The Wonderful Effects of Being Grateful

My being given a beautiful flat at ‘Luminositty’ has been, at the deepest level, a result of my being grateful to the Divine even for things that could have seemed unjust, and of my expecting everything to always turn out to be a blessing, even if in disguise (see my recent post:

The amusing little drawing down below (courtesy depicts quite exactly the present general situation between the two inner attitudes in us, human beings:


Interestingly, I just happened upon an article in ‘Collective Evolution’ mentioning a whole scientific study about just those attitudes of mind (and heart), so I am glad to share that article with you too immediately, as it could bring about a crucial turning-point in your own life too:

How Counting Your Blessings Vs. Burdens Can Actually Make You Happier, According To Science
Posted: 21 Jan 2017 11:02 AM PST

Well, look at the bright side… We’ve all heard this advice before, and if we haven’t, there’s a good chance we’ve said it to a friend who is in need of some cheering up.

But, what good does it do to look at the bright side? Does it actually make us feel better or does it just temporarily distract us from the less desirable emotions we are feeling at the time? This is not to say that we should only focus on the positive – that is to deny a part of ourselves and this world we live in; without the dark we would not be aware of the light.

When we count our blessings versus our burdens, however, it can actually increase our mood  – by up to 25%, according to the following study. When we are constantly thinking about what is going wrong, we aren’t leaving much room for thinking what is going right. By switching up your thought process, you will eventually start noticing your blessings more regularly and less of the burdens. If you are someone who believes in the law of attraction, this means you will be attracting more positivity into your life.

Practicing Gratitude Can Increase Your Overall Happiness

A study conducted by Emmons and McCollough in 2003 outlined the positive impact that practicing gratitude can have on our well-being. Research was carried out with three experimental groups over a 10-week period, Dr. Robert A. Emmons described the study in his new book ‘thanks!’

The first group was asked to write down five things they were grateful for that had happened in the last week for each of the 10 weeks of the study. This was called the gratitude condition.
The second group was asked to write down five daily annoyances or hassles from the previous week. This was the hassles condition.
The third group was asked to simply listed five events that had occurred in the last week, but not told to focus on either positive or negative aspects. This was the events or control condition.
The types of things people listed in the grateful condition included:

Sunset through the clouds.
The chance to be alive
The generosity of friends
The right to vote
And in the hassles condition:

Hard to find parking
Burned my macaroni and cheese
No money for gas
Before the experiment began, participants had kept daily journals to keep track of their moods, physical health, and general attitudes. These observations were then used to provide a comparison for after the 10 week experiment was finished.

The results of the study concluded that happiness levels were up by 25%. Those who were in the gratitude condition were more optimistic about the future, they felt better about their lives, and they even did on average about 1.5 more hours of exercise per week than those who where in the hassles or events condition. It’s amazing to think that all of this can be achieved just from focusing on your blessings rather than your burdens.

How Can You Implement More Gratitude Into Your Daily Life?

Depending on your current state, sometimes it can feel difficult to find things that you are grateful for. You may be going through a challenging experience, a break-up, the loss of a loved one, financial insecurity, but despite these challenges, there are always things to be grateful for. The more you make the effort to take note of these things, the easier this will become. It becomes a habit; much like the contrary, only focusing on the burdens in your life becomes a habit as well.

Gratitude Challenge

Who’s up for a challenge?! I challenge anyone reading this to start keeping a gratitude journal. Everyday, for one month, write down one thing that you are grateful for. It can be so simple! If you’ve had a particularly bad day, but your dog came and licked your nose you could write that down. You can literally put anything at all that you are grateful to have in your life.

If you have trouble sticking to these types of tasks, you can try something that has worked well for me in the past –enlist a friend. Find a friend who might be interested in trying this challenge out as well. Everyday send a text to your friend telling them at least one thing that you are grateful for, and in turn, they will send you one thing they are grateful for as well. This way you will hold yourself accountable. And if one forgets, hopefully the other will remember.

