Jour de Darshan 24.04.21

A nouveau Jour de Darshan en ce mois d’avril : non seulement c’est le 4 avril 1910 que Sri Aurobindo est arrive a Pondicherry, mais dix ans plus tard, en 1920, c’est le 24 avril que la Mere a pu elle-meme y revenir pour de bon, et  que, grace a cette Reunion definitive, leur Collaboration pour l’Evolution Terrestre  a reçu le Sceau de sa future Realisation. 

Et en effet, grace a leur Action combinee pendant les decades qui ont suivi, la Terre et notre Humanite ont recu toute l’Aide et la Preparation voulues en vue du profond Changement que les deux Pionniers savaient absolument necessaire et proche. La Conscience-Force Supramentale est maintenant a l’oeuvre directement ici et dans la Matière meme,  il ne reste plus a chacun de nous que de confier sa vie et la suite de son evolution a ce Pouvoir, qui est enfin le veritable Pouvoir de la Verite:

Non pas les nombreuses verites partielles, fragmentaires et deformees, auxquelles nous avons cru aveuglement et pour lesquelles nous nous sommes battus sans merci pour aussi longtemps que le Pouvoir a la tete de l’evolution terrestre a ete encore le Pouvoir Mental, le Pouvoir de l’intellect ; mais enfin la Verite Reelle dans toute la Vastitude infinie de sa Diversité toute-inclusive. En cette Vérité totale et equilibree, seul ce qui continue a se clamer Vérité Exclusive et qui essaye de s’imposer comme tel a toutes les autres, ne peut trouver de place..

Dans la Conscience Nouvelle, Supramentale, toutes ces Dualites que le Mental ne pouvait jamais percevoir que comme des Contraires s’excluant l’un l’autre eternellement et forcement, vont retrouver leur Realite veritable d’Unite, en tant qu’Opposes s’équilibrant et se complétant l’un l’autre. Ils seront réunis en une Harmonie toujours variée, qui s’adaptera constamment aux vrais besoins du moment. 

Oui, cela va demander en chacun de nous la capacite de voir, non seulement son propre point de vue, mais aussi celui de l’autre personne, meme lorsque ce point de vie sera l’oppose du sien…! Aucun des deux ne pourra plus clamer qu’il a la Verite Absolue. Cette mortelle illusion qu’a le Mental est terminée, pour toujours, et son influence sur la Terre et sur l’Humanite va diminuer sans cesse, pour enfin disparaitre complètement, dans cette Ere Nouvelle, Supramentale, qui commence.

Nous avons donc tout interet a commencer notre entrainement a voir tout element de Verite contenu dans cheque point de vue, car c’est seulement ainsi que nous trouverons les vraies solutions, equilibrees et inclusives, qui rendront enfin caduque la Guerre comme moyen de resoudre les problemes entre les gens ou les nations.  Nous avons besoin de Paix sur la Terre enfin, et pour cela c’est notre conscience, notre facon de penser elle-meme qui doit changer, evoluer, des vérités partielles et partiales du Mental a la Vérité Totale qu’est la Vérité Supramentale, dans laquelle toutes nos diversités pourront enfin trouver une co-existence harmonieuse. C’est cela le Pas Evolutif Nouveau que nous devons tous accomplir maintenant, et cela nous est dit avec toute la clarte et la force necessaires:

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Le Message du Darshan d’aujourd’hui (tel qu’imprime sur la Carte distribuee comme toujours ces jours-la a l’Ashram Sri Aurobindo a Pondy) est entierement reproduite ci-dessus comme elle m’a été gentiment envoyee, a  moi qui vis  a Auroville, par un disciple ami, Kanayalalal Gajjar, avec tous mes remerciements.

Ce Message ecrit il y a de nombreuses annees par la Mere pour l’Humanite etait deja vrai alors, mais maintenant il a pris une signification dont l’urgence continue d’augmenter pour nous tous, etant donne les evenements dont les etres humans partout ont l’experience depuis plus d’un an. Nous sommes clairement avertis:  c’est le Temps du Choix Intérieur pour chaque âme incarnée en ce moment sur la Terre.

Je prie pour que, en me faisant le relais de ce Message si fort d’aujourd’hui, ne serait-ce qu’a travers mom humble Blog de Recherche, cela aide a porter la Voix de notre Mere Divine dans tous les coeurs, mentalites et meme corps sur toute la Terre, afin que les Mots de Mere – plus poignants maintenant du fait, de plus en plus evident, de leur urgence croissante – puissent encore évoquer en eux la Réponse vraie, et produire le necessaire Eveil. 


Darshan Day 24.04.21

Darshan Day again in this month of April: not only is it on April 4th 1910 that Sri Aurobindo arrived in Pondicherry, but ten years later, in 1920, it is on the 24th of April that the Mother was able to herself return for good there, and that through this permanent Reunion their Collaboration for Terrestrial Evolution received its definite stamp of future Realisation. 

