Ayudha Pooja Day



Today, October 2nd 2014, happens to be this year the “Ayudha Pooja” day.

An Aurovilian lady, Mauna, oldtimer like me, and taking care of some aspects of the needed communication with many people all around the world related to Auroville, plus also some people in Auroville itself, sent today an email explaining about this very popular yearly festival. As I liked her email, here is what I wrote back to her:

Dear Mauna,

thank you for writing this little explanation of today’s celebration in the traditional Indian culture, one that many of us Aurovilians, although not “Hinduists” in any religious way, have come to like and observe yearly too, as it is indeed a very original and nice festival, the equivalent of which I have not heard of in any other country.
If you don’t mind, I would like to post your little write-up on my Research Blog especially for today.



As Mauna didn’t mind, I am glad to share with all my visitors what is a little of our life here in Auroville, being located as we are in the midst of rapidly urbanized but still quite rural South India – and I think that could be said about India as a whole too:

On 10/2/2014 10:27 AM, Mauna wrote:

Dear friends,

For those of you who have lived here and learned to appreciate and enjoy the ways of the land.., I come to remind you that today we observe Saraswati pooja, – do you remember? It’s also called Ayudha pooja – when we honour the tools of our work in the name of Ma Saraswati, the Mother’s power of perfection. To give you an idea, gardeners and foresters honour their mumpties and crowbars, road workers their JCBs, business units and folks of all trades their various media of work, students their books and computers, and artists their musical instruments, as Saraswati is also the patron of knowledge and the arts.

Rosa, one of my neighbours in Grace, concocted this image and I thought of sharing it with you… (see on top of the post)

So perhaps you’ll burn a little incense or put a flower near the tool through which your working relation with Life expresses itself most, – and, as it’s also the birthday anniversary of Gandhi: happy Gandhi Jayanti to all.

With love from a cool and fresh Auroville,



What Mauna is alluding to, the aspect of ‘Perfection’, is one of the Four main Powers that the Divine Mother uses constantly for creating and keeping together everything there is in the ever increasing manifestation of the Divine, including this evolving planet Earth and all the beings it harbors. All the people Mauna writes those emails to would know what she is talking about, as it is a very important part of the teachings of Sri Aurobindo:

A higher and vaster Power, that he calls ‘Mahasaraswati’, is what stands behind the popular deity that contemporary Hinduism reveres as Saraswati, among many other deities of greater or lesser importance that are part of today’s common person religion in India. The truer reality behind all those various deities, and particularly the Four Powers of the Mother as described by Sri Aurobindo, is usually not perceived or even known by the common person, but it is of course what Sri Aurobindo recommended to relate to inwardly in the spiritual approach, called the Integral Yoga, that he proposed. The three other Powers that come before Perfection are Maheshwari (Wisdom), Mahakali (Strength), and Mahalakshmi (Harmony), as all have to play their part for the Vision and then the realization of what needs to be done. Perfection comes last to add her finishing touch and stability to what the other three Powers have previously realized, each one in the way magnificently evoked by Sri Aurobindo in a few letters of 1927, put together as the very famous booklet titled simply ‘The Mother’.

It is of extreme significance and import that simultaneously with his own embodiment (in India), an embodiment of that Divine Mother took place as well (in France), and that the two of them met in 1914 in French Pondicherry, being able then  from 1920 on to continue there together the evolutive work for the Earth that both of them were already engaged in separately before. Sri Aurobindo made it always very clear that she wasn’t his disciple, but his spiritual equal, the complementary expression of the Feminine Divine that was also needed if the new step in terrestrial evolution was to be achieved. It is together, he pointed out, that they created the Integral Yoga that is usually spoken of as Sri Aurobindo’s.

To rely as constantly as possible upon the inner help of the Divine Mother still is what can best lead us to the needed integral transformation of our being, as Sri Aurobindo explained many times. But I will go more deeply into this in some future post, as it is such an important point for all those interested in Conscious Evolution.


Centenary of the ‘ARYA': Hundred years Later, What is the Earth At?


For this just past August 15th, among many other events organized in Auroville to commemorate Sri Aurobindo’s Birth Anniversary, a small Exhibition has been realized by the ‘Research’ team of the Laboratory of Evolution, which I am looking after, to celebrate more precisely the Centenary of the ‘ARYA’, the monthly magazine through which during seven years, from 1914 to 1921, Sri Aurobindo wrote and published, chapter after chapter, all the great big books that made him famous and  poured over the world the vision, actually revolutionary, that he had of Life upon Earth:  a Life that was evolving of course, but with a divine origin and purpose, the next step of which was about to start, in order to  lead us beyond the mental way of functioning that is the present summit of that evolution.

