5th December, 2014: A Researcher’s Homage to J.C. Bose

This morning, I woke up joyfully in spite of today being the day when, in 1950, Sri Aurobindo deliberately and purposefully withdrew from his physical body.
Wonderful little rounded rainbows were cheerfully going around the walls and ceiling and floor of my little room, thanks to a radiant sun rising and illuminating the beautiful crystal heart that is hanging in the center of my window. Through this slowly turning crystal the sun was sending all those lovely rainbows everywhere, and bringing a big smile on my face as well.
These beautiful colors reminded me of Mother’s late perception of true Matter: innumerable infinitesimal dots of every possible color, all juxtaposed, not mixed…  and our usual human perception of them making up the world our physical senses put together the way we are used to.
Sri Aurobindo had taken birth this time to reveal what true Matter was, and to give it back its true nature, which is divine, that is, without any of the limits we think it has.
On his Birthday Anniversary this year, 15th August 2014, we celebrated the Centenary of the first issue of the ‘ARYA’, the monthly magazine through which he was to write, chapter after chapter each month for seven years, all the major well-known books that propelled him to fame as a phenomenal ‘philosopher’.
But this ‘philosopher’ was actually a yogi, and his real concern, although highly spiritual, was at the same time extremely practical: how to bring down to the Physical Plane the Supramental Power, the  only Power that could reveal and manifest the Divine Presence secretly hiding right in Matter itself?…
In the very first issue of the ‘ARYA’, when preparing a small exhibition about it at the LOE-CHU beginning of August, I was amazed to find already an article by Sri Aurobindo about the extremely remarkable and important scientific discoveries done by Jagdish Chandra Bose, the Indian genius kind of scientist who was by then celebrated by the entire British and European scientific world of that time.
J.C. Bose’s research and results are still ahead of mainstream science, a hundred years later, on the topic Sri Aurobindo was particularly interested in: the presence of consciousness, life and will-power right down in plants and even metals, as demonstrated by Bose’s impeccable experiments, realized with the simplest of means, as for a long time he didn’t even have a proper laboratory at his disposal.
I had first discovered his name and work, with awe, thanks to the excellent 1973 book by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird, ‘The Secret Life of Plants’, when it landed much later in our Specialized Library. A whole long chapter was dedicated to bringing back from oblivion the name of that astonishing precursor.
And then I remembered his name being mentioned also by Sri Aurobindo in his small final book, ‘The Supramental Manifestation’, the only thing he still wrote besides ‘Savitri’ in the last months before his secretly intended physical withdrawal.
What I personally found always extremely interesting is a fact an old biography of Sri Aurobindo happened to include: Jagdish Chandra Bose and his wife had joined in for the wedding of the younger Aurobindo Ghose to Mrinalini Devi in 1901.
This fact had simply stunned me:

So, the two men actually had known each other quite closely!!! How extraordinary, but true: destiny arranged things in such a way as to have the future Sri Aurobindo, himself born for divinizing Matter, come in contact with precisely the great researcher who gave Science the very first evidence and proof that plants, and even so-called inanimate objects as well as materials in general, do have consciousness too!…
To now find his name mentioned by Sri Aurobindo as early as August 1914, and in what would become the first vehicle for making known his revolutionary evolutive vision of this material world, seemed a most fitting new ‘coincidence’ reviving my own research on this point.
I promised myself then to tell all this in an article soon on this blog.
But other things took precedence, and I might very well have forgotten to do it if… ‘The Secret Life of Plants’ first, and a few days ago not less than two other books presenting J.C. Bose hadn’t had the good idea to pop up, literally, on the “New Arrivals” shelf, donated precisely now to our Library, as if to act as timely reminders for me!!!
So I thought it would be nice to finally bring up all this and join those two great names together once again, before the year of the Centenary of the ‘ARYA’ is over, on this 5th December when Sri Aurobindo gave up his physical life so as to hasten the advent of ‘The Life Divine’ for the Earth… including Matter.

