My discovery of ‘The Mother’/Ma découverte de “La Mere”

I am adding here together my two most recent videos,  both on the same topic, but the one in English first, done last Monday…

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Et son equivalent en francais, le  nouvel enregistrement fait et public juste maintenant.

Il est probable qu’a partir d’aujourd’hui je vais de cette manière faire de mon mieux pour donner, régulièrement en fin de semaine, a mon audience de langue française, sa version a elle (sur le meme sujet) de la video en anglais publiée en debut de semaine.

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What about our inner defects?…

A more difficult topic today, for my new YouTube video. So it is a longer one too, as many not so helpful  beliefs abound, particularly in most religions, regarding this important question.

Please, don’t hesitate to put your own interrogations as a ‘comment’ down below.

On YouTube itself, I prefer not to have comments at all, but here is a better context for having if needed a little conversation… 

Even just some  kind feedback from you will be welcome! 

A New Video: ‘The Life Divine’, its Sweeping Start & the Huge Experience it Gave me

If I have been silent here for a little while, it has been because I had to be so active elsewhere: in my YouTube Studio, busy correcting the subtitles on my previous videos, and preparing this one… without knowing it, as usual!

The Divine keeps putting on my way, moment after moment every day, the people, the events and the films, old or new, that will contribute to my deeper or more complete understanding of something having to do with the Integral Yoga. Even at night, dreams too add insights… Indeed, ‘All Life is Yoga’, as Sri Aurobindo has kindly let us know long ago…!

I won’t go into any details today, as it is already the beginning of Tomorrow as the new Today, and that’s way too late for my body’s preferences. It’s high time to go to bed!…

It might be better for you to check also directly on my YouTube Channel, as one at least of my previous videos didn’t make it to here, for lack of time. All my sincere apologies for that!

“Quatre aveugles et un elephant – Le Buffet Divin”

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Real Captions for my Videos…

Well, no new video to launch this Sunday, as I already made that new one in French just last Friday, for the 27th of August.

But I have worked a lot nevertheless since then: yesterday full day, and again today. What for then? For the captions/subtitles of the already existing videos.

By watching them myself with the automatic captions on, I have discovered with horror that those automated  transcriptions of what I was saying were of course totally ignorant of the most important words I was often using, and, worse even, of the main names of places and people I am most frequently talking about… and so, those automated transcripts were giving totally aberrant versions of those unknown names and words, quite often to an irresistibly hilarious effect that I never imagined would ever happen to those cherished names, when so terribly disfigured.

So I immediately went back to finding how to remedy that very unwanted situation, and since then I have been working non stop (except for some night’s sleep of course) on correcting already the captions of two of my videos: the two Introductions, the first one in English and the recent one in French. It is indeed a lengthy task, but the tremendous improvement in the result is really worth it…

This is part of my learning process, obviously; at least I have now become aware of that danger, and will make sure in the future that the captions too are right, and do serve, as they should, a better understanding and appreciation of the actual contents, instead of ending up being a disastrous disservice to both my own intention in making those videos, and the intention of those who watched them but did put the captions on, to such a surprising result. I don’t mind being rather funny in all my present quite visible fumblings with the technology, but that the contents too should become hilarious is another matter, and must not be allowed to happen again if I can help it.

Now the two Introductions at least can safely be watched with the (corrected) captions/subtitles on, without the viewers risking to howl with laughter instead of being moved by what I am saying, which is supposed to be inspiring, and even helping you to evolve!!!

The present stage of my creating this YouTube Channel is probably intended by the Divine Joker as a perfect illustration of what I have called, on this Research Blog on Evolution, ‘The Way of Fun’… All right, dear Divine Joker, have your fun! My own sense of Humour is increasing too through all this, and THAT is also part of what we all have to learn, so I actually rejoice while writing this, and my cells themselves are giggling merrily about me… which is very good for their Health too…!

Une video… d’Anniversaire, cette fois…

Je ne peux continuer, il y a un orage!… Juste quand j’ai eu fini, heureusement.

Merci au Divin qui m’aide en souriant de mes efforts infructueux avant que finalement tout marche bien!

Et voila: premiere video en français !

N’oubliez pas de “Subscribe” en cliquant sur mon nom en dessous de la video, une fois sur YouTube:

“Bhaga d’Auroville: Living an Integral Evolution” 

You can watch my second YouTube video, the one about the 15th of August

Finally,  friends, my promised second video, about the 15th of August, has been successfully processed and published!

Here is the link:

I am now familiarising myself with the various ways of creating the new videos I have already in my heart and mind to share with you, and those of you who know me already since years thanks  to this Research Blog will know that my body too has got ideas of its own that it wants to share as well…!

My priority will shift now for a while to the French and French-speaking part of those who are interested in this Research on ‘Living an Integral Evolution’, the subtitle I have added to my name as the name for my channel.

I am looking of course for a practical and easy way to combine this two main languages for most of the videos I will upload.

Please send me your good wishes and encouragements! And subscribe if you feel like it…

’15th August’ too big a bite for YouTube?

Since a few months, the idea of starting a YouTube Channel had been seeded in my mind.
Well, it has grown into visible form now, simply under my name: ‘Bhaga d’Auroville’.

A first, introductory video has already been put up last week, at the end of which I was inviting my viewers to come back for the next one, the special one celebrating August 15th…

Alas, if those viewers did, my apologies to them for the disappointment:
The new video has been nicely realised indeed, and quite in time, but for some reason the uploading of it, although tried many times on the Day itself, failed every time, just when reaching completion.

