‘What terrible nuisances those physical diseases are!…’

He answered:

‘But the physical body itself is a disease!!!’

Well, when I read that, I saw at once that the Maharshi’s way towards the Spirit wasn’t the right one for me, as for me this poor body is not at all a disease of the spirit, but, in the more complete understanding that Sri Aurobindo and the Mother described so luminously, the body is the means of existence and expression of ‘me’, individualized divine spirit among innumerable other ones, for the progressive manifestation of the overall One Spirit in this specific physical dimension of Itself.”

So the beautiful spiritual lady of that website may have reached indeed her own only goal as an individual soul, by following the teachings she has followed, but until now she has missed entirely the more complete goal that is also there for those interested in pursuing it. Again, it would be her own right to do so as an individual soul having made that choice, but the teachings posted on her website do deny also any need for transformation at all, which goes too far, as it presents this limited view as the Absolute Truth and negates the vaster spiritual perception of other beings whose consciousness simply wasn’t limited any more, like hers and her Masters’, to the Mental level and its inevitably incomplete way of perceiving and understanding things.

This inability, even in many ‘realized’ traditional gurus, to bring their mind, its perceptions and its conclusions, higher than the simple Mental level, demonstrates exactly why the transformation of the outer instruments is necessary too: the inner spirit in them may have become ‘free’, but what is that ‘freedom’ which leaves the beings still subjected to all the usual limitations of their outer personality??? And it is not just the mental, but also the vital and physical parts of their personality, with their desires and other propensities that may remain quite active in them- and not only they don’t see the discrepancy, but they make it look like it were part of their inner freedom!…. Something  I noticed immediately, in the biography of that lady and of the ‘Master’ she met – at a time when at least he was supposed to be already a ‘Master’ – is that they got married and had a daughter. Well, this isn’t my idea of Spiritual Mastery. To me, it rather exemplifies precisely the kind of ongoing normal human behaviour that Sri Aurobindo explains is quite fine, but only as long as one is not on the spiritual path.

So all in all, I was rather disappointed by the lady on the website, and I cannot recommend her to any seeker, as she, just like her Masters before her, simply denies the validity of the complete Transformation that is the purpose of the Integral Yoga. Furthermore, she takes such a public stance not just out of sheer ignorance, but with the arrogance of the Mind imagining it knows all and has the Absolute Truth, misleading actually the sincere other seekers that such a stance may confuse and take away from the Integral Yoga they would have otherwise chosen.. as she herself might do some day,  whether in this lifetime or the next, when the Supramental Consciousness-Force  now activated upon Earth as a whole, thanks to the work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, will have become an undeniable Fact for her, perhaps straight in her body-cells, just as it did and keeps doing in my body-cells, ‘contagioned’ already in November 1973 by the cells of Mother’s own body…

Yes, all here is but an Illusion indeed, but it so happens that it is an Illusion set up by the Divine, for a Divine Purpose: a special Divine Victory each of us embodied here may wish to help bring about!

As Mother was saying in her New Year Message for 1970:

“The world is preparing for a big change. Will you help?”



Ode au Ventilateur de Plafond

Qu’il est doux, qu’il est doux, lorsque l’Ete commence,

Qu’il est doux de pouvoir s’allonger simplement

Sur le lit, les coussins, la natte, pas d’importance,

Et la, de se laisser rafraichir par ton vent!…

Qu’il est doux de sentir ton vent nous caresser

Et nous faire revivre, et cela meme alors

Que le temps ne fait pas d’effort pour se presser

Et qu’il ne vient non plus nulle brise au-dehors!

L’Ete, l’Ete indien, ce n’est pas de la blague,

Surtout quand on n’est plus a la plage, a “Repos”,

Comme Brigitte Bardot jadis en sa “Madrague”…

Deja, des que l’on sort il faut mettre un chapeau!…

Bon, ce n’est pas encore carrement la fournaise,

“Le fond de l’air est frais” peut-on se dire encore

Le matin au reveil, ou quand on est a l’aise

En scooter ou moto, et que le pauvre corps

N’est pas sur un velo, pedalant dans l’espace,

Et donc se rechauffant, meme en restant assis,

Force de s’activer des que l’on se deplace,

A moins qu’il ne se trouve en taxi, et “AC” !

Mais l'”Air Conditioning”, c’est parfois un peu trop,

Du moins a mon avis, car on s’y habitue:

Quand on sort de cet air confine de metro,

On retrouve l’air chaud, et le contraste tue…!

