Surprise Blessings… quite precisely timed!!!

The two texts on this blog in which I relate my experience long ago (1973) of 18th November, where I had two Darshans of the Divine Mother, the first one cosmic, and the second one, physical, were the transcription of what I said when, like a number of other old timers in Auroville, I have been asked to speak of my memories of meeting the Mother.

This transcription has been quite useful also for the publication after many years of all the accounts given by the various persons invited to do that sharing. I received two days ago an email announcing that the book was almost ready to go to print, the only thing still needed was, at the end of each text, a facsimile of Mother’s signature, with just a few handwritten words by her.

As I personally didn’t have any such facsimile, I looked up on Google and found a nice little quote signed by the Mother. I sent that by email to the Aurovilians preparing the book.

But the quote was too long, they could only use a very short one, plus the signature. So I wrote back suggesting they use whatever suitable facsimile they themselves might have. I noticed though that while writing that to them I did have a slight tinge of sadness in me that I indeed had no facsimile of Mother’s handwriting. I knew it didn’t matter, but still…

Leaving it at that, I returned to my mailbox… only to discover that a new email had just come in: a notification of a message sent to my Facebook page. My birthday happens to be on February 23rd. Someone I hardly know had written me this:


When I clicked to actually view the post on my Facebook Timeline, I was totally stunned to see this emerge in front of my eyes, big size:blessingsThere it was, exactly what I had wished for!… I stared at it with disbelief at first, and then pure blissful wonderment, and tears of gratitude in my eyes.

Yesterday technically it hasn’t been possible for me to send it in a format that wouldn’t be the Facebook one, which they couldn’t open; but today with some help the technical way was found to send the facsimile just by itself, so it all worked out quite nicely for the publication to come… I felt as if the Mother herself had somehow confirmed her Blessings for the text I had written. How wonderful.

And now, thanks to this incredible coming together of totally independent small events at exactly the right moment, I find myself on top of it blessed indeed for ever with the very facsimile of Mother’s handwriting that I had wished I had, and that the Divine Grace instantly materialized for me in that way!…

What a gift from Mother, on her Birthday today, and for my birthday in two days…

Reconnecting with My Various Cultural Roots

My dear English-speaking visitors,

sorry for this long time writing mostly French posts – if anything at all…! – on this blog of mine.

I happen to be at a stage in my life and in my personal evolution when it seems more things from my past need to come out and become conscious in me, so that they become properly integrated in my being.

Expression in my mother-tongue, French, is at the moment a spontaneous and irrepressible part of that process.

And the kind of culture that automatically comes up in me together with this French language is of course also the French culture, all this informal mass of innumerable references that has grown in me since early childhood: ways of speaking, of thinking, of behaving, of reacting, memories of bits of French History, of French Literature – including its roots still carried by the Greek and Latin quotes learned and remembered by any well-educated French person of my generation – plus all those more popular things such as the old songs and stories and fairy-tales and legends of France… and the very landscapes and characteristic architectural shapes that form the geographical background to all that culture and remains in your very bones.

Whatever your own culture, you too have the equivalent same mass of references within you, all full of meaning for you, but that simply wouldn’t mean anything to me, wouldn’t evoke any emotion out of me and would leave me flat cold. I know that very well because I have been participating for years in a few Forums on the Net, in which the other participants are mostly North-Americans, for example, or at least Anglo-Saxons: their own culture speaks through them constantly, but most of the time unconsciously, that is, it’s so natural to them that they don’t ever realize it – but I simply don’t know what they are talking about!…

And all this is but normal: these are their roots, relevant and understandable and indispensable for them in their life there, but without any relevance for me as a French person, or for anyone else from yet any other culture.

This is why I’m not going to inflict on you my French culture either –  even just through tentative translations – all the more because in my own individual case it is not even entirely the ‘regular’ French culture I am a product of, but a special mixture of that with the local culture in the little far-away (but nevertheless French) island called Martinique, out there near Cuba and Jamaica, that my family happens to originate from since many generations.