In those first ‘ARYA’ writings, Sri Aurobindo,  establishing this overall perspective, had clarified the real meaning of the word ‘Aryan': this word didn’t refer to any specific, supposedly superior race, but to anyone keen on overcoming himself/herself, overcoming one’s own ordinary human nature by gradually replacing it with the divine nature that is secretly and originally ours, and that we are here to reconquer, precisely through this immense terrestrial Evolutive Adventure.

Nevertheless as things went, it is the twisted meaning of the word, the racist perspective promulgated and practiced so horribly by Nazism, that made the word sadly famous. It is time to give it back its true meaning, so that it doesn’t any more nourish theories that are totally arbitrary and contrary to reality. Nazism as such is no more a concrete threat for the Earth, but the erroneous essence of it still continues to exist and to multiply under all the various forms of fanaticism and fundamentalism that continue to inflame human brains, always of course in the name of Truth.

Will there be then no end ever to those extremisms that make humanity suffer so much? Happily, there will be: we are coming closer at last to the gradual extinction of extremism in general. Here is why:

Since the first issue of the ‘ARYA’ on August 15th 1914, a hundred years ago, a major change has happened upon Earth: in 1956, the new evolutive step announced in the ‘ARYA’ has effectively started; we are now in the ‘Supramental’ Era, in which this vibratory frequency of a Consciousness and a Power greater than that of the Mind, finally activated upon Earth, is replacing as fast as possible the way of functioning, until now predominantly mental, of human beings.

The only thing that limits and slows down the liberating action of this New Consciousness upon the Earth as a whole is our own incapacity to change faster… and of course also the fierce resistance from those whose present power depends on the continuation of the multiform Falsehood engendering everywhere the dehumanized society that we are forced to live in.

So if you are sincerely trying to discover and to serve the Truth, don’t try to ‘be right’, and even less to ‘have the last word': all this is only the games of the mental ego, whose perception is inevitably limited and divisive, but which takes its little isolated point of view for the Absolute Truth and then wants to impose it as such on everybody, through violence if necessary.

The mental perception of everything that we the terrestrial Humans have had until now is not only false, but on top of it it is by its very nature, its mode of functioning inherent to the Mind, incapable of arriving at the true, full and complete Truth. This is exactly why it is time to switch over to a vaster mode of functioning, able to contain at last the entire real Truth, for it is a Totality that includes all points of view, each one in its appropriate place at each instant. This major change of consciousness is happening in more and more human beings, but not yet in all, far from it.

This is why, as was said by the Mother, collaborator of Sri Aurobindo and founder of Auroville, the problem in fact the most important for the world nowadays, the one that humanity everywhere must get rid of most urgently, is the tendency of the Mind to fall into fanaticism about just anything, each point of view trying to negate or eliminate all the others and claiming the statute of Unique and Absolute Truth in front of which all else must bow. Well yes, fanaticism is nothing but one of the many defects in the functioning of the Mind, one must realize that if one is to see through its supposed glory.

One could, like the Mother did, call ‘Exclusivism’ this kind of particularly dangerous mental disease, as it wants to exclude all that is not the Unique Idea it has selected and seeks to put as Exclusive Truth on the throne of the world.

So, it doesn’t matter where and on which side, all fanaticisms are part of the past: they have become public dangers for Humanity as a whole. To ensure the disappearance of this scourge, in each country education will have to show through concrete examples that Exclusivism proves nothing but the incapacity of the ordinary intellect to admit more than the narrow point of view that it is able to perceive.

A vaster and more inclusive development of each individual’s consciousness will be from the start deliberately sought, for that will be the type of development enabling each one to appreciate and honor at the same time  the various truths discovered by his/her own culture, and the other complementary truths discovered by other cultures.

This mutual appreciation between all the peoples will be the best way to ensure a durable peace between them in a human world where nationalistic supremacy will soon be as outdated as is today a ten year old computer.

In a place like Auroville, dedicated to the human future, there are no ‘-isms’ :

‘Auroville – at last a place where nothing will have the right to impose itself as the exclusive truth.’

The real problem today, in August 2014, is neither Palestine, nor Israel, nor the USA, and also neither Ukraine, nor Russia, nor Europe: it is all the groups of fanatic people on all sides in those countries. And it is the same in all other countries. It is a whole mentality to transform, among the politicians and the economists, just as among the military and the religious.
It is high time this transformation started.