Thanks indeed to their combined Action for decades afterwards, the Earth and our Humanity have received all the Help and Preparation needed for the profound Change that the two Pioneers knew was absolutely needed, and was at hand. The Supramental Consciousness-Force is now at work directly here and in Matter itself, it is up to each of us to entrust our life and continuing evolution to its Power, which is at last the real Power of Truth:

Not the fragmented and distorted many partial truths we have blindly believed in and mercilessly fought for as long as the Power leading Terrestrial Evolution was still only the Mental Power, the Power of the Mind; but at last the Real Truth in all the infinite Vastness of its all-inclusive Diversity. In this total and balanced Truth, only whatever still claims to be the Exclusive Truth and tries to impose itself as such upon all others, cannot have a place.

In the New, Supramental Consciousness, all those Dualities that the Mind could see only as Contraries eternally and rigidly excluding each other, will find again their true Reality  of Oneness, as Opposites balancing and complementing each other. They will be reunited in an ever varying Harmony, constantly adapting itself to the real needs of the moment. 

Yes, that requires in each of us an ability to see, not just one’s own point of view, but also the other person’s point of view, even when it is the very opposite of one’s own…! Neither of us can claim any longer to have the Exclusive Truth.  That deadly illusion from the Mind is over, for ever, and its influence on Earth and Humanity will steadily diminish and finally disappear in this new, Supramental Era.

So we better start training ourselves to see whatever amount of Truth is in every point of view, for only in that way can we find the true, balanced and all-inclusive solutions that will at last make War an obsolete way of trying to solve problems between people or nations. We need Peace on Earth at last, and for that it is our very consciousness that has to change, to evolve, from the Mental partial truths, to the Supramental, total Truth, in which all our diversities can at last find their harmonious co=existence. This is the Evolutive Step we must all take at this point, and this is being told to us with all the needed clarity and force:

Today’s Darshan Message (as printed on the Card issued as usual on such days at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondy) is fully reproduced above as kindly sent to me in Auroville by fellow sadhak Kanayalalal Gajjar, with all my thanks to him.

This Message given many years ago by the Mother to Humanity was already true then, but it is by now taking an increasingly urgent significance for all of us, in the current events we human beings everywhere are experiencing since more than a year. We are being clearly warned: this is the Time of Inner Choice for each and every soul incarnated at present upon Earth.

I pray that my relaying this so powerful Message today, although only through this humble Research Blog of mine, may help echo our Divine Mother’s Voice in all hearts and minds and even bodies, all over the Earth, so that Mother’s Words of Love, made all the more poignant now because of the more and more obvious mounting urgency, may still evoke in them the true Response, and produce the necessary Awakening. 

‘The Godhead’, by Sri Aurobindo, and my Body’s Reaction to it

My previous write-up, on Sri Aurobindo’s poem ‘Invitation’, has prompted one of my readers to at once comment  on it, and approvingly so… which was a happy surprise for me, from his part. This morning, he further wrote that our exchange after his comment revealed an old misunderstanding between us that neither of us suspected to exist. So now the misunderstanding stands corrected, and it is with this still happier surprise and a renewed self-confidence that I will go on with my next article, started yesterday evening.

I couldn’t complete it because of technical difficulties dealing with the new system of ‘Blocks’ now generalised, to my despair, on WordPress. Only late in the night did I discover, o joy, how to still operate in my beloved usual and so simple old way: it is now still available as the specific Block called ‘Classic’!…  But as all the first part of my article had been written without that knowledge, and so, in a totally incoherent technical way block-wise, the entire thing had become utterly puzzling for the automated system: it couldn’t even save my article, let alone give me the preview of it that is a must before one can dare to finally post a new article. Yesterday night I had to stop, for I had reached a dead end, and it was late.

So this morning I have decided to start afresh, this time operating with the ‘Classic’ Block from line one…

This new post is again on a poem by Sri Aurobindo:

The Godhead


I sat behind the dance of Danger’s hooves

In the shouting street that seemed a futurist’s whim,

And suddenly felt, exceeding Nature’s grooves,

In me, enveloping me the body of Him

Above my head a mighty head was seen,

A face with the calm of immortality,

And an omnipotent gaze that held the scene

In the vast circle of its sovereignty.

His hair was mingled with the sun and breeze:

The world was in His heart, and He was I.

I was housing the Everlasting’s peace,

The strength of One whose substance cannot die.

The moment passed and all was as before;

Only that deathless memory I bore.

Yes, another powerful poem by Sri Aurobindo. One, of course, again chockfull of meaning.