Un Blog pour les Experiences de Conscience Cellulaire (CCEs)

(Traduction de l’Article precedent)


Depuis quelques dizaines d’annees, un phenomene nouveau a commence a se passer en de nombreux corps humains, eprouve directement par la conscience des etres humains habitant chacun de ces corps:
Cette conscience centrale en eux commence a se rendre compte de la minuscule conscience presente egalement dans chacune des cellules de leur corps, au cours de ce qui peut etre appele des “Experiences de Conscience Cellulaire” (CCEs en Anglais) qui en general deviennent de plus en plus frequentes pour chaque personne avec le temps.
Mais ce n’est la qu’un debut.
Ensuite l’etre humain s’apercoit que cette conscience cellulaire commence a s’eveiller graduellement, devenant consciente de la conscience centrale qui les contacte, et repondant de plus en plus aux ordres directs ou aux autres formes de communication que les cellules peuvent recevoir de cette conscience centrale de l’individu.
Puis, apres cette seconde etape, cet etre humain deviendra peut-etre conscient d’une troisieme etape, au cours de laquelle la conscience des cellules s’eveille d’une maniere encore plus profonde, en fait spirituelle: les cellules elles-memes commencent a devenir capables de percevoir la Presence Divine, avec la Paix et l’incroyable Douceur d’Amour, l’incroyable Delice – oui, Delice d’Etre – que cette Presence Divine apporte inevitablement, parce que c’est ce qu’Elle-meme est.
Des experiences comme celles-la sont veritablement spirituelles, bien que cellulaires, et elles semblent n’avoir aucune limite superieure, ouvrant la voie a une complete transformation du fonctionnement cellulaire du corps entier, dans un futur encore indetermine.
Ces nouveaux types d’experiences dans nos corps sont tous dus en fait au pas evolutif nouveau qui a discretement debute il y a environ cinquante ans, ignoree de l’humanite en general, mais exercant neanmoins depuis son influence invisible sur tous.
L’apparition graduelle de ce nouveau genre d’experiences au niveau cellulaire signifie que nous sommes temoins des debuts d’un nouveau mode de fonctionnement pour le corps humain, qui semble etre deja en train de se generaliser dans une certaine mesure, ici et la.
De toute evidence, il est de premiere importance pour l’espece humaine tout entiere de s’interesser a ce nouveau phenomene, de l’etudier, et d’arriver a quelque comprehension experimentale aussi bien que theorique de son existence, de facon a pouvoir identifier
autant que possible les facteurs, qu’ils soient spirituels ou physiques, qui semblent encourager et accelerer ce processus evolutif jusqu’ici ignore par la Science officielle, mais qui detient potentiellement la cle de l’avenir de l’humanite.
A Auroville, la “Cite Universelle” fondee en 1968 pres de Pondichery, Inde du Sud, une etude approfondie de ce sujet a deja ete faite dans le contexte du “Laboratoire de l’Evolution” (LOE), un Centre de Recherche et de Documentation demarre, dans ce but entre autres, en 1984.
Une petite equipe de Recherche a identifie, en commencant bien sur par Sri Aurobindo et la Mere qui ont ete les Pionniers de ce processus, un certain nombre d’individus de par le monde – eux-memes compris – en qui le nouveau processus cellulaire etait apparu dans une mesure ou une autre, et pouvait etre documente, a travers des moyens simples pour commencer: journal personnel ou blog, parfois peintures ou autres illustrations.
Ce travail de Recherche preliminaire pendant trente ans a permis d’obtenir un certain nombre de donnees precises, comme par exemple les trois etapes d’Experiences Cellulaires decrites au debut de cette Introduction, ainsi que d’autres informations plus detaillees potentiellement utiles pour tous ceux dont la vie se developpera dans cette direction, deliberement ou non.
Il est temps maintenant d’elargir l’etendue de cette etude et d’y ajouter les temoignages de toute personne dans Auroville et le reste du monde qui se trouve avoir ce type d’experience.
Recueillies et rassemblees de facon similaire a ce qui a ete fait pour l’etude des NDEs (EMIs), les CCEs aussi, etudiees et comparees sur une echelle suffisamment large, vont sans nul doute reveler discretement davantage de leurs secrets aux experimentateurs qui mettront en commun (anonymement ou non, selon le voeu de chacun) le contenu de leurs Experiences Cellulaires, et tous beneficieront des decouvertes additionnelles faites de cette maniere.
C’est pourquoi un nouveau Blog est en train d’etre cree sur WordPress par l’equipe Recherche du LOE, specifiquement pour recevoir autant que possible de tels temoignages, de facon a constituer progressivement la “data-bank” necessaire pour continuer cette etude sur une echelle plus vaste. Nom et adresse de ce Blog, deja en ligne:
‘Cellular Consciousness Experiences’ (cellularexperiences.wordpress.com).
Dans environ une semaine ce Blog devrait etre pret a commencer a recevoir vos contributions, vous pouvez donc deja consacrer quelque temps a preparer ce que vous voulez bien partager – en anglais et/ou en Francais, les deux sont possibles.
Merci d’avance, l’equipe Recherche du LOE-CHU.

