The 17-18th November Darshan Has Again Come and Gone…

… And again it has been a most powerful event for me, as the Day that in 1973, when the Mother left her body, saw me get a Darshan indeed, first, early morning, of Her  Divine Infinite Being behind all there is, and later the same morning, also of Her new Form as it was seen with awe and wonder by my bewildered eyes, still open  for some reason to that subtle-physical dimension in which that new Form seemed to be taking shape.

From that new Form – an orange colored, slowly becoming more dense mist vibrant with incredible power – Something emanated into my whole being including the physical body, Something that only the third time around I was able to be calm and peaceful enough to let in, or rather drink in deeply.

Only about a year ago has it occurred to me that such an unbelievable infusion of this Something into my being at that very special time might have been actually the secret cause responsible for my becoming aware of my cells for the first time in 1976, three years later, and for the remarkably fast turning of some of those cells towards the Divine hardly a year later after that, in 1977 already – a rather speedy evolution of that cellular consciousness which I had never been able to explain to myself until I finally connected it to that tremendous 18th November Darshan in 1973… which has since then taken on for me all the more significance and importance, of course.

This year, the anniversary was on last Friday; I had already decided to go to Pondy (a very rare event for me nowadays) for another important reason, even before I noticed what date it would be… So again I have gone to sit for a long while in this Hall where now only Mother’s empty bed is kept, on which in 1973 her supposedly “dead” body had been visible to others, but strangely enough replaced for my vision by this more real, and utterly living other Form of it… It must have been somewhat ‘contagious’ as well, as Mother used to put it.

Probably some other bodies too must have benefited at that time from that very unusual ‘contagion’ in some way or another, with results we may hear about some day… or not. In my own case I am mentioning all this only because I am trying to put all these things in as scientific a light as Sri Aurobindo and the Mother wanted them to be studied so that the very process of Conscious Evolution may be better understood and consequently more efficiently practiced, particularly at that cellular level whose consciousness is so little known as yet.


Interestingly enough, on that 18th November 1973 I was still quite new to the Integral Yoga and to Auroville. It was hardly known yet to most disciples that Mother’s body had been undergoing some evolutive changes, let alone that any of that had become possibly ‘contagious’, so it was in all innocence that I happened to benefit from this ultimate Darshan in such an unforeseen manner and with such unexpected ongoing consequences. It is entirely due to the Divine Grace that I happened to have it seems the required cellular receptivity at that special moment. This must be one of the ways this divine Process of Evolution actually works… My most intense gratitude goes to the Mother and her body-cells for all the hard evolutive work that people like me, and all of us to some extent, are now benefiting from…



(My wowed thanks to Jamie Dedes for this brief but so powerful evocation of the whole dehumanized world of Business we hope will soon be only a bad memory from the past as we move towards a more united HUMANITY…)




I saw you first
on the main banking floor
Unpacking customers
like a traveler his suitcase
Just passing through
on your way to the top

© 2015, poem, Jamie Dedes, All rights reserved;  photo courtesy of  Jiri Hodan, Public Domain

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From Anita Moorjani, about this US Presidential Election


Choosing Love over Fear

Dear all of you,

Several people have asked me to say a few words about my views on the recent presidential election.

Firstly, I want to acknowledge that this was an intense election for many of you, and that’s because it was driven by fear.

My heart goes out to all of you, regardless of who you voted for, particularly because I know that many of you voted not because you loved your candidate, but because you feared the alternative. I know that many of you didn’t care for either candidate, and a lot of you feared your future, and some of you were angry at what you believed your country had done to you. Since the motivation behind most of the votes was fear (of the opposition), regardless of who won, it was inevitable that the losing party was going to feel huge fear towards this new president elect.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to remind you that whoever won or lost, neither of them really has the power to change your life or your reality. The power is always within you, and no one can take that away. Please don’t let anyone outside of yourself, whether it’s the media or the government, cause you to forget the truth of who you really are, and who you came here to be. Regardless of the outcome, we are all connected, so let’s honor that. Let’s put that truth above everything else, and start the process of healing the divide that has been created by this election. Remember, even those who voted for the opposite candidate as you, did it out of their own fear for their future. The best way to heal the fear is to come together in love, and start to embody what you want your reality to look like.

Much, much love and peace to everyone.


The Little Squirrel Who Stopped Traffic


When we left the café parking area the sky was a bit overcast but the late afternoon was delightfully busy with birds, bees and squirrels. It’s baby-season here for squirrels. Well, I guess maybe some of them are in their teens now. My friend was about to turn the car right onto Whipple Avenue, a main drag leading to a freeway. She stopped first to check for through traffic. Less than a half-block up the cars were at a standstill. Why? Finally we glimpsed a tiny squirrel huddled in the middle of the street. Some people left their cars. A quiet crowd gathered but no one beeped a horn. No one shouted. No one cursed in anger. Remarkable! Such uncharacteristic behavior, especially for commute time.

Since there were no cars behind us on the side street, we sat waiting to see what would happen. It appeared everyone was suspended mid-breath until a utility worker stepped out…

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What did Jesus look like?…

The link just above will take you to “What did Jesus look like?”, an article of mine posted on my Research blog, ‘Lab of Evolution’, in 2011, long after my vivid experience of actually meeting him two thousand years ago led me to make a thorough search about what he looked like, from texts written by various (also Roman officials) contemporaries, as well as more recent clairvoyants.
My research included the reasons why he (and his parents as well) did NOT resemble at all the regular human type more common in the region he was born in: they belonged in fact to a different lineage, quite well-known and called the ‘Nazarene’ type.
So forget about the ‘experts’ and the of course totally wrong results from their totally wrong premices… There is a reason why even the most ancient representations of Jesus show him the way we know – which is the correct way indeed.

Lab of Evolution

One of the rare friends to whom I told my  extremely moving, totally unexpected re-living of a very special moment in my life at the time of Jesus of Nazareth (see my previous post, ‘Meeting the Divine on the Road’,, asked me immediately afterwards:
‘So, you saw him!… What did he look like?’
I was taken aback. I realized all of a sudden that I had not really seen what he was looking like. I had seen the tremendous Love emanating from him as Light, but I had not paid attention to his outer appearance.
So I had to tell my friend that I couldn’t answer her.
But then I kept thinking about it, and soon started doing my own research, to find out what Jesus-Christ looked like.
After some time I did gather quite a few very surprising documents, all agreeing with each other, although coming from widely…

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Silent Truths

To an old friend estranged by too many misunderstandings, one can send these few lines by fellow blogger Pat Cegan, a few lines beautiful in their simplicity straight from the heart… Thank you, dear Pat Cegan!

Source of Inspiration


Let’s put aside words
do not use them any more
surely we’ve said enough by now
those deceivers I do not trust

Sit with me in silence
letting our hearts speak
silent truths
for surely words limit ideas
confuse hearts
lie in wait
for opportunities to trap

Let us sit in silence then
soul linked to soul
silence is the language of love
that place where explanation
is no longer needed

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No Limit

I call this poem, and the one by Jamie Dedes in my previous post, both ‘Confluence of Inspiration’: that one, #1, and this one, #2… If you read both, you will understand why. Amazing. Thank you both, dear friends!

Source of Inspiration

The CatSource:

Where do I begin and end?
Across universes do I span
merging, merging with all
until we become One.

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