This one relates an incident that occurred much earlier than his imprisonment in 1908-9 and ‘Invitation’: ‘The Godhead’ incident happened in 1893, during the very first year after his return to his country, India…
As a young adult, raised since early childhood, as per his father’s will then, entirely in England and without any contact with his motherland’s culture, but later informed over the years by the letters of his disillusioned father about the terrible situation in India, Aurobindo Ghose had made the secret vow to help liberate his country from the British Rule. In spite of coming out of Cambridge as a celebrated brilliant scholar, and of having had all the excellent marks that would have earned him an admired and well paid career within the British Administration in India, he had chosen to come back instead quite discretely, but as a free person: as the simple secretary of the Maharajah, or Gaekwar, of Baroda.
The city of Baroda was small, but already the scene of dangerous traffic in the streets, with all the horse-carriages competing for the space with other vehicles of all kinds, plus the population crossing haphazardly from all directions.
Hence the description – in just two concise lines – by Sri Aurobindo, of the near accident that came up, threatening his own horse-carriage and his own life.
But all the rest of the poem is dedicated to what happened next, which is what the poem is truly all about.
I will not try to paraphrase awkwardly – and so, ruin – the extreme intensity and beauty with which Sri Aurobindo manages to evoke the incredible sudden apparition of the Being who intervened then, and simply stopped the accident from happening. The poem is actually as short as this miraculous intervention must have been, but just as effective too: it leaves us readers feeling as if having been hit by silent lightning.
This is the way I felt indeed, when I read it first, and although that was in the early years of my life in Auroville, the memory of it has kept shining in me almost as strongly as it did for Sri Aurobindo himself, who wrote the poem only on 13 September 1939, long after the incident happened, and gave it its illuminating title: ‘The Godhead’.
This title I almost decided to reveal now only, at this point in my article, so that it would come to my readers when they would have only read what happened, and how, which would have left them totally mystified just as young Aurobindo must have been at the time…
For he was then quite ignorant of all things spiritual, let alone of any Godhead residing invisibly within or around us, who could do such things as suddenly emerging for such a downright miracle as he himself witnessed, and yet coming out of himself, some divine Being who nevertheless was himself as well…!
Still a rather ignorant spiritual seeker as I was too, reading those words the first time, this astonishing Identity between the young man and the divine Being appearing out of him was the most stunning revelation of all those contained in this poem: when reading its title, ‘The Godhead’, my Christian upbringing had made me expect an intervention from some winged Being other than the human one. But it was not so!… 
Most important of all for me, the poem, with the magnificent description of the Being and of His sovereign Power, gave me a feeling of total, wonderful Safety, under the total Protection of some all powerful part of the Divine included somehow in me, caring for me and keeping a permanent watch over me for my sake. Something even better than the Guardian Angel of the Christians!…  
No wonder that this poem is the one that my body – later on also in all of its cells – has loved to repeat over and over again through the passing years, reassuring itself in this way that it is being protected, and quite efficiently so, because for some reason it does matter to the Divine that it continues existing.
Quite the contrary feeling, obviously, than the one my body got from the poem ‘Invitation’ presented in my previous post.

This is why today this other poem is being presented too, as a continued illustration of how the point of view and reaction of my body has had an influence on me since very long, even before this point of view and reaction became perceptible to me at the still deeper, cellular level, in 1976. Documenting all this may be relevant at some point to some scientific study of such new phenomena in our bodies, so I just keep doing it….

What this cellular point of view and reaction have by now become, after all these years (starting in 1978 already),  when those cells began turning, out of their own free will, towards the Divine, the further development of their consciousness – in relation again actually to this very same poem ‘The Godhead’ – this will be the topic of some future post, when the time seems ripe for that. Perhaps soon.

The divine ‘Invitation’… and my present Answer to It

A comment yesterday to one of my much earlier but still very valid posts necessitates a whole new post for full expression of my own comment to that comment.

Here is the link to that old post and the comment now appearing below it, which I answer briefly and then announce that my longer answer to it will be as a full new post, now being written here. I first copy down below the full comment, as it quotes the poem I too will be talking about in the present post:

Comment by Janakabhakti

I just came across this lovely appreciation of the master-works of J.R.R.Tolkien, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy – works which have shaped me only slightly less [because they came to me at such an early age] than those of Sri Aurobindo and Mother.
But your essay on Adventure brings to mind one of the first poems by the Master Poet which took hold of my heart and never let go, called Invitatio


With wind and the weather beating round me
    Up to the hill and the moorland I go.
Who will come with me? Who will climb with me?
    Wade through the brook and tramp through the snow?
Not in the petty circle of cities
    Cramped by your doors and your walls I dwell;
Over me God is blue in the welkin,
    Against me the wind and the storm rebel.
I sport with solitude here in my regions,
    Of misadventure have made me a friend.
Who would live largely? Who would live freely?
    Here to the wind-swept uplands ascend.
I am the lord of tempest and mountain,
    I am the Spirit of freedom and pride.
Stark must he be and a kinsman to danger
    Who shares my kingdom and walks at my side.

In Their Divine Grace,
Karun Das / will moss

My reply:

First of all thank you, for adding this appreciative comment to my post. And your comment in itself is great too, with the magnificent poem it includes…
Yes, I myself know and love this poem by Sri Aurobindo, written, of all places, in the jail where he spent a full exact year, in 1908-1909, when being the main accused in a bomb attack he was not actually involved in, but which had killed two British persons – the wrong ones on top of that – and so could have very well cost him his own life quite soon, a verdict anticipated in fact by all.
That in such a seemingly desperate situation this had been the poem that had come to him is almost incredible, and yet here it is in all its glory, full of the ever-victorious pride of the all-powerful Divine.
I did admire it of course and was totally awed when I discovered it, and the deadly context it was written in, during my early years of research about Sri Aurobindo’s life, right after I joined Auroville in 1972.