A New Blog, for collecting Cellular Consciousness Experiences (CCEs)

This week the ‘Auroville News & Notes’ pulbished the article I had sent them in English and in French (see next Post):


Since a few decades, a new phenomenon is happening in many human bodies, experienced directly by the consciousness of the human beings inhabiting each of those bodies:
This central consciousness in them becomes aware of the minute consciousness present also in each and every cell of their body, in what can be called Cellular Consciousness Experiences (CCEs) that usually become more and more frequent for each person over time.
But that is only the first stage:
Then the human being notices that this cellular consciousness starts awakening gradually, becoming aware of the central consciousness that is contacting them, and responding more and more to the direct orders or other forms of communication the cells may receive from it.
And then after this second stage, the human being may become aware of a yet further stage, a third stage in which the consciousness of the cells awakens in a yet deeper, actually spiritual manner: the cells themselves start being able to perceive the Divine Presence, with the Peace and incredible Sweetness of Love, the incredible Bliss – yes, Delight of Being – that this Divine Presence inevitably brings, because it is what It Itself is.
Such experiences are downright Cellular Spiritual Experiences, and don’t seem to have any upper limit, opening the way to a complete transformation of the cellular functioning for the full body, in some as yet undetermined future.
Those new types of experiences in one’s body are all actually due to the new step in terrestrial evolution that discretely began about fifty years ago, unknown to humanity at large, but exerting since then its invisible influence on all nevertheless.
The gradual appearance of this new kind of experiences at the cellular level means we are witnessing the beginnings of a new way of functioning for the human body, that seems to already be in the process of generalizing itself to some extent here and there.
It is obviously of tremendous importance for the whole human species to research this new phenomenon, study it, and come to some experiential as well as theoretical understanding of it, so as to become able to identify as many as possible of the factors, be they spiritual or physical, that seem to encourage and accelerate this evolutive process as yet unknown by mainstream Science, but which holds potentially the key to the very future of Humankind.
In Auroville, the ‘Universal City’ founded in 1968 near Pondicherry, South India, quite a lot of study has been done already on this topic in the context of the ‘Laboratory of Evolution’ (LOE), a Research and Documentation Center started for this purpose among others, in 1984.
A small Research Team there has identified, starting of course with Sri Aurobindo and the Mother who pioneered this process, a number of individuals from all over the world – including themselves – in whom the new cellular process had appeared to one extent or the other, and could be documented, through simple means to begin with: personal diaries and blogs, sometimes paintings or other illustrations.
This thirty-year long preliminary research work has yielded a number of precious data, such as for example the three stages of Cellular Consciousness Experiences presented at the beginning of this Introduction, as well as more detailed information potentially useful for all those whose life happens to develop in that direction, be it deliberately or not.
It is time now to enlarge the scope of this study and add to it the testimonies of whoever else in Auroville and the world at large happens to have this kind of experiences.
Collected in a way similar to what has been done for the study of the NDEs, the CCEs too, studied and compared on a large enough scale, will no doubt reveal quietly more of their secrets to the experimenters pooling together (anonymously or not, as each one wishes) the contents of their Cellular Consciousness Experiences, and everybody will benefit from the additional discoveries that will be made in that manner.
So a new blog is being created at WordPress by the LOE Research Team, specifically for receiving as many as possible of such testimonies, so as to constitute gradually the needed ‘data-bank’, so to say, for this larger scale ongoing study. The name and address of this new Blog, already online:
‘Cellular Consciousness Experiences’ (cellularexperiences.wordpress.com).
In about a week it should be ready to begin receiving your contributions, so please do start giving some time to preparing what you are willing to share.
Thanking you in advance, the LOE Research Team.

My Double Darshan of the Divine Mother on 18.11.73

Those interested in reading the full story of the Double Darshan I had of the Divine Mother on the 18th November 1973, (about which on the 17th November this year I wrote the poem to The Mother that became then my previous post here) can do so by going to the two consecutive older posts of mine at the following two addresses:


What makes this Double Darshan in 73 especially important besides the obvious reasons, is that a few years later only, in 1976, I had the total surprise of becoming for the first time conscious of the cells in a certain part of my body, and of their own consciousness; and again a few years later only, around 1978, I had the even more stunning surprise of discovering that some groups of those cells had started their own independent relationship of Love with the Divine: in a word, their own yoga, which has never stopped since then.