A wonderful thing that now there is also the Supramental Energy in the picture, a powerful help for widening the consciousness of all the simple people of good will, who are the vast majority everywhere.

And this is where the younger generations could have a decisive action:

If instead of putting themselves at the service of the various fanaticisms fighting each other, the youth everywhere rose, would put themselves with the same enthusiasm at the service of Humanity as a whole, and of the progress of its consciousness towards this vaster Truth that includes all other truths, the specific solutions required for each place and each individual would soon be found – if they are aren’t already, but suppressed just as soon – and utilized for the good of all.

In Auroville itself, so that people grow in that direction, not only is there the intense multicultural mix between Aurovilians from all origins, but there is also on top of that the International Zone, where each great culture of the world is or will be presented and accessible in a living and deep manner in the very essence of its particular way of being, which happens to be at the same time the unique contribution that culture brings to Humanity as a whole. In such a new context, the concept of which is revolutionary, the usual superficial and artificial nationalism gives way at last to each country’s deep soul, within a Humankind enriched by all those peoples, through their very diversity, just like the many musicians in an immense planetary orchestra.

This, is the evolutive future of the Earth: a future that Auroville invites the youth of the world to make their own, with all the intensity and fervor that they are capable of.

For the Earth.

The time has come for that.

Centenaire de l'”ARYA”: Cent Ans Apres, Ou en Est la Terre?…

Pour le 15 aout dernier, parmi beaucoup d’autres evenements organises a Auroville pour commemorer l’anniversaire de la naissance de Sri Aurobindo, une petite Exposition a ete realisee par l’equipe “Recherche” du Laboratoire de l’Evolution, dont je m’occupe, pour celebrer plus precisement le Centenaire de l'”ARYA”, magazine mensuel a travers lequel pendant sept ans, de 1914 a 1921, Sri Aurobindo a ecrit et publie, chapitre apres chapitre, tous les grands livres qui l’ont rendu celebre et ont deverse sur le monde la vision en fait revolutionnaire qu’il avait de la Vie sur Terre: une Vie evolutive certes, mais d’origine divine et de but divin, et dont la prochaine etape allait bientot commencer, pour nous conduire au-dela du fonctionnement mental qui est le present sommet de cette evolution.

Des ces premiers ecrits, Sri Aurobindo, etablissant cette perspective d’ensemble, avait clarifie le sens veritable du mot “Aryen”: ce mot ne designait aucune race speciale supposee superieure, mais n’importe quel etre humain cherchant a se depasser lui-meme, a depasser sa nature humaine ordinaire pour la remplacer peu a peu par la nature divine qui est secretement et originellement la notre, et que nous sommes ici pour reconquerir peu a peu, precisement a travers cette immense Aventure Evolutive terrestre.

Neanmoins par la suite, c’est le sens deforme du mot, la perspective raciste promulguee et pratiquee horriblement par le Nazisme, qui ont rendu ce mot tristement celebre. Il est temps de faire connaitre a nouveau son vrai sens, pour qu’il ne nourrisse plus des theories totalement arbitraires et contraires a la realite. Le Nazisme en tant que tel n’est plus une menace concrete pour la Terre, mais son essence erronee continue a exister et a se multiplier sous toutes les formes de fanatisme et de fondamentalisme qui continuent a enflammer les cerveaux humains, toujours bien sur au nom de la Verite.

N’y aura-t-il donc jamais de fin a ces extremismes dont souffre tant l’humanite? Heureusement, si: evolutivement, nous approchons enfin de la disparition graduelle de l’extremisme en general. Voici pourquoi:

Depuis le premier numero de l”’ARYA’ le 15 aout 1914, il y a cent ans, un changement capital s’est produit sur la Terre: en 1956, le nouveau pas evolutif terrestre qu’annoncait l'”ARYA” a effectivement commence; nous sommes maintenant au debut de l’Ere “Supramentale”, ou cette frequence vibratoire de Conscience et de Puissance superieures au Mental, enfin activee sur la Terre, est en train de remplacer aussi vite que possible le fonctionnement jusqu’ici a predominance mentale des etres humains.
La seule chose qui limite et freine l’action liberatrice de cette Nouvelle Conscience sur toute la Terre, c’est notre incapacite a changer plus vite… et aussi, bien sur, la resistance feroce de ceux dont le pouvoir present depend de la continuation du Mensonge multi-forme qui engendre partout la societe deshumanisee dans laquelle nous sommes forces de vivre.
Alors si vous cherchez sincerement a decouvrir et a servir la Verite, ne cherchez pas a “avoir raison”, et encore moins a “avoir le dernier mot”: tout cela est du domaine de l’ego mental, dont la perception est inevitablement limitee et divisive, mais qui prend son petit point de vue isole pour la Verite Absolue et veut donc l’imposer comme telle a tout le monde, par la violence si necessaire.
La perception mentale de tout que nous les Humains terrestres avons eue jusqu’a present est non seulement fausse, mais elle est par nature, par mode de fonctionnement inherent au Mental, incapable d’arriver a la Verite vraie, pleine et entiere. C’est bien pour cela qu’il faut passer a un mode de fonctionnement plus vaste, capable de contenir enfin toute la Verite reelle, car elle est une Totalite incluant tous les points de vue, chacun a la place necessaire a chaque instant. Ce changement majeur de conscience est en train de se produire en de plus en plus d’etres humains partout, mais pas encore en tous, loin de la.
C’est pourquoi, ainsi que le disait la Mere, collaboratrice de Sri Aurobindo et fondatrice d’Auroville, le probleme en fait le plus dangereux pour le monde desormais, celui dont l’Humanite partout doit se debarrasser de toute urgence, est la tendance du Mental a tomber dans le fanatisme a propos de tout et de rien, chaque point de vue cherchant a nier ou a eliminer tous les autres et revendiquant le statut de Verite Unique et Absolue devant laquelle tout le reste doit s’incliner. He oui, le fanatisme n’est rien d’autre qu’un des nombreux vices de fontionnement du Mental, il est essentiel de s’en rendre compte pour le depouiller de sa gloire factice.
On pourrait comme la Mere appeler “Exclusivisme” cette sorte particulierement dangereuse de maladie mentale, qui veut exclure tout ce qui n’est pas l’Idee Unique qu’elle a choisie et qu’elle cherche a mettre comme Verite Exclusive sur le trone du monde.
Donc peu importe ou et de quel bord, tous les fanatismes ont fait leur temps: ils sont tous devenus des dangers publics pour l’Humanite dans son ensemble. Pour assurer la disparition de ce fleau, dans chaque pays l’education aura a montrer des l’enfance par des exemples concrets que l’Exclusivisme ne traduit en fait que l’incapacite de l’intellect ordinaire a admettre plus que l’unique point de vue etrique qu’il est capable de percevoir. Un developpement d’emblee plus vaste et plus inclusif de la conscience de chaque individu sera deliberement recherche, car ce sera le type de developpement qui permettra a chacun d’apprecier et d’honorer a la fois les verites decouvertes par sa propre culture, et les autres verites complementaires decouvertes par les autres cultures.
Cette appreciation mutuelle entre tous les peuples sera le meilleur moyen d’assurer une paix durable entre eux dans un monde humain ou les suprematies nationalistes seront bientot aussi depassees que l’est aujourd’hui le computer d’il y a dix ans.
Dans un lieu du futur humain comme Auroville, il n’y a aucun “-isme”:
“Auroville – Enfin un endroit ou rien n’aura le droit de s’imposer comme la verite exclusive.”
Le probleme aujourd’hui, en aout 2014, n’est ni la Palestine, ni Israel, ni les USA, et ni l’Ukraine, ni la Russie, ni l’Europe; le probleme, ce sont tous les groupes de fanatiques de tout poil dans ces pays-la. Et c’est pareil dans tous les autres pays. C’est toute une mentalite a changer, chez les politiques et les economistes comme chez les militaires et les religieux.
Il est grand temps qu’on commence.
Heureusement qu’il y a le Pouvoir Supramental maintenant aussi dans le tableau, aide puissante pour elargir les consciences de tous les simples gens de bonne volonte, qui sont l’enorme majorite partout.