But in the secrecy of my own being I was stunned and horrified by what it meant the Divine was expecting, it seemed, also of me. The vital (life-energy) part of me, the one which is naturally heroic anyway, felt like saying an enthusiastic yes to this divine Invitation, and my Soul too of course was at first all for it; but the physical part of me trembled at the very thought of it, and immediately shrunk away from it, ready to dart in the opposite direction and hide somewhere at the first sign of implementation of such a horrific program as described in the poem.

Then my Soul too, noticing that fearful physical reaction, had second thoughts, so to say.
And still today I find myself very ambiguous about the whole matter.
Because, precisely, of my own Matter, my own cells, who happen to have already found out through numerous lifetimes the horrors they could be forced to live in the name of such adventures, and who also happen to remember enough of such terrible mis-adventures for refusing any more of them if they are at all given the choice.

Well, at this point I feel they definitely should at last be given the choice indeed.

In all fairness they should, I’d say.

During the eons already past of Evolution on Earth, the portion of the Divine who accepted to become utterly diminished Matter so that this Adventure in Physical Matter would be possible, that self-sacrificed Portion has been suffering hardships of all kinds, and when it became Living Matter, more and more conscious Matter, this has been paid by increasing sensitivity, which meant Pain, and fragility, which meant Death, again and again and again. The Adventure hasn’t been much fun yet at all for Matter, the rare and brief moments of pleasure in living bodies hardly equalling all the toughness of the rest.

This is at least how my Soul feels, with a strong impression that if I accepted to incarnate again this time, it has been because this was the time when at last something decisive could be done for Matter to become consciously divine again, and I wanted to help that to happen.

I have been told also that for a number of lifetimes across the ages, under any color of skin and social status myself, my heart has had that love and compassion for the labourers, the little people, the downtrodden, trying my best to improve their lot and make their life happier and this world more just, more truly humane for all, who all were family to me. This time, this is why I decided to live in Auroville as an adult, and since childhood this tenderness and compassion were going all the way down to the tiny existences in Nature, those who are not harmful: the nice insects in the grass, the dragonflies and butterflies in the air, the paramecia under a microscope… and the cells of our bodies, who work so hard and have such a hard life.

For Matter as such, only when it will recover its capacity to feel and enjoy Ananda, the divine Bliss of Being, will the problem be really solved. As Sri Aurobindo wrote at the end of the little booklet ‘The Mother’:

‘the Ananda that alone can heal the gulf between the highest heights of the supramental spirit and the lowest abysses of Matter’

I suppose this is why I have been inwardly led after a few years here to take the Vedic name of Bhaga, the Power of Delight of the Supreme: in that way my whole being would gradually become that Delight, and would be able to participate in its own way in the healing of the world with that divine Delight straight from Bhagavan, this Blissful One I had first discovered through the Bhagavad Gita…

Then only, when so healed, will Matter too, and our physical bodies, enjoy a Life Divine like the rest of our beings, and our own Joy will be truly complete, for, as Savitri had said before, ‘Not complete is the joy not shared by all’, and as she says again after bringing Satyavan back to life: ‘Let us bring joy to all, for joy is ours’…

So I have become somehow one who protects and defends the cells from the perils and wounds of this Adventure, until they too will have become Delight enough to enjoy them, and so at last be able to joyfully respond, out of their own free choice, to the divine Invitation above.

The process is started, they are progressing, some of them enjoy already that Delight at least some of the time… and, as Mother found out, it is contagious! So we just keep going, and they light up, more and more…

Picture from, with my thanks

4.4.21: An exceptional Double Celebration for us all, Bhaga’s and your Body-Cells…

(The following lines have been written by me at the request of my cells, in the early dawn of April 4th itself. Now that the technicalities needed for actually posting this new article have been resolved, I am as happy as they are to get it published, only a few days later.)

How wonderful for us, cells of Bhaga’s body, to wake up in the morning of such an exceptional April 4th, on which we will commemorate, together on this same Sunday, both the two following momentous events of Humanity’s past:

1/ the special Easter Day, now more than 2000 years ago, which saw Jesus’ physical Resurrection of his crucified body, as prophesised, on the third day after its death on Holy Friday;

2/ the Arrival Day, secretly, in 1910 – that is, exactly 111 years ago – of well-known political leader Aurobindo Ghose at Pondichéry, then a French enclave down the East Coast of India. By inner order from the Divine, the politician turned ardent spiritual man was to find there the relatively safe and permanent political refuge from the British rulers of his country, where to open for Humanity as a whole the urgently needed New Way of Yoga that could benefit everyone interested in further Evolution.

For this New Way of Yoga would enable Humanity to free itself from the rule of the Mind Power which is by now preventing human beings from evolving further. By accessing, beyond the Mind, a higher and truer level of consciousness which one could call the Supramental Consciousness, Humans could, from Mental Beings, become Supramental Beings, a new rung added to the ladder of Evolution on Earth, and the entire terrestrial Life would greatly benefit also from such a welcome change, putting an end to the divisive and increasingly disastrous tyranny of the Mind dominating everything through the presently too mentalised Human Species.