Ayant bien depasse l’age de la retraite,

Je me sens libre enfin de travailler pourtant,

Car a ce qui vraiment me passionne, et en fait

Ce que j’ai grand plaisir a faire tout le temps,

Ce qui me plait, m’excite, me stimule et m’amuse,

Bien que pour d’autres gens ce serait dur travail,

Quand pour moi simplement c’est ecouter ma Muse

Et qu’a moi leur travail ne dirait rien qui vaille!…

Alors, selon les jours, parfois je me prelasse;

Si je n’ai rien a faire d’urgent dans mon bureau,

Chez moi je fais ce dont jamais je ne me lasse:

Chanter, danser, ranger, ou bien baigner dans l’eau

Agreablement tiede ou se meuvent mes membres

En la forme-baignoire creusee sur le balcon,

Son bloc equilibrant, au-dela de ma chambre,

Par son ciment lisse de si douce facon,.

La vaste plate-forme ou se trouve mon lit…

L’encadrent mes deux tables “a creativite”,

L’une ou trone un grand Jeu, et puis l’autre, ou je vis

Un autre jeu encore, une autre activite:

Devant le haut miroir orne de mes bijoux,

Bracelets et colliers aux multiples couleurs;

Chaque matin je viens, je m’assieds, et je joue

A assortir habits a rayures ou a fleurs

Avec les accessoires qui vont les faire chanter:

Boucles d’oreilles, bagues, barrettes ou elastiques,

Tout cela amplifie l’harmonie enchantee

Ou l’or peut se marier meme a l’humble plastique,

Et tout l’ensemble est beau, amenant le sourire,

Ou bien parfois, expres, j’ajoute une casquette,

Et tout devient cocasse, et je pars d’un fou-rire!

Car les deux  sont, au choix, le but de cette quete…

Plus loin, dans le passage, mon orgue electronique,

Bien vieux sous son tissu, fait encore impression,

Quoiqu’il n’en sorte, helas, plus jamais de musique:

L’air salin l’a rouille, il n’est plus qu’illusion…

Mais, heureux de servir d’appui au grand classeur

Dont les pages multiples sont celles de ces chansons

Que depuis quarante ans je compose, o bonheur,

Il participe encore, bien que sans aucun son,

A cette irresistible expression de mon ame,

Source eternelle de l’Eau-de-Miel a boire enfin

Qui jaillit autrefois a l’eveil de sa Flamme,

Flamme eternelle d’Amour ardent pour le Divin…

C’est ainsi qu’allongee maintenant, je compose

Ce poeme inspire par le ventilateur

Juste en dessous duquel ce matin je repose,

Tout a la joie d’ecrire en poete amateur!

Je vous entends d’ici: “Ces vers sont ridicules:

“Ode au Ventilateur”?! Mais il faut etre fou!…”

Et pourtant, regardez, j’ai mis une majuscule,

Car TOUT est le Divin, prenant forme pour nous,

Pour nous aider, le temps que nous passons ici:

Meme un ventilateur, c’est le Divin cache,

Et les autres objets que nous faisons, aussi,

Ainsi que pierres et plantes, et bien sur, animaux;

Par trop forte chaleur, notre vie est gachee…

Un bon ventilateur nous epargne ces maux!

Et voila la raison veritable pour quoi,

En depit du bon sens habituel des humains,

Divin Ventilateur, ce poeme est pour toi:

Ressentant mon amour dans ma voix et mes mains,

La conscience endormie en toi va s’eveiller,

Lentement la conscience en toi va me repondre,

Tous mes autres objets, je les sens essayer,

Lentement l’illusion nous separant va fondre,

L’Unite Vraie du Tout, nous la retrouverons!.

Deja je la ressens, si simple et si precieuse,

De plus en plus souvent; Cela, nous le serons,

Cet Un qui est Amour, Liesse silencieuse…..




Cellular News from Another Source!…

On Friday the 19th (yesterday), after my enthusiastic post about Natalie Sudman’s NDE, I felt like writing a post titled something like:


What did I mean by that?…

Well, a Natalie Sudman, by the very way of being that she shows during her talk, exemplifies beautifully our inner spirit’s aim as directed towards one end of the entire spectrum of the inner work to be done while we are here in those physical bodies: acquiring the spirit’s conscious independence from that physical body it has to wear while having a human experience here on Earth. But it is equally important (and even more so, once this stretching of our limits at that end has been done to some extent) to stretch our human limits at the other end of the spectrum as well: by focusing on the contrary our consciousness this time on our body and its cells, and by contacting the cellular consciousness present there, now also ready to learn of its own divinity and to start its own yoga for recovering it – which will make our bodies too a conscious agent of deliberate  and constant experimentation in stretching those limits!…

As I was having this thought and was contemplating a new post for presenting it, I idly checked my Facebook Page…  and was in for for a great synchronicity:

Thanks to one of my younger Aurovilian friends, Noel Parent, fellow Cellular Consciousness Experiencer and long time member of the Research team of the LOE, I had just got on my Facebook Page something new, precisely about the spreading of Cellular Consciousness!!! What a confirmation that my thought was right on!… I am very glad to share this extremely recent article now with you here as well, augmented by the comment I myself added to it just now. Being the latest one, this comment of mine nicely appears there on top of all others, as you will see if you click on the ‘Join the conversation’ in the end – which I strongly advise you to do, for all the other comments there are equally excellent and totally worth reading.