Et c’est la que les jeunes generations pourraient avoir une influence decisive:
Si au lieu de se mettre au service des divers fanatismes qui se battent, les jeunes partout se soulevaient, se mettaient avec le meme enthousiasme au service de l’Humanite entiere et du progres de sa conscience vers cette plus vaste Verite qui inclut toutes les autres, les solutions specifiques necessaires pour chaque lieu et chaque individu seraient vite decouvertes – si elles ne le sont deja, mais aussitot supprimees – et mises en oeuvre pour le bien de tous.
A Auroville meme,  pour grandir dans cette direction, il y a non seulement l’intense melange multi-culturel inevitable entre gens de toutes origines, mais il y a parallelement la Zone Internationale, ou chaque grande culture du monde est ou sera presentee et accessible de maniere vivante et profonde dans l’essence de sa maniere d’etre particuliere, qui se trouve etre en meme temps la contribution unique que cette culture apporte a l’Humanite dans son ensemble. Dans ce contexte nouveau, de concept revolutionnaire, l’habituel nationalisme superficiel et artificiel laisse enfin la place a l’ame profonde de chaque peuple, au sein d’une Humanite enrichie par tous ces peuples, de par leur diversite meme, comme les divers musiciens d’un immense orchestre planetaire.
C’et cela, le Futur evolutif de la Terre : un Futur qu’Auroville invite les jeunes du monde a faire le leur, de toute l’ardeur et la ferveur dont ils sont capables.

Pour la Terre.

Le temps est venu pour cela.

Spirituel et Supramental Ne Sont Pas la Meme Chose


Sri Aurobindo a mauvaise reputation: la reputation d’etre trop difficile a comprendre pour le commun des mortels. Ce n’est pas forcement vrai, mais le fait est que les livres les plus celebres ecrits par lui etaient destines aux grosses tetes philosophiques et spirituelles de l’epoque,  pour leur presenter sous tous les angles voulus une vision de tout en fait revolutionnaire; le volume impressionnant de meme un seul de ces livres peut decourager.
De plus, ceux qui s’interessent a la “spiritualite indienne” et parcourent en tous sens l’Inde et ses innombrables ashrams se simplifient souvent la vie en mettant tout dans le meme sac: c’est tout plus ou moins la meme chose, pensent-ils; donc pourquoi le Yoga Integral de Sri Aurobindo ferait-il exception? Pour peu que l’arrogance mentale s’ajoute a l’ignorance, on entend dire le plus serieusement du monde les aneries les plus monumentales a propos de Sri Aurobindo en general et du Supramental en particulier.
De nombreuses personnes lisant pour la premiere fois un texte de Sri Aurobindo mentionnant le “Supramental”, ont tendance a s’imaginer que ce qu’il appelle ainsi, c’est tout bonnement ce qu’on appelle habituellement le Spirituel, simplement revetu d’un autre nom. Rien ne pourrait etre plus faux.
Si ces personnes veulent comprendre ce dont parle reellement Sri Aurobindo, qu’elles lisent ce qu’il a precise lui-meme abondamment a propos de ce “Supramental” et de ce qu’il designait exactement par ce nom. Par exemple dans la lettre suivante:

“Si spirituel et supramental étaient la même chose, comme, selon vous,

l’imaginent mes lecteurs, alors tous les sages, dévots, yogi, sâdhak à travers les âges auraient été des êtres supramentaux et tout ce que j’ai écrit sur le supramental ne serait qu’un fatras superflu, oiseux et sans objet. Quiconque ayant eu des expériences spirituelles serait un être supramental; l’Ashram serait bondé d’êtres supramentaux et tous les autres Ashram de l’Inde aussi. Les expériences spirituelles peuvent se fixer dans la conscience intérieure et la changer, la transformer si vous voulez: on peut réaliser le Divin partout, le Moi en tous et tous en le Moi, la Shakti universelle faisant toutes choses; on peut se sentir fondu dans le Moi cosmique, ou plein de bhakti extatique ou d’Ânanda. Mais on peut, et habituellement c’est ce que l’on fait, continuer dans les autres parties de la nature à penser avec l’intellect ou, au mieux, avec le mental intuitif, à vouloir avec une volonté mentale, à ressentir la joie et la peine à la surface du vital, à subir des atteintes physiques et à souffrir du combat de la vie dans le corps contre la mort et la maladie. Le seul changement alors sera que le moi intérieur regardera tout cela sans être troublé ni déconcerté, avec une parfaite égalité, l’acceptant comme une partie inévitable de la Nature, inévitable tant que l’on ne se retire pas dans le Moi hors de la Nature. Ce n’est pas cette transformation que j’ai en vue. C’est un tout autre pouvoir de connaissance, une autre sorte de volonté, une autre nature lumineuse d’émotion et d’esthétique, une autre organisation de la conscience physique qui doit apparaître par le changement supramental.” (Lettres sur le Yoga, I, L’Evolution Supramentale)