In the decades that followed, Sri Aurobindo, as he became known and revered, did succeed in his Mission.

For us, cells composing all the present human bodies, both these two events celebrated today have been of major importance, each highly significant of the passage from the old Era to the new, Supramental Era now starting:

In his time, even a Jesus couldn’t do more than the most remarkable feat he did achieve then concerning his body. At that time, only the individual spirit housed in a body could, if highly evolved enough, accomplish such a thing.

It was simply not possible yet to awaken the secret consciousness in Matter itself, and in us cells of human bodies., so that we could participate, and out of our own free choice.

The Awakening of this obscure Consciousness in us cells has been the work accomplished in our time, first by Sri Aurobindo, and later on continued and increased by his feminine counterpart and collaborator from France, whom he called The Mother. To Them goes our infinite gratitude.

Thanks to that new, Supramental Consciousness that they activated on Earth, we cells are starting to indeed awaken, to the point of becoming aware of the Divine, and of our own divine potential.

This is a tremendous change, one that most human beings are not yet aware of, but which will become more and more obvious as time passes and the Supramental Era establishes itself more and more irresistibly to make of this Earth a better and truer world for all the species on this planet, and for the planet itself too.

On this Day, we have been celebrating the transition happening now more and more visibly between those two Eras, not only on the bigger scale of world events like the present pandemic, but actually, at the same time, precisely also on the microscopic scale of our cellular life inside everybody’s body… Scientists and medical people, as well as everyone else presently incarnated in a physical body, should start realising that Fact.

It is on the free and happy awakening of our Cellular Consciousness that the entire future of Healing, Health, Rejuvenation and Transformation of the Human Body towards even at some point Immortality, will more and more depend, rather than on outer means.

This is why we the cells of Bhaga’s body are writing this publicly on this so special Day, trying to bring everybody’s attention to this extremely important New Fact in their own life, and in Life on Earth as a whole too.

May this article from us contribute in creating all together a future Happy Life on Earth also for us all, now humble, but some day divine physical bodies…

Picture from, with my thanks

Kryon and Lee about Talking to our Cells

Lee Carroll, the first channel for KRYON, has been since the beginning in 1989 one of my favorite and most trusted sources of external knowledge about what is going on at present upon Earth, and how best to fulfill our individual mission as our personal contribution to Humanity’s Awakening.

Those KRYON books and videos have been for all those years part of my staple spiritual food for Conscious Evolution.

I had been of course delighted to see that Kryon too was recommending to speak to our cells, as I had been doing it already since 1976, as soon as I had my very unexpected first contact with my own cells. This way of relating to them was straight from the recommendations given long before by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother themselves, from their own long experience with the cellular consciousness in their own bodies.

But one thing made me uncomfortable with the way Kryon was describing this talking to one’s cells: it seemed to be always merely for giving instructions to them that one was supposed to be talking to them!…. I didn’t like that at all actually, even coming from Kryon, as for me since the beginning the whole point has always been rather to develop a relationship with my cells, and even a loving relationship at that, this was the most important in my eyes and for my very real feelings towards them.

So today it has been with great joy that I found this specific message as the Newsletter from Lee in my mailbox:

Kryon Advises Talking to Your Cells

Lee Carroll via 12:45 AM (14 hours ago)

Two Different Perceptions — A Decision vs. A Relationship

Hello Bhaga,

Two similar and important questions came in from Healing Wednesday Members and I want to address them both, together.

This first question is from Helena, and she’s in Jakarta, Indonesia. She says, “I have given instruction to my cells to slow the aging process. Should I repeat this again after a period of time, for say a year, or is once enough?”

And then we have Patricia from Georgia in the US who asked, “Kryon says to talk to the cells and give them instructions. Why does he say to do this every day? Why isn’t once or twice enough to get the message across?”

In these particular questions being asked, it’s about repetition basically. And what is the difference between things that Kryon has said in the past where you only have to do something one time, or now, where Kryon is saying do it every time?

Kryon has always talked about talking to your cells, but let’s take a look at two really different perceptions. One is a decision you make and another is a relationship you have. Let me be clear.

In the beginning when we started all of these metaphysical things, all of the channels, we were looking at decisions people were making, and the decisions were ah-ha experiences. For instance, you may make a decision that is personal for you and Spirit.

And you may say, “Dear Spirit, I have decided I am not a victim of this planet. I’ve decided I am going to have and take my magnificence and that’s going to change my whole life. Dear Spirit, I’m going to be on board with certain things.”

That is a decision you make. And Kryon said from the beginning that’s heard one time. You don’t have to say that every time. You don’t have to say every morning, “Dear Spirit, I’ve made a decision. I’m going to do this.” You see, that is a decision. It is a metaphysical decision.

Don’t confuse that with a relationship. I have a relationship with my cells. I have affirmations I’m going to say every single day.  