Looking retrospectively, there are many reasons for me to think that this rapid evolution in my body-cells can be traced back to this Double Darshan of 73 as its original cause and effective starting-point. Not that such a starting-point should be inferred as being necessary for everyone else as well, but just that in my own case it seems to have been the case.

For this special reason  those two older posts of mine are to be seen as describing somehow not only a major turning-point in my own yoga, but the beginning of my body-cells’ awakening as well – or the seed event that made this later awakening possible.

18th November Revisited… And Translation of Previous Post

Well, yesterday, the 17th November, was the official date regarding the Mother’s so called “Passing” in 1973… but it is today, forty-two years ago, the 18th November, that has been for me personally the really, truly meaningful and eventful day, a veritable ‘Darshan Day’… and even doubly so!!!
Not surprising then that for all these years passed since then, it has been the 18th that I have celebrated inwardly, and sometimes outwardly too.
But yesterday for the first time was different, and I felt like somehow “being with Mother” at the end of the afternoon, after awakening from an unusually late nap.
And suddenly I needed to speak to Her, to write to Her on my laptop, and a poem started writing itself, addressed to Her. It became yesterday’s post for Her.
It came directly in French, my mother-tongue, so I owed it to my non French-speaking visitors to translate it for them at the earliest…
Here is the translation, done first thing this morning:

Little Mother whom I love… Already forty-two years…
But that memory remains so strong nevertheless…
We in Auroville didn’t know yet,
But that evening you were fighting for your body,
Struggling to keep your legs from giving up…
And it has been your heart that in the end gave up
It went out, quite simply,
After a last beat.
Since then, every 17th November
I imagine you in your room,
Half-lying half-sitting,
Your back against the mountain
Of piled up pillows.
You were giving your last fight.
As always, you were refusing
To give up, to abandon your task…
Without anyone knowing
But the Divine and you, our Divine Mother,
Something happened then, not what could be guessed
But Something Else: a pod opening up,
The True Body replacing the one covering it,
A last breath exhaled,
A last beat of the heart. Pale
On its ‘deathbed’
Your old body remained
The one that could be seen
And photographed even.
Around this pale image
Stood, invisible but to the true sight,
A true body, its shape imprecise and unclear,
An orange mist, fire-fog of a myriad droplets
Seemingly condensing only very slowly
But full of a Power huge, inconceivable,
An eternal, immutable Presence.
This is What Was, still in the next morning,
When after an almost interminable queue
I found myself in front of your bed, your body.
This is What Was, still that fire-orange mist,
Only Reality of Thee that I could see,
Sole Nectar of Presence my body too could drink.
It drank it in, it drank it and drank it,
Until it was so full it couldn’t drink further.
Mother, Mighty Mother, “death” is no more a must:
Our bodies bathed in the slow blissful Wave
To the almighty rhythm of the Supreme Lord’s Wings,
Our cells as well now are learning Happiness!…

Pour Mere, en ce 17 Novembre revenu

Petite Mere que j’aime… Deja quarante-deux ans…
Mais ce souvenir-la reste si fort pourtant…
Nous autres, a Auroville, ne savions pas encore,
Mais ce soir-la tu livrais bataille pour ton corps,
Luttant pour que tes jambes ne declarent pas forfait…
Et c’est ton coeur a la fin qui l’a fait.
Il s’est eteint, tout simplement,
Apres un dernier battement.
Depuis, chaque 17 Novembre,
Je t’imagine dans ta chambre,
Mi-allongee mi-assise sur ton lit,
Adossee a la montagne multiplis
D’enormes oreillers empiles.
Tu livrais ton dernier combat.
Comme toujours, tu ne voulais pas
Ceder, abandonner ta tache…
Sans que personne ne le sache,
Que le Divin et toi, notre Mere Divine,
Il s’est alors produit, pas ce que l’on devine
Mais Autre Chose: une cosse qui s’ouvre,
Le Vrai Corps remplacant celui qui le recouvre,
Un dernier souffle qui s’exhale,
Un dernier battement de coeur. Pale
Sur ton lit de “mort”
Gisait ton ancien corps,
Celui qu’on pouvait voir
Et photographier meme;
Autour de ce corps bleme
Se tenait, invisible hormis au vrai regard,
Un vrai corps, aux contours imprecis et bizarres,
Une brume orangee telle un brouillard de feu
Semblant se constituer seulement peu a peu
Mais pleine d’un Pouvoir enorme, inconcevable,
Vibrant d’une Presence eternelle immuable.
C’est Cela qui Etait, le lendemain matin,
Lorsqu’apres une queue sans fin
Je me suis retrouvee devant ton lit, ton corps.
C’est Cela qui Etait, brume orangee encore,
Seule Realite de Toi que je puisse voir,
Seul Nectar de Presence qu’aussi mon corps puisse boire.
Il a bu a longs traits, il a bu, il a bu,
Jusqu’a ce qu’il soit bien plein et qu’il ne puisse plus.
O Mere, Puissante Mere, la “mort” n’est plus obligatoire:
Nos corps baignent en l’immense Mouvement Ondulatoire
Au rythme souverain des Ailes du Seigneur…
Nos cellules aussi apprennent le Bonheur!…