Voila qui eclaire considerablement – et vigoureusement – le sujet!…

Spiritual and Supramental Aren’t the Same

Sri Aurobindo has a bad reputation: the reputation of being too difficult to understand for ordinary people. This is not necessarily true, but the fact is that the most famous books by him were destined to the big philosophical and spiritual heads of that time, for presenting to them from all necessary angles a vision of everything that was revolutionary; the impressive volume of even one of those books can be discouraging.
Moreover, people who are interested in ‘Indian spirituality’ and go around exploring India’s innumerable ashrams, often simplify the task for themselves: it’s all more or less the same thing, they think, so why should the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo be any different?
If any mental arrogance adds itself to their ignorance, they can be heard saying with utter seriousness the stupidest blunders about Sri Aurobindo in general and the Supramental in particular.
Many people, reading for the first time a text in which Sri Aurobindo mentions the ‘Supramental’, tend to imagine that what he calls thus must be what is usually called the ‘Spiritual’, simply clad in a different name. Nothing could be further from the truth.
If those people want to understand what Sri Aurobindo is really talking about, let them read what he has himself written about this ‘Supramental’ and exactly what he meant by that word. For example in the following letter:

‘If spiritual and supramental were the same thing, as you say my readers imagine, then

 all the sages and devotees and yogis and sadhaks throughout the ages would have been supramental beings and all I have written about the supermind would be so much superfluous stuff, useless and otiose. Anybody who had spiritual experiences would then be a supramental being; the Ashram would be chock-full of supramental beings and every other Ashram in India also. Spiritual experiences can fix themselves in the inner consciousness and alter it, transform it, if you like; one can realise the Divine everywhere, the Self in all and all in the Self, the universal Shakti doing all things; one can feel merged in the Cosmic Self or full of ecstatic bhakti or Ananda. But one may and usually does still go on in the outer parts of Nature thinking with the intellect or at best the intuitive mind, willing with a mental will, feeling joy and sorrow on the vital surface, undergoing physical afflictions and suffering from the struggle of life in the body with death and disease. The change then only will be that the inner self will watch all that without getting disturbed or bewildered, with a perfect equality, taking it as an inevitable part of Nature, inevitable at least so long as one does not withdraw to the Self out of Nature. That is not the transformation I envisage. It is quite another power of knowledge, another kind of will, another luminous nature of emotion and aesthesis, another constitution of the physical consciousness that must come in by the supramental change.’
 (Letters on Yoga, I, The Supramental Evolution)

There! A square and vigorous clarification of the topic.



Ce texte est important et doit rester toujours visible, c’est pourquoi je le mets aussi comme Page permanente, ajoutee a l’interieur de la Page existante, ‘ABOUT THIS BLOG’.


23 aout 2014


Venant juste de publier mon plus recent article, “La Preuve la Plus Concrete du Pudding Supramental”, sur mon Blog de Recherche, et me preparant a le traduire en Anglais, je me rends compte soudain comment certaines pesonnes pourraient percevoir et misinterpreter ce que j’ai ecrit la, dans les lignes qui decrivent de toute evidence une experience en train de m’arriver pendant que je la note. Et un peu plus haut dans le meme texte, j’ai mis un lien vers un article beaucoup plus ancien ou je relate aussi, de maniere similaire, une autre experience cellulaire qui m’est arrivee il y a longtemps.
Un certain nombre de mes articles, tres personnels de la meme maniere experientielle, pourraient tres bien, je le vois maintenant, etre inerpretes de travers comme visant a ma glorification, en me faisant admirer, moi et les experiences “si remarquables” qu’il se trouve que j’ai.
Rien ne pourrait etre plus contraire a la verite, et a ma veritable intention:
Il y a beaucoup d’autres articles sur mon blog qui relatent les experiences, en tout premier lieu, de Sri Aurobindo ou de la Mere, mais d’autres personnes aussi, car autrement il serait facile pour ceux qui visitent mon blog de conclure que des experiences aussi elevees ou aussi profondes n’arrivent qu’a de grands Etres comme Sri Aurobindo ou la Mere, et pas a des personnes ordinaires – conclusion qui serait fort deourageante pour eux-memes, et certainement pas celle a laquelle je leur souhaite d’arriver.
Je me souviens lorsque j’ai lu pour la premere fois “L’Aventure de la Conscience”, par Satprem, cette impression a ete un gros probleme pour moi. J’etais sortie du livre avec un respect et une admiration tres approfondis pour Sri Aurobindo, mais en ayant perdu tout espoir d’avoir jamais de si grandes experiences moi-meme, etant l’etre humain tres ordinaire que je me sentais etre.
C’est seulement lorsque j’ai lu le second livre de Satprem, “La Genese du Surhomme”, ou il decrit chapitre apres chapitre, page apres page, comment ca se vit de commencer a sentir le besoin du Divin, et puis de commencer a avoir quelques debuts d’experience de ces extraordinaires etats d’etre, ou nous pouvons devenir la Paix, ou la Vastitude, ou sentir notre etre vrai dans son eternite, et en tant que partie du Divin, seulement alors ai-je commence a sentir que c’etait quelque chose que n’importe qui pouvait vivre – meme moi.
C’etait si merveilleusement decrit par Satprem, presque a la premiere personne, que ma propre conscience dans son aspiration pouvait se mettre a suivre en quelque sorte cette meme aventure interieure qui etait evoquee, difficultes inclues, a travers les pages de ce livre.
J’en ressortis determinee a vivre moi aussi la meme chose, quel que soit le temps que cela me prendrait, et quelle qu’ordinaire que je puisse etre comme etre humain au depart.