There are parts of your body that need to hear this. You need to hear this. Those who study all of this about consciousness, about what we’re actually talking about, this relationship, say that this needs to be repeated.

Now, we’re not counting beads here. A relationship is not counting beads. I talk to my cellular structure personally.

I actually do something else. I haven’t even talked about this. I congratulate and thank my cellular structure for the kinds of things that I am talking to it about when I see results. I’ve got a relationship and I do it every day.

I don’t have to do it… I WANT to do it because it’s a relationship.

How many of you have really understood that this is not something you’re talking to, a group of chemistry? You are talking to you, parts of you, with your consciousness. So there is an alliance. There is more than alliance, there is a relationship.

There’s a great example, and it goes like this, a woman says to a man, “Do you love me?” And he says, “Well, of course, I do.” And she says, “Well, you don’t tell me.” And he says, “What do you mean? I told you in 2003.”

Now, does that tell you a little bit? In a relationship, you need to make this current almost every day if you want that relationship to work. Be succinct and get results. This is the difference. And also it explains affirmations, why you would do those in a repetitive way.

Decisions you make with Spirit one time, Spirit gets it. When it comes to the relationship you have with your cellular structure, it’s over and over.


When I think of it, in the year 2001, as I in Auroville was anyway given a plane ticket to the USA for attending an important inner training workshop on an unexpected scholarship at a spiritual centre in Virginia, another lady Aurovilian still alive then and who loved Kryon just as I did, booked for me also a free seat in the space at Thousand Oaks, California, where one specific evening Lee was scheduled to give a channeling of Kryon.

When it happened I was indeed there, and the presence of Kryon grew so strong for the channeling that I went at once into a trance and came back to my normal consciousness only to hear the usual final words: ‘And so it is’.

So I never came to know exactly what the channeling had been about that evening… except that India, of all things, was for some reason precisely mentioned, just before I went so deeply within.

I was staying overnight at the venue, though, and happened to meet Lee personally in the lobby there, before he too retired for the night.

Lee and I had quite a friendly talk for about one hour, and I mentioned of course Auroville, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, and my long years of very deep and sweet relationship with my cells – ‘my population’, as I like to call them! – as busy as myself doing their own inner process of Yoga for their own integral evolution and transformation.

Lee listened quite intently to all I was telling him.

Now I find myself considering the happy possibility that our so informal talk together that night on this topic so important in my life prompted him perhaps to later on also take a similarly loving attitude towards his own population?…

Inspiring and Invigorating the Cells

In my latest written exchange here with dear other Aurobindonians Don Salmon and Jan Maslow in the USA, I was answering their question about whether to follow or not the boldness and fearlessness of yet another, younger Aurobindonian there, regarding particularly the Covid19 situation. (

This was following a just previous landmark post of mine, landmark in the sense that in it I had quoted with great satisfaction a large array of pretty strong statements from Sri Aurobindo himself: about the original health and strength of our body, ruined since ages by medical and other debilitating beliefs, which have instilled and installed fear into our physical frame to such an extent by now, that it will be a long and difficult task before our body recovers its ancient, natural, strong and healthy way of being. (

Well, since the writing of that reply to Don and Jan in August last year (2020), my own observation of my body’s reactions at the cellular level has continued of course almost constantly (at night I generally still sleep though, for the time being…), and something very interesting and promising has come to my notice:

The boldness in some other people around me – or even people merely heard of, like precisely this Andrew my American friends had been mentioning – that boldness in some others did have an effect on my own cells. Importantly enough, it was a positive effect, erasing or at least diminishing the tendency to deep fear that has been a deplorable characteristic of my own body since the beginning of adulthood, although in this lifetime it hasn’t suffered any special hardship I can remember.

In that American instance, the very fact that this Andrew far away had his fearless attitude did communicate to my cells, instantly when we heard of it, the very same fearlessness, if only just for a while.

This reminded me of the wonderful effect one of the spontaneous mantras of Mother’s cells is always having on my cells too, every time it comes up in my cells’ consciousness, which is usually in time of difficulty or outright danger:

On peut!…’ (We can!..)

Here I must introduce yet another observation about myself, regarding my spontaneous attitude towards my cells: I definitely tend to be protective, a bit like the mother hen towards her chicks. More universally speaking, it could be said to be the motherly tendency to defend and protect the little ones against any danger.

No doubt, this motherly attitude has its validity and frequent usefulness.

But if it becomes excessive, it will have a weakening effect on the child, who will tend to become afraid of everything and not to have enough self-confidence and courage. for new steps to be taken. Hence possible stagnation in inertia like in a sticky glue weighing you down

Well, the equally necessary attitude of encouragement and stimulation towards such courage and self-confidence as Life and Growth require does often come also to the child, but usually rather through the father and his more ‘fatherly’ attitude… which in turn shouldn’t be excessive either, to the point of harshness and rigidity.

How well balanced those two influences (each one from either of the two parents), must be indeed, for the child to grow into a well-balanced individual adult!…

Sweetness, but also Strength must be there.