Ayudha Pooja Day



Today, October 2nd 2014, happens to be this year the “Ayudha Pooja” day.

An Aurovilian lady, Mauna, oldtimer like me, and taking care of some aspects of the needed communication with many people all around the world related to Auroville, plus also some people in Auroville itself, sent today an email explaining about this very popular yearly festival. As I liked her email, here is what I wrote back to her:

Dear Mauna,

thank you for writing this little explanation of today’s celebration in the traditional Indian culture, one that many of us Aurovilians, although not “Hinduists” in any religious way, have come to like and observe yearly too, as it is indeed a very original and nice festival, the equivalent of which I have not heard of in any other country.
If you don’t mind, I would like to post your little write-up on my Research Blog especially for today.



As Mauna didn’t mind, I am glad to share with all my visitors what is a little of our life here in Auroville, being located as we are in the midst of rapidly urbanized but still quite rural South India – and I think that could be said about India as a whole too:

On 10/2/2014 10:27 AM, Mauna wrote:

Dear friends,

For those of you who have lived here and learned to appreciate and enjoy the ways of the land.., I come to remind you that today we observe Saraswati pooja, – do you remember? It’s also called Ayudha pooja – when we honour the tools of our work in the name of Ma Saraswati, the Mother’s power of perfection. To give you an idea, gardeners and foresters honour their mumpties and crowbars, road workers their JCBs, business units and folks of all trades their various media of work, students their books and computers, and artists their musical instruments, as Saraswati is also the patron of knowledge and the arts.

Rosa, one of my neighbours in Grace, concocted this image and I thought of sharing it with you… (see on top of the post)

So perhaps you’ll burn a little incense or put a flower near the tool through which your working relation with Life expresses itself most, – and, as it’s also the birthday anniversary of Gandhi: happy Gandhi Jayanti to all.

With love from a cool and fresh Auroville,



What Mauna is alluding to, the aspect of ‘Perfection’, is one of the Four main Powers that the Divine Mother uses constantly for creating and keeping together everything there is in the ever increasing manifestation of the Divine, including this evolving planet Earth and all the beings it harbors. All the people Mauna writes those emails to would know what she is talking about, as it is a very important part of the teachings of Sri Aurobindo:

A higher and vaster Power, that he calls ‘Mahasaraswati’, is what stands behind the popular deity that contemporary Hinduism reveres as Saraswati, among many other deities of greater or lesser importance that are part of today’s common person religion in India. The truer reality behind all those various deities, and particularly the Four Powers of the Mother as described by Sri Aurobindo, is usually not perceived or even known by the common person, but it is of course what Sri Aurobindo recommended to relate to inwardly in the spiritual approach, called the Integral Yoga, that he proposed. The three other Powers that come before Perfection are Maheshwari (Wisdom), Mahakali (Strength), and Mahalakshmi (Harmony), as all have to play their part for the Vision and then the realization of what needs to be done. Perfection comes last to add her finishing touch and stability to what the other three Powers have previously realized, each one in the way magnificently evoked by Sri Aurobindo in a few letters of 1927, put together as the very famous booklet titled simply ‘The Mother’.

It is of extreme significance and import that simultaneously with his own embodiment (in India), an embodiment of that Divine Mother took place as well (in France), and that the two of them met in 1914 in French Pondicherry, being able then  from 1920 on to continue there together the evolutive work for the Earth that both of them were already engaged in separately before. Sri Aurobindo made it always very clear that she wasn’t his disciple, but his spiritual equal, the complementary expression of the Feminine Divine that was also needed if the new step in terrestrial evolution was to be achieved. It is together, he pointed out, that they created the Integral Yoga that is usually spoken of as Sri Aurobindo’s.

To rely as constantly as possible upon the inner help of the Divine Mother still is what can best lead us to the needed integral transformation of our being, as Sri Aurobindo explained many times. But I will go more deeply into this in some future post, as it is such an important point for all those interested in Conscious Evolution.


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