So, down below is the link to this article I was already overjoyed to see yesterday, but was able to really read only today:


Unlock the extraordinary Healing Capacity of the Human Body!

Unlock the extraordinary Healing Capacity of the Human Body by learning to Communicate with your Cells.
And please, do add your own comment here at the end of this post, by clicking on the “Comments” button at the very beginning of it, in the left margin:-)

Natalie Sudman’s NDE,Robert Monroe’s OBEs & Seth’s Teachings through Jane Roberts

I have recently studied with a lot of interest Dr. Eben Alexander’s first book, ‘Proof of Heaven’, about his extraordinary 2006 NDE during the seven days he remained in coma, his neo-cortex completely destroyed by a sudden attack of a very rare and usually fatal bacterial meningitis; his survival had been quite an unexpected miracle, surpassed only by the full and fast recovery that followed, and the complete change in his understanding of life as well of death.

Just as for the equally important book by Anita Moorjani, ‘Dying to be me’, it had been on a Tuesday afternoon that I had found this great book, while on duty at our excellent specialized Research Library, in the present main space of the ‘Laboratory of Evolution’, the Research and Documentation Center in Auroville that I founded in 1984 and am still heading, but now busy mostly with the research aspect of the work. .

Well, two days ago, it was again Tuesday afternoon, and so the day of my weekly duty  participating in the Library work. At the end of it, just upon leaving, I was thrilled to stumble upon a second book by Eben Alexander, titled this time ‘The Map of Heaven’, and I took it of course at once. Back home, I eagerly went through it within the next few.hours before sleeping.

The next morning, which was yesterday, I read it all over again, to ascertain some of the  important facts mentioned that had particularly struck me already the first time.

One of those facts was a specific quote by a Natalie Sudman, the NDE of whom Eben was saying had been especially extraordinary and deep. Armed with the intriguing title of Natalie’s own book, ‘Application of Impossible Things’ (!),  I went to my office downstairs,.googled it along with the name of the author, and spent the whole afternoon watching YouTube videos of her being interviewed by various  show hosts. Then I had to stop for it was getting late, but today I resumed watching, and ended up applauding full heartedly with the audience for a talk I had just watched her giving, after a short introduction by the elderly lady host:

As I am myself an ‘experiencer too, and on top of it a researcher on this NDE topic since decades, besides practicing a spiritual path of conscious evolution, the ‘Integral Yoga’, since even longer, I would say I know quite a lot, so I didn’t really learn anything I hadn’t at least read about before.

But what won my total enthusiasm was that this young lady proved to be a living example of experiences I have read about only in the explanations or descriptions given by Sri Aurobindo and his feminine counterpart, the Mother; and later on, from the mid-sixties to the mid-eighties, by the discarnate entity calling himself Seth, in the brilliant books he dictated through an entranced young lady, at first rather bewildered: Jane Roberts.

The third source I know some specific facts described by Natalie were reported also by, is Robert Monroe, founder of The Monroe Institute (TMI), and I noticed some specific expressions that he used in his OBE books were used as well by Natalie during her talks.

All those sources I have just listed out are by far the deepest and most encompassing teachings I know of, so this gives an idea of the truly incredible level of understanding that Natalie demonstrates, of all those “impossible things” she speaks about, for not only she experienced them during her NDE and remembered them after it, but she is able to articulate her descriptions and explanations of them in terms simple enough to be grasped, to some extent at least, by her audiences, starting with her hosts. Her own remarkable simplicity and tremendous sense of fun, whether in or out of her body, are also irresistibly contagious, which is wonderful, for it helps to immediately diffuse and lighten up the apparent gravity of some of her statements, sometimes so stunning as to be altogether shocking if it were not for the total matter-of-fact way she presents it all and then explains it too…

Well, a big thank you to Dr. Eben Alexander, not only for this new book of his, very interesting and moving in its own right (it even evokes a new step in our terrestrial evolution), but also for introducing me to this quite remarkable indeed other NDExperiencer! I hope you, my visitors, have enjoyed, or will enjoy the video above as much as I did… to the point perhaps of writing down below your own comments about it (the button for doing that is actually above, at the beginning of each post, in the left margin…!).