Although I myself wasn’t born there and never lived there, this specific Martinique background has been present in my life at all stages and has separated me to some extent from the ‘regular’ French persons I happen to have met and associated with at all times, while I know practically no other person from Martinique except the relatives and friends of my parents and grand-parents who visited them now and then in France in the old days of my childhood and youth, when my parents too spent some time there with us the two girls, in between work time for my father as a French Government official in the parts of Africa colonized by France.

Of course to have lived most of my early years in that Africa that was also a part of our original roots as people from Martinique, has been a special experience for me, although again I could feel the difference separating me from the people born and living there as real Africans, which I was not.

All this under the skin of an apparently fully ‘white’ young girl and adult, yet totally used to the diversity in outer appearance between all of us members of the very same family. This utter diversity all seemed perfectly normal to me as a child, and probably protected me from any racist tendency that could have grown in me towards the African people working with my parents, or the younger ones studying together with me in the French ‘Lycees’ (secondary schools) my sister and I attended in the various towns my father was sent to over the years.

Racism was so far from my mind, even as a young adult, that it came as a big shock to me when, luckily in two separate occasions only, a few persons, seeing my mixed origins in my parents, manifested some racist reactions towards me, which left me totally flabbergasted and my world shaken in its very foundations.

Now a much older being, recently I have started looking back at my life and wondering how different it would have been, had I been more visibly the person of mixed origins that I am,

a Creole from Martinique. Have I been hiding all my life under this white skin and this light brown, almost blonde hair? Or were these the outer signs of the numerous lifetimes also lived in France – or sometimes Italy – in other historical periods, outer signs which helped me keep my deep inner connection with Europe, and the vaster relationship to the world that it entailed, instead of feeling spontaneously just as a relatively insignificant person from a relatively unimportant little island in the Caribbean Sea?…

It is as if in me so many parts of this planet, so many lands and cultures of this Earth, were trying to come consciously together at last, as so many various but complementary facets of our world’s population finding at last their harmony and unity…

Lettres de mon Refuge: Le Casque Rose

Rien n’est plus bête

Qu’un accident.

Surtout la tête,

Notre instrument

Privilegié, ca coûte cher

Si on l’abîme:

On perd la vue, l’ouïe, la raison…

C’est vraiment crime

Que  perdre tout ça pour de bon

Faute d’avoir porté un casque.

De nos jours, par due precaution

Beaucoup de gens portent des masques

Pour éviter la pollution,

Mais qui, surtout parmi les femmes,

Se soucie d’éviter le choc,

Pourtant plus important un drame,

De leur tête sur quelque roc?

Tout simplement au démarrage

Et bien que juste passagère

Sur une moto de passage,

Une amie, tombée en arrière,

S’est proprement fêlé le crâne,

Se retrouvant à l’hôpital.

Vraiment il faudrait être un âne

Pour prendre un risque aussi vital

Et continuer à ne rien mettre

En protection sur notre corps

Du seul organe qui peut émettre

Des pensées encore et encore!

Conclusion urgente et première:

On peut donc dire, c’est évident,

En moto, devant ou derrière,

Porter un casque est plus prudent.

Mais les casques qu’on trouve en Inde,

Ils sont énormes,et puis tout noirs;

J’avais beau vouloir me contraindre,

Pour moi c’était rédhibitoire.

