‘God’… Includes Also Us!

I have written this post already a little while back, but then there was an interruption of my internet connection for several days, so it is only today, nearly at the end of July 2012, that I am able to put it at last on my blog, sorry for that…

Here it is:

‘Ce qui est impossible aux hommes est possible a Dieu’ (Luc 18-27).
‘What is impossible to men is possible to God’ (Luke 18-27).

So quoted a nice person recently as a comment on my Facebook Wall, about that blog post of mine,’IT’S WORKING!!! THANK YOU!…’, in which I was announcing the positive result of our collective inner action to stop the strong waves eroding more and more dangerously our part of the coast here (see my most recent posts on this blog).

The intention in quoting this was no doubt very nice, and I thank that person for the intention in itself.
But the contents of the quote, what Luke was actually saying there, goes against the very point I was trying to make in my post, and in all the other posts that can be found in the same big Category on my blog: ‘THOUGHT POWER’.
Good intentions like this one are unwittingly contra-productive if they keep emphasizing our supposed incapacity and powerlessness, as compared to the reaffirmed all-powerfulness of ‘God’. 
It is time we all realized that our idea of ‘God’ must change, and start including All There Is, that means also us Human Beings.
The Main Script is there, no doubt, to guide the overall Production towards its intended Happy End (and Endless New Beginning!…); but that Main Script is there only as that: the Main Script, and a myriad Secondary Scripts can also be there in the Story as it really unfolds, Secondary Scripts that are the products of our own imagination and deep wishes, variables and variations on this Central Theme we are all improvising upon all the time, usually without even knowing it.
The constantly happening results are in their details as unexpected to ‘God’ as to the rest of us… which is lucky for the said ‘God’, otherwise the poor Supreme Being would have since long probably opted for some kind of divine suicide, rather than having to endure for ever the totally predictable outcome of Her/His Lone Sovereign Will, known since Eternity, for Eternity!!!
It is this very unpredictability of what exactly will happen at any given moment which introduces the element of surprise, and of its very important effect on our mind: FUN…!
Yes, as many people probably have noticed, the sense of HUMOR, so utterly indispensable in our lives, rests very much if not entirely on the effect of surprise when it comes upon our human mind, so used to logic and the apparent predictability of everything the way its reductionist approach perceives it.
The Mind as a Cosmic Power tends to regulate, to put what it calls Order into the extreme, bewildering complexity of Life, which it calls Disorder and Chaos. The Mind tends to overlook the actual complexity and utter diversity of what is really there in the Totality of All There Is, and tries to impose upon it one unique Meaning and Law of Being, that would at last satisfy the tendency of the Mind to Exclusivism, giving it the (for the Mind) blissful illusion of an apparent Simplicity… obtained, alas, through Oversimplification, and so, not real.
For of course, whatever the Mind may try to make out of it, Life goes on just the same, still overflowing just the same with utter creativity and diversity, but the Mind at least introduces, let’s say, broad categories with labels and names to put on whatever exists, that enable us to believe we understand things better that way and have a better control on them…
To some extent, that approach of the Mind does work though, as clearly shown nowadays through the very real and rather impressively effective results it gets in some fields, such as sending rockets and people into space (and most of the time getting them in good shape back on Earth as well…) , or inventing Intaernet with all the myriad possibilities it offers. 
But even in those technical fields, now and then something, a little something not known yet and so, not included in the calculations by the Mind, will derail its predicted results and expectations, sometimes wreaking catastrophic havoc into the wanted and anticipated situation: bridges had to inexplicably fall down a number of times before the bewildered engineers figured out the totally unexpected cause: the vibration produced by the unified rhythmic steps of marching troops (or generally people, if marching together), getting amplified in the structure of the bridge until it would break down. Now that this has been discovered as the factor causing the problem, troops are instructed to always stop marching when having to cross a bridge, and there are no such accidents any more.
This was just one example most people nowadays will have heard of, but there are many, many other little or big unknowns that have yet to  be discovered before we can truly say  – if we ever can!… – that we know and understand and can predict everything, even simply in this physical universe our Science, with its present materialistic stand, limits itself to.
Especially in Quantum Physics, the Unpredictability is known and accepted – by some Physicists as an unavoidable fact. Probabilities are the most we can expect to know about the way Reality will manifest Itself next. Even people who are gifted with the capacity of seeing the future,  will each see a different possible future, until the event becomes so close in time that one of those possibilities becomes the most probable one, and so can be foreseen and predicted with some degree of certainty.
The influence of the individual will or intention of the observer on the outcome of the experiment s/he is observing is by now another well known and accepted fact, proven further by the extraordinary experiments of Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto about the effect on water samples of simple labels with on them words conveying either hating or on the contrary loving intentions.
Moreover, the individual will active in the atoms or particles themselves, however astonishing it may seem to our materialistic mind, is another aspect of Reality that should precisely make us question this very materialism we still profess blindly, in the name of Science, when so much evidence of the presence of Spirit right at the core of Matter should have made us question since long this materialist dogma. Some courageous scientists do question it, and are gradually gaining ground, but the ‘main stream’ ones still hold fiercely to the dogma.