It happens to be not a mere 10mn one like the first one, but, given the importance of the topic, a 45 mn one.
Could it be that which made it somehow too big a bite for an ordinary YouTube video?…

Please be patient. We are investigating, and will find the right way to proceed, not only for this second video, but also for all the other ones eagerly lining up now in my consciousness, waiting to be made week after week…!
In the meantime, at least I can give you the link to the very first video:
 ‘Overall & Personal Introduction’.
You can of course ‘like’ it… and also visit the Channel itself, subtitled ‘Integral Evolution for a Life divine on Earth’.
You can even click on ”Subscribe’, for a free Subscription, so you will not miss any of my future videos… and I will be all the more encouraged to go on expressing little by little, in that even more vivid way than this blog, some of the precious Inner Learning I have been able to do over the last fifty years, in all dimensions of my being, including my body-cells, thanks to the constant Help of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.

Jour de Darshan 24.04.21

A nouveau Jour de Darshan en ce mois d’avril : non seulement c’est le 4 avril 1910 que Sri Aurobindo est arrive a Pondicherry, mais dix ans plus tard, en 1920, c’est le 24 avril que la Mere a pu elle-meme y revenir pour de bon, et  que, grace a cette Reunion definitive, leur Collaboration pour l’Evolution Terrestre  a reçu le Sceau de sa future Realisation. 

Et en effet, grace a leur Action combinee pendant les decades qui ont suivi, la Terre et notre Humanite ont recu toute l’Aide et la Preparation voulues en vue du profond Changement que les deux Pionniers savaient absolument necessaire et proche. La Conscience-Force Supramentale est maintenant a l’oeuvre directement ici et dans la Matière meme,  il ne reste plus a chacun de nous que de confier sa vie et la suite de son evolution a ce Pouvoir, qui est enfin le veritable Pouvoir de la Verite:

Non pas les nombreuses verites partielles, fragmentaires et deformees, auxquelles nous avons cru aveuglement et pour lesquelles nous nous sommes battus sans merci pour aussi longtemps que le Pouvoir a la tete de l’evolution terrestre a ete encore le Pouvoir Mental, le Pouvoir de l’intellect ; mais enfin la Verite Reelle dans toute la Vastitude infinie de sa Diversité toute-inclusive. En cette Vérité totale et equilibree, seul ce qui continue a se clamer Vérité Exclusive et qui essaye de s’imposer comme tel a toutes les autres, ne peut trouver de place..

Dans la Conscience Nouvelle, Supramentale, toutes ces Dualites que le Mental ne pouvait jamais percevoir que comme des Contraires s’excluant l’un l’autre eternellement et forcement, vont retrouver leur Realite veritable d’Unite, en tant qu’Opposes s’équilibrant et se complétant l’un l’autre. Ils seront réunis en une Harmonie toujours variée, qui s’adaptera constamment aux vrais besoins du moment. 

Oui, cela va demander en chacun de nous la capacite de voir, non seulement son propre point de vue, mais aussi celui de l’autre personne, meme lorsque ce point de vie sera l’oppose du sien…! Aucun des deux ne pourra plus clamer qu’il a la Verite Absolue. Cette mortelle illusion qu’a le Mental est terminée, pour toujours, et son influence sur la Terre et sur l’Humanite va diminuer sans cesse, pour enfin disparaitre complètement, dans cette Ere Nouvelle, Supramentale, qui commence.

Nous avons donc tout interet a commencer notre entrainement a voir tout element de Verite contenu dans cheque point de vue, car c’est seulement ainsi que nous trouverons les vraies solutions, equilibrees et inclusives, qui rendront enfin caduque la Guerre comme moyen de resoudre les problemes entre les gens ou les nations.  Nous avons besoin de Paix sur la Terre enfin, et pour cela c’est notre conscience, notre facon de penser elle-meme qui doit changer, evoluer, des vérités partielles et partiales du Mental a la Vérité Totale qu’est la Vérité Supramentale, dans laquelle toutes nos diversités pourront enfin trouver une co-existence harmonieuse. C’est cela le Pas Evolutif Nouveau que nous devons tous accomplir maintenant, et cela nous est dit avec toute la clarte et la force necessaires:

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Le Message du Darshan d’aujourd’hui (tel qu’imprime sur la Carte distribuee comme toujours ces jours-la a l’Ashram Sri Aurobindo a Pondy) est entierement reproduite ci-dessus comme elle m’a été gentiment envoyee, a  moi qui vis  a Auroville, par un disciple ami, Kanayalalal Gajjar, avec tous mes remerciements.

Ce Message ecrit il y a de nombreuses annees par la Mere pour l’Humanite etait deja vrai alors, mais maintenant il a pris une signification dont l’urgence continue d’augmenter pour nous tous, etant donne les evenements dont les etres humans partout ont l’experience depuis plus d’un an. Nous sommes clairement avertis:  c’est le Temps du Choix Intérieur pour chaque âme incarnée en ce moment sur la Terre.

Je prie pour que, en me faisant le relais de ce Message si fort d’aujourd’hui, ne serait-ce qu’a travers mom humble Blog de Recherche, cela aide a porter la Voix de notre Mere Divine dans tous les coeurs, mentalites et meme corps sur toute la Terre, afin que les Mots de Mere – plus poignants maintenant du fait, de plus en plus evident, de leur urgence croissante – puissent encore évoquer en eux la Réponse vraie, et produire le necessaire Eveil. 


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