Sunday 23rd August 2014.


Having just put up my latest post, “La Preuve la Plus Concrete du Pudding Supramental”, on my Research Blog,  and getting ready to translate it into English too,I realize suddenly how some people may perceive and misinterpret what I have written there, in the lines that describe an experience that obviously is happening to me as I write it down. And a bit higher in the same text, I have put a link to a much earlier post of mine where I relate also, similarly, another cellular experience of mine, from long ago.
A number of my posts, very personal in the same experiential way, could very well, I see it now, be misinterpreted as being intended for self-glorification, by having people admire me and the ‘so remarkable’ spiritual experiences I am having.
Nothing could be more contrary to the truth, and to my real, deep intention:
There are many other posts on my blog that are about the inner experiences first of all of Sri Aurobindo or the Mother, but of other people as well, for otherwise it would be easy for those who visit my blog to conclude that such deep or high spiritual experiences happen only to very special great Beings like Sri Aurobindo and Mother, not to ordinary persons – a conclusion which would be very discouraging for themselves, obviously, and certainly not the conclusion I wish them to have.
I remember when I first read ‘Sri Aurobindo or The Adventure of Consciousness’, by Satprem, that impression had been a big problem for me. I had come out of that book having gained a profound respect and admiration for Sri Aurobindo, but lost all hope of ever having such great experiences myself, as the very ordinary human being I felt I was.
It is only when I read Satprem’s second  book, ‘On the Way to Supermanhood’, where he describes chapter after chapter, page after page, how it feels to start longing for the Divine, and then having some beginnings of experience of those extraordinary states of being in which we can actually become Peace, or Vastness, or feel our true self as eternal, and as a part of the Divine, only then did I start feeling it was something that anybody could live – even me. It was all so wonderfully described by Satprem, almost in the first person, that my own aspiring consciousness could somehow start following that same inner journey as it was evoked, difficulties and all, through the pages of the book.
I came out of it determined to myself do the same inner journey, whatever long a time it may take me to do so, and however an ordinary person I may be to start with.
I guess this is the kind of encouraging and stimulating effect I am trying to have also on others, through that Research Blog of mine, with all the kinds of extraordinary events – actually spiritual events, one way or the other – that I present here, deliberately a bit ‘pell-mell’, so as to offer to other ‘ordinary’ human beings a door, under no specific denomination, into the truer and much vaster world they too could possibly one day decide to start exploring for themselves.
As I am writing this, I am asking myself why I feel such a strong pull to do that… and I find myself remembering the precise moment, in 1971, when, still standing, I had just read the first paragraph of ‘The Life Divine’, the first book by Sri Aurobindo to come into my hands; these first few lines had just had the miraculous effect of illuminating all at once the meaning of everything for me, and of giving to Life, including my own life, the true Divine Purpose I intuitively knew it had to have.
In that one moment my destiny was sealed: I finally sat down, telling inwardly the Divine “If THIS is the Purpose of Life here, then yes, I’m staying…”.
But at the very same moment when I was dedicating my individual lifetime in such a total and spontaneously solemn way, an ardent wish quietly expressed itself from my depths, a wish from my soul: to become able some day to communicate that same wonderful Vision to others – especially children, for they cannot read yet the book that had revealed that Vision to me.
When I look back on how my life has unfolded after that, I can see how the Divine Grace honored the deep wish that had expressed itself then so strongly; how at every step I have been helped to become what I needed to become in order to be able to fulfill that Wish in the best possible way. I can see how all the apparently disparate aspects of my outer work in Auroville since my early years here have only prepared me for that function, for which I claim no exclusivity of course, but which became my official work here in 1984, through having quite unexpectedly to start the Laboratory of Evolution when no one else did.
I had at least the necessary inner qualities for that to a large extent, if not the outer leadership qualities or the capacity of outer realization, for which I have to depend mostly on others… but Auroville being about team work, I accept this limitation.
So it is for me simply the way it is for most old-timer Aurovilians, and probably a number of newer ones too: my work expresses just what I am, without any feeling of superiority or inferiority; I couldn’t refrain from doing it more than a bird could refrain from singing its song, it is what I am meant to do, the special way I as an individual can contribute to Auroville and to this world.
So I hope this clarification will take care of any doubt or suspicion in the mind of my visitors, as to what is the real purpose of this blog: it is simply a part of the fulfillment of that deep Wish from long ago, just as any other aspect of my work is…
May all my visitors get some inner benefit from it, that’s all what my intention is about!

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  1. Klaus
    Apr 25, 2016 @ 14:54:04

    Thanks for this write up. It’s inspiring.. Klaus



    • Bhaga
      Apr 26, 2016 @ 06:25:01

      Hello Klaus!… Third comment you are adding today on one or another of my posts!!! I’m glad you seem to be getting interested in this ‘Research’ blog of mine, and I hope to see yet many more comments from you in the future… especially if they stlll are appreciative, but even if some of them aren’t, as long as they help me do better that work I’m trying to do for Conscious Evolution in this New Step it is taking…



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