The Divine Player in All of Us

This is actually a follow-up post on the same amazing playfulness the ancient Vikings are now found to have exhibited even in the use of their mysterious runes…

There was a synchronicity for me in that “Viking Playfulness” post I just re-blogged:

I happen to have been studying these last few days the many You Tube videos of Nanci Danison, an NDEr who in 1994 started dying, went into the Light and while there, through ‘download’ after ‘download’, began to remember all the aspects of the whole way of being and living in our existence there, in our eternal true Home. It’s all so natural there it’s taken for granted as long as one is there… but then that truer way of being disappears totally from our memory while we are in a physical body on Earth.

Nanci gives  her personal account of all that, and the conclusion she arrived at, as to why we have decided  at some point to come down here, although (as all the visitors of this blog must know by now…!), we all are actually Beings of Light, Spirits, parts of what Nanci calls ‘The Source’, and that means we enjoy a perfectly blissful existence there.

What I found particularly interesting is that it all comes very close to what Sri Aurobindo himself explains, in that vast overview of his where everything finds its place, and so wonderfully so, I would say.

I don’t remember any other NDEr starting out only from the usual religious outlook on things, who has leaped to such a nearly complete understanding as quickly as Nanci did, through those massive ‘downloads’ she received while in the Light, and then remembered gradually later on: enough material for three books already, and counting.

The particular point I want to highlight in this post, which flabbergasted me forty years ago when I discovered it in Sri Aurobindo’s writings, but then made so much illuminating sense for me,  and had exactly the same effect on Nanci in 1994 when she discovered it thanks to her NDE, is that the main reason we are here is… whatever you would call it, the challenge, the adventure… in one word, the fun of it. Yes, the sheer FUN of it.

When you say that to people, they stare at you blankly, wondering if you are mad; or they are totally scandalized and angry at you for saying such outrageous things, when  Life is actually such a difficult and often terrible thing, etc, etc.

In some previous posts of mine such as “What are we all really doing here?” (, I have of course done my best already to show how such a notion, far from being outrageous, makes on the contrary total sense when you look attentively to the many facts of our lives that confirm it.

Just look around, look at your own life, the life of others everywhere, the life of children everywhere, and your list will become very long, of all the games, sports, and all kinds of other playful activities that all confirm this one point we must  in our own conscious evolution see once and for all:

Playfulness, the sense of Play, is besides Love the most profound need in human beings, and Play in one form or the other, visibly or invisibly, is, whether we are conscious of it or not, the major activity in our lives.

It all rests on our natural, spontaneous inner ability (and even propensity) for ‘make-believe’, one crucial aspect of our imaginative faculty.

Most of the games all human beings play as children are make-believe games, in which we will all pretend together that some ‘are’ the cow-boys, the others ‘are’ the Indians, or some ‘are’ the thieves and the others ‘are’ the cops, and so on and so forth, like also the simulated ‘doctor and patient’ situation, or what have you. And of course the little girls playing with their dolls as if they were really their babies,  or playing with their miniature kitchen and cooking toys as if they were the real thing,  and the little boys making impressive motor sounds while pedaling their small plastic imitation scooters… it’s all make-believe, pretense, and while the playtime lasts, the kids are all really into it with great conviction.

Well, so-called adults just do the same identical thing still,  when you see them practicing or watching their favorite sport: they completely identify with it in the same totally compelling way, oblivious of everything else while the game lasts.

This is exactly also how for our entire existence in this huge Play being acted out on this terrestrial stage, we get to soon identify our sense of self with whatever we have been told by others that we are, and we usually adopt the role we are supposed to play in it, as everyone expects us to play it (see my older post about this in French, “Acteurs Pris a Leurs Roles”,, for which in her ‘Comment’ further down from that post Nina Tryggvason kindly provided at the time, I discover only now, a Google Translation… I will upgrade it hopefully as soon as I finish with this current post).

It’s quite revealing that the stories we do stage in our theaters we call ‘Plays’ as well… In them, the actors we all already are while we are here,  are unwittingly acting out on top of it either the role of actors or of spectators, but it’s anyway all acting…

Even simply listening to a story, or reading one, leads us to a certain degree of identification with the characters.

So it’s not so surprising after all to discover that here we exist under fake identities, and that we are actually Light Beings, aspects of the One Being, the Divine, at play innumerably with Itself under all these human and other disguises.  But how can any being who is divine find it fun to be here in those so un-divine conditions, lifetime after lifetime???

Sri Aurobindo explains that too quite beautifully (absolute awed illumination for me when I read it…), and I was glad to see that through her NDE Nanci  too did ‘get it’ perfectly well. To the point that in her communicating of her understanding to the other human beings around her during the interview in the video down below, she ‘nailed’ it  really, so I want now to let you watch her explaining it all; this is part 3 of a 6 video interview, so this will give you only that part of what she expressed during that interview, but I hope it will spark your interest for the rest as well; not everything she says is accurately what Sri Aurobindo says, but enough of it is, to make her testimony a remarkably valuable one:



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Joyce Kilmartin
    Feb 14, 2014 @ 17:32:28

    Hi Bhaga,
    Thank you for introducing Nanci Danison here. I have been watching some of her videos and also Mellon-Thomas Benedict, as well (whom Nanci mentions in one of the videos). Their stories ring true to me and, like you, I see the consistency between their stories and things that were said by Sri Aurobindo, Rudolph Steiner, and Seth, among others.

    Which brings me to this blog in which you talk about the importance of fun. Seth, whom you know is my favorite teacher, said more than once that if you weren’t having fun doing something, you should stop doing it! He was continually advising Jane and Rob to play, be spontaneous, and express their creativity. What great advice.

    There are a lot of people who are searching for their destinies, wondering what is their true purpose in life. The wisdom I am picking up from all these teachers is that by finding the things that make us happy, make us laugh, or feel good (not superficially), are indicators which point us toward our true purpose.

    Many thanks for all the great research you do revealing new avenues for exploration. 🙂




    • Bhaga
      Feb 15, 2014 @ 10:26:34

      Thanks in turn to you for this thoughtful comment that further enriches my post!

      If I am not mistaken it is precisely in this video I have selected, that Nanci mentions Mellen-Thomas Benedict, whom I have indeed at the top of my NDErs list since many years, so exceptional his NDE has been, together with the total healing of his generalized cancer, that was nothing short of a ‘miracle’ (Anita Moorjani’s too, more recently, so they are both on my blog). I follow-up on what he does, as he found the way to go back into the Light at will and keeps bringing back new inventions, especially for healing…!

      I agree with you Seth has given again and again wonderful advice about the importance of having fun in one’s life, I will definitely quote some of those pages of his that are a testimony to his own sense of humor and contagious joy.. That’s one of the things i like most in his teachings as well as way of being.
      Oh, Joyce, speaking of Seth, perhaps you could have a look at that earlier post on your research document: someone has put a comment there for you since quite some time already. After answering, do check the tiny box on the left so as to be informed of any follow-up on the same post !… ;-),



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