From Lee Carroll & KRYON, about US Election 2016

I was wondering what Kryon would have to say about this US Election results, and just now I received from them a ‘Special Issue’ of their monthly ‘Family Bulletin’, the text of which with the lovely little drawing (you will not see it, but it’s a little elephant and a little donkey approaching each other shyly, each one hiding a nice red or blue flower behind his back…), moved me so much I’m posting it all right here at once for you all to enjoy it too; and then you’ll see the wonderful video I found later, of the channeling where all this, and more, is being said:

A post election message from Lee & KRYON
2016 Election: A Call for Compassion

Greetings, Bhaga!

Many have asked KRYON to “weigh in” on the election. The fact is that he/she already has, and actually has done so many times.

KRYON has told us that past 2012 there would be more “wild cards.” A wild card is a totally unexpected event that is against all odds, and might change things in ways that actually move paradigms. The fall of the Soviet Union was one, and some individual inventions from innovative people are others (Steve Jobs). This is exactly where we are today, and it is indeed startling to many and ripe with change. This has been the teaching of KRYON for years, and in this post 2012 energy, it is supposed to increase. Seen it?

KRYON has called US politics “our own country karma,” indicating that we create what we get, and it’s just more of the realization of what “free choice” means for us. However, it shakes things up, and that’s what Kryon has told us now for years and years.

The advice I always get from KRYON is to relax and understand that change is often created by a major event or a “push” in consciousness. In this case, it’s not the push caused by the one who got elected, but rather it’s the push by those who are affected. What systems need change? Is it time to address many things which are old in the government? Will people be pushed to see wiser ways, fix broken things, and react? If so, then the wild card is doing exactly what it was supposed to do. If we stress, we accomplish nothing. Frustration leads to poor action and old thinking.

My country it slightly over 200 years old, and as great and revolutionary as our system was then, it needs to be adjusted as we go or it will eventually get stale and more and more dysfunctional. KRYON as even given us an indication of a new kind of democracy, where the old concept of  “winner takes all” in an election is replaced completely. Right now, one side fights the other. One wins, and the battle continues for 4 years until the next election. Then they fight some more. Old energy? Yes.

What about a system where the president of a country is not a member of either party, and is elected for the ability of being able to council, compromise, and bring things together – a peacemaker who understands both sides? Too high minded? KRYON has indicated that it might be on Earth sooner than we expect, and perhaps will show itself in other areas before it gets to the USA. This would be a more mature democracy, and a wiser one.

All in all, we need to move forward with these changes using a greater maturity than simple political knee-jerk reactions. We need to watch, wait, and see where things settle so we know what energy is needed from us for the most benevolent outcome. We are powerful beings, able to move things with compassion – our compassion, which spreads the light of maturity and understanding. We are the “New Human.”

“Don’t be fooled by what you think will happen, for that’s just an illusion of old energy perceptions. In other words… it’s not done yet, and the Lightworker has the responsibility to be the peacemaker, not the one who goes into despair because they have already decided who is who, and what is what.”  


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  1. Karl
    Nov 18, 2016 @ 03:47:36

    I found his speech style to close to demagogic for me to trust his authenticity as any kind of ascended being. A kind of new age pontificating. More intriguing ideas are regularly presented more engagingly in science fiction writing. For instance Arrival. And it’s a big world and his basic message is positive.

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    • Bhaga
      Nov 18, 2016 @ 11:26:49

      Thank you for your honesty with your opinion, Karl! It’s fine with me that you didn’t like it. Not everyone has to like everything I like and reciprocally, the world would be a bit too boring if if were to be so, wouldn’t it?!
      But KRYON isn’t an ‘ascended being’, s/he never incarnated as a human being at all: s/he is one of those first, archangelic beings who had the huge job of building the Universes and all the solar systems in them, including our own.
      His/her own specialty is the electro-magnetic arrangements that provide the required conditions for a planet to house Life and a developing Consciousness. When our species here started making the right choices in 1987, that brought KRYON back in 1989 for modifying the Earth’s Magnetic Field so that it would accommodate and favor those changes in Consciousness. And even after that was done, he/she stayed on in the Earth’s atmosphere so as to give us scientific info and other helpful hints or advice during this challenging transition period.
      I am personally very grateful for that, and for the quality of Love I find uniquely present there to such an extent. But this is my experience and that of a number of others, it cannot be communicated to those who don’t themselves feel it.
      So although I can understand your point of view, I cannot share it, as it would be to absolutely contradict my own inner experience in that case.
      Thank you for mentioning Arrival. I always loved positive science-fiction, and am a total fan of STAR TREK: TNG, for example, so I’ll explore what treasures might be found in Arrival as well …! 🙂



    • Pam Young
      Dec 29, 2016 @ 15:31:24

      Which ARRIVAL book?



      • Bhaga
        Dec 30, 2016 @ 06:27:55

        This second comment of yours, Pam, ends up being posted above the first one!… We can see that even computerized stuff is apt to small (and big?…) mistakes sometimes… 😀
        Anyway, I am sorry to have to say I have no idea yet what ‘Arrival’ is, as I didn’t have time yet to check on that .


  2. Pam Young
    Dec 29, 2016 @ 15:28:41

    There is more than one person channeling Kryon, and they don’t say the same things.



    • Bhaga
      Dec 30, 2016 @ 06:11:45

      Right! You’re correct on both points, Pam!…
      By the way, this is why my title, as always, made clear who the channeler was in this case: Lee Carroll, my preferred choice, not only because he was the first person to channel Kryon all the way back then, but also just because I personally love the outcome of his channeling of Kryon: so much so that I have never felt any need to investigate what Kryon might be saying through other channelers. The ‘Lee Carroll’ brand of it satisfies me fully – for the time being at least…
      After all, we are each unique, and so, are all the time filtering the Real each in our own unique way, so is it surprising that even various people reading the Akashic Records of the same person or the same event, still will each one come out with a different reading of it?… We all live in a different world too, for we each live in the world as we uniquely perceive it as this unique individual that we are. So no wonder those who are channeling Kryon, also let through, each of them, a different aspect of it… And so be it.



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