Je n’aurais donc jamais acquis

De casque pour me protéger

Si récemment dans le maquis

Des communautés engagées

Dans le travail de “Ceinture Verte”

Autour de l’Auroville urbain,

Je n’avais fait la découverte

D’un vraiment drôle de magasin:

“Aurovélo”, ce lieu s’appelle,

Bien que son créateur ne soit

Pas français, mais jeunesse telle

Qu’il en est né, bien loin des lois,

A Auroville: parents anglais,

Très British, enfants tous rouquins,

Aux yeux et à la peau bien clairs…

Mais au lieu d’aimer les bouquins,

Lui s’est épris de mécanique

Comme papa. Son atelier,

Pour ce jeune à l’esprit pratique,

Inclut pour les mieux travailler

Tous matériaux imaginables,

Et le lieu, bien sûr populaire

Pour tous les jeunes peu raisonnables

D’Auroville, peut maintenant faire

Des repas pour midi, servir

Des mets de sa composition;

Tables et chaises vous font sourire:

Tout est de récupération!

Dans ce bric à brac ordonné

Installé sous son grand hangar,

Tous mélanges sont pardonnés:

Il y a donc dans ce bazar

Une sorte de boutique ouverte.

Tous les Auroviliens cyclistes,

Résidents de la Ceinture Verte

Ou juste amoureux de ces pistes

Ombragées d’arbres sur nos routes

Et entretenues avec soin,

Oui, tous, à la moindre déroute,

S’en viennent ici pour leur besoin

De faire réparer leur monture

Ou remplacer un accessoire…

Et tous remarquent les confitures

Et sont bien contents de s’asseoir

Un moment, et de bavarder

Avec les autres visiteurs,

Ou même aussi de s’attarder

Pour un repas, si c’en est l’heure.

Que l’on soit à vélo ou pas,

C’est clair que dans ce lieu étrange

Tout est extrêmement sympa,

Et ce garçon, une sorte d’ange!

Il pense à tout, il imagine

Quoi de plus intégrer au lieu.

C’est ainsi qu’en plus des machines

Un coin est né, et c’est tant mieux,

Où l’on peut trouver, bien en vue

Bien rangés sur leurs étagères,

Plein d’accessoires, et des revues

Pour toute commande étrangère

Qu’il n’aurait pas encore en stock.

C’est étonnant la foule de choses

Qu’on regarde, bien qu’on s’en moque…

Et soudain c’est un CASQUE ROSE

Qu’une amie remarque là-haut

Et me signale, et me descend!!!

Incroyable mais vrai: tout beau,

Il est d’un aspect très décent:

Pas trop gros, mais l’air bien solide…

Pas le plastique qui se raye…

Et voilà que je me décide:

Il me plaît, alors je l’essaye!…

O miracle! C’est juste ma taille!!!

M’emboîtant parfaitement le crâne,

C’est le casque ou jamais qui m’aille!

Que je roule ou je tombe en panne,

Avec ça sur la tête, au moins

Je serai sûre qu’en cas de chute

Ou tout autre cas de besoin

Mon cerveau n’aura pas de lutte

Pour survivre, ou autre souci!

Mais… où pourrais-je voir ma tête???

Y aurait-il un miroir ici?!

Un grand miroir… dans les toilettes!

Bon, ma foi, ce n’est pas trop mal…

Je suis en rose justement…

Pour qui me connaît, c’est normal!

C’est bien pour ça, exactement,

Que mon amie m’a signalé

Ce casque ROSE à n’y pas croire!

Elle savait qu’il allait aller

Tout à fait bien dans mon histoire!!!

Voila comment “Aurovélo”

Soudain est entré dans ma vie

Et comment, plus qu’un simple mot,

Ce nom maintenant me ravit:

A celles qui depuis me voient

Avec mon casque sur la tête:

“Ce Casque Rose de mon choix?

A Aurovélo on l’achète!…”

“The Last Goodbye,” An Ode to the Fans

Originally posted on Writing Bliss:


Since it was announced that Billy Boyd would be performing the credit song at the end of The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies, I have been anxiously awaiting the release. Since the release of the song, “The Last Goodbye,” I have been listening to it non-stop. On a personal level this song holds an enormous amount of emotion for me. I’m leaving tomorrow morning to move two states and multiple hours away from the only home I’ve ever known. Listening to this song in the car at night while I was driving alone after saying goodbye to yet another good friend was probably not the best idea. It was as if it was raining, only my eyeballs didn’t have windshield wipers.