At the end of the month, reflect back on the month and see if your mood has changed or if you have felt more inspired to treat yourself well, and if overall your happiness has increased.

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life

You see, life is all about perception. As Oprah Winfrey has said:

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”

If all you are focusing on is what is going wrong, then you will never see what is going right. Change your focus, see what happens!

Much Love


(Well, I do like this sweet greeting in the end also, don’t you?…)

How in truth I found myself living at ‘Luminosity’


(Translation from the French original of the previous post)

When the cherished house I had been able to build in 1994 at Repos, on the main beach of Auroville (already entirely thanks to the amount given for that by our Housing Service )  finally collapsed, almost twenty years later, in 2014, under the violent shocks of the waves just like the others in the place had before – because of the local promoters building harbors carelessly, the waves had turned into whirling masses and eroded the entire coast down from Pondy – I had to be relocated as an emergency more inland. But the place and the dwelling turned out to be too old and too shady, and so, very bad for my health.

Another old house, but bigger and sunnier, became free two years later on another Auroville beach, and I really believed that I could find again there an environment similar to the one I had in Repos; but that dwelling was finally attributed to someone else, a man, younger and more able than me to carry out its repairs and maintenance.

At first totally perplexed and disheartened by this intense disappointment, I quickly recovered nevertheless my full faith in the Divine Grace, with the firm belief that if that house had been refused to me, it had to be because the Divine Plan was preparing another one for me, even better!

And, my serenity regained through that full confidence in the Divine, I started waiting again patiently…

I didn’t have to wait for long: a few months only later, in early November 2015, the Housing Service informed me that a certain apartement could be attributed to me, if I liked it, at the Centre of Auroville, in a place called ‘Luminosity’, that I didn’t even know existed.

At first hesitant (many places in the Centre I wouldn’t have liked), when I made the effort to go and visit it nevertheless, It was instantlyquand je suis tout de même allée visiter j’ai eu instantanément love at first sight: I couldn’t believe my eyes in front of the beautyof the place, which on top of it woderfully deserved its name: ‘Luminosity’. Hardly one month later, on Christmas Eve, radiant with joy, I spent my first night in my new home

I of course thaked warmly the different Aurovilians whoin one wayor the other, particularly at the Housing Service, had made possible what for me  seemed to have been a veritable miracle.

It is only later that a memory suddenly resurfaced in my consciousness, which made the miracle somehow all the more miraculous:

A few months before, long before the message from the Housing Service, I had received an  email from a friend, a French lady,  who was looking in Pondy for an apartment to rent by the year in order to be able to come from France whenever she would wish to. As she was shown many of them, she had decided to use for her final choice one criterion : the  luminosity. When reading that word,  – without seeing at all the relation to my own need – I had told myself out loud “Yes, that’s it, the important thing is the luminosity!”

A t that precise instant, I had unwittingly placed my order, so to say, for my future apartment!!!…


In this view of the center of the building, one can see on the ground floor the closed doors (at the moment when the photo was taken) of the other studios that serve as offices or any kind of quiet work space; the one with the door open is the office with the name “Bhaga” on it, the one in which I am precisely writing right now this new article for my blog…!

The beautiful staircase visible just to its right is the one leading, among other apartments, to the one I live in on the second floor, to the right on the picture, hidden by the trunk of one of the magnificent trees in the Park all around. That Park forms an admirable setting for this jewel of a building, whose front wall, above its long japanese garden, constantly changes in a most living manner according to the opening or closing by the residents, of the high louvres on this side of the twelve apartments…

By night, with the various forms of lighting inside, the outside appearance of the whole building is simply enchanting! Truly worthy again of its wonderful name : “Luminosity”…

Thank you, thank you, Divine Grace who granted me my wish so literally, to the very word!

