Asking our Inner/Higher Self for Help

At the end of my previous post – actually an old but important one I just re-blogged – my last paragraph reads:

‘And for those who don’t like it any more when it’s too hard, remember that in this Game here of Life on Earth, one has always the possibility also to simply ask for help!… Either from those other players able and willing to help, or directly from the Ultimate Source of all Power and all Victory: the Oneness that is All That Is!…
But of that wonderful possibility we will speak another time, in another post…’

Well, re-reading this after a long time, I realized I never yet did write about the asking for help!…

Suddenly it seemed to me that it was high time I wrote about the way to do the asking, and the wonderful results it can have in our life.

Here goes:

1/ When we are in difficulty, we have to first of all do everything we can to solve it on our own. Honestly all we can. Only if we see we are really not able to do it, then we can ask for help…

I had the direct experience of that myself just a few days ago:

Right at the time of going to an appointment, I found my scooter blocked inside the open-air parking area by another bike someone had had the bright idea to park exactly behind my vehicle. Big roots on the sides, from the great tree there, prevented me from simply going around that bike to get out.

No problem, I told myself, it’s not the first time such a rather stupid thing is happening at midday; as usual, I only have to find nearby some strong fellow who will remove that bike for me so that I can go out with my scooter…

But that day things didn’t work out ‘as usual’ at all. Wherever I looked nearby, there was nobody but other weak ladies or mere kids. Time was passing, it was becoming urgent for me to go, otherwise I was going to be late for my appointment. I almost grew anxious… but I didn’t!

The nagging thought kept coming to me that this was not normal, that I should have found somebody as usual for helping me. So why didn’t it happen??? Why was the Divine Providence doing that to me? Could it be that It was doing that purposely, so that I would find some other way??? And suddenly I realized I had actually never tried to move a bike by myself. I had always automatically assumed it would be too heavy for me, slim and weak woman that I am…

The truth flashed in my mind: “Why don’t you at least try?!”

Instantly I stood near the bike and without hesitation firmly grabbed the handle-bar; the next second I found myself lifting the bike from its reclining position on its side-stand, to a vertical position. Nice surprise: It was not at all as heavy as I thought it would be.

Still, very cautiously I kept it leaning slightly on my right thigh – just in case – while orienting the handle-bar to the right, and then very slowly I got the whole bike to turn to the right and move a bit ahead, by about two meters, before putting it back on it side-stand and leaving it there: that was enough for freeing the space behind my own scooter, on which I jumped and went to my appointment without further delay.  Finally I even arrived on time…!

But the most extraordinary thing was how I felt immediately after moving that bike on my own, and during my whole trip afterwards:

I couldn’t but notice the incredible exhilaration I felt. And the pride!… The pride!!!

I had done it!!! Aha, I wasn’t such a weak woman after all…! I don’t know how I looked from outside, but I can tell you, inside I was beaming.

What do I mean by this little story? That sometimes the Divine seems to leave you in the lurch, simply so that you can discover you are capable on your own of more than you thought… Because that *beaming*  feeling is what we are here for: besides and before being able to love others, we have to love ourselves too…

2/ If the answer to your call for help doesn’t seem to come immediately, remain nevertheless especially alert all the time for a long while afterwards, still expecting the answer to come… And suddenly you will see it right in front of your eyes, in the most unexpected place, or you will hear it being sung to you through the lyrics of some song right from some radio or TV emission, or through the lips of a boy talking to his friend while passing you by on the pavement… it can happen anywhere, and not necessarily at all in some so-called “spiritual” or solemn or dignified circumstances.