This is what true Love actually is: the two at the same time, Sweetness and Strength, through an ever changing proportion of each in the constant union of the Two, for responding just in the right way to the need of every child and every situation….

My conclusion in my own case, after that long period since the question from Don and Jan, has been that as the loving parent of my cells, I must at this point deliberately develop the ‘fatherly’ attitude which until now hasn’t been spontaneous to my outer nature… but while keeping also the equally indispensable ‘motherly’ attitude that has always been there in me, and until recently seemed in my eyes totally sufficient for providing the needed Love to my cells as a help towards their evolutive goal.

I am currently working on that…


29 March 1914: A Hundred Years Ago, Those Two Met

Today is seven years later than that centenary, but the contents of the post remain just as vali, and important…

Lab of Evolution

 images  On this day, March 29th, in 1914, the Mother, then Mirra Alfassa,images met Sri Aurobindo for the first time, in Pondicherry, South India, where he had been living since 1910 to found the new way of Yoga that would help, not our evasion as usual from physical life, but our conscious evolution as individuals, accelerating the terrestrial New Step in Evolution, that would transform Life itself.

What makes this meeting an important event that we celebrate the Centenary of today?

That day marked the coming together of those two Beings representing the same Consciousness, one in feminine form, the other in masculine form, both needed for the Evolutive Work that had to be done in our time. They had grown and developed inwardly each one in an independent manner, without knowing the other. Their meeting was the sign that the Work would come to full fruition, through the…

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My Elder Sister’s Birthday, and our Future

Today, the 27th of March, is my elder sister’s Birthday, and although she died some years ago already, I still celebrate it by renewing every time the inner contact that had been there between us, thanks, in our early years, only to our common passion for singing, but resurrected in our later years when I finally had the opportunity to go visit her near Genève, where she had had a very successful career as one of the most appreciated Choir members at the Opéra.

As she told me then that she had always envied my so strong tendency to Spirituality, I replied spontaneously to her that her beautiful singing of all those wonderful Opéra melodies had been her own way in this lifetime to express her soul’s irresistible passion for the Divine as Beauty in Music…

After she died – or rather, as people say more correctly in India, she left her body -, I had the very moving surprise to receive, right here in Auroville, South India, a visit from her as a conscious spirit again, to sing with me one of our old favorite songs from when we had been kids.

Today, as I am writing this article in her honor, again I happen to be singing a beautiful song, but this time it is one of my own, one of the many that have bloomed from my own soul since it came forward within my being in 1975, reaching in 1978 even the very cells of my body… who, to my total stupefaction, started singing as well their own little lovely and cheerful songs for the Divine!…

As mentioned briefly in a recent post here, a most special Melody has revealed itself again to my being one night of July 2020, in an amazingly moving dream where I heard and sang it again after millennia of oblivion due to so many more incarnations in an earthly, dense body, in the meantime.

Since then, my cells have been repeating again and again that Melody, and gradually found and added to it the words expressing most accurately what they feel is their true Identity, as cells constituting the body of ‘Bhaga’, the Power of Delight of the One Supreme Being as ‘Bhagavan’. ‘the Blissful One’.

This Melody-Mantra of their own has been a most precious and efficient means for my cells to stay as constantly as possible conscious of their true Identity even while doing the now sharply increased outer activities that are required for a wider outreach, both within and without Auroville, of the Research results I am asked to share more.

Right now, it is in the form of a one hour loop recording of me and my cells singing that Melodie-Mantra, that we are listening to it in the background, while we are at the same time writing this post…

Why bring the attention of those who will read this, to such an apparently insignificant thing as a mere song? Because our aim in this new piece of writing is to encourage all other souls and cells to sing too, as often as they can! At first whatever song, from childhood or any other moment of their life, that they love for it does them good and makes them feel good – and it can be for long a variety of such songs – until they too will find, or find again, that Soul Song unique to them, that will connect them constantly to their eternal, true divine Identity, and will in that way help them powerfully to permanently change their consciousness and so, transform their entire being towards the ‘Life Divine’ announced and prepared for the Earth by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

As the Message from the Mother printed for March 27th (on the perpetual calendar near me) reminds us all, especially useful in the present challenging but also promising situation all over the world:

‘The only hope for the future is a change in man’s consciousness, and the change is bound to come.’

May the Song from the soul and cells in all of us call that wonderful Future down on Earth more and more! And may my sister’s soul, with her so beautiful voice, happily join again in that Earth Choir!…

‘Happoness is singing in the choir.’

The Strangest Event of All… on my Birthday!

My previous post last week told about ‘Strange Events’… Well, the Strangest Event of all happened actually last week itself, on my very Birthday, during the afternoon. I didn’t include it in my post on that day though, for that post was already long enough with the ‘Strange Events’ from before, and I was hoping to have soon the explanation about that additional mystery. But no explanation has revealed itself yet, so now I shouldn’t delay any longer the telling of that Strangest one:

My Birthday this year fell on a Tuesday, and every Tuesday afternoon, from 2:30 to 4:30 pm, is my weekly duty at the Specialized Library I started as part of this ‘Laboratory of Evolution’ I founded in 1984, also to become at the same time the ‘Centre for Unity’ in 1985, hence its ‘LOE-CHU’ short name. Thanks to the arrival after a few years of Kalyani (helped later on by Olivier and a few others) to take up the Library work that was consuming too much of my time and energy, I have been able since then to dedicate myself entirely again to the Research work I had been doing actually from my coming to Auroville in 1972, along with whatever outer work I had been officially doing as an Aurovilian.