The last time I discussed the power and the scope of credit songs, I compared the songs from the first two Hobbit films (you can find the post

View original 911 more words

1.1.2015: Au Premier Soleil 2015

Eh bien, bonjour a toi, bonjour
Au Premier Soleil 2015!
Tu ouvres donc le Premier Jour
De ce Nouvel An 2015…

Deja voila des arcs-en-ciel
Que tu me lances dans ma chambre
Et pourtant hier c’etait decembre
Et le dernier des jours pluriels…

Trois p’tits seaux d’eau dans mon grand seau,
Un seau d’eau bien chaude ajoutee,
Et voila!… J’ai la toute l’eau
Qu’il me faut pour me bien doucher

Et me sentir bien propre et neuve
Pour commencer cette journee!
Apres cela, qu’il vente ou pleuve,
J’aurai bien demarre l’Annee!

Ma chatte est la, sur mes genoux,
S’installant des que je me pose:
Ce n’est pas “moi”, c’est toujours “nous”,
Chaque fois qu’elle peut oser, elle ose!!!

Ma vie est en place deja
En ce matin d’Annee Nouvelle:
Que serait la vie sans un chat?
Que serait donc ma vie sans elle?…

Il y a des faits nouveaux et nus
Qui n’appartiennent qu’au present
Et il y en a qui continuent
Comme ils le font depuis longtemps

Revetus de nos habitudes,
De nos attentes et reactions,
Que ce soit rage ou mansuetude,
Ils sont part de la situation…

Et toi, Soleil, tu es la aussi,
Brillant ou voile, peu importe,
Tu es Le Fait qu’on remercie:
Tu es l’Energie qui nous porte…

Tu es le visible symbole
De l’Amour Inconditionnel
Qui de la Chine a l’Acropole
Dort dans le monde materiel.

Dans le monde de notre corps
Le meme Pouvoir se reveille
Mais ce n’est pas le temps encore
Pour nos cellules d’etre soleils,

Pour le moment elles t’adorent:
Le matin nous te saluons,
Nous nous impregnons de ton or…
Aujourd’hui nous te celebrons!


31.12.2014: C’est le Dernier Jour de l’Annee

C’est le Dernier Jour de l’Annee..         

Mais ou sont-ils donc tous passes,
Trois cents soixante cinq jours chasses
Par le Temps, ou donc emmenes?

Dans la Hate tous entraines,
Nous n’avons pas su les garder;
Demain, chacun va regarder
Le Nouvel An se pavaner…

Il sera tout enrubanne,
Et beau a voir, et prometteur:
Trois cents soixante cinq jours preteurs
D’espoirs presque tous condamnes…

Ou bien sera-t-il moins damne
Et plus riche en Pouvoir Reel?
Evolution, sois notre Ciel:
Que la Vie change, et les annees!

J’aimerais bien me promener
Dans le Temps Eternel qui Est:
Passe, Present, Futur, tout Est
Ensemble en Ce qui est Non-ne.

Point n’est besoin de deviner,
Car tout est deja arrive!
A nous simplement d’esquiver
Les chemins ou vont s’egrener

La Peur, qui vous fait ahaner,
Ou la Douleur qui vous harcele;
A nous de preferer le miel
D’autres routes, et d’y cheminer.

Je veux, pour la Nouvelle Annee,
Apprendre vraiment a mieux vivre
En me laissant guider, et suivre
Les Chemins du Bonheur Inne!…

‘The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies’ – My Review

This is a different kind of Review, both on BOTFA and on the ‘Hobbit’ Trilogy in general.