Well, at least those of us who are learning to live our life as a process of Conscious Evolution will know that ‘God’ is not only in each of us, but also inside each particle composing our very body and the rest of the material world. In us human beings that secret Presence gives the possibility of deliberately participating consciously in the constant creation of the Reality we live in and are ourselves; our thoughts are much more important than we usually know. As Sri Aurobindo explains so clearly,

“Thought is not essential to existence nor its cause, but it is an instrument for becoming; I become what I see in myself. All that thought suggests to me, I can do; all that thought reveals in me, I can become. This should be man’s unshakable faith in himself, because God dwells in him.”

Not only Sri Aurobindo explained that, but many other great spiritual beings did as well.
I am surprised that Luke the Evangelist ever wrote those words quoted at the beginning of this post, for Jesus too has repeatedly pointed out to his disciples that we all had the potential to do the very same extraordinary miracles he was doing, and that only our lack of faith in the Divine within ourselves was preventing us from doing so. I must say I have thought several times of Jesus calming the storm at sea, wishing intensely I were already capable of the same feat with the waves on the Indian Ocean!!! Of course I thought also of simply asking him to do the miracle for me, but I knew that would defeat the purpose, which is that we ourselves learn how to do it, by claiming our own divine nature and its power…
Even when it seems that at least collectively we have indeed succeeded in having the desired effect, as was the case with this big problem here, although I believe in it theoretically and I myself launched that collective attempt, I can see how difficult it is nevertheless for me too, just to acknowledge the success when it comes!… For the part of our mind that rules our daily life, our physical life, this cannot be, it is literally incredible, it is not something credible, it doesn’t go with the normal physical laws of our world as we believe they are, so it seems to be an impossibility.
It is in us this ‘physical mind’, as Sri Aurobindo calls it, that always tends to doubt that anything extraordinary or downright miraculous can ever truly happen. This physical mind will look for any lousy, ludicrous, totally dishonest explanation that could explain away the phenomenon and avoid having to re-write the books.
Most scientists are motivated by the genuine search for the truth which the higher part of their mind naturally aspires for; but too often when new discoveries are announced, that do not fit their favorite theories or, even worse, de-throne the theories that had made those scientists themselves famous, it is extremely difficult for them to retain enough mental honesty and resist siding with their physical mind, which secretly within them screams of imposture and cannot accept the veracity of the unwelcome new discovery. Only with a very big effort of perfect sincerity will anyone in that kind of situation be able to recognize the unwelcome fact as true.
The funny thing in our case, in the case of our own collective success, is that THIS was a most welcome fact, of course, in itself!… And yet the physical mind in me is still not entirely convinced that yes, we did it!!! It is secretly thinking that some other cause, merely physical, must have brought about that great result: how could it be really the effect of our collective will-power?! What a ridiculous, crazy idea, the physical mind mutters, hidden in its corner so as not to get a scolding from my higher mind, which knows better…!
For a researcher like me, to observe such obstinate reactions lingering with all their obscure tenacity in myself too in spite of so many years of doing experiments of that kind – and with quite a good amount of success, mind you – shows clearly, alas, how many parts in us must change before we are totally ready for something as far out as ‘The Life Divine’ as Sri Aurobindo announced it and described it.  When we will be there, it will have become as natural and obvious as being the way we are now, but in the meantime we better use our thought-power again and again, just to become used to its reality and the incred…  er, no, absolutely credible potential it represents already now in our present lives!
We are little ‘Gods’ in training. That’s what we really are. Now let’s have our physical minds deal with that as best they can! The following lines by Sri Aurobindo will hopefully help:

‘All is not here a blinded Nature’s task:
A Word, a Wisdom watches on us from on high,
A Witness sanctioning her will and works,
An Eye unseen in the unseeing vast;
There is an Influence from a Light above,
There are thoughts remote and sealed eternities;
A mystic motive drives the stars and suns.
In this passage from a deaf unknowing Force
To struggling consciousness and transient breath
A mighty Supernature waits on Time.
The world is other than we now think and see,
Our lives a deeper mystery than we have dreamed;
Our minds are starters in the race to God,
Our souls deputed selves of the Supreme.
Across the cosmic field through narrow lanes
Asking a scanty dole from Fortune’s hands
And garbed in beggar’s robes there walks the One.
Even in the theatre of these small lives
Behind the act a secret sweetness breathes,
An urge of miniature divinity.
A mystic passion from the wells of God
Flows through the guarded spaces of the soul;
A force that helps supports the suffering earth,
An unseen nearness and a hidden joy.’