Je suppose que c’est ce genre d’effet encourageant et stimulant que je cherche aussi a avoir pour les autres a travers ce Blog de Recherche, avec toutes les sortes d’evenements extraordinaires – tous en fait des evenements spirituels – que je presente ici, deliberement un peu pele-mele, de facon a offrir a d’autres etres humains “ordinaires” une porte, sans etiquette specifique, vers le monde plus vrai et tellement plus vaste qu’ils pourraient eux aussi un jour decider d’explorer par eux-memes.

Comme j’ecris ces mots, je me demande pourquoi je me sens tellement poussee a faire cela… et je me retrouve au moment precis ou, en 1971, encore debout, je venais de lire le premier paragraphe de “La Vie Divine”, le premier livre de Sri Aurobindo a m’arriver dans les mains.
Ces quelques lignes du debut venaient juste d’avoir eu sur moi l’effet miraculeux d’illuminer d’un seul coup le sens de tout, et de donner a la Vie, y compris ma propre vie, le vrai But Divin qu’intuitivement je savais qu’elles devaient avoir.

En cet instant ma destinee fut scellee: je m’assis enfin, disant interieurement au Divin “Si c’est CA le But de la Vie ici, alors oui, je reste…”.
Mais dans ce meme moment ou je dediais ma vie individuelle d’une facon si totale et si spontanement solennelle, un voeu ardent s’exprima calmement, venu des profondeurs de mon etre, un voeu de mon ame: devenir un jour capable de communiquer catte meme merveilleuse Vision evolutive aux autres, particulierement aux enfants, car ils ne peuvent pas encore lire le livre qui m’avait revele cette Vision.

Quand je regarde retrospectivement comment ma vie s’est deroulee apres cela, je peux voir comment la Grace Divine a honore ce voeu profond qui s’etait exprime si fort a ce moment-la; comment a chaque pas j’ai ete aidee a devenir ce qu’il fallait que je devienne pour etre capable de realiser ce Voeu de la meilleure maniere possible. Je peux voir comment tous les aspects apparemment disparates de mon travail exterieur pour Auroville m’ont preparee pour cette fonction, sur laquelle je ne pretends bien sur avoir aucune exclusivite, mais qui devint officiellement la mienne ici en 1984, du fait que j’ai eu sans du tout m’y attendre a demarrer le Laboratoire de l’Evolution, quand personne d’autre ne se presentait pour le faire.

J’avais au moins  dans une large mesure les qualites interieures voulues, sinon les capacites exterieures de “leadership”- ou de realisation materielle, pour lesquelles j’ai du le plus souvent dependre des autres… mais Auroville etant un lieu d’entrainement au travail d’equipe, j’accepte cette limitation.

Alors c’est pour moi simplement comme c’est pour la plupart des Auoviliens de longue date, ainsi probablement que pour bon nombre des Auroviliens plus recents: mon travail exprime ce que je suis, tout simplement, en dehors de tout sentiment de superiorite ou d’inferiorite; je ne pourrais pas plus m’empecher de faire ce travail qu’un oiseau ne pourrait s’empecher de chanter, c’est ce que je suis destinee a faire, la maniere speciale dont en tant qu’individu je peux contribuer a Auroville et au monde.
J’espere que cette clarification repondra a tout doute ou suspicion dans l’esprit de mes visiteurs, quant a ce qu’est ma veritable intention pour ce blog: il est tout simplement une partie de la realisation de ce Voeu profond d’autrefois, tout comme les autres aspects de mon travail le sont aussi.
Que tous mes visiteurs en tirent quelque profit interieur, c’est la toute mon intention!…