Comment en vérité je me suis retrouvée à “Luminosité”

Quand la maison chérie que j’avais pu construire en 1994 à Repos, sur la plage principale d’Auroville (déjà entièrement grâce à la somme donnée pour cela par notre Service des Logements) a fini par s’écrouler elle aussi comme les autres, presque vingt ans après, en 2014, sous les coups de boutoir des vagues – qui, par la faute des promoteurs locaux construisant ports et digues n’importe comment, avaient érodé toute la côte depuis Pondy – j’ai dû être relogée d’urgence plus à l’intérieur. Mais le lieu et le logement se sont vite révélés trop anciens et trop ombragés, et donc très insalubres pour moi.

Une vieille maison s’est libérée deux ans plus tard dans une autre plage d’Auroville, et j’ai bien cru que je pourrais y retrouver un environment similaire à celui de Repos; mais l’habitation en question a été attribuée finalement à quelqu’un d’autre, un homme, plus jeune et plus capable que moi d’en assurer les réparations et l’entretien.

Désemparée un moment par cette intense déception, j’ai tout de même vite retrouvé ma pleine foi en la Grâce Divine, avec la conviction que si cette maison m’avait été refusée, c’était que le Plan Divin m’en réservait quelque part une autre, encore bien mieux!

Et rassérénée par cette entière confiance, je me suis remise à attendre patiemment…

Je n’ai pas eu à attendre très longtemps: quelques mois à peine ensuite, début Novembre 2015, le Service des Logements m’a informée qu’un certain appartement pouvait m’être attribué, s’il me plaisait, au centre d’Auroville, dans un lieu appelé “Luminosité”, dont je ne connaissais même pas l’existence.

D’abord hésitante, quand je suis tout de même allée visiter j’ai eu instantanément le coup de foudre, n’en croyant pas mes yeux devant la beauté du lieu, qui de plus méritait merveilleusement bien son nom de “Luminosité”. Un mois à peine plus tard, c’est pour Noël que j’ai passé, radieuse, ma première nuit dans ma nouvelle habitation.

J’ai bien sûr remercié chaleureusement les différent Auroviliens qui d’une manière ou d’une autre, au Service des Logements en particulier, avaient rendu possible ce qui me semblait un véritable miracle.

Ce n’est qu’ensuite qu’un souvenir m’est revenu soudain en mémoire, rendant le miracle encore plus miraculeux en quelque sorte:

Quelques mois auparavant, bien avant le message du Service des Logements, j’avais reçu un email d’une amie française qui se cherchait dans Pondy un appartement à louer à l’année, de façon à pouvoir venir de France quand elle voudrait. Comme on lui en proposait beaucoup, elle m’écrivait que le critère qu’elle avait décidé d’utiliser pour son choix final serait la luminosité. En lisant ce mot – sans faire le moins du monde la relation avec mon propre besoin – je m’étais dit intérieurement, mais en fait à haute et intelligible voix: “Oui, c’est tout à fait cela, l’important c’est la luminosité!”

A cet instant précis, sans m’en douter, j’avais passé commande, pour ainsi dire,  de mon futur appartement!!!…


Dans cette vue du centre de l’immeuble, on voit au rez-de-chaussée les portes fermées (au moment de la photo) des autres studios qui servent de bureaux ou autres espaces de travail; celui dont la porte est ouverte est le bureau  qui porte le nom de “Bhaga” et d’où je suis précisément en train d’écrire ce petit article nouveau pour mon blog…!

Le bel escalier visible juste à sa droite  est celui qui mène entre autres à l’appartement où j’habite, au deuxième étage et sur la droite de la photo, caché par le tronc de l’un des arbres magnifiques du Parc  tout autour. Ce Parc forme un admirable écrin de verdure pour cet immeuble-joyau, dont cette façade avant, au-dessus de son long jardin japonais, se modifie constamment de manière très vivante au gré de l’ouverture ou la fermeture par les résidents des hauts louvres ornant ce côté de chacun des douze appartements…

De nuit, avec les divers éclairages à l’intérieur, l’aspect extérieur de l’ensemble est féerique! Véritablement digne à nouveau de ce merveilleux nom: “Luminosité”…

Merci, merci à la Grâce Divine qui m’a littéralement prise au mot!