3/ Asking your true, divine Self for help doesn’t need to be a “prayer”, let alone an intense prayer, or some kind of supplication that draws you down to your knees. For those of us who still believe in a stern, severe Father God supposed to enjoy humiliating those less powerful than Him, it might be necessary sometimes for “God’ to act out being that way, for they need that in order to believe in Him. But if we have passed such a need, and are quite open to the possibility of a really benevolent and loving Parent, a Father-Mother God who actually likes things to be simple, you just need to tell the Divine what you feel you need, and then anything in yourself or in outer circumstances can be used quite unceremoniously by the Divine as a way to help you, if only you can get used to being simple as well, just like a loving child…

4/ Still, we must remember that there are myriads of other beings asking for something at the same time as we do, and often some of them will be asking, inevitably, the very contrary of what we are asking!… So it is only what will serve the best purpose for everybody that  gets realized by the Divine, for the Divine Consciousness is the only one to see the whole picture and to know what is truly the best to be done. And even if what you are asking for is something you feel you need and will be good for you, again, only the Divine Consciousness really knows the full picture, and so knows if what you are asking for will really be safe and good for you, at that stage of the development of your consciousness. So you have to trust; because if ever you don’t get what you asked for, only that trust will give you the inner quietness and satisfaction that will make you happy even if you don’t get it… or only much later, if at all. You have to trust that vaster Vision that truly Sees, and Knows what will be best for you.

5/ If you are among those human beings who have started within themselves some form of Conscious Evolution, be it the Integral yoga or not, there will be times when you feel that alone you will not be able to resist the tendencies in various parts of you that pull you again and again towards doing what they want, and not what you truly want. When those urges or negative tendencies are taking hold of you through any part of your being, you can ask for help at once, call inwardly just the way you would cry out for help if your horse, for example, was getting out of hand and galloping straight to a precipice. If, even in such outwardly dangerous situations, you remain capable of calling inwardly for help, instead of somehow accepting out of defeatism the impending death, that death can very well be somehow avoided, and miraculously so, as numerous cases of such inexplicable occurrences have been reported and continue to be reported – and this is without counting all the cases that happen, but are never reported. Each of us have Guardian Angels that may very well intervene and save us against all odds in the most impossible situations. In all traditions, not just the Christian one, under whatever name, you find mention of such non-physical entities whose mission and role is to look after us during our lifetimes – and all the more when we call them for help – so that you don’t die a stupid death before the appointed time you agreed upon in your planning sessions. You can nowadays find entire books documenting the existence and extraordinary deeds of Angels (or whatever you want to call them) saving people in all kinds of circumstances.

Conversely though, it might be that before you were born in this body, you agreed to a premature death because it would in one way or the other serve a vaster plan, and be beneficial spiritually to some other people, your parents for example, prompting them to search for the deeper meaning and purpose of Life. In such cases of course, the Guardian Angels will not intervene, but respect the plans you made before birth.

In the same way, if for any exceptional reason your soul finds that unexpected circumstances prevent it from doing what it had come to do, unknown to your surface consciousness it may decide to leave and try again another time; in such cases some apparent accident will be organized and realized with the help of your Guardian Angels, to honor what your inner, deeper will has decided to do.

I hope all of this shows amply enough that the ways we can be helped are many, not to say innumerable. The whole thing is necessarily quite complex (because such myriads of elements need to be taken into account) but it is never complicated as our human minds suppose it is. Only because during our human incarnations we cannot see the full picture does it seem to us that it is all very complicated or mysterious. In numerous NDEs (not to mention also less dramatic situations), the people, once on the other side of the veil, often see again everything as it really is and understand again exactly how it all works out, and it all makes perfect sense to them, but to those who have not had the same experience and use only their mind and physical senses, what they report and try to explain is not always well received, especially in scientific circles that still don’t accept certain facts – although objectively verified – just because those facts go against the  materialistic beliefs main stream Science still holds as its prevalent dogma.

This entire post is intended to be a help in itself, to all those who, sometimes in spite of the strongest of inner experiences, still have painful doubts in their mind about the very existence of what we can call the spiritual dimensions. May this post become for them a constant reminder that, in the total Reality our normal senses cannot perceive, help is always there for us when we truly need it, and especially now that this new evolutive step is taking place on Earth, it will manifest in our own individual life in innumerable, wonderful ways, if only our limited and too often stubbornly ignorant mind starts at last to be willing to accept the wonderfulness of that vaster and truer Reality now entering more and more the physical reality!…

Angels are with all of us, all of the time.

Angels are with all of us, all the time.


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