Dr Steven Greer’s Early NDE, & Later ET Encounter

Well, it’s not so surprising that a renown scientist like Dr Steven Greer not only is a meditator, but is even able to have such profound inner and outer contacts with ETs, through higher states of consciousness that are of course the same as what Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s Integral Yoga gives also access to; the deep reason for Steven Greer’s unusual inner capacities is the following:

During my few days of searching the various videos about him on You Tube, I found an especially remarkable one, in which he tells how at the young age of 17, although raised as an atheist, he had a powerful NDE that he then describes in more detail, as well as the ET encounter he also had later. while sitting alone on a mountain… and that triggered again the same experience as in his NDE before!… He ends up in that ET’s spacecraft for a very special meditation… But I don’t want to spoil it all for you, I’ll let you now discover for yourself  all the truly fascinating details of what happened to him in those two occasions:

This morning I checked on the IANDS website for NDEs, his has been entered in this way:

Dr Steven Greer Describes NDE, Later Has First ET Contact


Dr Greer describes being above his body during his NDE...In a recent YouTube video interview, Steven Greer, MD, known for his role as founder of The Disclosure Project, describes a profound near-death experience (NDE) at age 17 including an out-of-body experience with cosmic consciousness. Dr. Greer shares a fascinating description of non-verbal communication with two light beings during his experience and the discussion of whether he should return to his body.

Later in life, while hiking on a mountain he has a UFO encounter and meets extraterrestrial biological life forms (ETs). He then enters a state of cosmic consciousness similar to that of his NDE and goes on to teach the ETs what it’s like to enter this state of consciousness from a human perspective.

YouTube URL:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scmfPpWwQbA

The video link given in this IANDS entry is different from the address of the video I have given above, but it is the same content, the same video, simply posted by someone else.

With such an exceptional experiential background, no one could deny that Dr Greer knows what he is talking about. This is what gives to his interviews this special flavor of authenticity, of living knowledge, instead of the mere argumentative theories the dry intellect tries to oppose to that genuinely experienced Reality.

Physicist Stephen Hawking said at some point that ‘aliens’ were bad and it was dangerous to communicate with them;  by saying so, at least he was acknowledging that they exist… but still his comment was misleading, as  Dr Steven Greer points out in yet another video, which I am adding here because neither of the two in this post are long or difficult to follow, and both are very instructive:


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