“Joyeux Noël!…”


En cherchant sur Google cette image lumineuse


de “Luminosité”, Auroville,

je suis heureuse de vous envoyer

à toutes et à tous

ce soir,

J’ai trouvé aussi au passage

cette affiche

d’un film tout à fait merveilleux,

et cela, d’autant plus qu’il relate


arrivée en pleine Guerre Mondiale

 de 1914-1918:


Si vous ne connaissez pas encore ce film,


Si vous l’avez déjà vu,


Que l’exemple de ces officiers

pour ce Noël-là

nous fasse unir toutes nos volontés

pour une PAIX permanente

sur la Terre entière,


C’est possible.

Que la Lumière de Noël

Ce soir

Nous en donne la force!

Almost Back to “Normal” Evolutive Topics Now…

For more than a month it would have been quite useless to bring up here any of my “normal” topics about individual or collective Conscious Evolution: the US Race for the next President was on, full blast, and that was the only thing all media and everybody else everywhere kept following with bated breath, nothing else had any chance for attention…

Now that the stunning outcome is known, the few posts I immediately put up, expressing my own thoughts about it and the thoughts of Conscious Evolution people/higher beings I have come to trust over the years, did receive some attention and even some appreciation, mostly, both here and on my Facebook Page where my Blog posts also automatically appear.

There is still some  amount of anxious focus, though, on Donald Trump’s first moves as the President-elect, those first decisions having high significance for the way he intends to use his future position. But as some of those decisions seem to indicate a willingness to be more flexible and open than was expected from the extreme stands he had taken during the race, it may be that everyone will relax a little and start hoping, if not for the best, at least for the reasonable.

Here in India things are a bit at a standstill too: an acute shortage of cash has struck the whole country since November 8th, when a kind of financial ‘coup’ against fake money and corruption happened, through the sudden demonetisation by the government of all 500 Rs and 1000 Rs notes. This makes the situation increasingly difficult for the little people (like me) who don’t have a bank account, let alone a credit card or any other banking facilities to fall back on. Luckily within Auroville we have our own internal system and in many cases like my one the Aurovilians who work fully here as Volunteers and have no financial means get their normal monthly expenses covered by the collective funds, so we aren’t going to starve for lack of cash, but I can see the strain on the local people’s lives in the surrounding villages, and the media make of it their headlines, stirring up political unrest…

So it is likely that my usual Indian visitors will neglect this Research Blog for a while more just as those from the US may too, but still I’ll try to resume focusing on the kind of Topics exemplified by the various ‘Categories’ listed up for this Blog… Or if things tend to go on like this more and more, I may have on the contrary to add soon to the list a new Category, something like “INTERNATIONAL / GLOBAL SITUATION”, to officially accommodate this kind of Topics, as they are indeed bound to more and more reflect how our overall Collective Evolution is going as a species on Earth…!

But it is not a one-way,  only passive process:  we, in whatever country, who are already aware of the evolutive significance of all those events others still see as merely political or financial, we have the responsibility of focusing our thoughts and our hearts as strongly and permanently as we can on the best possible outcome, in order to counteract the influence particularly of the media, still mostly engaged in their usual best-selling tactics, of feeding the fear and alarm in the people, and of exacerbating the clashes and disputes and suspicions among countries as well as groups and even individuals, so as to keep the news “exciting” all around the world.

The invisible but potentially quite as powerful influence of the many people of good will everywhere has to prevail if we want the necessary changes to take place in the coming months and years with the minimum of hardship for humanity at large.







What Use May the Divine Have, Right Now, of this Trump Card ?


Yes, I know,  most of us everywhere are just stunned that such a thing could possibly, really happen: that someone like Donald Trump, and with no political or military background whatsoever, could find himself suddenly elected to the Presidency of the United States of America, one of the biggest powers in today’s world.