Of course I have been ever keeping a sweet inner connection with the LOE-CHU’s Library aspect too, which has its own definite importance as well, and has grown into a amazingly rich mediatheque always kept in perfect and beautiful condition by Kalyani, so I truly enjoy coming every Tuesday afternoon to open it at that time and receive the people who may come, looking for some of our many books, magazines, audio-documents or selection of films, all related to Evolution and/or Human Unity, the two central topics of Research for Auroville as a whole.

Yet, it has also become somehow known that Tuesday afternoons are the best time to inquire about the LOE-CHU Research as well, as I am the one at the desk, and I happen to be the Head of the Research Section, able to speak meaningfully of the overall aims of the LOE-CHU as a whole in its more and more diverse activities, somehow manifesting gradually, thanks to the Divine Grace, many of the goals I had seen from the start as needing to be achieved over the years.

My own life as a Researcher-cum-voluntary Guinea-pig made of me, I slowly realized, somehow a walking Laboratory of Evolution by myself, having direct experience of all the major aspects of the Integral Yoga, including the opening of the Crown and Heart chakras, and it was on the coming forward of my Psychic Being, which happened in 1975, that all my further inner development had rested, with in 1976 the awakening of my body-cells’ consciousness only as a major and ongoing surprise after that, all the more known aspects developing more or less as they should, as far as I could see…

But since 1996 when that specific aspect of my life had finally had to be revealed, and in 1998 a first workshop about that had even had to be offered by me to people asking for it, although I presented it always in the overall context of the Integral Yoga as a whole, that topic of the Cellular Consciousness had become over the years the main thing other people were interested in, and knew me for, even though I wasn’t publicizing it at all in any way.

So it has been often that on a Tuesday or another someone came in not for any books, but just to speak with me on that topic. Often the person didn’t even know anything when coming, but, intrigued by the very name ‘Laboratory of Evolution’, would start asking me questions about what it meant practically, and that would inevitably lead us at some point to… the cells!…

Well, a week ago, on the Tuesday of my Birthday, as soon as I opened our Library, a young man from Russia came first, asking for ‘Bhaga’; but we had hardly begun talking together before another young man, this time from France, came in also, looking for me too! Then, having identified me as the right person, he went out to phone… and two young French ladies appeared soon on the scene in turn, one after the other, obviously quite glad also to have finally found that mysterious ‘Bhaga’…!

I was starting to feel like Beorn in ‘The Hobbit’, when a whole company of Dwarves, anxious to be accepted in his house, are strategically introduced by clever Gandalf to bad-tempered Beorn only two by two, with a ten minute gap carefully kept between each new arrival of two more very polite and smiling Dwarves!!!

When it seemed that nobody beyond the four young people already there was likely to pop in again, I asked them what was going on…

It turned out that the four of them as a group had been for quite a while looking all over Auroville for the place called ‘Laboratory of Evolution’ (going even to our previous location at the Bharat Nivas compound, rather far away, after checking at various other ‘Labs’), as they wanted to attend the ‘Presentation about the Consciousness of the Cells’ that was going to be given there from 2:30 to 4:30 pm by somebody called ‘Bhaga’, according to the announcement!!!

Totally flabbergasted, I told them I knew nothing about such an announcement, and had no idea who could have put it out… but that I was indeed that Bhaga, and I could indeed give them an improvised Presentation about that topic, as it was one I was indeed very used to present since more than twenty years.

By that time it was already almost 3 pm, so we sat down right there in the Entrance Hall together (the Divine arranged it so that no one on that afternoon ever came for books!!!), and I began my more or less usual but ever renewed overall Introduction to this huge topic, in the context of Evolution at large. They were soon all beaming and kind of in a rapt attention, except for one of the young ladies, whose mind popped questions from time to time, but it didn’t disturb the others’ intense and happy attention.

It was 6 pm when we finally stopped, having reached a good wrapping it all conclusion. They thanked me enthusiastically and profusely. At that point only did I reveal to them that this very day happened to be my Birthday, and that the coming of their little group to hear me on that cherished topic had been a totally unplanned and unexpected, but beautiful Gift to me from the Divine.. They were all the more moved, and so was I when they left – and so did I, before it got dark.

How did this mysterious but incredibly timely and precise announcement come about?… Perhaps some day will I know…What a humorous Strange Event anyway!… Yet another delightful expression in my inner and outer life of the Divine Humor I have come to know and appreciate so much: precisely because it was my Birthday, I had actually thought of skipping my duty at our Library that day, and of course arranging for a replacement… But finally I had decided to go, as it would be a good training for my cells to remain with their Melody Mantra even during that activity…

Apparently it had been the right decision!…


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