( Sri Aurobindo, ‘Savitri’, p.168-169)

11 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nina
    Jul 29, 2012 @ 05:01:29

    thank you Bhaga, this was incredibly helpful to me

    I will comment more fully later, after i have digested this and then read it one more time. thank you very much



    • Bhaga
      Jul 29, 2012 @ 13:29:33

      Very happy that something was so helpful for you! Please let me know, if you don’t mind, what or what part had whatever great result it was, I am really interested.



  2. Nina
    Jul 29, 2012 @ 17:08:53

    on a first reading, I follow along and the text impacts me emotionally or enlightens me

    then I hit a information or sensory overload and can’t process or comprehend any more. so I have to go away and marinade on what I did absorb and then come back for second reading, which builds on the foundational understanding of the first pass through.

    sometimes, I need to read your posts three or I think once 5 times to be confident that I understood what I needed to awaken to



  3. Nina
    Jul 29, 2012 @ 17:14:29

    I had a hard time following the description of the conversation that was not simply reproduced for reference – but then the part about chaos and order – was what I found particularly helpful

    I have become very aware of how differently that I communicate from the average person – and with my new roommates, I have been able to gain amazing insights – especially their 9 year old daughter; who is an amazing young girl

    I never considered what a delight that children can actually be, which is privately funny on many levels.

    ah, part of the challenge of me, is that my insider jokes are usually all my own.

    I wasn’t able to really finish the text, because I felt a reordering of my brain following the passages of chaos into order – and at that point, I wan’t able to absorb new information during that reshuffling



  4. Nina
    Jul 29, 2012 @ 17:23:31

    okay, yes, I agree with that part that we are each gods and divine

    that’s a thought that has been pressing against me for some time
    but i was resisting it, not having a framework to incorporate it
    and not in a position where what I felt to be real
    could be trusted to be real

    at least now that I have eliminated the toxic people
    who held me to a false image and place and role

    my mind, my spirit and my very body is freed from those constraints

    to wonder to explore to delight and to love

    I had a very profound meditative last night and this morning
    just awoke with a profound sense of wellbeing and love



    • Bhaga
      Jul 30, 2012 @ 03:09:13

      Beautiful and moving news, that I thank you particularly for sharing with me. Starting to experience from time to time these states of well-being/delight, and love, are the beginning of true spirituality – that is, contact and identification with one’s spirit. The most important thing that can start happening to anyone during a lifetime.



  5. Nina
    Jul 29, 2012 @ 22:57:03

    upon a fourth reading of the entire post, this passage in particular strikes home for me, and I agree with the sentiment and idea being expressed completely:

    when so much evidence of the presence of Spirit right at the core of Matter should have made us question since long this materialist dogma. Some courageous scientists do question it, and are gradually gaining ground, but the ‘main stream’ ones still hold fiercely to the dogma.



    • Bhaga
      Jul 30, 2012 @ 03:14:31

      Thank you very much for this entire description, step by step, of the way you reacted to this post, and the effect it had on you. This capacity for self-observation and then equally careful recording of what one felt is very precious all along in this process of Conscious Evolution.



  6. Nina
    Jul 30, 2012 @ 03:30:42

    I chose at a young age to lead an examined life
    and being the expert of our own existences

    well that kinda means I am the only one qualified to examine my life
    only I know what I could have achieved versus what i do

    only I know where that line between good and bad or even evil is, and where I have the capacity for acts of true grace and compassion

    only I know how much better I can be or how much worse I could have been
    given other decisions or opportunities taken or lost

    being trained in the scientific method and encouraged to experiment and learn and explore….

    well, observing and field notes, it’s all part of being a writer and was reinforced by my former career in the public service and the non-profit world before that,

    applying good information management or scientific practices skills in a spiritual context, well, our basic nature is as we will it to be

    within the confines of the universe we inhabit and how in tune with the universe’s will that we are, to bow or bend or stand before it,

    as we conspire to or will on our own



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