And now I am going back to my room upstairs, for some dinner and later some sleep as well, but with a deep feeling of happiness, for having been treated the whole day with such a nicely filling diet of the “impossible things” I too relish living and hearing about…



The Moon at Dawn

(Translation, from the original French, of my previous post, “La Lune a L’Aube”)

Woken up before dawn and attracted outside

Into that vast Silence that still was spread about,

So marvelously audible in its own way,

Gone out without planning to in the balcony’s cooler air,

I was hearing verses of the Koran in the distance…

The pale light wasn’t that of the dawn,

But unexpectedly that of the Moon…

At this hour when most everyone is asleep,

Almost full, it was going slowly through space,

Real and unreal like a dream that passes,

Multiple to my eyes, its spheres intersecting

Making it a white Mandala suspended in the air.

In silence come, in silence further gone,

Its light was finding itself more and more replaced

By that of the sun, not yet visible though.

The moon lingered up there, beautiful and bright aim

Towards which my moved soul’s bow kept pointing:

The ardent purity of this white flame!…

On this 24th of April, but in the year 1920,

Another White Flame did come back here across the ocean

From far away Japan: our Mother,

To join Sri Aurobindo, and save the Earth.

To wait was a mistake, She had found out.

She returned towards Him who had discovered

The Secret of the Veda, the Sun of the Future

That She too had seen beyond ordinary Nature:

The two of them had now to work together

So this New Ferment may get activated inside Matter

And Terrestrial Evolution may continue,

This time augmented by the absolute Power

Capable of awakening even our cells at last!

Whatever the Mental Power keeps under its rule,

All that its Ignorance or Lies put up

As false Laws afflicting us,

The Supramental Truth

Will soon be its end,

Making it for ever obsolete, null and void;

And like a child who gets educated

And  grows up living in freedom,

The Human Being will be proud

Of coming out of all this mess

And of acting at last in a true adult’s way,

Giving hope again to everyone:

No more, war and misery,

No more, violence and hatred,

No more, whatever keeps us chained

And in us diminishes that Love

Which for ever links us to All

And makes of us Divine Beings

Spontaneously inclined to do good!

On this 24th of April almost a century ago

That very few still remember now,

Happened at last the reunion of He and She,

The event of an eternal magnitude

That healed the Eternal Dance

And sealed the Future of this world…

(Those interested in checking the facts about this date can read my earlier post,

La Lune a l’Aube

Eveillee avant l’aube et attiree dehors

En ce vaste Silence qui s’etendait encore,

Si merveilleusement audible a sa facon,

Sortie sans le savoir a l’air frais du balcon,

J’entendais des versets du Coran au lointain…

La clarte n’etait pas celle du petit matin

Mais bien la clarte de la Lune…

A cette heure ou chacun dort avec sa chacune,

Presque pleine elle allait lentement dans l’espace,

Reelle et irreelle comme un reve qui passe,

Multiple a mon regard, elle croisait ses spheres

Telle un Mandala blanc suspendu la dans l’air.

En silence venue, en silence passee,

Sa clarte se trouvait peu a peu remplacee

Par celle du soleil bien qu’encore invisible.

Elle s’attardait la-haut, belle et brillante cible

Vers laquelle se tendait l’arc emu de mon ame:

L’ardente purete de cette blanche flamme!…

En ce 24 avril, mais l’an Mille neuf cent vingt,

Une autre Flamme Blanche sur les flots s’en revint

Depuis le lointain Japon: notre Mere,

Pour joindre Sri Aurobindo, sauver la Terre.

Attendre etait erreur, Elle l’avait eprouve.

Elle retourna vers Lui qui avait su trouver

Le Secret du Veda, le Soleil du Futur

Qu’Elle aussi connaissait par-dela la Nature:

ll fallait maintenant etre ensemble pour faire

Que ce Nouveau Ferment s’active en la Matiere

Et que l’Evolution Terrestre continue,

Augmentee cette fois du Pouvoir absolu

Qui pourrait eveiller meme enfin nos cellules!

Tout ce que le Mental maintient sous sa ferule,

Ce que son Ignorance ou son Mensonge erige

En fausse Loi qui nous afflige,

La Verite Supramentale

Lui sera tres bientot fatale,

Le rendant a jamais caduque;

Et tel un enfant qu’on eduque

Et laisse vivre en liberte,

L’etre humain aura la fierte

De sortir de tout ce tumulte

Et d’agir enfin en adulte,

Redonnant espoir a ses freres:

Finies la guerre et la misere,

Finies la violence et la haine

Fini tout ce qui nous enchaine

Et diminue l’Amour en nous

Qui nous relie toujours a Tout

Et nous fait des Etres Divins

Portes spontanement au Bien!

En ce 24 avril il y a bientot cent ans

Que bien peu se rappellent a present,

Ce fut enfin la reunion de Lui et Elle,

L’evenement d’ordre eternel

Qui guerit l’Eternelle Ronde

Et scella le Futur du monde…

(Ceux qui voudraient approfondir les faits concernant cette date peuvent lire mon article plus ancien, pas encore traduit en francais, helas, autant que je me souvienne…: )




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