The Most Concrete Proof of the ‘Supramental Pudding’


In my previous post I said, if you noticed, that ” not all of us have yet the experience of eating it”, the ‘Supramental Pudding’.
This means, taken in reverse, that some people do have already the direct experience of the Supramental’s presence, for they are ‘eating it’ themselves…!
Here is how:

I cannot affirm that there exist some human beings already ‘supramentalized’, that is, completely transformed, at all levels and in all parts of their being, into a Supramental Being. If it does include their physical body, it is is not certain that our ordinary physical vision could see them, for the time being.

But what is interesting for us about the supramental action upon the Earth is that luckily it doesn’t start only when we are at last ready, some day, for the beginning of that supramentalization process!…

This Action in truth already makes easier to accomplish, quite simply, the first steps of the particular, unique spiritual itinerary that each individual will take for coming back, in this present lifetime or another one, to the divine consciousness and way of being that are secretly his/her since ever, but are forgotten during each new experience in a human body.

And this spiritual awakening can very well for some persons happen outside of any conscious quest and of any traditional spiritual method. Monasteries, ashrams and caves aren’t any more the special and obligatory places for contacting the Spirit in ourselves and in everything else. It is in Life itself and in all its activities that we may start to perceive and develop more and more the spiritual dimension that’s hiding in them, and that will little by little change completely our way of living all those various aspects of our life, as long as we will choose to include them in our existence, or as long as they will still be indispensable to our physical existence.

For – and this is, it must be seen clearly, the fantastic new gift brought by the Supramental – our body too will start being able to join consciously, deliberately, the evolutive thrust of the rest of our being.

Until now, any person choosing to live a spiritual life, consecrated to the Divine, was supposed ipso facto to abandon all interest in this physical world, including his or her own physical body. The material world being supposed not to have anything to do with the Divine, all spiritual effort aimed essentially at escaping from it as quickly as possible so as to go back at last into the immaterial dimensions supposed to be the only Domain of the Spirit.

Well, this whole reductionist traditional perspective on the material world reveals itself to be false and limiting, for in truth Matter itself is nothing but a form that the Spirit may take to manifest itself. Matter as we have experienced it until this time, seemed indeed to be the very contrary of the Divine, but this obscurity, this inertia that seemed to characterize it were only temporary flaws, not meant to be there for ever; nevertheless only the Supramental Consciousness-Force would have the Power to free Matter from those unbecoming traits, allowing it to awaken at last also to the Divine Presence and to its own secret divine nature.

It is precisely what is beginning to happen in some human bodies if for whatever reason there is in them the required receptivity to the vibratory frequency, new upon Earth, of this liberating Supramental Force.

Who could have ever imagined that one day there would be, not any longer only the songs of love for the Divine  that all the mystics around the world have created, but also songs of love for the Divine, created by the cells of our bodies in full spiritual awakening? (see ‘About Singing Body-Cells on this Blog: http://labofevolution.wordpress.com/2011/05/12/about-singing-body-cells/)


It all seems completely crazy, and yet it is what became a fact in Mother’s body after 1956, and in other human bodies too since then, as a direct result of the ‘Supramental Action upon Earth’, sub-title that Mother  had given to her ‘Agenda’, this Diary recorded along the weeks and the years on a tape-recorder by Satprem, a French disciple who has been among the few to love Mother truly enough to  PERCEIVE THE REALITY OF ALL THOSE CHANGES IN MOTHER’S BODY-CELLS.

And now, forty years later, to be here writing this on this keyboard, with not only one’s central consciousness full of joy, but also the consciousness in the fingers typing this, and in the neurons receiving the meaning of all this and dictating the words to the fingers, that whole little population too, those minuscule consciousnesses, full also of the exquisite happiness of, slowly, in spite of all the difficulties, being able
‘To recover the lost habit of happiness’… (Sri Aurobindo, ‘Savitri)

Yes, it is so wonderfully simple, and so lovely, what needs essentially to be done: to recover the habit of happiness! In one’s body-cells too.

When one has the living experience, ever increasing, of incredible moments like that, what does it matter that others may still have doubts; within oneself one knows: the Supramental is indeed there, working constantly, with as much power at every moment as is possible without breaking everything…! And there is nothing left to do but be overflowing with gratitude, just from seeing that this is for real.

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