I don’t want to repeat endlessly the already many existing great Reviews that deal with the various liked or disliked details in the film. This is why:
A strange feeling of progressive ‘distanciation’ has happened to me over the years, about this whole ‘Hobbit’ Trilogy.
Not at all in a bad way: on the contrary, it has enabled me to get a POV about it that has gradually transcended all my first impressions of these movies, and led me to what is in my eyes a far better understanding and appreciation of them.
Yes, I was already very appreciative of them to start with (!), but in a kind of superficial way. Now my perception of them has changed, because I have had the curiosity and courage at a certain point of entirely following PJ, Fran and Philippa into their script choices instead of grumbling automatically against them.
In that way I have unexpectedly come to discern (and to myself grow into) the much vaster picture the team of writers were actually presenting for us all to see: a continuum ‘Hobbit – LOTR’ in which, although all the episodes narrated in the little bedtime story are still there, they come out differently because they are taken out of their original linearity. From the flat two-dimensionality that is hidden from us in the book only by the exquisite writing art of Tolkien, each of these episodes leaps into a welcome three-dimensionality in the story on screen, thanks to just a few major changes creating turning-points that affect all the events  happening after them as consequences of these few changes.
I have read comments upon comments from all of us fans, that although they praised the films in general, still deemed this part or this subplot unnecessary and useless; and every time it was the writers’ ‘wrong choices’ that were incriminated, when it was not a precise person in their team who got charged with the responsibility for this or that specific ‘wrong choice’, as that person was obviously ‘ruling the roost’, according to the author of the post.
There came a time when I grew tired of what felt to me like a kind of arrogance on the part of some of us, too ready to believe – and to say loudly in a few cases – that these writers were just a clever bunch bent simply on profiteering to the maximum from Tolkien’s books, profit being obviously the only possible reason why such a small book (the other sources of material also from Tolkien not being mentioned, or being called ‘fillers’) would have been turned unexpectedly into a new blockbuster Trilogy.
What do I see now, then, when I look at these three new films?
I see essentially tons of background history (either straight from Tolkien or figured out by the writers) being inserted artfully here and there, to reveal at the right moment for example the reason behind a certain character’s coldness and apparent empty selfishness; or to flesh out what we knew already from the LOTR Trilogy about this or that important event, stemming actually from something that had happened earlier, at the time of ‘The Hobbit'; or to make us discover yet another area of Middle-earth that we had only heard of vaguely before, and had not guessed how important to the overall story that region had been in the far past… a past still alive through a live dragon or some other monstrous beast surviving, a terrible threat, deep down the Mines of Moria.
For me it is not ‘by chance’ that BOTFA has been, just two days ago, the first film I ever saw in 3D. To the visual 3D corresponded a sudden coming together in my consciousness of the actual three-dimensionality of this whole story as well, every detail in it being linked inextricably to so much more than I had at first suspected. All that has been prepared and shown separately before in the two first ‘Hobbit’ films falls now into its intended place, one detail after the other, like in a symphony orchestrated by a master musician (and the music we owe again to Howard Shore is a great part again of this magic being woven together through this last film).
So many places or even characters that hardly existed in my consciousness, although I knew Tolkien had mentioned them indeed, have now come alive for me, and for ever: in AUJ I had got a feeling that only Thror and Thorin had really been introduced, and I missed learning more about Thrain too, the least known of the three; but after the DOS EE, Thrain too has come alive in me, and indelibly so *tears up while writing this…*.
Well, it’s like bringing the whole of Middle-earth gradually into the real world of our lives, not any more just through the wonderful words of Tolkien, but now almost down to the   realm of actual physicality, thanks to the filming art and all the other arts that have been involved in the making of these extraordinary movies.
At every step I feel now the respect and appreciation of the writers for what was already great and totally satisfactory in the original books; and I feel at the same time in the same writers the equally needed ability to discern the flaws when they are there, and to put in an alternative that will solve these flaws, often in a way that Tolkien himself might have appreciated, I’ll dare say.
I too in the past have believed that Tolkien, for example, would never had married Aragorn to Eowyn, so I was at first quite scandalized that an attraction between Aragorn and Eowyn was so much as hinted at in the films, even though it was more on Eowyn’s side; but then I discovered in the HOME books put together by Christopher Tolkien, that in his first drafts his father had indeed married Aragorn to Eowyn; only later had he “seen” Arwen as a new character, who then of course became the more ideal spouse for Aragorn…
In the same way, one thing that is sometimes brought up as being totally absent in Tolkien, and yet unduly present to some extent in the films: what I will call ‘gore’ for short:
I remember when watching for the first time the scene in TTT where the Three Runners, looking anxiously for their Hobbits friends, reach the mound of Orc corpses left behind by Eomer and his Rohirrim: a horrible head of an Orc was standing there on top of a spear, I had to close my eyes to avoid that ugly sight. Disgusted and angry, I felt this was really a betrayal of Tolkien, who would never had put such a gruesome detail in one of his books. Well, I did check nevertheless… and found to my utter amazement that the said gruesome detail was right there also in the book, described exactly as it appeared in the film!!!
Again, this time for this Trilogy: I re-read entirely ‘The Hobbit’, just to refresh my memories of it… and was quite surprised to notice that Beorn too not only had killed a warg and a goblin during his night expedition, but had also put the head out on display:

“Come and see!” said Beorn, and they followed around the house. A goblin’s head was stuck outside the gate, and a warg-skin was nailed to a tree just beyond. Beorn was a fierce enemy.

And that one is right in ‘The Hobbit’, a bedtime story for his own kids!… Surprising may be, but true.
If you look carefully you will probably find a few more instances showing that Tolkien did have some ‘gorish’ moments in his writings too. I really couldn’t tell which one is the worse, of Denethor’s death on the screen, or on the page.
Just to say that perhaps we should be less absolute in our views about what Tolkien would have liked, or not, in the present six adaptations of his best-known books.
What is sure for me at least, is how much more I have discovered of Tolkien’s own world, thanks to these six films by Peter Jackson and team. The changes from the books aren’t random mistakes as we too often think, but deliberate deviations for a purpose we may discover only at the end of the entire arc of the character or the situation.
In this last opus just released, what for me shines particularly – besides of course the main storyline of Bilbo helping Thorin’s Company to reclaim Erebor – is the whole Dol Guldur sub-plot with all its tremendous ramifications, including the Nazgul back-story of the Witch-King of Angmar; and  through Legolas and Tauriel’s visit to Gundabad, that links up wonderfully with the second subplot I personally love, although it is disliked and rejected by a majority of fans, it would seem: the entire sub-plot of the Mirkwood Elves, with Thranduil and Tauriel quite strong and interesting characters in their own right, both independently and yet also together shaping the future personality of Legolas as we will meet him again sixty years later in LOTR at the Council of Elrond.
Not only do I not find the so-called ‘romance’ between Tauriel and Kili the Dwarf really implausible or ridiculous, I find it a most revealing sign of the times that the mutual hostility between the two species – continued actively through their hardened and embittered present leaders Thranduil and Thorin – has to come to an end, and be replaced by friendship and mutual appreciation, if not by deep love as exemplified in this added story of Tauriel and Kili. Their genuine love will start already producing deep, positive changes within the other characters as well and in their relationships, opening up at last a whole situation regarding Mirkwood that had become as stagnant and stale as the situation in Erebor while occupied by Smaug.
So, even more than for DOS EE, it is with utter admiration and gratitude that I salute this new incredible achievement by this team of film-makers, bringing to us this far-reaching perspective on Middle-earth, in which the Story guided invisibly by Eru becomes indeed a Story of Diversity unfolding towards a multi-facetted, harmonious Oneness.
Looking forward now to the EE… and then to watching the six films, starting with AUJ EE and ending with ROTK EE, for this is the way I prefer!…

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