And yet it has happened indeed, so there must be a reason for that in the Divine Plan, given the overall situation Humanity is in at the moment, and what needs to happen next – or anyway later.

One thing is for sure:  things couldn’t any longer merely go on as usual, when they had become so extremely entrenched into the routine of established political ways, be it under the red or the blue flag. I almost wrote ‘the rotten routine’, and now I am finally writing it, for what would be the use of mincing words?

The apple cart was mostly full of rotten apples cleverly hidden under each other, so what was needed first of all was that something or someone would upset the apple cart.

Donald Trump did it.

Not that he is any less (or more) of a rotten apple himself, but he happened to be what could upset the whole cart once and for all. So, let’s be thankful to him for having been there, if only for achieving that momentous result, just at the time when it could be done.

What happens next, though, is up to us all.

And that includes him, and every single one of the other candidates.

He is unpredictable? That can become a quality if it translates as openness to fresh ideas and gut feeling, based on a genuine good will for America and the world.

At least Trump might be too big and turbulent an ego for easy strapping down to the usual limits like Obama, in spite of his initial good intentions, found himself quickly strapped.

And to me at least, enough is enough: enough of the Clinton-types, be they the male version of the ruler, or the supposedly female one, too much similar to the male one for my taste; it is a truly feminine President I would be happy with, not one schooled by men and merely trying to prove that she can equal the men at their own game.

Perhaps we don’t need career politicians anymore, and no politics either in the usual sense of the term, with the huge Shadow of the Multinationals behind them; and Big Finance hovering invisibly above all the players, and  holding anyway all the main cards in its hand… Well, except that Trump card, it would seem, that Julien Assange in his Wikileaks declared would not have been allowed to win, but did win anyway!…

One thing that I for one am tremendously relieved to see now at last receding is those dreadful international Trade Agreements that were almost forced upon us already, and would have still quietly strengthened the Multinationals and all their self-serving operations behind the scenes…

Enough, enough of that suffocating world.

It’s a new version of our world that we need, a new version of the Human Being, that can inspire us all to live on with the other simple people of the world on the actual bounty of this Earth we can easily share if we truly want to.

Let’s keep our genuine wishes alive, let them still occupy the vacuum sort of space existing right now, so that they may invisibly help direct the future decisions that will gradually take shape in the consciousness of the President-elect.

Now that he is in the position of power and isn’t anymore in a battle for his own prestige and self-image, now that he can relax and perhaps soften his stance, as he did already towards his previous enemies, the outgoing President and the would-be She-President,  who knows what the Divine may have in mind to make this Trump card of His do next, that may directly or indirectly help our collective evolution?





From Anita Moorjani, about this US Presidential Election


Choosing Love over Fear

Dear all of you,

Several people have asked me to say a few words about my views on the recent presidential election.

Firstly, I want to acknowledge that this was an intense election for many of you, and that’s because it was driven by fear.

My heart goes out to all of you, regardless of who you voted for, particularly because I know that many of you voted not because you loved your candidate, but because you feared the alternative. I know that many of you didn’t care for either candidate, and a lot of you feared your future, and some of you were angry at what you believed your country had done to you. Since the motivation behind most of the votes was fear (of the opposition), regardless of who won, it was inevitable that the losing party was going to feel huge fear towards this new president elect.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to remind you that whoever won or lost, neither of them really has the power to change your life or your reality. The power is always within you, and no one can take that away. Please don’t let anyone outside of yourself, whether it’s the media or the government, cause you to forget the truth of who you really are, and who you came here to be. Regardless of the outcome, we are all connected, so let’s honor that. Let’s put that truth above everything else, and start the process of healing the divide that has been created by this election. Remember, even those who voted for the opposite candidate as you, did it out of their own fear for their future. The best way to heal the fear is to come together in love, and start to embody what you want your reality to look like.

Much, much love and peace to everyone.


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